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Class of 1997 by Fuego
Chapter 2 : Reunion
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Disclaimer- You should know it by now…not mine…its JKR’s…etc.

As 11 o’ clock approached, the Durlsey’s were getting ready. Petunia slipped into a silky lavender dress and a matching shrug. On her feet was a pair of white strap heels. Vernon, unsure of what to wear, put on a black suit. Dudley wore nice jeans, a collared shirt, and his brand new Nike sneakers.

At exactly 11 o’ clock on the dot Minerva McGonagall popped into the sitting room.

“Ready?” she asked.

They nodded.

“On the count of three, I want you to place your hand on this candle, one…two…three!”

The group felt a tug around their navels and they were off.

Gracefully the Dursley’s and Professor McGonagall landed on the cold stone floor of the great hall.

“This is the Great Hall, or dining hall. This is where your nephew eats and where first years get sorted by the sorting hat. Now… where is he? Oh there’s Mister Weasley! WEASLEY COME HERE!”

Petunia looked at the young man who Minerva acknowledged. The boy looked awfully familiar with his flaming red hair, blue eyes that were painted by the ocean, and freckles littered across his face. Then it clicked, this was that boy…Harry’s best friend…

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, Dudley. My name is Ron and I’m your nephew’s best friend.”

“Where is Harry?” asked Petunia.

“He should be coming down pretty soon. It’s hard for him to get around with crutches. Once, it took us a half hour to get here!”

“So how’d you get hurt?” demanded Dudley.


Ron turned to see his mother, father, and all his brothers (including Percy), calling at him. He smiled and ran over to them, greeting them excitedly.

The Dursley’s looked around for Harry. They heard the shrieks of “Mum, Dad!” and then the parents shouting the child’s name. Some parents, like them, had no idea what was happening until the saw their children. The door opened and a girl with curly brown hair and chocolate eyes walked in. She was tall for a girl. She was curvy. She was beautiful. As she walked in there were wolf whistles from some of the boys. It was obvious that she was popular. She turned around and stared directly at the Dursley’s her gaze locking in theirs. Dudley had seen her before…somewhere.

It wasn’t until the door opened again and a boy walked in. Sort of. The boy was on crutches and Dudley immanently recognized him. It was Harry. He had certainly grown up. His hair was still a black mess, but it looked stylish on him. His piercing green eyes, identical to his mothers were the same. He was tall, not as tall as the redhead, but taller than the girl. He looked…happy, like he hadn’t had a worry in the world. If only Piers and Malcolm and Gordon and Dennis could see him now, they wouldn’t believe it. And that girl, she was hot. She’d never like him; he’d made his cousin’s life a living hell, maybe Harry hadn’t told her. He knew they were best friends, maybe they weren’t going out. Maybe…

Dudley’s fantasies were suddenly crushed when he saw Harry kiss the girl on the mouth. She nudged him and he gave a cold glare to his family. He began to make his way over with the girl following at his wake; the redhead saw them and followed them.

“Hello Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon, Dudley. I see you came. What happened, were you threatened that if you didn’t come you’d get turned into frogs or something?” joked Harry.

“How did you know?” whispered Vernon.

The trio started bursting out laughing. The Dursley’s didn’t get it. Finally, Ron told them, “It’s illegal to use spells on muggles!”

They cracked up even more.

The Dursley’s saw no humor in the situation.


“Mummy!!! Daddy!!!!!” Hermione screamed as she raced over to her parents and give them an enormous bear hug.

She dragged them over to the Dursley’s so they can “interact”.

“Mum, Dad this is Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, Harry’s aunt and uncle and their son Dudley. They’re muggles just like you.”

“I bet you were shocked when Harry got his letter, we were.”

“My sister, Lily, was a fr-witch. So, Vernon and I knew, but we never told him. We didn’t think he’d want to go. He might get homesick and leave, and then when he came back, he might feel like he didn’t belong. We don’t want him to ever feel like that. You know?” replied Petunia.

“Homesick?” laughed Ron.

Harry took his good leg and kicked Ron really hard in the shin. Hermione laughed.

“Ow! What was that for?”

“Potter, Granger, Weasley!” barked McGonagall.

“What?” the trio replied in unison.

They turned to face Professor McGonagall.

“Why do you three look so guilty? You’re not in trouble.”

“Well, when you normally yell our names, we are in trouble. It’s a habit,” replied Ron.

McGonagall stopped to think for a moment then laughed.

“Well, that’s true. Anyway we need all the seventh years to report to the Quidditch pitch immediately. You’ll see your families later. Say- Patil, Abbot, Brown! What did I just say?”

“Bye Mum, Dad see you later. Ron aren’t you going to say anything?”


“He will never change,” replied Hermione.

“So what time is this thing over? I heard the House Elves have cooked up quite a feast,” replied Ron. Harry bent his head down low and shook his head. Hermione put her face in her palm.

“Let’s go.”

“Uh…bye,” Harry said awkwardly.

While they left you could hear their conversations.

“Ouch Ron that was my foot!”


They started arguing and walking fast until Harry called, “Oy! Could you slow down! I can’t keep up! Just for one day could you stop fighting! Your going to give me a headache!” called Harry.


The Granger and the Dursley families laughed.

“They seem like such good friends,” observed Dudley.

“Well, of coarse, they’re best friends. Hasn’t he ever mentioned them before?” asked Mrs. Elizabeth Granger.

“He probably has, we’ve just never bothered to listen,” whispered an ashamed Petunia.

A/N- SO…

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