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Me, Hermione by lady_malfoy
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters. 

The Unexpected - Chapter One 


As soon as entering the Burrow, I heard my name being called, no screamed, by two deep-pitched voices. 

Before even managing to take off my coat, I was embraced in a tight hug from two tall boys - kind of overwhelmed but happy, I returned their hug and then looked up into their faces.

They really had not changed the least bit.

Ron's freckles, his flaming red hair and piercing blue eyes and Harry's always messy black hair, his trademark grin and of course the infamous much I loved these two.

My best friends, my shelter, my refuge...when I first met them on the train ride to Hogwarts, I would have never imagined them ever being so close to my heart.

"Hermione, wake up! What are you thinking about? Sheesh, we have so much to show you..." 

And with that I was dragged into the kitchen, where the whole Weasley family was already waiting for me. 

"Oh Hermione, dear - it's so great to see you" - I was engulfed in a motherly hug by Mrs Weasley before tightly hugging Ginny and shaking hands with the rest. 

Luckily, Fred and George weren't there yet so I was spared of a joke of some kind - I have never stopped being a little afraid of what they are capable of doing. 

Ginny looked at me with an amused grin on her face:

"Kind of overwhelmed, aren't you?"

I simply nodded. 

Harry and Ron came over and patted me on the back.

"Sit down, Hermione, and have some soup"

Before even finishing the sentence, Ron and Harry had already put a bowl full of steaming, deliciously smelling potato soup in front of me.

Happily, I grabbed a spoon and began to eat, soon feeling the heat going down my throat and entire body. 

"So what have you been up to?", Harry asked.

With my mouth still full, I wasn't exactly prepared to answer, so I swallowed quickly and said:

"Nothing much. I have been reading some really - "

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Harry and Ron grinning at each other and I slapped the both of them on the arm. 

" - interesting books and I went to France with my parents...which was nice.

And yeah..." I choked.

"What?", Ron asked eyeing me suspiciously.

"I have been taking acting classes all summer", I whispered. 

"Acting? You?" - Harry looked at me surprisedly.

"It's been quite fun, actually", I defended myself.

"And there will be a play at Hogwarts this year, so I figured, it'd be better to take some acting lessons before trying out."

"A play?", they asked in unison.

"Yes. McGonagall told me in the letter that held the information of me being Head Girl."

Ron suddenly choked on a piece of bread he had been shoving into his mouth.

"H-h-h-ead girl?", he managed to get out.

"Yes", I smiled shyly.

"WOW - Hermione, that's great! Why didn't you tell us before?!", Harry asked.

"HEY GUYS - Hermione has been made Head Girl!", he practically screamed.

I blushed and looked down to my bowl of soup when everyone burst into loud applause. 

"Congratulations, Hermione!" - soon everybody was over to hug me or at least extend a warm handshake.

"Wow. I wonder who has been made Head Boy, though", Ron said.

"Yeah, me, too" - I responded, thinking about who I would have to spend some serious amount of time the next year. 

"But back to the play thing...I didn't know you were interested in acting, 'Mione", Harry said. 

'Mione?', I thought, 'since when 'Mione?' I liked it, though - my first ever nickname...well apart from Mudblood and Know-It-All, that is. 

"Yeah, me neither, until my parents convinced me to take acting lessons as an attempt to grow more self-aware and gain elegance...and develop into a lady." 

I chuckled and they both laughed.

"First, I was really sceptical, but it was an amazing experience and I really hope, the play will be any good...

But enough of me - what have you guys been up to?", I asked.

"Well...I have been visiting Charlie in Romania - wow those dragons really are big and dangerous", Ron said with a smile.

"Harry has been here for the last 2 days and basically, we've been playing Quidditch...since he's Captain now, he needs some serious practice" - 

now it was Harry's turn to blush.

I hugged him, knowing how much this honor meant to him.

"You really deserve that - Congratulations", I said smiling at him warmly.

"Yeah and apart from that, it was hell - the Dursley's were as dumbfounded and evil as ever...", he said, looking down onto the table.

Eager to change the subject, Ron hastily said:

"Well, let's get your stuff upstairs, Hermione.

You're sleeping in Ginny's room, as always.

But probably, since there are going to be loads of people over here for the wedding, soon we'll have to sleep in one room, with Fred and George too."

He looked at me apologetically.

I laughed - "it's fine, Ron, I can imagine worse roomies than you lot...

let's get upstairs!" 

With that, we left the kitchen saying "Goodbye" to all the Weasley's who were running around excitedly preparing the upcoming event. 

Ron and Harry carried both my bags - what gentlemen they had become.

I silently smiled to myself - finally, I was reunited with the two people meaning the most to me...

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