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Shadow of a Doubt by slytheringinny
Chapter 6 : Chapter VI - Truth Hurts
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Chapter VI - Truth Hurts

Nearly a month had gone by...times flew fast when you were having fun, or more-so, when you were in love. Or at least thought you were. In Merope's case, she had awoken at the end of July, her birthday to be exact; July 25th, with a pounding headache. Leaning over the rusty sink, she thought about the dream she had the previous night. It swirled madly in her head, like a demon...unfading...stubborn to remain etched in her memory.

Merope stared at her reflection in the dirty water that had settled in a puddle in a ditch just below Tom's parent's garden. Her small, clean fingers were intertwined between large, slim ones and her eyes were a dark blue that held a magical sparkle to them. Sitting in front of the dirty puddle, the couple, Merope and Tom, watched the grounds keeper Frank, a muggle, tend to the rose bushes around his own home on the Riddle grounds. Her murky reflection grinned back at her, and she then tore her eyes away from it, raising them up to meet Tom's.

He had grinned back, his arm slung happily around her small shoulders, glancing longingly into her straightly proportioned eyes that shone beautifully. His hand rubbed her shoulder. "You said you had something to tell me, love. What is it?" his gentle voice said softly, floating into her ears as if it were a sweet melody. Merope tore her eyes away from his and looked up at the clouds...thinking.

Should I tell him? Is it right?

Of course it's right, he loves me after all.

"Tom...dearest..." She sighed. But it wasn't an upsetting sigh, no it was a content sigh, one that hadn't escaped her lips in a long, forbidding time. She leaned into his shoulder for a moment as his hand continued to caress her shoulder delicately.




A sticky, smelly substance was spat into the sink and Merope stared at her reflection in it. Not at all like the dream...not at all. Her eyes weren't prefectly straight, nor were they the sparkling dark blue that she remembered...her hair wasn't clean and wavy, her fingers were small and grimy. One would think that being in love would cause you to take better care in your appearance, but for Merope, it didn't matter. The person she loved didn't love her back because of her looks...but for her...

What did Tom love her for anyway?

Personality? Stubborness? Atittude? Grace? Magic?

The answer? Potion.

He loved her because she had tricked him into doing so nearly a month ago on a hot June afternoon. She had relished it, like a newborn child...and a newborn child is just what was causing this....this problem with Merope. She was seventeen, she wasn't supposed to be feeling sick to her stomach and completely disgusted with herself. Merope was pregnant, and as she stared into the murky water, filled with the sticky, smelly substance in the bottom of it, she was ready to tell him.

And she was going to tell him off the potion.

At breakfast that morning, after cleaning out the residue in the sink and waking Tom, she poured his tea for him into his mug, like always. Except, she didn't make a show with adding the 'sugar' like she normally did every monday. Tom sat, bleary eyed and looking drugged, at the kitchen table in the very seat her father had once sat at, herself taking her brother's seat.

She handed the tea to him, unpotioned, and forced him to drink it.

Just in a few moments, it should wear off....just a few moments....

Downing the drink, Tom raised his eyes to Merope's, looking glazed over and confused. "W-Who...M-Merope?" He still knew her name, and where he was...but he was mildly confused. Merope nodded her head and gulped.

"It's me, Tom. And I have something to tell you, you may or may not remember anything but..."

She frowned as he made a disgusted face, looking her up and down.


"Who are you and what am I doing here?! Oh, I know who you are! You're that Gaunt child!" Comprehension dawned and Merope struggled to keep a cool composure.

"Yes, Tom. You l-love me, don't you remember?"

"N-No, I'm afraid I don't!"

"Tom." she said briskly. Let's get straight to the point, now Merope. Say it straight out.... "I'm pregnant."

Author Note: Sorry that I wrote this one short, but I was eager to get it done so I can move on. -sighs hopefully - Have I kept Merope IC? What do you think of it? Thanks in advanced everyone and I apologize for the shortness. Chapter Seven Coming Soon.

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Shadow of a Doubt: Chapter VI - Truth Hurts


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