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She Paints Me Blue by lennyXartiste
Chapter 1 : Jayla Molly Malloy
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*Obviously, pretty much everything in my story belongs to J.K Rowling,except the plot and any original characters. Which there aren't very many of.*

A/N: Hey, everyone! I hope you enjoy my story! Please review if you like it. I have a LOT of it written already, so I can update often. Thanks! :)<3

Jayla Malloy walked down the hallway of her small flat in London England. Wearing only a bathrobe, she shivered slightly as a cool autumn breeze crept in through an open window. She stepped into her blue bathroom and let her bathrobe fall to the floor. She walked across the room to turn on the shower, but stopped in front of the full length mirror.

Looking at her reflection, she tilted her head, wondering if it would make her look any better. She observed herself for a moment. Tall (too tall), and slim (but not slim enough), with long limbs and small round breasts. She considered herself to be very underdeveloped for her age. She sighed and ran her hands through her just below shoulder length black curls. She looked herself in the eyes, those dark blue-violet eyes, but couldn't stand it. She tore herself away from the mirror, heading once again to the shower, but got distracted for the second time. Her eyes fell on the bathroom scale.

Nope, not today. She thought. "You are not going to get the better of me." She told the scale. " I don't care what I weigh. I am! Yes, a healthy girl...who...who......" She broke off. She hated the scale. The way it made her insides twist with disgust for never showing her the right numbers. The way it could ruin her whole day in seconds. The way it could -


"Okay, mum." She said quietly.

She gave the scale a defiant look before stepping in the shower. As she turned on the water, she felt happy, at least happier thanusual.

Where I'm going today, there aren't any scales to worry about. Nope, not one. I won't have to worry about my weight for almost 10 months straight. My stupid therapist would be glad about that!

* * * * *

After her shower, Jayla quickly dressed. A glance at her clock radio told her she would be late if she didn't hurry up. She ran to her bureau and started applying her daily makeup as fast as possible. She was in the middle of coating her eyelashes with mascara when her cell phone started to sing the 'I'm Blue' chorus.

"Damn! Damn, damn, damn!" Her towel fell off her head, letting her wet hair soak her shoulders.She really didn't have time for this. If it was another one of her friends calling to say goodbye....

She flipped open the phone. "HELLO??"

" okay there girl?"

Jayla sighed. It was only Joanne.

"Yeah yeah I'm fine but I'm running really late so - "

"It's not my problem you're running late! When you cancelled your last session, you promised we could talk before you caught your train."

Jayla sighed. Damn my bloody bad memory.

"Yeah, okay, but I woke up late and I'm going to miss my train, Jo! I packed some blank books, photos, all the things you told me allright?"

"Thats good Jayla, I'm glad you remembered. But you know I need to review some things with you..."

Jayla looked at her alarm clock again.


"No, Jayla. You can do whatever you need while I talk to you, allright?"

"Fine, fine. Just don't take too long."

Stupid therapist....

Jayla attempted to keep doing her makeup and style hair with one hand, while holding the phone with the other.

"So. You must remember to write in your journal whenever you feel the H.A.L.T feelings. They are...Jayla?"

Jayla spat out all the bobby pins she was holding with her mouth.


"Right. Hungry, angry, lonely, tired. You have to try and avoid all negative feelings and remember...."

Jayla stopped listening. She had heard all this at least a hundred times before...and it never helped. She was still too chubby.

When she thought she looked as good as possible, considering her time frame, she started to look around her room, making sure she hadn't forgotten anything.

"So, anytime you feel like you want to binge, talk to someone, or write in your journal instead. I know you aren't allowed cell phones at your school..."

Jayla rolled her eyes, recalling the cock-and-bull story her mother had put together for Jo, about her 'experimental education techniques' boarding school. How there were no cell phones or computers allowed, how they did not learn maths, or english, or normal school things. For a therapist with 20 years of schooling, Joanne was pretty gullible.

Oh, well. At least she'll never figure out what kind of a school I really go to.

As she listened to her counselors rambling, Jayla bolted out of her bedroom, satisfied with her packing. She ran down the hall towards the kitchen. Saying 'uh huh' or 'yeah okay' every few seconds, she was planning to skip breakfast, like usual. But when she got to the kitchen, there was her favourite breakfast laid out for her on the table. Belgian waffles with fruit and whipped cream.

"OH NO!" Jayla exclaimed without thinking.

"Jayla? What is it? What happened?" Jo sounded worried.

"Um, er, nothing! Heh, I just, um, I just......realized we don't have any milk for my cereal!"

"Oh Jayla, you were going to eat breakfast? That's wonderful."

"Mmhmm.....yeah..." She mumbled as Joanne started to rant again.

Jayla stared at the excuisite breakfast. *Mom will understand if I don't eat it, won't she? I mean, she must have gotten up pretyt early to make it for me, but I really don't have time. I'll give her a big thank you anyways, i guess....*

She munched a few raspberries off the top of the waffle and was about to leave the kitchen when she ran into her mother. Vanessa Woods did not look happy.

"Jayla. Get off the phone and eat your breakfast. You can talk to your friends anytime! Now eat."

Her curly black hair, like Jayla's, was cut short and falling into her face. Her brown eyes were narrowed.

"But mum, it's Jo! And I don't have time to eat, anyways..."

Her mum looked down at her furiously. "Give me the phone."

Jayla smiled. No one, not even Joanne Thornton would keep Vanessa from forcing her to eat breakfast.

"Um, excuse me Jo, my mum wants to talk to you." She passed the phone to her mother, who put on a slightly more polite tone of voice. Jayla sat down at the table and started cutting up her waffles.

"Hello, Jo......Yes?.......Yes, I know but Jayla is really running late......She has to catch her train, though!.......Mmhmm, well she's been talking to you for at least 5 minutes now, and she hasn't eaten breakfast yet....Cereal? No, she's having waffles....." She glared at Jayla. "Oh, did she?......Well she probably meant to say waff - what? No! Joanne I appreciate all that you've done for jayla but we have to be running now. Jayla will be fine. I'm fine. Everything is going to be fine. Buhbye." She hung up, and turned to her daughter.

"Why would you tell Jo you were having cereal when you were having waffles?"

Jayla pretended that her mouth was to full to answer. Her mother rolled her eyes.

"I have to go fix my lipstick, then we're off. Remember to say bye to Riley, he's going to miss you....and Tom, too."

As soon as Vanessa had left the room, Jayla ran to the garbage can and spat out the waffles she had been chewing. Her stomach growled hungrily.

If I eat anything now, I'll have no time to get rid of it. I'll eat a big dinner at school, though.

She proceeded to dump three quarters of her waffle into the garbage as well, before wandering off to find Riley.

 * * * * *

She found him in his bedroom. Struggling to pick him up, she kissed his forhead.

"You're awfully heavy for a two year old, aren't you?" She looked into her half brother's warm brown eyes. He had inherited them from their mother. He blew a spit bubble.

Laughing, Jayla gave him a big hug before putting him in his bed again.

"I have to go find Tom now. I'll see you at christmas Riley." She blew a kiss at him before exiting the room. She suddenly felt happy, although not because she was leaving Riley.

She pirouetted to the living room, where her fat tabby cat usually slept. She found him sprawled out in his leopard print bed. She leaned down and stroked him.

"I'll miss you, Tom..."

She would probably miss him more than Riley. Sure, Tom was only a cat, but he was her cat. She had gotten him when she was only 6, making him 10 years old. He listened to her and comforted her, and never told anyone when she threw up. He was one of the best friends she had.

She kissed him for the last time and headed to the front hall. She slipped on her shoes and a jacket, before exiting her house to their driveway, locking the door behind her with her mother's often lost set of keys. Her mother was packing the last of Jayla's bags into the trunk of their old car.

"Come on then, into the car with you." She said, taking her keys from her daughter.

Jayla crawled into the front passenger seat of the car, inhaling the familiar smell of gasoline and air freshener. Her mother got into the drivers side.

"Got everything? Forgot anything?"

"Yup. Nope. I never forget anything." Jayla lied.

Her mother laughed at her.

"Thats why you forgot to set your alarm then, eh?"

Jayla sent a huge fake pout in her mother's direction. Vanessa ignored her and started the car. And so they started the one hour drive to King's Cross station.

I hope that was okay! This is my second time releasing the story because it got really messed up last time - anyways, please review!


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