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Hogwarts Sanitarium by HollyH
Chapter 21 : Father, Meet My Dogfather
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How is Sirius alive? - The veil transported Sirius into this world. Harry switched bodies with ‘Harold.’ When he went through the veil, he went through one-way. Simon (Sirius’s counterpart) is still in the Alternate World. Thus, AU – 2 Sirius’s, Wizarding World – 0.
Is Harry crazy in this ending (the first of two)? - In this one? Maybe. You’ll see here. In the other one? Well, you’ll just have to wait now won’t you? Hehe!
Is it because Harry likes Quidditch in his 'make-believe' world, that he would like soccer in the real world?" I suppose so, yes. :P
Is Sirius dead? - Dead men tell no tales. ;)
Will James and Lily get together? - Erm. No. James is an entirely different person in this world. Rita might attack her and scare her off anyway. She’s pretty obsessive, heh.
The Bella mentioned is from the Alternate world, right? - Aye, aye. She be a witchy. (Muggleborn, as opposed to her Wizarding counterpart who is a pureblood without powers.)
So… the magical world does exist? - In this ending, aye.
Sirius is trying to get Harry back into his world, right? - Voldie isn’t in this world – he knows that Harry must get back and defeat him. As much as he prefers to be selfish, he knows what the right thing is.
Is Tom Rodley supposed to be like Tom Riddle? - Yep. Voldie never was. (Tom is a muggle).
Author Question:
Bloody hell. It’s been six months! What took you so dang long?! -
I was… preoccupied. I started another story like… last month. What was I doing the other five months? Sleeping? Actually, I can’t answer this. But hopefully this chapter will make up for it? *anxious* Hopefully you’ll see some changes (for the good) in my writing style. Oh, and if you want to check out my original fiction story, it’s published on FictionPress(dot)com. Look under the title, ‘Her Majesty, the Prince.’ (As you can see, I like to keep having original stories, heh).

Thanks guys, for sticking with me so long! 1,943 reviews! I don’t know if I’ll ever have time to properly thank you all! Please don’t hurt me! Now, without further ado (impatient, yet?)… Here is the story!!

Chapter Twenty-One - Father, Meet My Dogfather

Harry felt his insides twitching with anticipation. In about an hour, he would be one step closer to freedom. Well, at least a step closer to meeting his (kind-of) real father. Every time he saw his father it brought back a pang of sadness. The real James - Harry’s father - seemed so much different in pictures. Harry realized he would never meet his father. The one in this world was a substitute in image, but not in mind. James was more uptight and like a lost puppy. It was hard to picture how he could have ever fallen in love with Rita - or if he ever did.

At dinner, he was perched in between Marcela and James, but Sirius sat under the table between Harry and James. His tail bumped into Harry’s leg, but he believed Sirius was reminding him that he was still there with him. It calmed him down some, but it didn’t relieve the stress he felt knowing that he would soon tell James.

“We’re not keeping him,” Rita announced, glaring daggers at James. He didn’t seem affected, instead choosing to pat Sirius’ head.

“Of course we are,” James told her firmly.

“I’m disappointed in you, James!” she hissed. “You did not ask me first! This is my house!”

“If you don’t like it, kick me out,” he shrugged. “I only came to live here because you wanted us to be a family. I don’t think you’re treating us like family.”

Her lips were white and pressed into a thin line. Harry thought she resembled Umbridge for a moment, but then her face turned into a forcefully perky face.

“Of course, James,” she replied, but her knuckles were pale and her hands shook in rage. Harry grinned, but then the sick feeling came back. Was what he going to talk to James about wrong of him to do? Should Sirius and him just run away by themselves? No, his mind stamped that out immediately. James must be told.

“Do you plan on swimming out back later, Harold?” she asked.

“Not really,” he replied. “It’s a tad chilly out.”

“Well it’s open whenever you like, just make sure you first ask Marcela or Jeremy to watch you beforehand.”

“Sure,” he said dully. He twisted his spaghetti dinner in his fork, trying to weave the noodles in his fork. He wasn’t all that hungry.

“Harry, you’re not eating,” Rita pointed out.

“Not hungry.”

“Would you like me to have Debby whip something else up for you?”

“No, I would like to be excused,” he said.

“In this house you will follow the proper use of etiquette and will finish the meal that is in front of you,” she pursed her lips, looking almost at the edge of throwing a fit.

“You can keep telling me what to do, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to obey you,” Harry retorted. His stomach seemed to be unclenching from the distraction, but at this point he didn’t want to give in to Rita. Lily would always be his mother and Rita could never live up to her. If only James knew of his other life, perhaps he would be much more outgoing.

“That’s enough, young man! You will eat this food or there will be no breakfast for you in the morning!” she hissed.

“That might be categorized as neglect of a child’s natural needs, wouldn’t it?” Harry asked. “I might just contact a certain doctor...”

“I’ve had enough of your behavior! Go to your room immediately! I don’t want to see you again tonight!” she growled, her voice rising. “And you will finish your meal in the morning, I will not have you wasting food!”

It sounded fair enough, so he pushed his plate forward, clinking the china against the glasses loudly. Sirius was at his heels as he left the dining room. Rather than going to his room as he was told, he made his way outside on the porch swing overlooking a small pond. Sirius hopped up next to him and put his head on his left with a whine.

“What?” Harry asked, perfectly content.

Sirius gave him a scolding look, which made his canine features look stupid.

“Oh, come off it. I know you would have been worse to her had you been in my position,” Harry scratched the dog’s ears, listening to the screech of the metal chains make a tune as it swung back and forth on the swing. How exactly was he going to tell James?

‘Hey dad, guess what? The dog you gave me is actually my long lost godfather?’ Yeah, that would probably make him run away to find the nurses. ‘No, I’m not insane. The other me is insane. He’s in a different world right now. Perhaps you can help me go back into my world so I can save him from the evil Lord Voldemort who killed you when I was a baby?’

There was no way he could break the news to him without sounding completely barmy. Without proof, he was going to make himself look insane. Not that James didn’t think that already, but he was trying to get his help, not have him sedate him. The only proof he had was Sirius. Would James have a heart attack if a dog in front of him suddenly became human in front of him? Would he run for the hills? What was the chance that he would just sit there and not scream?

“Do you have a wand?”  Harry questioned. The dog nodded, but kept his head on his leg. I sighed, kicking my legs up to make the swing go higher.

“You can show him then, that’s how I’ll explain it,” Harry muttered, more to himself. Was it really a bad idea? Should he keep quiet and formulate another plan?

But this was his chance to have a father. One he could say anything to. The mere idea of having a heart-to-heart with Uncle Vernon was laughable. Harry wanted to know James. The pond was beautiful, the sun hitting it as it set. The water was completely calm as if it was ice. The sky as well as the water were both a beautiful red and orange color. He could stare at it for hours, but his eyesight wasn’t good as it is and he couldn’t afford new glasses.

The Victorian-styled door opened slowly and James came out looking tired. He surveyed the yard and glanced at Harry with an unreadable expression, before turning away and staring at the woods.

Harry stopped the swing with his toes and stared at James, but neither said anything to each other for a while. Sirius hopped down and went to James’s side, nudging his hand with his nose until James began to pet him.

Just as Harry was opening his mouth, James blurted out, “You should really go a little easier on her, Harry.”

There was no reason to ask who he was talking about. Did Harry feel guilty? Not in the slightest. Should he? Probably.

“So should she,” Harry replied, taping his toe on the ground to keep the wind from swinging him.

“I just talked to her. She promises to go easier on you if you start going easier on her,” he turned towards Harry. His voice was solemn and he looked as though the world’s weight was on his shoulders. Much like Harry did when he looked in the mirrors back at Hogwarts.

“We already discussed this, Rita and I,” Harry sighed. “And nothing changed. You just don’t see how infuriating she is because you’re in love with her.”

James was silent, and Harry wished he would reply with his feelings. He was curious to know if he really did love her or if it was a one time thing.

“You’re mother isn’t always the easiest to get along with,” he muttered, absentmindedly.

“She isn’t my mother,” Harry said loudly.

“I suppose you are rather attached to your Aunt Petunia.”

“Lily is my mother,” he told him. James raised a questioning eyebrow.

“Who?” he asked.

“Lily, the doctor with red hair. She’s my mother. Really, she is. And you’re my father,” Harry said, more confidently.

“Hmm. Well I hope she remembers that night, because I sure don’t,” he gave a weak chuckle, and Harry mixed up his face. Ew.

“Dad, can I talk to you?”

“You can always talk to me,” he said, his voice filled with concern. Sirius had stopped trying to get James’s attention and was sitting patiently at his feet, looking at Harry for him to continue.

“Can we go away from the house?” he asked, glancing worriedly at the windows and James agreed and they began walking around the lake with a black dog at their heels. James turned to Harry when they were sure they couldn’t be overheard.

“What is bothering you?” James asked, worried.

“Dad, let me tell you something. These pills I’m on – they help me keep away the visions I have. Visions from the other world I am a part of,” he told him.

“Oh, son, I really don’t know anything of your… sickness. Bad parenting on my part, I’m afraid,” James said sadly. “But I was told not to let you give in to your delusions and to call for someone as soon as something happened.”

“Please just listen,” Harry grumbled. “The pills help me keep the visions at bay most of the time. Only in times of stress do they get through. Dad, do I look stressed to you?”

James looked at Harry nervously, unsure what to say. Harry could tell he was thinking that he needed to be given more pills and go back to the nurses.

“Well? Do I?” Harry asked.

“Not really, no, but if you’re seeing things –”

“Dad, just listen,” he pleaded. “Don’t run away, because if you don’t believe me after I prove it to you, then I will gladly go back to the house, take some pills and tell Manuela and Jeremy, okay?”

“It doesn’t involve you getting hurt does it? Because I don’t want to explain to your mother how-”

“You have to believe me. Here, let me show you something,” Harry turned to Sirius and he wagged his tail gleefully. “Sirius, roll over.”

The dog fell over and rolled in the dirt a little bit before rolling over. Harry sighed at the dog’s antics, and then looked at James’s unsurprised face. Harry wanted to start small and work towards the big things, but he hoped James wouldn’t lose interest too quickly.

“Sirius, jump,” Harry commanded. He turned and jumped a little too dramatically, but James’s face remained impassive.

“Harry, what are you trying –”

“Sirius, what’s two plus two?” Harry asked, hoping that his godfather wasn’t that stupid. He let out four barks, and then James looked impressed.

“You taught him that?” he asked. Harry shook his head mournfully.

“Sirius, sing me a tune,” Harry demanded. Sirius began to whine out the tune to Celestina Warbeck’s Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love. “Come on, he’s not going to know that one.” Sirius glared and began to whine out the Happy Birthday tune.

James spluttered. “That was – that was amazing! However did you teach the dog to do that?!”

“Sirius is human,” Harry turned to him simply. James’s happy face turned worried in a spit second.

“Harry –”

“Sirius, transform into your human form,” Harry ignored him and James looked frightfully at the dog. The furry black hair seemed to push itself towards his head into his long black hair and his back arched upright so he was standing.

“Hey, James,” Sirius grinned. “Long time no see, eh Prongs?”

James tried to make out a coherent sentence, but all he could come up with was, “What… he… dog…. genetic…?”

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