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I Never Meant To by littlemisgiggle
Chapter 1 : I Never Meant To
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style='font-variant:normal;text-transform:uppercase;text-shadow:none'>I never
meant toÖ




None of the characters belong to me, unfortunately!!!


This is a story really close to home for me, so Iíd be pleased if no one
flamed, as its kind of well its based on whatís happened to me, I was advised to
do this by my psychotherapist and so Iíve used characters I like.





15th November 2002

Dear Hermione


This is the best way I can think of in confiding in you. I
have no intention of telling you this to your face, as I know youíd probably
scream and shout at me for getting involved in your life and business, but you
need to be told.


Iím afraid of what your doing to yourself, donít think I
havenít noticed you skipping as many meals as possible, and even when you do
eat you disappear to the toilet straight afterwards. I may not be one of the
most observant people, but Iím not downright stupid. Iíve known for a while
now, that youíve been starving yourself, but yet I donít think I understand
why. Maybe you donít like food anymore, I mean that came from your own mouth,
but then again it could have something to do with you wanting to be thin. I
remember overhearing you talk to Ginny in the summer holidays about how much
weight youíd put on an how you needed to loose it as quickly as possible. I
myself couldnít see it, but most people are critical of their bodies so I
thought nothing of it. I wish I had thought more deeply about that comment,
wished I could have known how far you would go to become thin.


I donít understand why this has started though; no oneís ever
said you were fat have they? You have always been thin, and yet youíve decided
youíre fat. I canít understand you anymore; youíve become a different person
ever since this started. Your more secretive, private, and a hell of a lot more
moody than Iíve ever known you to be I mean I thought you weíre going to take
Malfoyís head off when he started on us; I think he wonít be messing with you
for a while.


I know this hasnít been going on very long, Iíd say it
started around the beginning of term, probably the only time you could stop
eating. When you stayed at mine this summer, you wouldnít have had a chance,
you know what my moms like! I want to help you Mione, I want to help you, and
you need help before this develops into a big problem that you wonít be able to
handle or control on your own. I donít want to see you hurt yourself anymore so
please try and get over this, if not for you then for me.


Iíll always be there for you, please remember that Mione.

All my love



Please read and review, please no flamers, I understand it may be bad, but as I
said before really close to home. Hopefully Hermioneís reply will be better as
well I know more about that.

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I Never Meant To: I Never Meant To


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