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Dog Bones by Healer_25
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Sirius wandered around the fields, he was feeling hungrier than he had ever before. At least when he was in his jail he could find rats that shivered, and were near death. Out here everything was so vibrant and alive that nothing quivered and begged for death.

Will I die before I reach safety? I have no wand, no food, no shelter, was it really time to leave? I must for Harry's sake.

What was that? Sirius cocked his ear to the noise he heard in the distance, a women was whistling to her self, each time she stopped a a beagle howled a response, at points they would break into song and howl "I love you" at least it sounded that way. Sirius stopped for a moment he wasn't sure if it was one or two beagles. This intrigued him, he hoped that who ever that was would take in a pitiful looking dog like himself too.

Sirius loped over the next small hill and came face, to well chest of a Great Dane! the dog looked down at Sirius and cocked one dog like eyebrow before nodding his head to follow, Sirius was hungry and he followed the Dane willingly, there was very little communication between dogs, but as he rounded the final bend he saw where all the noise was coming from.

A women dressed in ragged clothing, her dress had another dress on top, and it appeared that she just kept layering what ever she could find since the dogs nails were sharp and they loved to leap up at her. There in front of her she had a small pedestal upon which she was using a stick to coordinate the dogs in singing. How she managed to train them to do this was as improbable as fantastic it could be. There were not one, nor were there two beagles rather there were 8 and 4 basset hounds, as well there were a few other hunting dogs Sirius couldn't recognize. Many of them were laying down, but he counted 15 of them had surrounded the lady and when she pointed at them they would howl, some howled high, others low, and others spoke words.

"Muffy! you've come back, after that last little dance I thought you were leaving for sure! Oh..." The women abandoned her post and quickly came over to where Sirius and 'Muffy' were standing, "Oh...Oh dear me, dear me, you poor baby, look positively starving!!!" The women reached into her pocket and pulled out a hand full of kibble, she put it down in front of Sirius and said "Go ahead eat up, I won't do anything I promise!" With that she turned her back on Sirius and Muffy followed the women to where she was conducting the chorus of dogs. Sirius laid down where he was, exhausted and hungry he began to eat the food, it was oddly delicious, much better than rats. He ate for a while, and slowly fell asleep, maybe it was charmed, or sleeping..or...Within minutes of eating the food he fully clunked over and Muffy alerted the women with two short barks that the dog she'd brought had fallen asleep.

"Oh dear...I should bring the poor soul in, Muffy, Charlie, please go get momma the stretcher! fetch the other danes too please!"

***Authors note! This is just the prologue please review I like review...honestly its what brought me back to the site!***

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Dog Bones: Prologue


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