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If You Take Time to Look by QuidditchSeeker
Chapter 7 : The Past
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The first week of school had passed and Draco was already wearing thin. All his free time was spent in a room on the seventh floor, which seemed to give him whatever he wanted. He hadn't told anyone about what he had done to Potter that day on the train, though Pansy seemed to have a good idea as to what happened. Of course, the great Harry Potter couldn't bother to clean the blood off his face when he entered the Great Hall – he always had to make an entrance.

Potions this year was absolutely dreadful. The class was small, and the Professor played favoritism; and unfortunately for Draco – he wasn't a favorite. Which was a first for Draco, especially when it had to do with Potions.

But Draco was doing fine, other then that. Gregory and Vincent had been spending their time reading Vincent's comic books, which Draco had learned were muggle. Blaise and Pansy had been sharing some good laughs together, seeing as how both of them had been forbidden to get involved in anything remotely dangerous. And the other Slytherin's had learned long ago to keep far from Draco when he didn't personally invite someone over.

It was nearing curfew as Draco sat in the library working on a History of Magic essay Professor Binns had assigned, when Kayla walked in. Her back was bent from the weight of the many books she was carrying; Draco took a moment to glance around the room before jumping up and lifting the load easily out of her hands. Her jaw dropped slightly as she looked up at him with her wide blue eyes, hidden behind her glasses. Draco cringed, expecting the worst but was surprised when he heard her whisper, "T—Thank you."

He nodded his head in shock at her politeness, "You're welcome." Not sure as where to put her books, he walked over to the table he had been studying at and placed her books on the opposite end. Not wanting to get into an argument with the Ravenclaw girl, Draco returned back to his seat and proceeded to write his essay.

Kayla stood, rooted to the floor beside her chair, as she stared at Draco Malfoy working diligently on what looked like an essay. She looked around the library, only to see Madam Pince sitting behind her table completely engrossed in a Lockhart book. She bit her lip, contemplating as to whether she should speak to him as her mind was telling her to. Finally, she opened her mouth and asked with a blush creeping up her cheeks, "What are you doing?"

Inside Draco's head, his mind was churning; is Kayla really talking to me? Talking, and not insulting or stuttering?

Struggling to overcome his shock and to rediscover his normal distant voice, he replied coolly, "I'm doing homework, Griffin. What do you think I'm doing?" He lifted his gaze up to see Kayla still slack jawed, staring at him with these wide eyes that seemed to be far away from the Hogwarts school library. "What are you doing?"

She was suddenly brought back to reality as she shook her head, "Just...getting away from the common room. And having a conversation with—with you."

"Not something that happens everyday?" Draco asked solemnly.

Shaking her head slowly, Kayla took a seat, "No. It doesn't."

For the next hour, Draco and Kayla worked silently on their different homework assignments, until the clock chimed quarter to nine; informing them both it was time to return to their separate worlds. Neither said anything; instead, they both nodded their heads to each other and left the library.

"Untransfigurations' can be used on simple things, such as switching a goblet back into the mouse it was made from," McGonagall paused as she flicked her wrist at the golden cup, allowing her class to watch the mouse scurry away in fear. "It is also used when a person leaves their Animagus form," once more she stopped, as she switched into her cat form and back again. "But tell me, what are the limitations of Untransfigurations. Mister Finnegan?"

Seamus, who had been doodling on his parchment, glanced up at her with a startled gaze. He stammered, "Well, you see – I mean, the thing is..."

Professor McGonagall smirked, "You don't know, Mister Finnegan? All right then; Mister Belby, what can you tell me?"

"Untransfiguration is the act of transforming a target to its original form. However, it is limited to the power of the wizard or witch casting the counter-spell. There is a form of Untransfiguration that you can cast on an Animagi to cause pain. This will normally cause the person to return to their normal state as a way to escape the agony. However, if the caster is weak or untrained in the spell, the Animagi will be able to easily throw off the spell and no one will be the wiser. Untransfigurations' work best when used by the person who cast the transfiguration in the first place, basically," Marcus let out a sigh as he finally stopped talking.

She stared at him with slightly wide eyes and nodded her head, "Yes, that's correct. However, Mister Belby, kindly remember you are allowed to breathe when answering a question." The class laughed as the bell rang and McGonagall cried out as her students packed their bags, "I want a four foot long essay on Untransfigurations due by Thursday. Please remember to do it, this will affect your term grade!"

The class seemed not to hear a word of it except for two witches who still sat in their seats, scribbling the assignment down onto a piece of parchment. One of the girls glanced up and saw the other, a smile crossed her face as she stood up and stuffed her parchment into her bag. She walked over and smiled, "Kayla! How are you?"

Kayla looked up and came eye level with a shiny, Gryffindor's prefect badge .She gave a small smile and stood up, "Hello Hermione. How was your summer?"

"It was...all right, I supposed. Harry's been having a tough time," she replied with a shrug as they made their way out of the classroom.

She nodded her head, "That makes sense, especially now that everyone believes him about You-Know-Who. I heard that Sirius Black was his godfather? I'm glad they cleared his name...even if it was too late."

There was a lapse of silence until Hermione broke it, "Well, yes I suppose. I'm sorry, Kayla, I have to be going. Harry and Ron will lose their own heads if I'm not there to keep track for them," she had already begun to run off as she turned around. "Bye!"

She raised an arm and whispered to the empty hall, "Bye, and thanks for the chat, absolutely lovely wasn't it? Don't you just adore being able to talk for hours with someone? It's just marvelous, don’t you think?"

For the next hour Kayla had a free period, and she wasn't quite sure what to do with herself. Life at Hogwarts was quiet for her; not much excitement happened to her.

True, in her first year a troll had somehow gotten into the school, but that hadn't affected Kayla in anyway. Hermione had told her a few years ago how she had been cornered by it, and how Harry and Ron had saved her. 

That had been the year when everything had started; the year when Susan Bones had told her about You-Know-Who. It was the year Neville Longbottom had helped her with Herbology. It was also the year Draco Malfoy had shown his true colors on the train, with a smug smile on his arrogant face as he showed his true ignorance by calling her a Mudblood. 

Then in her second year, the Ravenclaw prefect Penelope Clearwater, who had always been so nice to Kayla, had been petrified. But that really hadn't caused any emotions to stir within her heart. In fact, the only fear she had had was that Hogwarts would close, and that she would be forced to spend her days helping her grandmother knit while her mother worked all day.

Third year the notorious Sirius Black had come into their school, but the only affect it had on Kayla was to cause her to spend a very uncomfortable night on the floor of the Great Hall. It seemed everything was always happening to the Gryffindor's – Harry, Ron, and Hermione to be exact.

Though...there had been the Dementor's – the one's who helped her discover the truth. Most of the people at Hogwarts hated them with a burning, fearful passion. Yet, Kayla regarded them with interest and curiosity. How could such creatures come to be? And how was it that they allowed her to see a time in her life that she couldn't possibly remember?

How was it, that being near them, allowed her to hear her father's voice? 

While most students avoided the cloaked figures, Kayla had done her best all year to get near them. Just to hear her father's voice, always so strong and powerful. Telling her to hide in a whisper, and then speaking in a voice that warranted respect and fear. It was his last moments of life that Kayla heard, and she couldn't help but feel closer to him than anyone else. Because she had been there in his last moments, loving him and worrying for him; she had been there like her mother hadn't.

But the Dementor's also allowed her to learn who had killed her father – and why. Those last words of his, "You won't live forever, Lucius; and on the day you finally fall with a mighty crash, know it is exactly what you deserve."

And after those words, Kayla always heard the same cold, heartless voice whisper the two words Professor Moody had used on the spider. The curse, which only one person had ever survived, a person who was in her year, and every time a tear slipped down her cheek as she realized her father was not that person. Kayla's father did not survive that curse, and after every meeting with a Dementor she escaped back to her dorm wishing that she knew why.

Why did Draco's father murder hers?

By her fourth year, her hatred for Draco had tripled; the fury inside her stomach boiled as she watched Lucius wave his son goodbye at the train station. Because all Kayla could think was that her father was never there to wave goodbye, or wish her good luck. And it was because of Draco's father that she had had to spend ten years of her life with a mother mourning over her husband, and a grandmother who couldn't remember her own name. 

That was the year of the Triwizard Tournament; the year of her first ball, of Malfoy trying to make her wear a 'Potter Stinks' badge. It was the year of Cedric Diggory's death, and Kayla had been forced to watch her fellow Ravenclaw break down in tears on the night of the Third task. Everyone had rushed in and out of the common room trying to cheer Cho up as she howled like a werewolf on the night of a full moon.

But Kayla had stayed alone in her dorm, staring endlessly at the ceiling of her four-poster bed. All she could think about was the look on Harry's face as he appeared in the middle of the crowd clutching onto Cedric's body. His face, tear stained and bloody with dry dirt rubbed all over his skin. The sleeve of his robes had been torn and blood stained, and his eyes – his normally vibrant, emerald eyes – were dead with fear; so dark they almost looked black.

That summer, Kayla got a job so that she could keep herself busy and not think of those emerald eyes that had been so vividly dead. Those eyes, which haunted her dreams and her thoughts every day. When she finally returned to Hogwarts for her fifth year things seemed to have made a turn for the better. She had made a friend with Terry Boot over their similar dislike for the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Umbridge. Halfway through the year, however, Harry and his friends started up a Defense club that Terry invited her to join. Kayla refused on the basis that she didn't want to break any rules and get in trouble.

That year quickly passed for Kayla, simply because she didn't get involved. When Professor Flitwick brought her in to have a conversation about what career Kayla wanted to pursue, she had sat there with a blank face confused on how to answer. Finally, she had answered that she wanted to teach Potions at Hogwarts one day. 

He had stared at Kayla's grades for a few moments, stating that since she had always had an Outstanding in Potions he saw no reason why she couldn't pursue her dream. Flitwick had told her she needed at least an Exceeds Expectations in Arithmancy if she wished to become a teacher, but that other then that Kayla's grades were all in order. At the end of the meeting, Professor Flitwick had stood and shook her hand while saying, "I look forward to teaching beside you, Miss Griffin."

The time between that meeting and the moment Kayla was walking through the halls after Transfiguration had flown by too fast for her pleasure. So many things had changed; her grandmother had died of old age, her mother had turned to her for comfort, and Draco Malfoy had been kind to her.

What else was there to come?

This is, obviously, mostly told from the perspective of Kayla. Don't worry, the next chapter will have more of Draco. Anyways, I wrote this chapter to show once again that this story doesn't start from scratch -- six years have passed at Hogwarts that Kayla and Draco knew but didn't like each other. 
Remember, in this story Kayla has not just "appeared". She is not a transfer student from America, she's not an ugly girl who came back pretty, she's not some distant relative of Harry Potter. She's a Ravenclaw girl -- a "mudblood" -- who's been going to Hogwarts for 6 years. She knows Draco (or thinks she does) and she likes to keep to herself. She's quiet and fair. She's smart yet not overbearing. Teacher's like her but not many students do.
I don't believe that she has been introduced to early into the story simply because there is a story before this one. This is life. Things don't just "happen" -- things are.
Hope you liked it!

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