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What If by Daisy_Duke
Chapter 5 : Get Out!
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Harry, James, Lily, Sirius, and Remus finished eating, and were about to head upstairs, when the doorbell rang. Suddenly a small piece of paper fell into James' hand, it read,
Cornelia's Fudge, Minister of Magic. Healer Smarts, Head Healer.

“What’s this?” James asked.

“I placed a spell on the door,and fire place, I figured that once you woke up, there would be hundreds of reporters wanting to talk, so this way now you know who to expect.” Remus informed them.

“You see, now Moony would be the only one the think of that.” Sirius said ruffling his best friend’s hair.

“I wonder what they want.” James said, as Remus slapped Sirius’s hand away, earning a small laugh from Harry.

“Well we did kinda leave the hospital with out any notice.” Lily said.

“DOBBY!” Sirius yelled.

Dobby appeared in front of them and asked what he could do for them.

“Will you please get the door.” Lily instructed.

“I’ll get it.” Harry said jumping off his dad’s lap, he didn’t want his parents to think he was lazy.

“Harry it’s fine, Dobby can get it.” Sirius said sweeping the 5 year old into his arms. Dobby disappeared with a crack, they heard some talking at the door, but couldn’t make out what was being said. Within moments Dobby returned followed by two men.

“Mr. Potter, Mrs. Potter, Mr. Black. I can not tell you what a scare you gave me when i came to check on you three and found you gone. I had thought that the worst had happened. When I went to inform the Minister that you three were missing, he told me that you were most likely here.” Healer Smarts said

“Well were sorry for disappearing on you, but our son needed us.” Lily said walking to stand by James and Harry.

“And you knew this How?” Fudge asked

“The bond between loved ones is stronger than you can imagine, i’ve heard Harry cry out for me many times, and i always tried to get to him, but it was like i was in a dark room, with no doors, but this time it was as if someone turned the lights on, and I sprinted out the door.” Lily said

“Well I understand Harry may have been missing his parents, you should have let Healer Smarts check you over, something could have happened to you.” Fudge exclaimed, causing Sirius to roll his eyes

“Well if you hadn’t left him with a family that was nearly killing him, maybe he wouldn't have called out for us.” Sirius said

“Why did you leave him with his uncle in the first place?” Lily asked

“He was his only one close to Harry, in which we could place him with.” Fudge said not making eye contact with the adults.

“And you didn’t place him with Remus why?” James asked, “It clearly states in our will, that if anything was to happen to us, Harry was to live with Sirius, and if something happened to him, He was to live with Remus.”

“Mr. Lupin never expressed the desire to take young Mr. Potter.” Fudge lied

“Bull shit! I asked you every day for a year if he could live with me, you always told me that James and Lily wanted him to live with the Dursley’s.” Remus said getting angry.

“We didn’t see it fit to put a child like Mr. Potter in the care of we didn’t see it fitting for Harry to be living with someone who.....”

“A werwolf?” James asked


“You prejudice basted! If you think that for one second that Remus would hurt Harry...”

“How do you know he wouldn’t?” Fudge asked

“Because i have spent every full moon with Remus from the age of 15. I know how he acts, and he is the most careful werwolf I have ever seen.” James said sticking up for his friend

“Well that may be true, but you were a 15 year old, not a 15 month old. You could defend yourself, Harry could not.”

“Oh your fight, because he only defeated the man you failed to time and time again. I’m sure a werwolf would be like a stroll in the park.” Lily exclaimed

“You know what I’ve had enough of this, get the hell out of my house!” James yelled.

“Mr. Potter, I understand what I did was wrong, but please, you, your wife, and Mr. Black, need to be checked over, and I have a reporter for the Daily Prophet coming over to take the boy’s statement.” Fudge said

“Were fine, and my son has nothing, i repeat, nothing to say to you. Now if and when we are ready for him to talk to a reporter, don’t worry, you will be the last person I will contact! Now could you please, GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!.” Lily yelled, her eyes turning from green, to flaming red.

“I’ve seen that look, I would run if i were you!” James told them, and too pops later they were gone.

“Lily honey calm down.” James said as he wrapped his arms around her. Within seconds she was calm.

“Remus I’m sorry. I hope you know that we love you, and we know you would never hurt Harry. We know that if you could have, you would have saved him.” James said.

“But he did.” Harry said. Everyone seemed shocked to hear him,with the minister coming, they had forgotten he was still in the room

“What do you mean?” Lily asked

“I knew i had seen him before. When I was little, My aunt and uncle were in downtown London, They had brought me along, and left me in the car. I had wanted to explore, and somehow the car door unlocked. I was walking around, and I found a bar called the Leaky Cauldron. I was about to go in, when a man came out. He didn’t see me at first, but then when he bumped into me, i fell over and scraped my elbow. The man picked me up and somehow cleaned and fixed the cut. I remember he asked me when my parents were and I told him they were gone. Suddenly the wind blew my hair out of my face and he saw my scar. He nearly dropped me. He asked me my name and I told him. He told me that he knew me, and mt parents. He told me that my parents loved me, and would one day come back for me. He gave me this.” Harry said pulling a chain from his neck. It had a stag,a nd a Phoenix on it. “He told me that it had belonged to my dad, and that if I was ever sad I was to hold onto it and I would know that my parents were always with me. I always work the chain, and even when my aunt found it, and tried to take it off, it wouldn’t come off. I had forgotten that man, but now I remember, It was you Moony, wasn’t it?”

“Yes it was me. I had almost forgotten that day.” Remus told them.

“I could never forget that day. That was the day you saved me.” Harry said smiling and hugging Remus.

The family spent the rest of the day running around in the back yard. The adults were surprized that Harry knew how to swim, and were sad when he explained he had to know how, with Duddley always pushing him in the pool. They had a picnic, played some more. By the time they finally went in, Harry was covered in mud.

“I think someone needs a bath.” Lily said picking Harry up. The adults watched as Harry began to shake and tears pored from his eyes.

“Harry what’s worn? Don’t you want to take a bath?”

“N-no.” Harry choked out

“Why not?”

“B-because when-when ever Uncle V-v-v-vernon would give me a b-bath he would make-he would make-- the water re-re-really h-h-hot, and he would p-p-put soap in my eyes, and he woul-d-d hold me under the wa-wa-water for minutes.” Harry explained crying into Lily’s shoulder, getting a mix of dirt, and mud, and tears on her, but she didn’t care, her little boy was scared of a bath. Gods only know what else that family had done to him. She had to save her little boy.

“Don’t worry Harry, we won’t do any of that to you. Trust us.” Lily said. Once a still sobbing Harry shook his head she took him upstairs, and into his bath room.

She was not surprized to see it was also quidditch theme. The mirrors were shaped like bludgers. The towel racks were shaped like brooms. The toilet, looked like an oddly shaped quaffle. The bah tub was shaped like a snitch. The walls were all painted to look like a Quidditch field.

Lily didn’t like all the quidditch things, but buy the look on Harry’s face, and James' they loved it.

Bath time was much better than Harry expected. The water was hot, but not to hot. He did not get soap in his eyes once, and instead of holding him under to get the soap out of his hair, Lily conjured up a pitcher and pored it on his head to get the soap out. (like in the movie Bid Daddy) Lily grabbed a towel that said “Potter” “07” “Seeker” on it. She wrapped him up and took him back into his room where they found Remus, Sirius, and James using the toy brooms as swards. The two just laughed at the men. Lily conjured up a camera and tool a picture. The flash got their attention. The three of them dropped the broom, where they magically zoomed back to where they were suppose to be.

“Bath time over already?” Sirius asked

“How was it?” James asked

“Wonderful!” Harry said smiling

They got Harry in his pajamas, and had him brush his teeth, with his broom shaped tooth brush. They then tucked him into bed and kissed him good night.

“Good night my son.” Lily said before she turned to lights off. The night light on his dresser shaped like a qudditch stadium turned on and Harry fell into a deep sleep, with a smile on his face.

I know it has been forever, and im sorry! But please review. I know there is going to be like 172574 spelling errors, and im sorry, but im to lazy to check it, if someone would like to be my beta that would be awesome!! don’t forget to review!!

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What If: Get Out!


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