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Snogging Sirius by Airiana Ski
Chapter 2 : Chapter 1: Enter Lily Evens
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A/N: I know it’s been forever, but do you know how depressing it is having zero reviews? I know that you’re out there, why aren’t you reviewing? I feel all sad. Anyway, I was looking at this, and my lack of reviews, but I just got an urge to write. So I did. Here’s what came from it, hope you like, and if you do, review! Heh, thought I'd let you know that a few days ago I added this to the wrong story... oops. I'm so smart aren't I? Oh well, read and review if you want to! (And you definitely want to right?)


Snogging Sirius Chapter 1: Enter Lily Evens


“I just don’t see why you hang out with those... prats,” a red haired girl told her blonde friend.


“But Lily, they’re my friends. Just like you. Even if they are prats I have to be loyal to my friends. They can be really annoying but they can be really awesome too.”


The girl called Lily then replied, “Awesome? You’ve got to be kidding. How can turning someone’s hair pink in their sleep be awesome?”


“It’s fun. Dying my hair pink led to a major prank war. I could never have a prank war with you, Miss Evens!” She stuck her tongue out at the red head.


“What are you implying Miss Byrne?”


“I’m not implying anything. Especially that you’re a goody two shoes. Nope, I’m not implying anything!”


“Oh! I’m gonna kill you for that one Scarlet!” Scarlet then took off running down the corridor, laughing maniacally.


“Gotta catch me first!” She shouted gleefully as she turned a corner.


“Scarlet Byrne!” Lily ran after the girl in a blur, frightening the first years with the murderous, yet playful, look in her eyes.




Scarlet was running so fast her legs hurt. Suddenly she flew into something, successfully stopping her. “Why, Scarlet! Is there anything you need to tell me? Like a troll, or a dark wizard that’s after you? I’ll take care of ‘em for you!” The boy winked. “James do you think she looks like there’s a murderer after her?”


Scarlet interrupted with a smirk, “In your minds she is.”


James looked confused, “What do you mean in our minds? Are you implying that we’re delusional or something? Who are you talking about?”


She simply laughed at him, “I’ll give you three guesses and a hint: flaming red hair.”


Before either boy could respond, though James seemed less confused, almost frightened actually, a girl with flaming red hair appeared. “Haha, I’ve... What do you want Black?”


“Evens, I’m hurt. Can’t you see that I’m hugging my charming, though slightly violent, girlfriend?” the first boy said.


“In your dreams Sirius dear, only in your dreams.” Scarlet countered.


“Lily, are you temporarily blind, or did you miss the love of your life standing right here?” The Potter boy shot in.


“When will you two ever learn? We are not planning on dating either of you any time soon. Sirius, we are friends, nothing more. James, oh how should I say this, Lily hates you. Sorry,” Scarlet smirked.


“Well I’m quite willing to wait for my lovely little flower,” James winked at the red head.


She simply lifted an eyebrow at him, “‘my lovely little flower?’” She asked in a mocking tone, “The absolute worst pun for my name ever discovered. Merlin, get some originality.”


“Originality? I can do originality,” James smiled at Sirius, “I’m thinking 467 or 685. Any ideas?”


The girls looked at each other with looks of confusion before turning to Sirius. He had an air of thought about him before replying, “No for 685, remember 3 19 3? I’d say if it was me 329. But since it’s you, 564.”


“Boys I know how much fun it is confusing us, but I would enjoy it if you did it while I wasn’t being held captive,” Scarlet shot in irritated.


“But I enjoy holding you love,” at the glare Sirius received he added, “But I ‘spose I’ll let you go for a kiss.”


“A kiss?” she asked innocently, “Well I don’t see why not,” she closed her eyes and leaned in but before their lips could touch Sirius leaped back with a yelp and began smacking at his head.


James exploded in laughter, “Oh Merlin, your... hair... she set... your hair... on... fire...” he managed to get out between laughs.


“It’s not funny! Oh you’re gonna get it Byrne!” He began chasing after the blonde.


Twice in a day, eh? Aren’t I lucky? She laughed as she ran.


A/N: The talking in numbers was a code they came up with for their pranks, and the date. They were basically deciding what to do to Lily, but that’ll come later. Hopefully some of you are still around to read this, but oh well. I don’t know if I’m going to continue my other story, I don’t really have a feel for it anymore. If there is anything you don’t get just review and ask, I’ll get back to you. I don’t know if updating will become a regular thing or not, but it might. Well... I think I’m about done with my rambling.  All reviewers get pocky! Come... uh.... someone and give out pocky to the reviewers! Oh, Peter may or may not be included in this. He probably will be, but not a whole lot. He isn’t really that important to this story, though it’s entirely possible that he will become more important. Ta! Enjoy your pocky!

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