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How Will I Know? by Irish_Ginny
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3: Round One (*Gong!*)
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Chapter 3: Round One (*Gong!*)

The next week or more passed swiftly, though not without incident. Things were never boring when the Queens and Marauders were involved, especially both at the same time!

Yet nothing drastic had happened so far. Everyday had been pretty much the same; The girls would spend their time laughing, talking and avoiding one or all of the Marauders at all costs. The boys spent theit time thinking up new and more interesting ways of getting the attention of the girls. Lily didn't know how they did it, but every time they left the house, no matter where they were going, the Marauders always showed up. It was like the houses were their forts anywhere outside their borders was neutral ground, free for battle.

Today however, the rules changed.

The girls arrived down for breakfast a little late that morning, the lie-in's becoming too hard to resist now they's gotten into the swing of summer. Gabriella's mum, Pauline, was still there with breakfast for them though because she didn't have to go to work until noon. Lily and Amberle got on well with Pauline, willing and even eager to talk to her about anything and everything!

"So, you girls have anything planned for today?" she asked. The girls looked at each other and shrugged.

"Not that we know of anyway," Gabriella said. They never planned, they just acted on instinct and impulse.

"Well good! Because Mrs Potter has invited you all over for lunch!"

It took a moment to sink in, but it did. Lily and Gabriella sprayed tea over the table as they spat out their drinks in shock while Amberle had to take a drink to stop herself from choking on her toast.

"She what!? Pauline turned at the sudden triple quesion fired at her.

"She came over this morning and said how she hadn't seen you in so lone Gabby, so she invited you over. When I told her that Lily and Amberle were staying here she insisted you all come. Is there a problem? She said you could keep the boys busy and out of her hair for a while!" she said, completely unaware that the boys in question were the reason they were so reluctant to go. The girls would talk to Pauline but they didn't talk to much about the Marauders. After, when staying in someone's house for the summer, it isn't the smartest plan to insult their godson.

Lily, Amberle and Gabriella sat at the table, horror displayed across each face. The silence was broken when Pauline jumped to her feet looking flustered all of a sudden. It was ten to twelve.

"Oh Merlin, I'm late! I'm sorry girls but I have to go. I was meant to be in early this morning to deal with a patient brought in last night. He was obviously thinking up a new way to breathe under water, only now he has flippers for feet and bubbles coming out of his mouth when he talks." Any other time the girls would find this very funny, it was only mildly humourous.

"I'll see you three later. You'll have a good day, don't worry. Lunch will be around one she said so you can head over then. And make sure to thank Mrs Potter for taking you." With that, Pauline whisked around to give each other a quick hug before disapparating with a loud crack.

The girls were still in the same position as before.

"Those little gits! They did this! Potter must have told his mum how great it would be to bring us over, knowing she would fall for it and we'd have to spend the day with them!" Gabriella burst.

"I'll kill them! Bloody murder them!" Amberle exclaimed.

"A whole day in Potter's house? Could life get any crueler?! I can't believe those guys! Asking Potter's mother? That was just low!" Lily ranted.

"Chop their stupid bodies up into tiny little pieces and feed them to the Giant Squid!" Amberle was still on a rant about her death plots, all getting a little more violent each time...though that last idea didn't sounds half bad to Lily.

Needless to say these girls were not happy about what the day had in store.

"So what do we do?" Gabriella asked finally.

"I told you what we do: tie them to a tree, set a herd of rampaging hippogriffs on them and throw whatevers left of them to the Giant Squid!" Amberle really had an obsession with killing them...and the Giant Squid.

"We don't have any choice but to go," Lily said, ignoring Amberle as much as possible. "If we don't go, not only will it look like we're veing really rude to Mrs Potter, but it also means the Marauders will think they can beat us any time once we back away the first time. It's a game! And there's no way I'm losing to Potter! It just isn't done!" Lily said passionately. Gabriella agreed, keeping her fear of what would come as the result to herself. According to Amberle, it was their death.

"How can we lose when they're floating in a million charred pieces at the of the lake from the amounts of curses I'm going to fire at them? It'll be enough to make a fire."

"As tempting as that sounds Amb, we can't get ourselves kicked out Hogwarts. Not to mention that some people actually seem to like them so if we killed them someone would notice and there would be awkward questions," Lily said a little too sadly. "We just have to grit our teeth and get through it."

"I guess we better get dressed then," Gabriella sighed. The three trudged back upstairs to dress for the day from hell.

The only thing was, the weather had taken a turn for the better, or worse in the girls case, making wearing jeans completely impossible. Which meant the girls not had to spend a day in the hospitality of the Marauders, but they had to do it in skirts! That idea didn't sit too well.

Lily wore a denim skirt that rested about an inch above her knee, a jade green halter top and her green flip flops. Gabriella doned a bright pink, knee-length skirt with a white tank top and pink sandles. Amberle chose a pale blue, V-necked top, mig-thigh denim skirt and white flip-flops. They all had their hair up - Lily and Gabriella's in high pony-tails and Amberle's tied loosely at the nape of her neck - judging it too warm to risk leaving it free. Each wore a light covering of make-up to make themselves look presentable. And it helped too that they knew the Marauders were going to go mad, knowing what was available but they couldn't have it.

The Marauders weren't the only ones who could play games. It was a contest without any rules.


"Padfoot, this is the best idea you've ever came up with!" James exclaimed. It was because of Sirius that the girls were facing this day. He had thought of getting James' mum to invite them over so they themselves couldn't be found guilty of being responsible. Sheer genius according to both Sirius and the other Marauders.

"Excuse me Prongs? I resent that!All of my ideas are great I'll have you know! Remember the time you make lilies appear all around Evans bed and you floated outside the window on your broomstick to ask her out? That was my idea!" Sirius said proudly.

"And remember how she jinxed him so hard he nearly fell off his broom and couldn't walk straight for day?" Remus filled in.

"Minor detail, Moony, unimportant. Anyway, this is sure fire! It can't fail!" Sirius exclaimed gleefully.

"How'd you figure that one out? They're not exactly fond of us, so how do you know they're gonna come?" Remus asked. He never understood Sirius' reasoning, probably because it was so complex compared to normal thinking.

"Ahh, see now Moony, my dearm sweet, naive, stupid , old friend. They have to come, there's no option about it! They know, I know it, and now you know it!"

"And how do I know it?"

"Moony, Evans is too kind to say no to my mother. She and the others will come no matter what because they don't want to seem rude by refusing a direct invitation from my dear mum! It's brilliant!" James said, grinning madly.

Ding-Dong, the door bell was ringing.

"Oh yeah! Who's the best? Who's the genius? Who's the master planner? Who's-" Sirius was doing a victory dance on his bed. remus just rolled his eyes.

"Who's going to be left up here with no lunch if he doesn't stop dancing like a bloody monkey and get downstairs? Ready, Prongs?" Remus asked, but the room was empty except for him and Sirius.

James had already vanished down the stairs.

Who knew what was awaiting them?

Not the Marauders, that was for sure!

A/N: Ok I realise I said I wasn't going to write any more because of my exams but I had this written and thought I'd at least put it up! The next chapter was going to be part of this one put it would have ended up extremely long! So I'm putting them up seperately, and I can add some more to the next part! Anyway, hope you liked this little bit, not very interesting but I had to split it! Thank you! = )

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