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Scream My Lungs Out by Missus Moony and Padfoot
Chapter 25 : Naughty, Naughty, Youíll Get Caughty!!
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A/N:  Missus Padfoot:  Hey Everyone!!!  The installation of our 25th chapter is finally up *pointed stare towards Moony*  Missus Moony:  *winces*  Hey, it’s not my fault I didn’t realize that the site wouldn’t accept any stories during the break…  Missus Padfoot:  Except that the story was supposed to be posted right before the break.  Missus Moony:  *blushes* Yea, well,…. No harm done!!  Right?  I mean, the readers got the chapter eventually!!  Missus Padfoot: *sighs*  You procrastinate way too much.  We're both so sorry that it took us so long.  Missus Moony:  We hope you'll forgive us.  But we both hope you enjoy the chapter!! 

Chapter 25:  Naughty, Naughty, You’ll Get Caughty!! 

“You bastard.”

James glared at Remus, hate poring out of his body for the werewolf sitting across the table.  James shook with the effort to hold himself back and not rip the pale boy’s face off.  Tearing his gaze away from his former friend, the Head Boy caught the glimpse of Lily staring at him with an odd expression on her face.  Was it sadness?  If anything, this caused his anger to double.  Sitting at this table was a boy who had defiled his sister, just because the girl he’d wanted for ages was taken by James, and a girl that had so fully denied him and then had the gall to act hurt from his lack of friendliness.

The enraged boy swiftly turned and stalked down the Great Hall to where Daphne was sitting with her Ravenclaw friends.  As he approached the table, Daphne glanced up and saw him heading in her direction.  He could see the girl blush and whisper frantically to her friend next to her, who then grinned and scooted down the bench so there was an empty spot next to Daphne.

 The brunette smiled shyly and blushed as James shoved himself onto the bench.  “Good morning, Jamsie!”

James stared at the blushing girl, trying to convince himself that extreme cheerfulness wasn’t an offence worthy of detention.

James attempted a smile in Daphne’s direction, though it came off as more of a grimace.  “Hello, Daphne.”  The Ravenclaw girl blushed even further and busied herself with serving James some eggs as a distraction.

“Oh, you won’t believe what this third year said to my friend the other day!!  She had gone in the Library to study for test that’s coming up in a couple of weeks in Herbology, and a girl had the gall to try to comment on the state of her hair!

James quickly tuned out his rambling girlfriend and glowered at his plate of eggs, shoving them around with his fork.  After his encounter with his “friends” a few minutes ago, he’d lost his appetite.

“… and then her cousin, the one that lived in Berlin during the summer, mind you, not the one who had that scandal last year in the papers with her rumored relationship with the Ambassador’s Fencing Master…”

 James couldn’t help but think of Remus’ confession of sleeping with his sister.  ‘The bastard had no right to do that, taking advantage of Rebecca’s feelings for him just so he could shove it in my face!  I have no doubt that it had meant much more to Rebecca than whatever the stupid werewolf had been thinking at the time.’

“… it just goes to show that you can’t ever rely on those obscure spells that these places are coming out with.  Without regulation there’s been atrocious situations like the one with my brother’s best friends’ uncle, who met up with a hag a few years ago…”

 And the group!  They’d just acted like it was completely alright that some scraggly traitor was knocking up my sister!!  They had no right to sit there and accept that sniveling man-whore!!!

“…you would have never guessed what the girl then said to him!!  She started going on and on about Gobs-be-Gone, which is a rather expensive over the counter potion that’s had so many of the local girls obsessed with buying, and he just wouldn’t listen to her and started to mention something about a duck…”

Slamming his fork down, James shoved himself of the bench with a snarl.  Daphne, surprised at James’ unexpected exit, called after him cheerfully.  “Oh, I’ll see you at lunch then, Jamsie, and finish telling you the rest of the story!”

James then barely heard her turn to her friend sitting beside her and comment in a patronizing and annoyingly superior voice.  “He just loves me so much!!”

James rolled his eyes and stormed out into the Entrance Hall, completely unaware that his anger was controlling his entire body.  He didn’t even have a clue as to where he was headed, he just knew that he needed to get his bottled up anger out somehow.  As he headed up the first floor staircase, he spotted two young Hufflepuffs who had stopped to chitchat. 

“You there!” James yelled as the two students jumped in surprise.  “Five points from Hufflepuff for loitering on the staircase!” 

One of the boys looked up at him and retorted in a know-it-all voice.  “Hey!  You can’t do that!  Prefects aren’t allowed to deduct points!  Only professors and -”

“Professors and Head Students,” James snapped back as he pulled out his Head Boy badge from his pocket of his jeans (as it was Saturday and he wasn’t wearing his school uniform) and shoved it in the face of the small boy.  “And as Head Boy, I’m deducting five more points for questioning my authority.” 

James turned haughtily and continued up the stairs, feeling that he had siphoned a little bit of his fury out of his body.  James then spotted his next victim – a little first-year Ravenclaw who was clutching her books and walking timidly down the hall. 

“Two points from Ravenclaw for being in my way.”  James snarled. 

The little girl looked up at James with big eyes that quickly formed massive tears in them and proceeded to bawl her little head off and run down the hall.  James shrugged and continued on his way to who-knows-where.  Then, as he rounded the corner to the Transfiguration corridor, he spotted a group of Slytherins walking together towards the Library coming in James’ direction. 

Oh, this will be fun!’  James thought maliciously as he rubbed his hands together and grinned evilly. 

“Oi!  You lot!”  James yelled as the group came closer.  “Stop right there!” 

As they halted, some of the Slytherins sneered at the Head Boy, while others just looked confused that they were being talked to by a Gryffindor. 

“What do you want, Potter?” A boy with shaggy brown hair and an extremely pointed nose scoffed. 

“Well, let’s see…” James said as he tapped his chin thoughtfully, sizing up the group.  “First off, five points from Slytherin for being rude to your superior,” the Slytherins all looked incredulous as they started to protest James’ unfairness, “another five for complaining, ten points because I don’t like you, oh, and another ten for that hideous wart you have on your nose, Locksley,” he added as he pointed at a young, handsome boy, who, unfortunately, had a large wart. 

Locksley quickly covered his nose with his hand with an embarrassed look on his face as he yelled, “You can’t deduct points just because I have a wart!” 

“Watch me.” James whispered dangerously. 

As the Slytherins continued to yell at James and James yell right back at them, no one seemed to notice a greasy-haired seventh-year with a hooked nose come out of the shadows behind the group. 

“Well, well, Potter,” Severus Snape sneered as the whole group fell silent immediately.  The whole entire school knew that there had always been a rivalry dripping with hatred between James Potter and Severus Snape, and so whenever they met up together without adult supervision, there was sure to be some sort of duel.  “Picking on innocent students are we?  I do hope for your sake that you aren’t being prejudice against those who aren’t from your own precious house.”  The younger Slytherins began to snicker. 

“Snivelous!  How nice of you to join the party!” James barked as he pulled out his wand out of his jean pocket, aiming it right at Snape.  The group of Slytherins backed away against the stone wall of the corridor.  “Let me see here… I’m certain we can find some reasons to take points off of you too!  Well, five points from Slytherin for putting your abnormally large nose in other people’s business, another ten because I just plain hate you, and oh!  Fifteen points for not showering in weeks and making the rest of the school suffer from your unbearable stench!” 

“Why you -” Snape snarled as he pulled out his own wand. 

“What’s going on here?” A small but firm voice said from behind James.  James turned around to find Lily walking up the corridor closely followed by none other than Peter Pettigrew, of all people.

Snape, noticing James had turned his back on him, quickly readied a hex towards the Head Boy.  Before he could finish the incantation, Lily cried “Expelliarmus” and deftly caught the Slytherin’s wand as it soared out of his stretched out fingers.

“It’s a cowardly thing to do, trying to hex someone whose back is turned!”  Lily chastised Snape, who glowered in return.

James snorted and glared at the now disarmed student.  “Well, what else would you expect from a Slytherin?  Back-stabbing, the lot of them!  Rather a lot like a group of people I know.”  Giving Lily and Peter a pointed glare, James was oblivious of Snape, who was now trying to inch away without attracting the Gryffindor’s attention.

Lily, seeing Snape’s attempt at escaping and the peeked interest of the other Slytherins', blushed and waved them off.  “Alright, there’s nothing interesting here, move along!”  Despite the fact the Slytherins looked as though they disagreed that nothing interesting was happening, they didn’t want to invoke the wrath of the Head Boy again, so they all quickly dispersed leaving Lily, Peter, James and Snape standing in the corridor.

“Well,” Lily said pointedly, “that means you too, Severus.” 

Snape glared and snarled at the group.  “I need my bloody wand back.”

Lily blushed and quickly tossed the boy his wand back, trying to rein in her embarrassment.  As soon as Snape’s wand came in contact with his hand, the Slytherin sneered and stormed off with a muttered, “Filthy mudblood”.

It showed how angry James was with Lily when he refused to even defend her from Snape’s taunts.

Lily, thrown at the raven-haired boy’s dismissive attitude towards Snape’s comment, attempted to push past her confusion and confront the irate Head Boy.  “James!  What on earth were you thinking?  You're abusing your position as Head Boy with all those points you were taking off!

“Oh, hush up, Evans!  As far as I’m concerned, you have no right to even speak to either myself or my sister.  You lost that right when you willingly fraternized with that conniving bastard.”

Lily and Peter shared a tentative glance before they both turned their attention back towards James who upon seeing the look that passed between the two of them, automatically assumed it confirmed his accusations.

“Um, James, about that…”

“No!  I don’t want to have to stand here and listen to your pathetic excuses!!  As far as I’m concerned the whole lot of you deserve whatever slurs and disgusting titles the foulest Slytherin can accuse you of!”


The three Gryffindors quickly looked towards the interruption and noticed Professor McGonagall striding quickly down the hall towards them, a bawling first-year Ravenclaw trotting after her.

As soon as McGonagall stood next to the three, she took one look at James’ furious demeanor and Lily and Peter’s embarrassed flush before she tightened her lips further into an angry line.

“Mr. Potter, Miss Evans, the Headmaster wants to see the two of you in his office.”  She then turned to Peter, who squeaked and jumped before blushing further.  “And you, Mr. Pettigrew should use this free time to go and study Transfiguration.  Your last attempt at conjuring up a chair was dismal, at best.”

Before turning to head to Dumbledore’s office, McGonagall leveled James with furious glare.  “And Mr. Potter, I am ashamed that you would resort to such infantile gestures and to deduct points for such asinine ‘offences’.  Two points to Ravenclaw and ten points from Gryffindor.”

“But Professor,”  Lily sputtered, “I wasn’t taking points off!  Why do I have to see the Headmaster?!?!”

“The Headmaster has been meaning to speak to you for a while Miss Evans.  We had both hoped off course, that he wouldn’t have to have a discussion with you, but it seems it has become necessary.”  McGonagall then promptly turned and strode down the Hall, motioning for the two Head’s to follow her.

As soon as McGonagall’s back was turned, the Ravenclaw, who had been standing and sniffing loudly next to the Gryffindor Head of House, stuck her tongue out viciously at James before skipping away.  James stared in shock at the vindictive first year’s attitude, while Lily just shook her head and started after McGonagall down the corridor.

As the group walked down the Halls, Lily began to start fidgeting and wringing her hands.  The closer they got towards Dumbledore’s office, the more Lily started getting more and more obvious in her anxiousness.  Finally, unable to ignore her further, James turned his attention to the nervous red-haired girl.

“For god’s sake, would you stop having a panic attack!  It’s not like were going to be expelled or anything!”

Lily flinched and gave McGonagall’s back a nervous glance before she muttered to James.  “I’ve never been to Dumbledore’s office for disciplinary problems!  The most I’ve been there for is getting Prefect and Head Girl duties!!”

James snorted in disgust.  “You’re overreacting.  I’ve been there loads of times and I’m still here, so a sniveling teacher’s pet like yourself has nothing to worry about.”

Any response of Lily’s was cut off by the group’s arrival at the Gargoyle statue that protected Dumbledore’s office.

With a “Licorice Snap” from McGonagall, James and Lily followed the Deputy Headmistress up the stairs to then stand in front of the Headmaster’s desk. 

“Take a seat,” McGonagall gestured to the two chairs in front of the huge mahogany desk.  “Professor Dumbledore will be with you shortly.” 

James plopped down with a moody sigh while Lily slowly sat down very timidly as McGonagall exited the office.  

“This is all your fault, James!”  Lily hissed as soon as the door had shut behind Professor McGonagall. 

“My fault?”  James didn’t bother to keep his voice down as he looked at Lily incredulously.  “Again with the blaming James Potter for everything!  First Remus and now you!  Bloody hell!” 

“Well it is!” Lily whispered, her arms folded tightly as she shivered with the scared anticipation of getting a lecture from Dumbledore.  “We wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t been a maniac and taken so many points off of innocent students!” 

“You heard McGonagall!” James scoffed.  “Dumbledore wanted to see you anyway!  Besides, I would hardly call any Slytherins ‘innocent’.  They deserved what they -” 

“-are entitled to gain, as well as every other student that attends this school.” 

James and Lily jumped as they realized that Dumbledore was standing beside his large, comfy chair and was looking down on the two Head students with his twinkling eyes that told them that he had heard their entire conversation. 

“Professor!  I’m sorry, sir, I didn’t know you were -” James began, his angry and frustrated bearing gone while Lily looked scared stiff. 

“Eavesdropping on your conversation?  Oh, not to worry, my boy, not to worry.  I was rude to not announce my appearance,” Dumbledore said rather cheerfully as he sat down.  “Now, I’m sure you’re wondering why I summoned you both here.” 

James nodded as Lily just sat there, looking as if she were about to cry. 

“I am not pleased with the way you two have been behaving towards each other.  When I chose you two to be the Heads, I knew that it was a risk putting you together, given your past history.  But I knew that if you put your differences aside and worked together you would be the finest Head Boy and Girl this school has ever seen.”

James and Lily both had the grace to blush as Dumbledore leveled his gaze on them.

“I hope I have mad myself clear Mr. Potter, Miss. Evans” At the shaky nod from the two Head students, Dumbledore smiled and clapped his hands.

“Wonderful!  Now if I remember correctly the school had decided to hold a Yuletide Ball, has everything been taken care of then?”

James froze for a moment, staring at Dumbledore’s twinkling eyes before snapping his head sideways to meet Lily’s horrified gaze.  The raven haired boy’s mind raced as he tried to think of what to say to Dumbledore so he wouldn’t figure out that he and Lily had completely forgotten that they were in charge of the ball and had done nothing to plan for it.

“Well… sir, we’re not completely done with the planning and preparation, though we should be finished with assigning the different Prefects with particular jobs by the end of next week.”

Lily just gaped at James’s audacity to flat out lie to the Headmaster, while Dumbledore merely folded his fingers together and smiled, though James had a sneaking suspicion that the Headmaster knew exactly how far along the planning had really gone.

“Well then, it seems like the two of you are well on your way to becoming a pair of fine Heads.”

Lily and James both stared at Dumbledore, at a loss as to what to say to the odd compliment from the Headmaster.

“Um, Headmaster,”  The nervous red haired girl questioned, “didn’t you mean to say ‘Head students’?”

“Why, so I did!  That sounded silly just then, didn't it?  Thank you for correcting me Miss Evan.  Speaking of which, I wanted to wish you good luck on your first game as the Gryffindor Seeker next week.”  

Lily tried to discreetly rub her running nose that she’d gotten from being rather teary during Professor Dumbledore’s lecture, as she mumbled a weak, “thank you”.

Dumbledore wasted no time conjuring a tissue and handing it cheerfully to Lily before dismissing her.  As James moved to follow her out, he was stopped the old wizard softly requesting him to stay.  As Dumbledore opened his mouth to speak towards James the two heard Lily loudly blowing her nose in the stairwell, which echoed loudly, causing James to smile thinly as the Headmaster chuckled.

“Mr. Potter, I wanted to speak to you a little further on your behavior towards your fellow students.”  James nervously shuffled his feet and tried not blush in embarrassment, which he failed miserably at.  “You should not allow yourself to become so caught up in personal grudges and judgments that you start to treat an entire house with distain.  I am hoping that such displays as those that took place a few minutes ago will not happen again.”

Blushing further, James nodded before he too was dismissed by Dumbledore.  As the Head Boy exited the stairwell, he noticed Lily standing a little ways down the hall.  Growling, James tried ignoring the girl and headed towards his dormitory, but Lily quickly placed herself in his path.

Gritting his teeth, James tried to remember that Dumbledore had just gotten done chastising him for taking random points off students and that Lily was a Gryffindor as well.  “Move it, Evans”

 “No, I want to know why you deliberately lied to Dumbledore about how far we’ve gotten with the Yule Ball!”

“I didn’t lie, I just embellished the truth. Now that he’s reminded us, we will have all the jobs that need to be done by the end of next week assigned out to the Prefects.”

Lily stared at James speechless before she shook her head and decided to drop the subject.  “Whatever, I actually wanted to talk to you about Remus.”

James eyes narrowed at the mention of his “friend”.  “I don’t want to talk about anything relating to that bastard!!”

“Fine,” Lily snapped, “Then listen!  You came in at the wrong moment in the conversation - Remus found Rebecca drunk in the hallway last night and helped her up to the common room.  He never touched her inappropriately!!”  At his disbelieving glare, Lily stormed her foot in frustration.  “Oh for the love of- At the very least, think logically!!  Remus has been your best friend for the past seven years, why would he go and do something that would totally risk your friendship like that?”  

James tried interrupting, but Lily held up her hand for silence.  “No, I want you to think about that before you fly off the handle again.  We’ve had far more than enough arguments this past year.  I know we aren’t getting along right now, but at the very least we could tolerate each other so we can do our Head duties and play well as a team with Quidditch.”

James stared intently at the head Girl before slowly nodding in agreement.  “Fine, but I’m not doing this for you, so don’t mistake my acceptance as any sort of willingness to have any other sort of relationship with you other than plain tolerance!”  Pushing past Lily and storming down the corridor, James missed the heartbroken expression on her face as she silently watched him march off.

 A/N:  Both Missus:  *wide eyes*  Missus Padfoot:  *whew*  James sure was mad wasn’t he?  Missus Moony:  *nodding in agreement*  Uh huh, He sure does have a temper.  Missus Padfoot:  Though it was funny how he was going off on the Slytherins *snickering*  Missus Moony:  *glowering at  Padfoot*  Aren’t you forgetting something Padfoot?  Missus Padfoot:  *pause*  Oh yeah, I forgot, you’re a Slytherin in another life…. *awkward moment*  So anyways, With a new semester, Missus Moony and I are both hoping we can hurry up with our next chapter… since you guys have caught up with us now…Please Review!!!

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Scream My Lungs Out: Naughty, Naughty, Youíll Get Caughty!!


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