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The Titanic by Hermione288061
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6: Forbidden Fruit
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Chapter 6: Forbidden Fruit

Harry really didn’t know what he was going to do. In about two days, this wonderful ship was going to sink. There was nothing he could do, he felt helpless.

Both he and Ginny had figured out that in this time the two of them weren’t magical. What a horrid past life. No magic, not a drop. They were doomed.

It was the 12th. Two more days. They had to find a way back. Ginny, of course, had told him about Tori and her journal.

‘She must have magic of some kind,’ Harry thought, ‘Why else have a diary with the ability to take us to the past and give us past lives?’

Harry sat on the bed he shared with Ginny. He shook his head and finished tying his shoes. When he was done, he ran his hand through his hair and left the room.

Once out on the deck he found Ginny and came up behind her.

“Another beautiful day isn’t it, Love,” Harry said.

Ginny turned and smiled when she saw Harry.

“Yes, it is. The water is so calm and there’s not a cloud in the sky.” She said with a sigh.

“Come on Love, let’s go get some breakfast.”


Hermione had not left her room since the night before. She was afraid to feel the dangerous feelings she had when she was around Draco. Therefore, she had stayed in her room all morning. Draco was forbidden to her and that only made her want him more. He was the fruit from the forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden. He was so tempting.

Around one o’clock Hermione got tired of being inside and decided to lever her room. She soon found herself on the port side deck, looking over the rail.

“Careful now or you might fall over,” A voice behind her said. Hermione turned and saw Draco standing behind her.

“What are you doing here?” she hissed, “You aren’t supposed to be here.”

“You people in first-class act as if you own the world.” Draco said to her.

“That still isn’t answering my question. What are you doing here?”

“I needed to see you again.”

“Draco, we can’t…I can’t. I’m engaged, remember.”

“I know I just can’t help this attraction towards you.” As Draco said this, he stepped closer to Hermione.

Hermione moved back from him until her back was against the rail of the ship. By this time, he was close enough to her that she could smell his light spicy scent.

“You know you want to Hermione,” Draco said huskily. He leaned forward and kissed her lightly on her lips. She responded by kissing him back.

Draco deepened the kiss by running his tongue along her lips, begging for entrance.

Hermione found herself doing as he wished and parted her lips.

His tongue entered her mouth and started exploring. Draco’s hands seemed to be on her body everywhere at once.

Draco broke the kiss and Hermione moaned in response. Draco chuckled at her actions. “Not here.” He said.

Hermione nodded and took his hand. “Then let’s find a place where we can.”

Hermione then led him to her room and made sure that no one knew that Draco was with her. She pushed him into her room and locked the door. She then locked the doors that led to the other rooms she and Ron shared.

She turned back towards Draco to see his dark gaze on her. She walked over to him and they resumed kissing, this time more ravenous…


Ron and Tori were out on the deck talking. As they talked the found himself liking her more and more.

The more they talked the more Ron thought that if he weren’t marring Hermione he would marry this girl.

He found that she was like Hermione in some small ways. She liked to read, write, and study her surroundings.

He had just met Tori, but it felt as if he had known her forever. In addition, it was slightly better to talk about things that he understood. When talking with Hermione he felt as if he couldn’t understand her even if she was speaking in English.

He also enjoyed just having Tori around for company…


Draco sat up in the comfortable bed and remembered what he had done earlier that afternoon. He looked over to find Hermione still sleeping.

‘Man,’ he thought, ‘I’m not sure I can just let her go. I can’t just sit back and watch her as she marries Ron. I can’t let that happen.’ That was when Draco Mallory realized he had feelings for the beautiful woman next to him.

Hermione turned and as she did, noticed that Draco wasn’t lying next to her. She sat up rubbing her eyes.

“Good afternoon, Sleeping Beauty,” Draco said to her as she looked towards him.

“Draco, we shouldn’t have let that happen.”

“But it did.”

“It shouldn’t have though.”

“Hermione just remember, we both did it. You jump and I follow.”

“But I’m to get married--”

“Don’t, run away with me. When we get to New York we’ll leave together.”

“I can’t Draco.”

“Hermione, you’re the most amazingly, astounding, wonderful girl--woman that I’ve ever known. I’m not an idiot, I know how the world works, but I’m too involved now. You jump and I jump, remember.” Draco told her sincerely.

Hermione thought for a minute, then said, “You know, it might just work…”

“What? What might work?”



A/N: I’m so sorry that I took so long! I have had the most horrible writers block!!

What is Hermione’s plan?? Will they be able to work it out? I guess the only way for you to find out is to review and keep reading when I update. Any suggestions are welcome and would be great. If you took the time to read, please review!

A big thanks to Irot and Princess Leia for being the world’s best betas! Not to mention great friends and inspiration! I <3 you guys! 

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and Co. belong to J.K.R. Draco’s little speech is pieces of things said by Jack in “Titanic.” Tori is my own character.

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The Titanic: Chapter 6: Forbidden Fruit


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