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The Realm Beyond by CrowclawBlack
Chapter 1 : The Realm Beyond
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Disclaimer...Harry Potter and all other related characters are property of J.K. Rowling. I have merely used them in my story. Thankyou.

The Realm Beyond

She landed heavily on her face, and although the violent movement had ceased, she kept her eyes tightly closed. She whimpered weakly, gripping the ground with her claw like hands, too terrified to move. When she finally got the courage to open her eyes, she looked up to see an enourmous castle. Unlike her old master's castle, this one look rather friendly, and much lighter and not as foreboding. She stood on her unsteady legs, scanning the green feild with her dark sapphire blue eyes. She still wore the black robes her crule master had forced her to wear, but the steel colar around her neck was gone. Estatic, she tried out her long unused magic. With a flick of her wrist she set a near by tree on fire, and then put it out with one word.
"I'm free!!!" She exclaimed happily. She decided to look for work to keep her busy. Personally, she didn't care where the wizard had sent her, as long as it was far from her master. She walked up to the castle doors and trotted in. After wandering about the obviously magical castle, she discovered a hall full of young humans in black robes very similar to hers. "Wow, so many workers..." she mumured to herself. She walked among them, and found a seat at one of the long tables. Most were too busy eating to recognize her, and those who did just smiled at her. She looked to the person on her right, a tall scrawny boy with wild, messy hair the same jet black as her own. He wore wooden glasses and had a lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead. She let her long black dragon's tail uncoil from underneath her robes where she was trained to hide it. She decided to speak to the boy beside her.
"Hello, my name is Levex, when does work begin?" She asked politely.
The boy turned and looked at her with his bright green eyes. "Excuse me?"
What did he just say? She thought. What a strange language. She picked it up easily though, she was trained to do so.
"I'm sorry, please, my name is Levex. I am a dragon demon, what work do you do here?" She asked politely.
"Work? This is Hogwarts." He replied.
"Dragon demon?" A girl across from him inquired.
"Yes. Is that a problem?" She was confused.
"Well, no I guess, but you look like us. I'd imagine a 'demon' to...well...look like a demon." The girl said nervously.
"Allow me to explain. I was sent her, escaped really. I had a crule master, and my friend summoned me here so I would be safe. I'm not sure where I am exsactly, but I am a hard worker and skilled in all feilds of magic, transformatin and speach." She said.
"From where did you come?" The girl asked suspiciously.
"Dezereth, what planet is this?" The Dragon demon asked.
"Oh, lovely little planet, much like my own, only a little more borring." Levex said thoughtfully.
"What did you say your name was?" A boy with flaming red hair and a face full of food asked pointing at her with a fork.
"Levex, you should probably talk to Professor Dumbledore about all this." Ron said.
"Which one is he?"
"The old one with the long beard at the head table." The black haired boy said.
"And what are your names?"
"I'm Harry, tht's Ron, and this is Hermionie." Harry pointed to each one in turn.
"Thank you for your help." With that, she stood and walked towards the front table.
Ron's jaw dropped. "She's got a tail!" He hissed to Harry and Hermionie.
"Nonsense, you're just seeing things Ron." Hermionie said dismisively with a roll of her eyes.
"Look!" Ron pointed.
Harry and Hermione looked at the bottom of Levex's robes and sure enough, there dragging behind her, was the tip of a long scally black tail. It had gold spikes and a feathery looking spade on the tip.
"Oh my! She was telling the truth!" Hermionie exclaimed.
Harry just stared in disbelife.
"I wonder if it gets in the way of sitting." Ron wondered aloud.
As Levex continued down the hall, people turned and soon, the whole hall became full of hushed horrified whispers about the girl with the tail. When she reached Dumbledore and the other teachers, the whole hall had become silent.
Levex bowed deeply. "Good Evening sir, my name is Levex, I am a Dragon demon from Dezereth. I was wondering if I could enroll in your school, or at least work here, as I have no where else to go." She stood and smiled as friendly as she could.
"What in the world are you talking about girl?" A tightfaced woman seated next to Dumbledore said. Her dark hair in a taught bun.
"I know humans on Earth are quite ignorant of the universe around them, so I know this is hard to swallow, but I assure you this is no joke." She said.
"Levex, how old are you?" Dumbledore asked.
"2 eons sir. But on my planet, I was concidered but a young 16 year old." She said.
"Well, you will have to be sorted, do you know anything about magic?" He asked.
"Yes, I am skilled in every feild." she said proudly.
"Dumbledore, you can't seriously be buying into this poppycock, are you?" The older woman beside his hissed.
"I can prove I am who I say I am." Levex said.
"Prove it then my dear, if you wish, but I believe you already." Dumbledore said with a smile.
Levex strode over to the stage where all could see her. "I will remove all doubt." She pulled off her black robes, revealing her real clothing, a white blouse and black pants. Her tail lashed violently behind her, the spikes digging into the wooden stage. She showed off her claw like hands, and hissed revealing long white fangs. "Now I shall reveal my true form!" She bellowed. She covered her face with her claws and was suddenly enveloped in black smoke. A roar peirced the terrified silence as a long serpentine dragon rose from the cloud. Its yellow eyes scanned the crowd, It reared its long head and howled mournfully. Everyone was too shocked to open their mouths. "This is my tale...I had a crule human mastrer who stormed into my territory and killed my mate, and my nest of five eggs...he enslaved me, cutting off my power with steel chains, and forcing me to work for him, batteling and killing. My only friend watched as I began to die, raped and tourtured, I could not go on...he snuck into my room one evening, and, being a wizard, risked his own life to send me here. He died. But I lived to come here. That is my tale." She turned into a girl again, and walked over to Dumbledore.
"What must I do to become a student?"
"Just sit on that chair my dear." He replied.
She sat down, and the old woman shakily got up and placed the hat on her head. "Slytheren!" It pronounced.
"Sit at that table dear." She pointed to a table full of sour faces and oger like youths. She sat next to a blonde boy, and the hall slowly began to hum softly with friendly conversation at the Start of Term feast.
"So, a demon are you?" The boy on her right asked.
He turned to her and smiled, a rather scary smile, but it looked like he was attempting to be nice. "What powers do you have?"
"I can do almost anything." She replied.
"Interesting, sorry to heard that bit about your family."
"So am I, being alone is not good for a demon. I would've been dead in days if I had not been raped daily." She said sadly. "But here I hope to find a nice kind mate." Her voice brightening.
"We call them boyfriends and girlfriends." He said.
"Oh, I'm sorry. I hope to find a nice boyfriend then." She amended.
"You'll fit in just fine here. All girls your age want a boy friend." The boy replied.
"So, what is your name?" She asked.
"Draco Malfoy. Pleased to meet you." He said.
Something about the boy scared her...but he seemed friendly. "The pleasure is all mine." She replied.

"Damn, why did they get the demon?" Ron said angrily.
"She's problaby bad news anyway." Hermionie said.
"No, she's not. I don't think she belongs in Slytheren. She didn't know about it." Harry said looking at her. She was quite pretty.
"How do you know she's not pure evil? She is after all, a demon." Hermionie said.
"Did you look into her eyes? She's not bad." Harry said.
"Anyone who you think is pretty isn't evil in your book." Hermionie said with disdain.
"She is pretty though." Ron said. "How come Malfoy gets to flirt with her? That's not fair!"
"You'll both get a chance to talk to her I'm sure." Hermionie said.
"Humph." Ron said crossing his arms.

(Slytheren Common Room)
"So, what do you look for in a guy?" Harold Aredeck asked. The sixth and fifth year boys were all hovering around Levex.
"Um, I don't know. Kindness?" She said.
"People always tell me how kind and gentel I am." One boy said.
"No they don't" Another interrupted.
Levex stretched and yawned. "I'm tired."
"Allow me to show you the way." Malfoy said extendng his arm to her.
"I'm sure I can manage." She said politely. She turned into a huge black wolf and curled up in front of the fire.
"Aren't you going to sleep in the dormatories?" A prefect asked.
"No." She replied.
"You must." He walked over to her. She snarled angrily.
"Leave her be." A female prefect said.
The black wolf slet peacefully as everyone returned to their own beds.

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