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Married By Mistake by TrevorTheFrog
Chapter 11 : Chapter 11: In Our Minds
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Chapter 11: In Our Minds
Hermione kicked the door shut, and sat down on her futon.

So much was going through her brain right now,

‘who is she? why was she kissing him? and why was Hermione feeling…so jealous?’

Her cell phone rang, and she could see it was Draco; she turned her phone off and flipped on the TV so she could watch the rest of Benny and Joon before she went up there and slapped him silly.

- - - - -

Draco got off the phone with Blaise and sat down on the floor. He ran his hand through his hair; he realized he needed a haircut. I hate Jo, he told himself. That stupid manipulative bitch had done it to him again; she made him forget who he was, and where he was.

He hated her... so much, but then why couldn’t he throw her out the door like he had dreamed of doing. He had planned this day out so perfectly. If she ever came to look for him, he would throw her out the fucking door. But then why couldn’t he?

And why hadn’t he slapped her when she kissed him?

And then Hermione’s face popped up, her angry yet sad face before she left. It looked betrayed. He felt his heart drop to the floor; he had hurt her so bad. He hadn’t even known her for so long, but the thought that he had made her beautiful laugh disappear made him want to shoot himself.

When had his life become so complicated?

He called Hermione’s phone about four times already, but she wouldn’t pick up. He decided not to go to her place, because she probably would peel his skin off with a potato peeler, one layer at a time.

He knew she had seen the two kissing, but she should have given him a chance to explain. It’s not like he was kissing her back…it wasn’t really a kiss anyways… it was merely two sets of lips touching…

Ah, what the hell was he saying….he just gave the definition for a bloody kiss.

‘i need a drink’

But he knew what happened the last time he had drank… he wasn’t normally a drinker… that night was the first time in seven years he had drank, aside from the occasional wine at dinners, of course.

- - - - -

Jo went to Blaise and Lizzie’s house that night. She had nowhere else to go in this whole country. Back in Ireland, she had her mother, Pop, and her little sister.

She had expected to go to Draco’s place and be welcomed with open arms, but he had looked at her with pity. It was so sad, that her eyes were tearing up. It wasn’t really her fault.

What type of a mother would give up her daughter? Not Jo. She would never have given up her baby if it meant this, but she had no other choice. Her parents didn’t know of their grand daughter…she had been only nineteen. Draco had been twenty… Jo realized that he too, was too young to raise a child as well. But at least he tried to, unlike her, who had abandoned her child. All she knew was her name, Noel, at least he had picked a pleasant name. She remembered, when they were kids, Draco had said he wanted a boy, and he would name him Spike and if by chance they had a girl he would name her Baby Doll. Ugh, thank God he hadn’t.

Joanna took hold of the knocker and knocked loud on the big black doors.

The Zabinis, she knew, were a wizard family through and through (even though they were odd, especially Blaise with his Zuchinni industry). Even Lizzie was. Lizzie and Jo had grown up together, and it was because of her that she had met Draco at first.

They were only seventeen years old; Draco had just dealt with the most traumatic point in his life, when his whole life and heart had been shred to pieces. Blaise had lost his little sister in the war, when she had been killed by a Death Eater when she couldn’t do what she was told to do.

The four had gathered at Blaise’s crummy little apartment down in London. They were going to try and start a new life, and Jo had tagged along with Lizzie, Draco came with Blaise. The two connected on the spot, and they hit it off a week later. The two had a lot in common…but near the end it started to deteriorate. Draco had done nothing wrong, but when Jo became pregnant, she just ran away. Draco didn’t find out about the pregnancy until he received a phone call from a clinic claiming they had his child there.

Joanna was a pureblood, but she hadn’t gone to Wizarding School because her parents back in Ireland could not afford sending her to Hogwarts. Neither had Lizzie’s family, so the two had gone to a tiny public school. But their parents had taught them about magic, and they had bought them wands at age fifteen. They learned simple spells, so they could do some things here and there.

But what others didn’t know was that Jo could do many powerful tricks as well, but she hadn’t tried it on anyone, she was too humble for that.

Blaise opened the door. His eyes were sparkling, “Joey?”

Jo started to cry slightly, and nodded, and was welcomed with a warm hug.

A timid Lizzie came into the room, a bit freaked out that some woman was in her living room hugging her husband. Lizzie always did have a problem, she knew her husband was bloody hot, all dark and burly, and she always thought she wasn’t as good looking as him, and maybe one day a prettier woman would come along and he would like her better. Lizzie was on the chubby side with a blonde bob haircut, and she was short, but she wasn’t ugly. She was super cute, but she didn’t think she was up to Blaise’s standards. But when she saw Joey’s face, she squealed. And the two girls ran to each other like the long lost friends they were.

Then the two backed away from each other, and gave each other long good looks.

“You lost so much weight,” Lizzie said at the same time Jo said, “You look awesome.”

- - - -
Several hours later.

Noah knocked on Hermione’s door; she looked through the peephole and opened it.

“I would have come earlier, but my shift ended late tonight. I saw you crying earlier today in the elevator,” he said sincerely, “are you okay?”

“Oh yeah, I’m fine,” she said, “What, did it look like I was crying?”

“Hey, don’t lie to me, I saw those tears…” he said, taking hold of her hand. His brownish blondish hair was cut short, unlike Draco’s, and his eyes were big and green.

She felt her hand under his, but it didn’t have an effect on her. She forced herself to feel fireworks, and when she did force herself, she could feel them faintly.

“C’mon,” he said gently, “Let’s go for dinner, I know a nice homey place we can go to.”

He was asking her out, but did she want to go with him?

She nodded with a forced smile.

‘let’s go waste some suckers money’.

“But first I need to go do something,” she said, “I’ll meet you downstairs in the lobby in an hour okay?”

“That’s perfect.”

- - - -

Blaise was watching as Joey cried on his sofa and Jessica watched as her mother comforted this stranger.

He couldn’t watch any longer. He loved Joey; she was one of his best friends from so long, even though they hadn’t met in the longest time.

“Lizzie, can I talk to you a minute?” he asked his wife.

She got up and he led her to the kitchen. “I’m going to call that Draco bastard, and all of us are going to dinner at Franny’s, and we are going to talk this through. She wants to see her baby.”

“Okay,” she said, “and honey?”

“What?” he asked.

“Thanks for helping her out and not leaving her like Draco,” she said.

“Of course!” he said, “I know she means a lot to you.”

And then he kissed her on the lips quickly and pushed her back into the den.

- - - - -

Hermione filled out the divorce papers she had received a few days ago, since she had applied the day she had found out she was married. She hadn’t signed it, because she thought they could make it work, but now she didn’t want to see his beautiful face. Damn, she had just thought of his beautiful face again! She went down to the receptionist and told her to give to Mr. Malfoy up on the twenty-first floor.

“Okay, Mrs. Malfoy,” she said, and Hermione winced at that.

Hermione had dressed in knee high boots with a meshy skirt with a blue sweater on top. Her hair was just tied up in a knot, and she waited for Noah to come.

When he came, he called a cab, since he said he didn’t have a car. He was dressed in a pair of worn out jeans and what looked to be an almost new sweatshirt.

- - - -

Draco had gotten Noel dressed and the two left to Franny’s. He had made sure Noel looked perfect, so Joey would see what a beautiful child she had left behind and how wonderfully he had raised her. He gave her an ensemble from Gap kids, which consisted of a (RED) skirt, cute little runners, black tights and a nice black sweater. He made sure her hair was brushed clean, even though it was hard since she had curly hair, just like her bloody mother. He himself just put on whatever he could find, Diesel jeans and a white button up shirt. He left his hair open, which he had planned to get trimmed tomorrow.

“Now, Noeli, you listen to me,” he said to her strictly as he belted her in to the back seat of his shiny black Benz. “You have to be nice today, and you have to say please and thank you. Don’t burp-”

“Eww, Daddy, that’s gwoss,” she said.

“And DON’T INTERRUPT when others are talking,” he emphasized.

“Oops, sowry,” she said.

“And remember, if Uncle B asks you to come home with him,” he said, “Tell him you are tired and you wanna go home.”

“But I want to go to Jessica’s house!”

“Sophie Noel Malfoy, you listen to me young lady,” Draco said, and revved up the engine and blasted one of Noel’s favorite songs, “Down Santa Claus Lane”, by Hilary Duff. Her and that manipulative Disney Channel! He still didn’t understand why she loved it so much….

His mother had picked her name, Sophie, when Draco asked if she had any suggestions. He wanted to name her Noel, since she was born on Christmas, but he decided Noel was kind of unusual for a first name, so he decided it would make a wonderful middle name. So he called her Noel, while his mother and father always called her Sophie Baby.

He heard her singing, “Down Santa Claus lane…” the rest of the lyrics she couldn’t pronounce or understand, so she just said some gibberish.

If that monster tried touching his precious baby, he would murder her, on the spot.


[I]Author’s note: Hope it’s steamy enough for you, this chapter was just a fill up chapter to fill you in on some of the details of this story. Next chapter will be the restaurant scene and when Jo meets Noel for the first time since her birth. Also, Hermione confronts Draco…

I sort of based Noel on Gertie from Jersey Girl, I don’t know if anyone has watched it (with Ben Affleck:o) and Ollie is sort of like Draco. A single parent. I just thought that Gertie was such an adorable little child, and Noel and her have so much in common! If you haven‘t watched Jersey Girl, you really should, it‘s a wonderful movie. [/I]

PLEASE means a lot.

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