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How Will I Know? by Irish_Ginny
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2: And So It Begins....
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Chapter 2: And so it begins....

"Lily? Are you ready?" Lily's mother called up the stairs. Lily closed the lid on her trunk and dragged it behind her out of her room.

"I can't wait 'til I turn 17! No more pulling muscles in my back with this damn trunk!" Lily thought as she heaved it down the down the stairs with her.

Today was the day she was leaving for Gabriella's, her parents would be leaving later on in the day for the Dursley’s. She was still a bit bitter about seeing so little of her parents when she was away all year at school, but it was clouded by the excitement of getting to spend the whole summer with her friends and the relief of not having to spend it with her sister and the Dursley's. It had only been a week yet she found she missed Amberle and Gabriella. She and Amberle had never been apart that long as far as Lily could remember. But when her parents found out she was going away for most of the summer they brought her down the country to visit some relatives so Lily hadn't seen her since Hogwarts either. Having to finish her own sentences was a complete waste of time now since she hardly ever had to do it!

She made her way into the living room, dragging her suitcase behind her. Her father came to take it from her, struggling with the weight of it as well.

"What have you got in here, Lils? Dead bodies?" he asked her with a grin. Lily just grimaced.

"It could be full of them on the way back!"

She was travelling by Floo to Gabriella's. After her first year at Hogwarts she’d applied to have her fire connected to the Network so she could visit with her friends. She would be gone already, eager to get away from the cold harsh stares Petunia offered, but she had to wait for Amberle. They decided Amberle would travel from her aunties house, to Lily's and then both girls would go from there. Except Amberle was already twenty minutes late. Lily wouldn't change her friend for the world, but at times like this she wished Amberle knew the meaning of the word punctual!

There was a sudden roar as the flames in the fire turned green, casting out a very together looking Amberle, considering she had just been sent turbo-style through the country’s fireplaces.

"Amb!" she ran forward to greet her friend as if they'd been apart for years. For Lily, that's just what the last week felt like.

"Lils! All ready to go?" Amberle asked with a grin.

"Yep! Ready and waiting! You took long enough getting here I could have started getting ready when you were meant to arrive!" Lily said pretending to scold her friend but Amberle just laughed.

"How are you Mrs. E? And you as well, Mr. E?" Amberle asked, going over to hug each of Lily's parents. She had lost all shyness around them sixteen years ago and was now counted as an adopted daughter. She was here just as much as Lily was!

"Oh we're fine, dear, busy you know. Well, Lily dear, you take care of yourself now. You as well, Amberle. I don't want to come back and find out you've run off with two boys," Mrs Evans told them, hugging each girl who smiled.

"Don't worry Mrs. E, I'll keep our little Lily here out of trouble! I'll make sure the guy is rich, good looking, and has a twin brother for me!" Amberle informed her. Lily rolled her eyes but grinned anyway while Mrs. Evans laughed at the girls’ behaviour.

"You better! Only the best for my Lily and Amby! Now, we'll be back for the last week before school starts, Lily. Make sure you thank Pauline for taking you in and don't cause too much trouble for the poor woman. I know what you girls are like when you're together. Just have a good time and we'll see you in August." She hated leaving her daughter when she had only been home for such a short while, but she really didn't have much choice and, after all, Lily would be far happier with her friends.

"We will! Bye, Mum. Bye, Dad," Lily said, hugging her Mum and Dad again.

"Bye, Lily-Flower, have a good time," her Dad said. Lily smiled; it had been a while since she'd heard that name.

"I will! Enjoy the Dursley's," and with that, she stepped into the fire, Amberle right behind her.

"Frost Manor, Godric's Hollow!" they yelled. With one last look at the Evans' living room, they were whisked away. Lily kept her elbows tucked in as they whizzed past hundreds of fireplaces, until she fell with a hard thump out of Gabriella's fire.

"Lily! Amb! About bloody time!" Gabriella exclaimed, rushing forward to greet her friends.

"Hey, Gabby! Sorry we're so late but Amb here turned up half an hour late for Merlin knows what reason," Lily explained, casting Amberle a look who just shrugged.

"What? My cousin's friend was there. He was gorgeous, so I thought it would be very rude of me to just leave!" she told them, a wicked grin spreading across her face.

"How did I know there was a guy involved?" Gabriella said, picking up one end of Lily's trunk. "Oh and my Mum said she's very sorry she isn't here to greet you but she had to work. She'll be back later tonight."

Gabriella mum was a Healer in St. Mungo's. Her dad had been an Auror but he had been killed during a Death Eater raid when Gabriella was in third year. Lily wouldn't know what to do if she lost her parents, let alone when she was only thirteen.

Although the girls had only stayed there a few times, they all had their own rooms. Gabriella's home was huge; a manor was an understatement in Lily's opinion! Lily's room was green and gold, coincidently her two favourite colours. Amberle's was pale blue and silver, attached to Lily's by a rather large en-suite. Gabriella's room was right across the hall, decorated in different shades of purple.

"I still can't believe the size of your house, Gabby!" Amberle exclaimed from her room. They had left the adjoining doors through the en-suite open so they could communicate as they unpacked. Lily was in her room, Amberle in hers, and Gabriella setting up the bathroom. These girls had a system!

"Yeah, me neither! I knew there was a reason we became your friend, Gabs!" Lily said with a cheeky smile. Gabriella pretended to be shocked but then just laughed. Slagging was not an uncommon thing between them.

They spent the better half of the afternoon like that; unpacking and settling the two into their rooms while joking, laughing and talking with one another. The 'work' only stopped when Amberle had been giving Lily in a pillow but when she threw it, hit Gabriella in the face, starting one very dangerous and vicious pillow fight. No one said they had to be mature all the time! And it was the summer holidays after all!

"Want to go for a walk into town?" Gabriella asked from her position on Lily's legs. Once they had finished the unpacking they all collapsed in a heap on Lily's bed.

"Hmm....that sounds like a good idea," Lily said.

"Yeah! Plus, I'm starving!" Amberle agreed, jumping up off the bed, digging her elbows into the others in the process.

"Amb, you're always hungry!" Gabriella said with a laugh, heaving herself off Lily's bed as well. Amberle had a tiny figure, but her appetite could belong to that of a huge body-builder.

"True. But this time I'm starving, and when I'm starving I get cranky and we don't want to make Amberle cranky, do we? So chop-chop, ladies! Up we get! Meet downstairs in ten minutes!" Amberle gave the orders as though she was a general commanding her troops, but the girls didn't disagree with their marching orders. Laughing, Amberle retreated into her own room, dodging the pillow Lily threw at her head.

Ten minutes later they met downstairs again ready to go. Lily had changed her clothes so now she wore a green tank-top and a pair of worn blue jeans with her runners and her hair tied up in a high ponytail. She wasn't going for dressy or anything, they were just going for a walk and a bite to eat. The other girls did the same, each wearing a pair of jeans and a top; Amberle a midnight blue halter and Gabriella a pink spaghetti-strap top.

"Right, girls, let's hit the town!" Amberle said as they stepped outside. Gabriella whispered to Lily in amusement.

"You wanna tell her it's only a village town?"


"Why did Wormtail say he couldn't come again?" Sirius asked.

"His parents were going to France for the holidays so they brought him along," Remus said for what must have been the tenth time since he had arrived that day Peter-less. His parents had gone on holidays as well but he didn't go. He never went, finding it easier to go through transformations when he was at home. And this way he could spend the summer with the Marauders. Or two of them anyway.

"Evans," James said suddenly.

Sirius sighed. "Prongs mate, can you go even ten minutes without mentioning Evans? It's been exactly seven minutes since the last time her name has been brought up. They have medication for these types of things, mate!"

"No, I mean it's Evans. Over there!" James said, getting up off the ground. The three boys were sitting in the Potter's garden and had been most of the day. Being charming and good looking throughout the school year left the boys very tired during the summer, poor chaps. But the appearance of his favourite person had given James a burst of energy.

"So it is. What's she doing here?" Sirius asked, looking across to where James was pointing.

"Well from the looks of things, it seems she's here with Frost and White," Remus said. God his friends were very observant.

"Hmm...interesting. I wonder how long they're here for. This could be an interesting summer," Sirius said, his mischievous glimmer back in his eyes.

"Well how about we go over and say hello and find out?" James suggested, already moving. Evans; here? At his house? Possibly for the summer? How much better could things get?!

"She could actually like you! Might make things a bit easier, don't you think?" said an annoying voice in his head. James hated that voice. But he chose to ignore it; he loved a challenge.

The three boys headed down the road in the direction of the girls. The girls were laughing, obviously unaware of the Marauder’s presence. James didn't need to be given any more opportunities. He signalled to Sirius to stay quiet as they approached them.

James suddenly leapt forward, wrapping his arms around Lily and lifting her into the air. Lily screamed in fright, not knowing who had caught her.

"Nice evening, Evans, isn't it?" James said, grinning brightly for successfully catching Lily Evans unawares and scaring her. One for the Prongster!

"Ahh! Potter, you prat! I'm gonna kill you!" Lily cried, finally realising who it was. No one else could make her mad by the way they said her name.

"Glad to see you missed me, Evans!" James said with his cocky grin.

"So what are you beautiful ladies doing here? Miss us so much you just had to come to us? Because, although summer is kind of our time off, we would certainly have noticed if such beautiful young ladies lived here," Sirius said charmingly. And though it would have worked to sweep any other girl off her feet, it only made these girls frustrated.

"They're spending the summer with me," Gabriella said, hoping that by telling them she could rid of them. No such luck, this is the Marauders we're talking about here!

"You mean you're going to be here, with us, all summer, Evans?" James couldn't contain his happiness. Maybe he had a chance to woo Lily outside school and her normal surroundings....and it helped that she couldn't curse him!

"Unfortunately so," Lily said, continuing her way down the street, hoping they would take the hint and not follow them. Yeah right!

"Interesting. So where are you girls heading now?" Sirius asked, strutting along beside them. Coincidently; beside Amberle.

"None of your business, Black," she snapped. What had happened to a peaceful walk for something to eat? Those Marauders, that's what happened. That's what always happened!

"Now, now, Amby. Don't be so touchy! We're merely curious," Sirius said, acting offended.

"Fine; we're going to get something to eat. Now will you leave us in peace?" Gabriella gave up. Lily and Amberle turned to her in shock. Did she really believe they would give up so easily?

"Wow, what a coincidence! We were just saying how hungry we were. Weren't we, Moony?" James exclaimed. Remus, who had been silent so far, looked up.

"What?" he received an elbow in the stomach from James. "Oh...oh yeah we were. We haven't eaten all day and Sirius has been complaining that he needs food because he's a 'growing boy'."

"So why don't we join you!" James said. It wasn't a question, Lily knew, it was a statement.

"Just bloody great! And it's only the beginning!"

Remus had been watching the transaction with great amusement. Though he kept getting distracted every now and then.....

"It'll be some miracle if everyone makes it back to Hogwarts!"

A/N: So, did you like it? Again, not all that interesting but it's only the beginning! All stories start off slow! The next few chapters will speed things up! Speaking of the next few chapters, there could be a bit of a delay on them. I'm going back to school tomorrow and I have exams soon so I might not have too much time to write! I'm very very sorry! But PLEASE REVIEW anyway and let me know what you thought! The more reviews, the more updates because all the more encouragement! Thanks again! = )

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