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To Lose It All by Nessa Elendil
Chapter 15 : September 1, 1983
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A/N: I've made some changes from when I first wrote this chapter, hope it's better than some of the others.
Disclaimer: You know what this should say.

It was twelve minutes until eleven and the scarlet steam engine was getting ready to go.

Jasmine was taking the train back to Hogwarts, to discuss her classes with her class from last year, and to keep Andromeda from losing her mind - she was an extremely over-protective mother.

Jasmine took her and Nymphadora's trunk into a compartment occupied by Steven, Annie, and Nancy. She expected the others to be there soon.

"Hey, y'all."

"Hey, Jas."

"What's up?"

"Good summer?"

"Just a minute," Jasmine said. "Nymphadora, go make a friend, then come back cause I want to be sure I'll have ten kids this year and I ain't adopting."

"Ok." And she left.

Jasmine put the trunks up and plopped down between Annie and Nancy, putting an arm around each of them.

"So... what's up? Look up, that's what. And summer was... " - she drew in a breath while thinking of an appropriate word - "decent." She didn't exactly find one.

"That's it?" Steven asked.

"That's it. Now it's your turn."

The three replied in usion.

"During class."

"Say, Jas," Annie started, "you never told us how you learned archery and whatnot--"

"When I was a kid, only a few years ago... wow," she said more to herself than anyone else. She whispered, "Only a few years ago."


"Oh! Sorry." Jasmine came out of her memories and continued. "Well, when I was a kid, I'd sneak into this Muggle place, no idea what it was called, and I was able to watch an instructor out of this room that wasn't really in use anymore. I learn things pretty fast, so I memorized the schedule and came back for what I wanted to know."

She surveyed the students listening to her. "Why are y'all so interested anywho? I mean we spend, what? five of the fourty-five minute time slot doing what is supposed to be done then the next two hours doing something else."

Mostly, the Gryffindor's just shrugged at Jasmine's comment.

The compartment door opened and Nymphadora entered with a red-haired and freckled first year.

"You're a Weasley?" Jasmine asked. "Bill, is it? I've heard your father talk about you."

"Yeah," Bill said. "Who are you?"

"You've obviously met my niece, and that's Steven, Annie, and Nancy. I'm Jasmine Black, welcome to the club."

Bill's face became nervous when he heard Jasmine's name. "Oh, um... well,... I think... I think I need to go. Bye." He took off dragging his trunk behind him.

Nymphadora looked after him, her expression curious and a little upset. "What'd he do that for?" she asked, annoyed. "We were gonna be friends."

Jasmine's face was one of wonder, no one had even seen her wear it before. Her clenched jaw and the sad realization behind her eyes made them cold.

"Auntie J?"

Jasmine blinked and her eyes moved to her niece. She sighed through her nose. "Don't know, but a lot of guys get weird around me," she said, in effort to bring back the comfort and humor those around her normally basked in and she noticed was now missing. As Jasmine gave a small smile, the warm twinkle returned to her eyes, and the compartment seemed to relax.

Nymphadora sat next to Steven who said, "Hey, hey, hey, so she's your aunt?"


"Damn, you're a lucky girl."

"Thanks," Nymphadora muttered. Anyone could tell she half expected Jasmine to tell Steven he needed to watch his language, but Jasmine didn't seem to care.

Outside, the landscape was whipping by and, inside, Brittany, Alec, and Josh came in the compartment discussing something rather loudly.

Jasmine gave a whistle - this one rivaling the train's. Everyone screamed and covered their ears.

"First off, we're gonna need some more room." Jasmine pulled out her wand, waved it, and the compartment magically expanded so there were enough seats for everybody plus two more for when Lauren and Patrick got in.

"Now, what the heck is going on?!" Jasmine asked, using emphasis instead of the word she wanted.

"Patrick and Lauren will be here later," Alec explained.

"Yeah," Josh added, "they're dating."

Steven held back a snicker, Annie looked politely surprised, Nancy looked just plain shocked, and Nymphadora was indifferent, she didn't know them.

Jasmine, however, appeared as if she were expecting this.

"So why won't they be here until later?" she asked. "I mean, what? Do they think I've never seen two lovestruck teens suck face before or something?"

"Oh, no, it's not that," Brittany said, a hint of distaste in her voice. "Patrick's waiting for Lauren to be done at her Prefect's meeting."

Jasmine immediately starting choking on a combination of air and her tonsils, and Steven had to lean over and pat her back until she could breathe.


"It's true," the boys defended.

Jasmine slapped her forehead and slunk back in her seat while massaging her temples in a mild state of shock. "I don't know which is worse," she said to herself in a dejected voice, "one of my student becoming a Prefect, or one of my students dating a Prefect."

When the witch with the food cart came by, Jasmine had, for the first time, spoken loud enough for everyone hear.

"Cough up, everyone," she said, not moving herself expect to take a few sickles and a galleon.

Steven gathered the money and bought a ton of everything, placing it in the middle of the compartment.

"Hungry, Jas?" Alec offered her a Pumpkin Pastry.

Jasmine took it, but forgot to unwrap it, until she bit it.

About half an hour later, Lauren and Patrick entered hand-in-hand.

Jasmine looked straight at Lauren, thought a moment for an appropriate word, and said, "Flying butt monkeys! What's gotten into you?!"

"What?" Lauren asked, turning her head. "It's only Patrick."

Jasmine slapped her head in frustration. "Oh, Merlin. The badge, Lauren, the badge!"

"Oh, goes nicely with my robes, doesn't it?" she said, looking at it fondly.

Steven was now trying very hard not to burst out laughing, and turned with his arm near his face to try and hide that fact.

"We got some work to do. Nymphadora, show them Fuzzie, I'm still baffled by that thing," Jasmine finished speaking more to herself again.

"Your name's Nymphadora?" Lauren asked. "That's pretty."

Nymphadora's eyes flashed. "I prefer 'Tonks'."

Alec poked her in the shoulder. "Where'd you get Tonks from?"

"It's my surname."


Nymphadora pulled Fuzzie out of a basket - some people thought it was a pillow - and amazed everyone with the fact that she could stand without rolling over. Some of the students began trying to find her body under all the fuzz, including Nymphadora who didn't know.

"Now, Lauren, I'm not... angry, but-" Jasmine gave Lauren a long, passionate speech on how she had been forever shamed at school when her boyfriend became Prefect, then her best friend became Head Boy, and now her own student! turned against her! Jasmine couldn't find words to describe the apparent felony Lauren had committed.

Lauren spent the next twenty minutes convincing Jasmine that she had not, in fact, 'turned against her'.

After that was over with - Jasmine still not entirely convinced - the girls of the group, at least, were interested in the fact that Jasmine had a love life, or any kind of life, outside of Hogwarts. It wasn't until Jasmine swore they'd all take a long dive off the tower and into the lake that they stopped pestering her about it.

That was when Jasmine chose to say, "He was hot and we had sex... multiple times."

Her class stared, shocked that she would say that.

Jasmine looked around at the startled faces, except for Nymphadora, Annie, and Nancy.

"Auntie J, what's-"

"ASK-" Jasmine swiftly raised a hand and cut her off "-your mother." She relaxed back into her seat. "And you didn't hear about it from me."

Jasmine was sitting at the teacher's table in the Great Hall, balancing her fork on her spoon and waiting for the sorting to start.

McGonagall led in a chain of first years who looked decently scared as Hagrid slipped in the back door and sat down in his chair next to Jasmine.

Jasmine could tell her niece was nervous as her hair kept changing color. She figured Nymphadora probably didn't know because she was still mastering complete control of her Metamorphus powers and, when feeling a strong emotion, they may go haywire or cease to exist.

She leaned over. "Hey, Hagrid."


"See the girl with the changing hair?" she asked, discreetly pointing to her.

Nymphadora had just spotted her aunt and gave a small wave. Jasmine smiled encouragingly and waved back.

"Yeh mean the one who waved?"

"Yup. That's my niece."

"I thought yeh mighta been related, she does seem somethin' like yeh, and her face looks a bit like yers."

Jasmine smiled. "Thanks, Hagrid."

McGonagall was going through the list of students. "Tonks, Nymphadora."

Nymphadora came forward,nearly tripped, and her hair, changing the most random of colors - now electric blue, disappeared under the Sorting Hat. After a few seconds, which must have seemed like an eternity to the trembling girl, the hat yelled, "GRYFFINDOR!" for the hall to hear.

Jasmine jumped up, "YES!", and clapped her hands hard.

Nymphadora jumped up, took off the hat, placed on the stool - it fell off - and went to the Gryffindor table smiling at her aunt who gave her the thumbs up, and sat with Steven, Nancy, and Annie.

A/N: How was that? If you could review, I'd appreciate it. Just one, even.
Just an FYI, the next ch, I'm pretty ok with, but then I've got to start making some changes, so that could take a while.
And in case there are any questions, I know exactly where this fic is going, as well as its sequels, so feel free to ask, my writing's not always the best for tieing up loose ends. And I've wrote some of the sequel, and I'm well into writing its sequel, which takes place immediately after the sixth book, so, as I said, I know exactly where it's going.

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