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Shadow and Light by ItsSnowyDudes
Chapter 2 : The Choice
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A deserted town on the outskirts of London was nothing new. There were at least three deserted towns. "Ghost Towns’ as people commonly referred to them. Kids would ride bikes throughout these towns, raising hell, causing trouble. They were just curious, curious, to find out exactly why these towns were deserted. There was one town in particular that no one dared even set one foot within twenty yards of it. Why? Well, perhaps it was due to the fact that mysterious things happened there. Groups of people dressed in all black would be seen from time to time, walking to and from the little town. Perhaps, this is why the Dark Lord had chosen Centerville (Eh, Couldn’t think of a name) to host as his hiding spot. No one dared go near, so he knew it was safe. One could never be too safe, as anyone would agree. Deep in the very back of the town, there were woods. Woods that ran so deep, so dark, that walking around in one for only a mere twenty seconds, you would be lost. Perhaps, this is another reason why Voldemort had chosen this town. It was so deep, so dark into the woods. No one could hear you scream.

In the deepest part of the woods, there stood a run down house. It was one story, but long. Broken down and completely and utterly, well, revolting as one would describe it. Enter the house and you would find a long hallway, immediately from stepping foot inside. To your right would be a rather large, but empty room. To your left, there is just a plain wall. Plain? Indeed not. For the walls have heard every bloodcurdling scream, every maniacal laughter, every shed of tear that hit the old, dusty, unstable floors. Now, some of you may be thinking," Walls are inanimate objects, they hear nothing." You don’t have to have ears to absorb the horrors of what goes on behind closed doors, now do you young readers? Obviously not. By walking into this house, you would feel, just know of the horrid, unspeakable things that had happened. Do not judge on the emptiness of a house. For the empty made hold the darkest secrets. Continuing, down the long hallway, one would come across the typical things. For example, there was a kitchen, a bathroom, a bed room or two. Turning into the kitchen is a door, a door that leads to the basement. A basement is nothing special now is it? You aren’t surprised by that. Perhaps, the fact that what is inside the basement, may interest you. A young girl of sixteen is laying unconsciousness on the floor. Her name? Hannah Granger. Why is she there? Let’s find out dear readers, shall we?

Hannah Granger rolled over and moaned. Her eyes fluttered open. Not recognizing where she was, she immediately bolted straight up. Her eyes frantically searched around, thankful for the dim light bulb. It was dim yes, but at least she could see. She took in everything, which wasn’t much. The only thing that was in there, besides her, was a very old battered mattress far into the corner. She wrinkled her nose and sneezed. The old, musty smell filling her nostrils. She closed her eyes shut. "Please let me be dreaming," she thought over and over. She cautiously opened her eyes. No luck. She leaned back a bit, and felt her hand land in something wet, and sticky. She shrieked and shot to her feet. "Ew!" she cried, disgusted. Hannah suddenly recognized the smell. She bought her hand to her face and sniffed. Blood. Fresh blood. Her stomach turned over and she felt dizzy. She closed her eyes once more, as she remembered every single detail of the previous past hours. "Damn!!" she cursed and felt for her wand. She smiled when she felt it and pulled it out. 

"I’m so out of here!!" No sooner, had she spoken these words, did the door to the basement, slowly creak open.

She froze in fear, her mind screamed at her to run, use her wand, do something! Hannah could not cooperate. Her eyes were transfixed at the figure, which was slowly making their way down the stairs. She backed up into a wall, quickly shoving her wand back into her pocket.

"Well, well, the little girl is awake." sneered Bellatrix as she stepped in front of her. "How lovely." She stepped closer." Tell me girl, what is your name?" she asked sharply.

Hannah gulped, trying to hide her fear. "I’m not telling you a god damn thing!" she snapped. "Now, if you would to be so kind, as to move the hell out of my way!!" 

Bellatrix laughed, out of amusement. Her laughter made Hannah shiver. "My. You have quite the mouth, don’t you?"

Hannah snorted. This woman obviously had no idea of who she was dealing with. "You have no fucking idea, Belly!" she smirked.

Bellatrix’s once amused, sinister face, fell. She glared at the red headed girl. "Don’t you ever call me that!!" she yelled, furious. Hannah snickered. 

"Does it bother you?" She shrugged. "Can I ask you something?" she said, smiling sweetly. 

"What!?" Bellatrix snapped, narrowing her black eyes at her.

"Whoa dude, chill pill, Kay? I just wanted to know if guys gave you money, before, or after you got down on your knees." 

Bellatrix’s face fell about a thousand miles. Her black eyes narrowed.. She plunged her hands into her robes, whipping it out. "You little bitch!! I will kill you myself!!!" She raised her wand high, "Ava--" she was cut off, by another voice.

"Leave her be, Bellatrix" the voice said, camly.

Bellatrix whirled around. There in the door way stood Voldemort himself. Then, just as soon as he was at the top, he was right next to Bellatrix and Hannah. Hannah blinked.

"But Master!!" cried Bellatrix, "She insulted me!!"

"I said leave her be!! He said in a very cold, sharp demeaning tone. "The girl will be quite, useful" he grinned mischievously. Bellatrixs mouth fit the floor, completely surprised.

"What!? You’re actually going to let this un-respectful, brat live?!" she screeched, clearly disappointed. Voldetmort merely nodded, his eyes were transfixed on Hannah. 

"She can be the newest supplement to our little family," he sneered. Hannah raised a brow. She did not care if she was in a room with Voldemort and a deatheater. 

She snorted."Me!? A deatheater? You’re joking"

Voldemort’s lip curled into a smile. "Joking? Dear child, I never joke." he pulled out his wand, and twirled it between his long fingers, his eyes never leaving her.

Hannah swallowed hard and said," No!! I will never join you!!"

Bellatrix grinned." Good!! Now can we kill the ungrateful little bitch?!" she snapped, only seconds away from strangling the poor girl. Voldemort slowly shook his head and looked at Bellatrix. 

"Hannah will join us" he said, simply. Hannah’s eyes winded in fear. How did he know her name?

"Ho--how did yo-you k-now my n-ame?" she stammered, her voice squeaking. Voldemort chuckled in mock amusement. His eyes fell on her again, as he stepped closer.

"I know all about you, Hannah Granger. Every single little detail." he said, watching her reaction. Her mouth fell open.

"H-ow?!" Voldemort again just chuckled. Bellatrix snorted.

"She obviously doesn’t want to join, so can I kill her?!" she said, her grip on her wand, tightening.

"She will join" Voldemort said, with an eerily calm tone.

"How do you know?" Bellatrix questioned.  Hannah stood there, watching the two, growing more scared and nervous by each agonizing second.

Voldemort glanced at Bellatrix. "Because my dear Bellatrix, the girl has a choice." his eyes shifted back to Hannah.

Hannah swallowed. Choice? Bellatrix looked just as confused as she did. She stepped back a bit and looked at her leader.

"Choice?" she echoed, confused. Voldermort looked at her. "Yes, either she joins us or her sister dies!!" he laughed cruelly. His head snapped back to Hannah, whose mouth was hanging open, her eyes wide. "So, Hannah, your loyality , or your sister’s life. What’s it going to be?"

Yay!! Another Cliffie!! Im sorry for the weird spacing. And some of it got messed up when posting this in here. Okay, Kids!!  REVIEW PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!  More to come!!


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