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Class of 1997 by Fuego
Chapter 1 : "It would be nice..."
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Disclaimer- Do I look like JKR? Didn’t think so.

Petunia Dursley sat in her unnaturally tidy kitchen sipping a steaming cup of herbal green tea. Petunia was a thin woman with a long giraffe neck, and strawberry blonde hair. The most striking feature was her deep brown eyes that were so different from her late sister Lily's, starling green ones. June 29, 1997 had started out like a perfectly ordinary day at Number 4 Privet Drive. However, June 29 was the most unordinary day of her life. But, Petunia hadn’t known that when she awoke.


The doorbell was ringing and Petunia placed her cup of tea on the wooden table and answered the door, thinking it was one of Dudley’s, her enormously overweight son, mates to hang out.

Man, was she wrong.

“Hello?” asked Petunia as she answered the door.

The woman at the door was elderly, around 75 or so, and she wore horn rimmed glasses, peeking out behind them were cold gray eyes. Her thinning black hair was pulled back into a tight old-fashioned bun. It was her clothing that Petunia worried about the most. The woman wore midnight blue robes, and a plain black witch’s hat.

“You!” gasped Petunia.

“Why hello Mrs. Dursley. My name is Minerva McGonagall. I am the new headmistress of your nephew, Harry, school. Are you going to invite me in?”

“Oh yes, come in.”

What on Earth is that woman doing here? Petunia asked herself.

“Would you like some lemonade?” asked Petunia.


“So ma’am what are you doing here? I mean Harry is still at school correct?”

“Yes he is, in fact he is the reason I am calling is your son and husband home? What I am about to tell you concerns the three of you.”

“Is Harry hurt or something? Is something wrong with him? Is he dead? Oh he can’t, Lily and I made an Unbreakable Vow, and if he dies before he is 18 I will die. Oh please is he okay?”

“Don’t worry he’s very much alive.”

“I’ll get the men. VERNON, DUDLEY! WE HAVE A GUEST COME DOWN HERE NOW!” roared Petunia.

Professor McGonagall thought an earthquake had come, hearing the massive thundering down the stairs. The “earthquake” had been Vernon and Dudley racing down the stairs.

“Who’s she Mum?” asked Dudley, rudely. He stuck a pudgy finger out at McGonagall.

“I am Minerva McGonagall, headmistress of your cousin’s school. Now please sit, this’ll only take a few minutes or so.”

The Dursley men sat on the sofa and Petunia returned with the lemonade, she poured each person a cup and handed them out. She then took her place on the sofa.

“As you may or may not know. Student’s at Hogwarts graduate at 17. Harry is 17 and we would like it very much if you could attend his graduation. Whenever we have an orphaned student, we always try to have his or her guardians attend the graduation. There was one girl, years back by the name of Mary Jane Cooper. She lived in a muggle orphanage and on the day she graduated Hogwarts, the woman in charge of the orphanage came and told us that she was so proud of her. I would like very much if you three could attend. After the graduation, there will be an after party and that’s always fun.”

The Dursley’s sat there in shock. A minute past and there was no sound except for the breathing of the four people in the room.

“We’ll go,” replied Petunia in a mouse like tone.

“WHAT?!” exclaimed Vernon and Dudley in outraged tones.

“Look it means a lot to them so let’s go in case they do something like turn us into frogs.”

“Okay, we’ll go,” agreed Vernon and Dudley at once.

“There are a few more things we need to go over. Firstly, the Dark Lord Voldemort has been killed, killed by none other than Harry. You should be very proud of him. However, in that battle, Harry and his two friends, Ron and Hermione, were wounded. Hermione broke her wrist, but that’s healing nicely and it’s in a cast. Ron broke his entire arm and he’s in a full arm cast. Harry was not so lucky. He hurt his left leg in several ways, his foot is broken in 2 places, his ankle is sprained, and his knee is twisted. He is recovering, not as fast as the other two, but slowly and surely. The three of them received there fair share of cuts that are almost healed. Now, Harry will be on crutches for at least 3 months, but at this point there is no way to tell. The ceremony begins in two hours and I will come back for you at 11 o’clock. Understood?”

The Dursley’s nodded.

“See you at 11.”

“You mind?” she asked, pointing to the fireplace.

“Not at all,” answered Petunia.

“Thank you.”

McGonagall took out a bag of sand and stepped into the fireplace. Carefully, she poured the sand into her hand, then raised her hand above her head, released the sand and shouted, “Hogwarts!” The fire became green and then she was gone.

“Wicked,” Dudley murmured under his breath.

Harry Potter stood, with the assistance of crutches, in the seventh year boy’s dorm. This year had been living hell for the trio, but they managed to pull through. Many students had been killed in the past 365 days including: Jayme Lynn Calderon, a sixth year from Ravenclaw, Josh McMaurry, a Slytherin first year, Kayla Jansen, a Hufflepuff fifth year, and Colin and Dennis Creevy.

He heard footsteps and a creaking door. Ron had entered the dorm. He strided over to his bedside table and snatched his prefect badge. He was having difficulty putting it on, so Harry made his way over to help.

“Need any help?”

“Yeah…Thanks mate.”

Balancing himself on the crutches, Harry pinned the badge onto Ron’s chest.

“It must be nice, having both your arms, I can’t do anything in this stinking cast. It itches like hell and I need help doing anything that requires two hands. I feel like a sitting duck.”

“At least you can walk, your not dependant on two pieces of metal,” Harry pointed put coolly.

“Geez mate, I thought you were okay with that. Madam Pomfrey said that in a few weeks you’ll be okay again, but your left leg will be a little shaky.”

“I know, but I mean of all days to be stuck in a cast, it had to be the one day when we really need full use of our limbs.”

“Your right,” replied a voice from the doorway.

The boys turned around to see Hermione leaning in the doorway, her left wrist in a cast. She glided over to the boys.

“I really wanted Mum and Dad and I to have fun today, but there’s no way half the stuff I planned will happen. Oh well…” sighed Hermione.

“You’re lucky that you even have parents to share today with,” Harry shot.

“Wow mate, what’s with you today? You’ve never been this touchy feely since…Sirius.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just, the one day everyone is supposed to spend with families, and I feel left out. I don’t have a family. I mean, you guys are great, but I wish I had my parents, especially today.”

Hermione threw her arms around Harry and hugged him tightly

“Oh Harry…I do too. I wish that your parents were here to celebrate today with you,” she sobbed.

“I’m sorry but I couldn’t help but overhear. It seems you wish that you had your biological family here today. Correct? Well, your aunt, uncle, and cousin, should be arriving soon,” replied McGonagall gleefully.

Harry shook his head and pinched himself to make sure he was awake. He was. The Dursley’s here? At Hogwarts?

This was not going to be an easy day.

A/N- Well? What do ya think so far? Is it any good? Lemme know by…REVIEWING!!!!

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