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How To Save A Life by goodbyetoyou
Chapter 4 : Those Black Boys
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Chapter 4: Those Black Boys. 
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“Do you want me to go get your schedule,” Lily asked, knowing that Jamie wasn’t going to breakfast, but going to stay and feed Rory. Tyler went down to talk to all his old friends.

“No, Dumbledore gave it to me last night, I got yours too. If you want to go have breakfast with James, though I’ll get it,” Jamie said putting the scrambled eggs on a plate on Rory’s height chair.

“It’s not that I don’t want to be here with you and Rory it’s just,” Lily said suddenly feeling like a bad friend. Her best friend had no one else but her brother and an 11 month child to talk to and here she was wanting to go hang out with her boyfriend.

“Here,” Jamie said smiling and handing Lily her schedule, “I get it, when you’re with me you can’t talk to James, go. I don’t have class until 11 anyway.”

“How many classes are you taking,” Lily asked.

“4. Defense Against The Dark Arts, Charms, Transfiguration, and a new class for running your own business.”

“Wow, you won’t even have classes some days,” Lily gasped.

“Fridays and Tuesdays,” Jamie said, “Charms on Mondays and Wednesdays, D.A.D.A on Thursdays and Wednesdays, Transfiguration on Mondays, and Business on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.”

“Wow, I wish I had your schedule,” Lily said.

“Hey, I have some work load,” Jamie giggled, “You should see Tyler, he is only taking Charms and Transfiguration.”


“He wants to be a musician; he doesn’t need school to do that. Hey you still have an hour, go see James,” Jamie said then sarcastically while Lily walked out the door added, “Say hi for me!” Jamie turned around to see Rory trying to claw out of her high chair. When she saw her mother her lower lip stuck out in a pout.

“No Lily,” she cried. Jamie lifted her up and sighed,

“Nope, love, we are on our own.”


“Good morning,” Lily said plopping down next to James. The four Marauders glanced around and looked at each other confused, “What?”

“Where’s Jamie,” Remus asked as Lily began to butter her toast.

“In bed, why,” Lily asked, suddenly suspicious.

“We just wanted to talk to her,” Sirius said lazily, “That’s all.”

“You two stay away from her. She’s had a hard year, guys,” Lily said addressing James and Sirius. Then added, “Remus you can talk to her, she likes you.”

“What about me,” Peter said. Lily didn’t even reply but stood up.

“Where are you going,” James hollered. Lily replied,

“I’ll be right back.” She ran over to Tyler and Colin and pulled Tyler off to the side. She told him something and he nodded, before saying goodbye to everyone and leaving the great hall. Lily went back over to the Marauders.

“What was that about,” James said.

“Nothing, just telling him that Jamie was all alone,” Lily said. She hated lying to James, but Jamie came first. So did Rory.


“I got to go to class, Tyler, are you sure you are ok,” Jamie yelled at 10:35. She had Business class in 25 minutes.

“I’m fine, go,” Tyler yelled back walking into the room, holding Rory.

“Ok, bye sweetheart,” Jamie said kissing Rory’s forward, “Bye you.” As she was walking out the door she could barely hear Tyler say to Rory,

“She totally likes you better.”


Jamie got to the classroom 20 minutes early. ‘I knew I shouldn’t have left so early,’ Jamie thought, ‘I could have spent another 15 minutes with Tyler and Rory.’

“Hello Smith,” A low voice said. Jamie looked up and for a second thought it was Sirius, then she realized it was his younger brother, Regulus.

“Hello, Regulus,” Jamie replied, he seemed surprise that she called him by his first name, but brushed it off.

“How’s your daughter,” Regulus asked casually leaning against the wall.

“What,” Jamie said, jaw dropping while looking around to see if anyone else had heard him, and luckily the corridor was empty.

“Your daughter, Smith, are you deaf?”

“How do you know,” She whispered angrily leaning forward.

“Easter break, I saw you with her at the park,” Regulus said, the quickly added, “I haven’t told anyone.”

“You won’t, will you,” Jamie decided it was better to beg rather than to pretend she didn’t know what he was talking about.

“Of course not,” Regulus said, “Is it Sirius’s?” Jamie just nodded, “Are you going to tell him?”


“Why not?”

“I’m sure you’ve heard about the bet, Regulus,” Jamie said closing her eyes. Regulus nodded before whispering,

“I won’t tell anyone, I swear.” He began walking away before Jamie called after him,

“Do you have any frees tomorrow?”

The 5th year nodded, “Three all in a row right before lunch.”

“You want to come and see her? After your first class, I mean she is your niece,” Jamie said. Her heart was torn on what she wanted his answer to be. He was a Slytherin which made her nervous, but for Rory to have a family member on her dad’s side would be great. Although from what Sirius told her about his family it wasn’t as if she wanted them near Rory. Jamie began to scold herself for thinking about Sirius again, and focused on Regulus.

“I don’t know,” Regulus muttered.

“It’s ok, I just,” Jamie started but turned red, “Never mind.” Regulus began to walk down the hall but turned around and said,

“What time and where should I meet you?” A small smile crept on Jamie’s face, before it took over the whole face.


‘Blah, Blah, Blah,’ Jamie thought listening to the teacher go on and on about nothing. The worse part was that all the Marauders expect Peter were in this class, they were forced to sit behind her because they came late. ‘This class is so boring,’ Jamie thought, ‘Maybe I might kill myself for fun, or maybe I’ll kill the teacher. Better idea!’ She was currently using two fingers as drums, and hitting them on the table. The teacher was continuously looking over there as if her glares were going to make Jamie stop. Finally the teacher couldn’t concentrate. 

“Miss Smith could you please not do that,” The teacher asked. Her name was Ms. Worchester, and she was a woman in her fifties. She had black hair that was in a bun, and had grayish skin, that looked as though you should be able to see through, but you couldn’t. She was actually very scary. Jamie banged her fingers a little harder for a couple of seconds before stopping, “Detention, Ms. Smith. My office seven o’clock.” Jamie sighed and turned around to go through her bag; she caught Sirius looking at her, but didn’t even glance at him. She pulled up a little pink card and held it up. The teacher looked at it and said, “Very Well, no detention for you.”

The bell rang, and Jamie turned around to grab her bag. When she stood up she almost bumped into Sirius. They stood like that for a moment awkwardly. Sirius was staring at her in the eye, while Jamie’s eyes were wide with shock, trying to avoid his eyes. Sirius opened his mouth to say something, but as soon as he did Jamie walked around him quickly. The Marauders turned and watched her go. This was a defining moment: the first time Sirius and Jamie had faced each other in over a year. Of course, it wasn’t the great kiss and hug things you see in the movies.

Sirius shook his head and waited for the rest of the Marauders to get their stuff. They could see Jamie up ahead who ran into Lily.

“Hey,” Lily said, “Where are you going? We have charms.” Jamie nodded and they turned around and walked towards the Marauders. It was a very awkward silence after Lily and James kissed. Jamie looked at the floor before saying,

“Thanks, for saying that sarcastic thing in the common room yesterday, Potter, it was really cool of you,” Jamie mumbled talking about the, ‘I hear they control the weather and can fly,’ comment.

“It was nothing,” James smiled; they were being nice to each other. Suddenly Jamie felt cold hands go over her eyes,

“Guess who?”

“That amazing super model I met last night,” Jamie laughed then said, “Guess who? How lame are you, Colin?” She whirled around to see her brother’s best friend, Colin (the one from the train). She hugged him and asked,

“How were your first classes?”

“Alright, boring as hell,” Colin laughed.

“As usual than?”

“Are you two an item?” Remus asked watching them talking. He wasn’t one for gossip but he knew Sirius was bursting. Jamie laughed at shook her head no, still not looking at Sirius.

“Nope, I have to court her awhile longer,” Colin joked.

“Really, Col, who says court?”

“I don’t know, me? Where’s Tyler?” He asked. Jamie immediately felt the tension of the Marauders still there.

“I don’t know, do you know if he has classes tomorrow before lunch?” Jamie asked.

“Yes, he has all morning classes,” Colin said, “Well I’m going to go to class, Later.” He walked away. It was quiet again. For the first time Jamie looked at Sirius. He was just staring at her with a look of pity, and sorrow. Jamie was suddenly in a bad mood thinking about what happened last year with him, and slightly annoyed for she hated it when people stared at her, it made her feel naked,

“What the hell are you looking?” She walked away going straight the hospital wing.

“Wait, Jamie,” Lily called, “Where are you going?” Jamie glanced at Sirius and he had a hurt look in his eyes,

“Tyler’s class starts in 15 minutes, I’m skipping charms today,” Jamie yelled before taking off in the direction of the hospital wing.

Everyone’s eyes turned to Sirius who looked like a lost puppy.

“Well,” He said, “Are you coming to class or not?”

“We have to make both of them friends again,” James whispered to Lily as the followed Sirius. Lily just nodded.


The next day, Jamie ran into the entrance hall where there was one boy waiting. She walked over to him and smiled,

“Ready to meet your niece?”

A.N: Sorry It took so long, guys! Apparently I am not a trusted author. Oh well. Please Read And Review, it makes me happy. Ok question, hmm. When did Sirius and Jamie break up? it's not been said yet, but take a guess. Please tell month and year. AMAZING CHAPTER BANNERS BY OVERDOSE X3!!!! ok preview.
“You’re friends with Regulus now?” A voice behind her said and she knew that voice.

“Go away, Black,” Jamie said without turning around.

PLEASE READ AND REVIEW GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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