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Shedding Innocent Blood by Dracolovr867
Chapter 1 : Secret Thoughts
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A/N This is my first story so please no flamers. Also, I own nothing but the plot. Please review. I love reviews, good and bad, but I hope you write good reviews.

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Hermione Granger raced to get to the train. She had put her luggage in the compartment and had gone back to say goodbye to her parents.

“Dammit,” she thought to herself, “Why the hell am I wearing high heels today!”

She made it into the train door, right as they were being closed. As she made her way to the compartment to join her friends, she pushed passed a tall, blond young man about her age. It took her a minute to recognize the boy, but the sneer gave it away.

“Watch where you’re going you filthy little Mudblood,” Draco Malfoy said as they passed. Hermione sighed, “Nothing’s changed.”

“Hey Hermione!” her friends, Harry Potter and Ron Wesley, chirped in unison.

“We thought you were going to miss the train.” Harry said worriedly. He looked out the window with a depressed expression making Hermione look at him worriedly. His face was pale and drawn; his eyes lacking their former luster.

Hermione sat down across from them. All she could think about was Draco. She had notice his hair had grown over the summer and was covering his eyes so that he was constantly sweeping it out of his eyes. She loved his beautiful platinum blond hair. She loved how he always smelled of spice and cinnamon. She loved his gorgeous body, all 6’3” of it. But most of all she loved his voice, he could be ice cold and penetrating one moment and the next carry on in a sexy, sultry drawl. She secretly had a crush on him even though her two best friends would never allow it, seeing as they would love nothing more than to kill him every chance they got. She sighed and looked out the window at the moving landscape.

Draco was thinking about her. He thought she was beautiful. Her frizzy bushy hair had become golden brown silken waves. Over the summer her body had developed nicely. Her petite frame now revealed a beautifully curved figure. Her eyes reminded him of caramel candies his mother gave him when he was little. But what he loved most about her was her kind and gentle soul. No matter what happened she still remained calm. He knew he couldn’t tell anyone in his house because they would laugh at him. Anyway he had a reputation to protect. He laughed with his friends as Pansy Parkinson screamed when an owl flew in the open window.

“Who is it for?” Draco asked his best friend Blaise Zabini.

“It’s for you!” Blaise passed the letter to him.

Draco opened the letter and read:

Dear Mr. Malfoy,

                We are pleased to inform you that you have been chosen as Head Boy. Enclosed you will find you badge. Please proceed to the Heads compartment with your luggage. You will receive further instructions there.


                                Albus Dumbledore


“I have to go to the Heads compartment, since I’ve been chosen as Head Boy,” Draco said quickly as he pulled his trunk off the overhead bin, left the compartment and his friends, who sat there with confused looks on their faces.

I wonder who the Head Girl is. He thought as he made his way through the aisle. He snarled at a few first years to get them out of his way. He hated first years almost as much as he hated Harry Potter. As he opened the door to the compartment, he saw the girl he had been thinking about just a couple of minutes ago. “Granger, what are you doing here?”

“I’m Head Girl. What are you doing here?” Hermione said in shock. On the inside she was doing jumping jacks. Was Malfoy really Head Boy?

“I’m Head Boy, got a problem with that Mudblood?” he said as he sneered at her. He had to keep a low profile. He knew she didn’t like him. He couldn’t blame her. After all he had treated her and her friends like crap for the past six years. But he still couldn’t believe his luck.

Hermione sighed. Draco calling her a Mudblood didn’t bother her anymore. After six years it had kind of gotten old. She was surprised he couldn’t come up with any other good insults than “Mudblood.”

Professor Dumbledore walked in the compartment and greeted them. “Congratulations on becoming Head Boy and Head Girl. You will be expected to set a good example for the rest of the students. You will have privileges like none of the other students. You will be able to deduct house points from students. But do not abuse this privilege,” He said looking at Draco. “Second, you will have your own common room and dormitory, which you will share. And yes Miss Granger you will have separate bedrooms,” Dumbledore said when he saw a look of terror in his female student’s face. “Well I will let you two go and tell your friends, but if you will kindly leave your luggage here, it will be brought up to your dormitory. Good Evening,” He finished as he strode out of the compartment.

Hermione walked out and found her original compartment. “Well,” she said, “I found out that I have to share a dormitory with Draco Malfoy.”

“WHAT!” Ron screamed, spitting candy across the floor. “Do you have to share a bed with each other?”

“Oh yes Ronald, I’ve just now decided that I’m going to start sleeping with Malfoy this year, all the girls say he’s fun to be in bed with,” Hermione said with a sarcastic smile that made Harry snigger slightly only to get a glare from Ron.

As the train came to a screeching halt, the three friends exited the train. As they made their way across the platform, Hermione noticed that Draco was staring at her from the other side of the crowd of students at Hogsmede. They exchanged quick smiles but Draco looked away when Blaise came over to talk to him. Hermione walked over to the Heads carriage and waited for Draco to join her. The ride was relatively silent except for the occasional cough. Hermione soon fell asleep with Draco watching her carefully, wondering when how long he could keep his secret thoughts.

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Shedding Innocent Blood: Secret Thoughts


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