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The Dangers of Mistletoe by CCC
Chapter 11 : Chapter 11
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Chapter 11

Ginny was in Hermione’s room, looking over her shoulder at the reflection of her skirt in the mirror. Hermione saw what she was doing and sighed. “I swear to god, if you ask me one more time if your bum looks big, I will hex you.”

Ginny frowned. “I think the fur on these knickers is making my skirt stick out in a funny way.”

“Then don’t wear them. Shrink them and put them in your pocket. When you get back to his room, go into the loo and put them on.”

Ginny smiled slyly at Hermione. “Well, normally I don’t take the time to go to the loo first. Draco and I just start ripping each other’s clothes off as soon as he shuts the door.”

Hermione smacked her hand over her ears. “Too much information, Ginny. I really don’t want to know about the mating habits of a Malfoy.”

Ginny chuckled. “I shared that on purpose, because I have nightmares about you and my brother.”

“Well, that is not my fault. Now if you and your lumpy bum are ready, we can head down to the Common Room.”

Ginny spun around and looked in the mirror. “You said it didn’t show.”

Hermione smiled at her friend’s antics. “I was just teasing. Now, let’s go.”

Ron was waiting at the bottom of the stairs for Hermione. Ginny chuckled at the love struck look on his face. “Hi, Ron. Are you ready to escort Hermione on your first big date?”

Hermione whacked Ginny on the arm. “You’re going to make him nervous. Knock it off.”

Ron smiled. “There is nothing to be nervous about. We are going to have a great time.”

Ginny watched as Ron leaned down to kiss Hermione, and she practically ran out the door to meet Draco. He was waiting by the entrance to the Great Hall. Ginny’s heart skipped a beat when he looked up at her and smiled. She still couldn’t believe that he was truly interested in her.

As she approached him, Draco stuck his arm out, and she wrapped her arm through his. “This is how you escort someone into a ballroom,” he informed her, like he was teaching her something important.

“Well then, by all means, let the escorting begin,” she replied in a fake snooty voice. Draco rolled his eyes, and then walked her into the Great Hall. Ginny looked at all of the Christmas decorations and said, “I love the holidays.”

Draco snorted. “You’re a sentimental sap, aren’t you?”

Ginny elbowed him lightly in the ribs. “I think you’ll appreciate my holiday spirit later this evening.”

“What are you planning?” Draco asked as he pulled her into a dance.

Ginny laid her head on his chest. “If I tell you now, it won’t be a surprise.”


Blaise was waiting outside of Luna’s Common Room, and he was getting nervous. When she appeared in the doorway, he smiled at her. He had been mildly afraid that she would wear an odd costume, but she was wearing a light blue blouse and a black skirt, and she looked lovely. He decided that he should tell her as much.

“Luna, you look lovely.”

Luna smiled and said, “Thank you. I thought this outfit would compliment the season.”

Blaise smiled and nodded. He reasoned she could say all of the quirky things she wanted if she continued to kiss him.


Neville and Pansy twirled around the Great Hall like they were the only people at the dance. They didn’t notice anyone unless they bumped into them. Ginny saw them, and she smiled at how obviously in love they were. She realized that they would probably marry soon after graduation.


Hermione found herself wrapped in Ron’s arms as they danced to a slow song. She smiled up at him, and he leaned down to kiss her. As far as she was concerned, everything was perfect.

Ron kissed Hermione, and then he sighed. As far as he was concerned, dances were stupid, but if he got to hold Hermione close and kiss her, then he would take her to all of the dances she ever wanted to attend.


Draco was looking down at the way Ginny had her head pressed against his chest. He realized that an odd, warm feeling was spreading through his body, and it didn’t have anything to do with sex. He wondered if he was coming down with a fever.

Ginny was listening to Draco’s heartbeat as they danced. She realized that somewhere in her lust filled haze, she had fallen in love with the giant prat. Her only hope was that he would trip and fall as well. She’d have to try to prod him in that direction over the next two months; otherwise she would be a very sad girl on February 21st.


After three songs, Draco’s stomach growled, and Ginny chuckled. “I think we need to feed you. Let’s go over to the buffet and see what they are serving.” When they reached the buffet, Ginny grabbed a plate and handed one to Draco. He frowned, and she asked, “What?”

“I don’t like buffets. Proper meals are served at a table.”

Ginny rolled her eyes. “Well, when you are King of the World, you can banish buffets forever. For now, you’ll just have to deal with it. Personally, I like buffets, they let you sample a little of everything.”

Draco watched as Ginny piled her plate high with all sorts of foods he would never consider touching. He followed her over to a table where Blaise was sitting with Luna. “Luna, do you care if we join you?”

Luna shook her head no, since her mouth was full. Then she inspected Ginny’s plate and pointed at a dark green concoction. “That is really good, although I’m not sure what it is.”

Ginny tried the unknown substance as Draco and Blaise grimaced. “Oh, I think that is a spinach dip. My mum makes that for parties.”

“Why, in the name of all that is holy, would you eat something that looks like that?” Draco asked.

Ginny laughed. “Where is your sense of adventure?”

Blaise spoke. “Caution outweighs adventure, at least when it comes to unidentified green goo.”

Draco laughed, and Ginny rolled her eyes as she sampled the next item on her plate. “Oh, I don’t like that at all.”

Luna smiled. “It’s good to try new things. They may not work out how you hope, but if you never tried them, you might miss out on something great.”

“You might not end up sick either.” Draco commented as he ate his dinner.

When they were done eating, Ginny and Luna excused themselves to go to the loo. While they were touching up their hair and makeup charms, Luna said, “You’ll have to trick him, you know.”

“Excuse me?” Ginny asked, afraid she had missed part of the conversation.

“He won’t fall willingly. You’ll have to trick him.”

Ginny watched as Luna walked off, and she began to wonder if she should let Luna in on her secret deal with Draco. The girl could probably be a powerful ally. Poor Blaise, he would never know what hit him.

When Ginny walked back to the table, she was pleasantly surprised. Draco had gone back to the buffet and selected several desserts for them to share. Maybe, she was making more progress than she thought.

Once they were finished with dessert, Ginny stood up and took Draco’s hand. “I don’t suppose you’re ready to leave yet?” he asked with a smirk on his face.

Ginny leaned down and kissed him, tasting a trace of the lemon tart he had eaten last. “No, I am ready to dance.”

Draco sighed, but he took her out onto the dance floor. They danced until the last song, and then Ginny whispered in his ear, “I have an early Christmas present for you, but I should probably give it to you in your room.”

“I do like the sound of that,” Draco whispered back to her, before he pulled her out of the Great Hall . Ginny could hear her brother calling after her, as she and Draco slipped down a side hallway, but she decided that it would be best to ignore him.

When they reached Draco’s room, she kissed him, and then stepped back from him. “I need you to close your eyes.”

Draco looked at her for a moment, but then he complied. Ginny ran into the loo, and stripped down to her red fur-trimmed knickers. She fluffed up her hair, and added a red lipstick charm, before she walked back out and lay on her side on Draco’s bed. “You can open your eyes now.”

Draco opened his eyes, and he felt his breath catch in his chest. Ginny looked like a Christmas centerfold from one of the magazines he had stashed under his bed. What was more, she had obviously bought this outfit for him. Not knowing what to say, he walked over and ran his fingertips from her shoulder to her hip. A deep primal voice in his head declared, “Mine.” Not knowing how she would take such an announcement, he decided to show her instead.

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The Dangers of Mistletoe: Chapter 11


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