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Shadow and Light by ItsSnowyDudes
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or anyone else. They belong to the all powerful JKR. However, I DO own Hannah Granger, Emma Grant and Lisa Brown.

Before you read, I'd like to make a quick announcement. Without Emma, aka Algebra_Geek5, this story would probably have not been continued. She's a wonderful BETA! Also, a great friend. Check out her stories! 

Em, you rock!  :)


When the Grangers, Susan and Nathan, learned they were going to have twin girls, they couldn’t have been happier. They were both dentists, making tons of money, without a care in the world. Ready to bring two wonderful baby girls into the world, when Susan Granger, had announced she was pregnant, her and her husband had went and bought everything their babies would need. Nine months later, Susan had given birth to two beautiful twin girls. They had decided on the names Hermione Jane Granger, named after her great aunt and Hannah Ann Granger, named after her father’s sister. Hermione had been born first, weighing in at 7lbs and 3 ounces. Then Hannah came, whom had weighed in at 8lbs and 2 ounces. Soon, after the girls were brought home, Susan had quit her job, planning to stay home with her daughters. Life seemed wonderful. But soon, Mr. Granger had lost his job, due to business lost in finical needs. The lovely couple soon found themselves in bankruptcy. It was then, it was decided, they would have to do the unthinkable…give up one of their children. Now, of course this would never be an easy decision for any parent, it was no different for the Grangers. See, they knew their daughters were special… different. How, they did not know. When Mrs. Granger had put Hannah on the front stoop of the St. Inns Orphanage, it was the hardest thing she would ever have to do. She had placed a note, explaining the situation and Hannah’s name. Her and her husband had sadly walked away with little Hermione, wondering if they would ever see their precious Hannah again.

-16- Years later-
Hannah Granger had dark red hair that fell to her shoulders. She was about 5’7 and average weight of 115lbs. She had dark green eyes that seemed to be her trademark. Her adoptive parents were Fred and Maria Collins. They had adopted her when she was just a little baby of 5 months. Around her eleventh birthday, Hannah had discovered something unbelievable. She found out that she was a witch. She had confronted her adoptive parents, and was very surprised to find out, not only did they know she was witch, but also they themselves were a witch and a wizard. She had been quite confused at first, as anyone would. She quickly learned the ways of a witch, by her parents and then she was off to Woodbine School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She had loved it the minute she walked in. Now, she was on summer vacation, excited for her sixth year. 

She had always wondered whom her real parents were, and if she had any siblings, but was never told. She was bright, funny, cunning and very sarcastic. Her mouth had gotten her into tons of trouble before, but she never cared. Hannah had many friends, but she felt as if she was missing something, but couldn’t think of what it was. Once, she remembered she felt like she had broken her arm, the pain was so intense. But, her arm was perfectly fine, she couldn’t figure it out. There had been other times when she had felt suddenly angry or scared, when she was fine just moments before. She had thought perhaps, maybe she had a sister. She had read about how twins could pick up on each others pains and feelings, by something called "Twin Telepathy". She knew she was wrong though. Too bad she didn’t know how right she was. 

Hannah slowly walked home, on a muggy, humid summer evening. She had been babysitting all day for two kids, who were well, horrible. First they got ice cream on her favorite shirt, and then they had made a complete mess in the kitchen. Hannah had to clean it all, with no help of course from the terror children. She sighed, as she walked along. The two kids, Jaime whom was eleven and Shauna whom was nine, were everything, but well behaved. Not only had they made a complete mess, but they also had lied to their mother about how horrible Hannah was, when she had arrived home. Hannah had not been paid, and what was worse, was that she had to walk home, which was a good twenty minutes. "Damn kids are lucky I didn’t hex them" Hannah muttered to herself as she kicked at a rock. Those kids were indeed lucky they were muggles; otherwise she would have hexed them to kingdom come. She snickered as she thought of Shauna and Jaime flying around the living room, begging to be let down. Hannah always had her wand on her, and today, she was very close to using it. She suddenly looked up, realizing; she didn’t know where she was. "Great. Now I’m lost" she grumbled. Poor Hannah, this was just not her day. She stopped walking and quickly scanned her surroundings. Her eyes lit up as they fell on an old playground. She had loved playgrounds when she was little, especially the swings. Sure, she was sixteen, but why not be a kid every once in a while? She ran over and immediately sat down on a swing. She slowly pushed off with her feet, moving back and fourth, letting the wind hit her face. She slipped off her flip-flops and let her feet run swiftly over the cool grass as she slowly glided back and fourth. 

A few yards away a group of no less than seven, stood,watching the unsuspecting girl. They were dressed in all black cloaks, the hoods up covering their faces. Who were they? Deatheaters, Of course. They were here on official business. And Hannah was right in the middle of the meeting spot. One of them, a female, whom seemed to be the leader of this little mysterious group, stepped forward. "She’s in our way" she said, narrowing her eyes. She lifted her hood to reveal herself to be none other than Bellatrix Lestrange. "How is she in the way?" a Deatheater to her right questioned. "It does not matter how! She is there! In our gathering spot, therefore she must be dealt with!" she snapped. Bellatrix swiftly crossed over to the playground, the others right behind her. "Well, well, what do we have here?" she sneered unpleasantly, as they quickly surrounded her.

Hannah, whom had been so deep in thought, had not heard a single sound until now. Her head snapped up and she took in her situation quickly. 

"Who are you?" she said carefully, even though she knew had an idea exactly who it was.

Bellatrix curled a lip as she glared down at the young witch, of course she did not know Hannah was one. "My, my it’s a tad bit late for a young girl such as yourself to be out, isn’t it?" Hannah swallowed slightly, and shot to her feet. 

"I was um, just leaving…" she stepped behind the swing and walked backwards. A few seconds later, her back collided with something. She took a deep breath and slowly turned around to find herself face to face, with yet another death eater. She gulped as she felt all of them surrounding her.

"Aw, look! The itty bitty muggle girl is scared!" a Deatheater mocked, snickering. Muggle? Thought Hannah. Oh, they must not know…better play along. Hannah laughed slightly. "Erm…well. This has been quite fun, but I really gotta go!" she quickly tried to run thorough a gap, but was caught by Bellatrix.

"Where are you going in such a hurry?! Stay and play a while, girl!" she shoved her back into the circle. Hannah stumbled back and fell into another Deatheater, whom shoved her forward again. 

"Aww. Does girly not want to play?" he asked in a childish tone.

Hannah slowly slid her hand in her jacket pocket, pulling out her wand quietly. She had just pulled it out and barely had it risen when she was blasted off her feet. "She’s not a muggle!" screeched Bellatrix.

Hanna hit the ground with a hard thud. She groaned and rolled over, stuffing her wand back into her pocket quickly.

"I think Voldemort will be very pleased with this" sneer Bellatrix as she whipped out her wand. "Hold her!!"

Before, she could even blink; her arms were pinned behind her back. Her eyes winded as Bellatrix raised her wand and the last thing Hannah heard was her cruel, cold laughter as she blacked out.

Yay!! Prologue!!  Please  REVIEW!! This is my first fanfic! I need reviews kids!! More to come!! Thank you Candy for the lovely banner and Thank you Emma for all of your help!! *Hugs both* You guys rock!!


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Shadow and Light: Prologue


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