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How Will I Know? by Irish_Ginny
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1: Meet the Teams
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Chapter 1: Meet the Teams


This wasn't an unusual thing to hear on the Hogwarts Express. All the students knew of the legendary rivalry between James and Lily. It was thought to the first years, along with "Don't go into the Forbidden Forest" and "Don't use magic in front of the caretaker". Their history was well known to everyone; James claimed to be head over heels in love with Lily, while Lily claimed to despise him and his arrogant nature. It was second nature to all to avoid getting caught in their numerous fights, though many stood to watch the display because they were very entertaining, the usual result being James getting hexed and Lily storming away.

The last train ride of the year was no different.

Lily had been sitting her compartment with her two friends, Amberle White and Gabriella Frost. The three girls were very different at first look but actually had a lot in common, something that made them as close as they were. Hogwarts had given them the nickname "The Queens". This didn't bother them all that much, except the when they were referred to with the Marauders, the Marauders were known as "The Kings". It was a monarchy struggle. The Queens weren't to be taken lightly though.

Lily was the model student, the Prefect, refused to break rules, didn't agree with those who did and was very intelligent, more so than people really knew. She was also very beautiful; wavy red hair just beyond her shoulder, sparkling emerald eyes, quite short in comparison to others in her year, and a beautiful face. She could have every guy in Hogwarts on their knees if she chose...and if James Potter didn't curse any guy who so much as looked at her. She was kind and considerate to everyone, except the Marauders who fell outside her kindness barrier. The only bad thing there seemed to be about Lily Evans was her temper. They say redheads have a fiery temper to match their hair, and it was especially true for Lily Evans. Her temper would flare up and shoot at someone in the blink of an eye, and there was no protection from it. If you were the target, you got burnt, as James Potter knew only too well. She was stubborn and very determined; once her mind was made up on something there was no going back, something James Potter never seemed to grasp.

Amberle was the rebel. She and Lily had been best friends all their lives. They had both come to Hogwarts together, though Amberle being a half-blood already knew about Hogwarts. She and Lily balanced each other out; Lily stopping her from going too far over the rule-breaking line, and Amberle getting Lily out for a little fun every now and again. She was a Chaser on the Gryffindor Quidditch Team and a very enthusiastic follower of the sport. The other girls had learned that unless they wanted a twelve hour rant, they stayed clear of the subject! She had long chocolate brown hair that fell down her back, at her control to swing over her shoulder when occasion demanded. Her eyes were a light hazel that fitted well with her beautiful face. She, like Lily, could also have any guy in Hogwarts but, unlike Lily, she used the power with great pleasure. She was also smart, only bested by Lily and to her shame three of the Marauders. She was kind and caring as well, it just didn't shine as it did with Lily or Gabriella. Her temper was also feared, though it was nowhere near Lily's, but people knew not to get on her bad side. Well...most knew. Sirius Black didn't seem to have received the memo.

Gabriella was the voice of reason in the little group. She was the only one in the whole of Hogwarts who could really control Lily and Amberle. Since she had been around their tempers for so long, she learned how to avoid them and bring them back to earth when they let loose. Gabriella had shoulder length blonde hair, dazzling blue eye, and a pretty angel like face. Unlike the other two, her beauty was more subtle. She had many admirers in Hogwarts, almost as many as Lily and Amberle, but she chose to stay hidden. She was very shy, though not so much that she didn't let others know when something bothered her. Her kind and gentle nature made her a mother figure to the younger students and a welcome ear to anyone who just wanted to talk. She wasn't big into the dating thing, even less so than Lily and nowhere near Amberle, but that didn't mean she never looked. Her quiet and shy demeanour gave her plenty of time to look. The only problems were that she was too shy to do anything...and the object of her desire was a sworn enemy of the girls group.

One strong thing that they had in common was their fierce loyalty to each other. Anyone who caused pain to any of the three had to face all three later on. They completed each other, each filling up the others weaknesses and excelling their strong points. Over the years they had grown to be more sisters than friends. Not to mention their mutual hatred of the Marauders.

When it was laid out though, the Marauders weren't that different from them. They were a very close-knitted group, formed as soon as they met on the train in first year. It was impossible to find a group of boys closer than these four, or one that caused more trouble and gossip. They were the self-proclaimed kings of Hogwarts and with their drop-dead-gorgeous looks, unbeatable wit and outstanding sense of humour, who would object to it? They had everything, and boy did they know it!

First was James Potter, leader, along with his best friend Sirius Black. He had the perfect lifestyle, so everyone thought. He was rich, had amazing skill and talent on the Quidditch pitch and the smartest guy in Hogwarts, he could give Lily a run for her money! He had to be the best looking guy Hogwarts ever came across, though many would argue in favour of Sirius. He had wonderful hazel eyes, framed, but not hidden, by his round-shaped glasses, messy black hair that never seemed to lie flat and always looked windswept (not that he tried very hard to keep it in order when he was running his hand through it every five minutes) and an extremely well-toned and tanned body from all his Quidditch work outs (and running away from Filch when they got caught!). All that, along with the famous Potter Charm, made him irresistible to every girl in Hogwarts. Well, nearly every girl. There was always one. The one who had denied and rejected him for six years, the only one he actually cared about, the one who could beat him in wit and intelligence and the only one to make him squirm! Who else, but Lily Evans. She thought him arrogant, self-centred and pig-headed. In a sense, she was right because he never hid his pride in himself and never wasted an opportunity to say it. But that wasn't the only thing about him. He did have a good side, despite what Lily Evans thought. One that was caring and considerate to others and possessed real feelings. But, only his friends ever got to see the real James, so how was Lily to know?

Then came Sirius Black, womanizer and heart-breaker of Hogwarts. He had wonderful looks, rivalled only by that of James, his best friend. His black hair was slightly long and messy but with more style and effort put into it than James'. His eyes were grey and deep, and more often than not there was a gleam of mischief in them. He and James had become great friends from the moment they arrived in first year, and now counted each other as brothers more than anything. Sirius was renowned in Hogwarts, not only for his reputation in the area of relationships and his record for how many girls he could date in a year, but for his family and his lack of similarity. His family were pureblood to the bone and proud to say it. All had been in Slytherin and followers of any dark or anti-Muggle activity, recently someone who called himself Lord Voldemort. All, that was, except Sirius. He had made history as the first Black ever to be sorted into Gryffindor, making him extremely proud but causing himself to get disowned in the process. Not that it bothered Sirius, he hated his whole family. He'd moved out and into the Potter's just a year ago. At first, in Hogwarts, people were suspicious of him and avoided him. Now all he had to do was flash his million dollar smile and he could have every girl from first to seventh year at his feet. All of them, except the Queens who refused to fall for his charm. But more resistant against his pull than anyone was Amberle White. Let's just say she intrigued Sirius.

Remus Lupin was quite different from his two friends. Though lacking the striking good looks James and Sirius possessed, he was still incredibly handsome. His hair was a sandy brown, tidy compared to the others, and his eyes a soft blue. Remus was the sensible one of the four, taking more care with the rules and always a bit reluctant to just dive into trouble. But that didn't mean he ever stopped them doing anything or backed out. No way. He would caution and warn but in the end he always joined in the fun. For Remus, being part of the Marauders meant the world to him. Before Hogwarts he never had friends, alone and scared. The reason; Remus Lupin was a werewolf. Coming to Hogwarts had been a problem in itself, though Dumbledore had fixed that so he could transform safely. Being there was another one entirely. That was, until he met James and Sirius. Eventually, though he tried hard to hide it, they found out about his being a werewolf. But, instead of running as he had grown to expect, they help him by becoming Animagi; James the powerful stag, Sirius the playful dog and Peter the scurrying rat, all came with him at full moons to make things easier on him. Though he had the looks and the offers, Remus rarely went into the dating game, afraid that not everyone would be as accepting as the Marauders. They had pulled him out of his shell, but it was still there to hide in every now and then.

The last of the foursome was Peter Pettigrew. Why the Marauders had chosen him as their fourth member baffled everyone. He didn't have their wonderful good looks (though he wasn't completely horrible); he lacked both their charm and wit and was extremely shy. Yet, the other three had taken him in, guided and protected him, made him a part of their group that was considered an honour throughout the other students. Unlike James, Sirius and even Remus, he never dated. Not because he was never asked, but because he was terrified! He couldn't hold so much a tiny conversation with a girl before turning beet red and running away. Yet still the Marauders never abandoned him. One thing about Peter was that he was extremely easy to persuade, making him a powerful ally and dangerous enemy to the Marauders.

Together, they ruled Hogwarts. James; Prongs, Sirius; Padfoot, Remus; Moony and Peter; Wormtail. The Marauders, The Kings. Nobody knew the reason behind their nicknames for one another. The only thing they did know was that they were more than just a clever creation. The four were uncommonly loyal to one another; always there to defend one another no matter what the reason, they never needed a reason to do something for their friends in their opinion. Everyone knew it was suicide to come between the Marauders, once they became serious you were in deep trouble (although they never let anyone down for a few laughs!)

But that didn't mean they couldn't be fought against by a power just as great as their own....


"GET OUT POTTER!" roared Lily. The Marauders had decided to pay a 'visit' to the girls before they separated for summer. Only, their reasoning was neither accepted nor believed.

"Can't you just give us ONE train ride in peace?" Amberle asked, getting annoyed now. She was trying to hold her temper considering Lily's had blown a few moments ago when the door had opened.

"Ah, Amby, you don't mean that! It's tradition! You know you'd miss us if we didn't pop by to say hello," Sirius said with a grin.

"First; I do mean it. If we got through one journey without you four barging in I think I'd throw a bloody party to celebrate! And two; Do NOT call me Amby! It's just wrong, Black!"

"You know, saying first and then two doesn't really make much sense. But I can understand your pretty little head gets confused when I come in and dazzle you with my charm and looks," Sirius said with a wink.

"BLACK!" Amberle had lost it. She was so close to jumping over there and punching him, but she was restrained by Gabriella who dragged her back down into her seat so she had to settle for shooting death glares at him. Lily however was still on her feet.

"But we were just being polite! There's a chance we won't get to see you before you leave the platform with so many people to hide your lovely figures and what sort of gentlemen would we be if we left you ladies for an entire summer without a goodbye?" James asked, flashing a smile at Lily who was getting more agitated by the minute.

"You? Gentlemen? That would be the day!" Amberle scoffed from her seat, Gabriella still restraining her. She didn't think it would be good if four bodies had to be dragged off the train when they got to the platform.

"Ha! No such luck, Potter! You can spot my parents before I can so I doubt there would ever be the slightest chance of escaping without having to deal with you," Lily snapped.

James rubbed his chin as though thinking it over, but his eyes were dancing. "Hmm...true. But your parents might be worried if they don't see me. After all they see me every year! I've met her parents," he said, turning to talk to Sirius but Lily was still glaring at him and he knew it. "Wonderful people; sweet, not so prone to tantrum throwing like their gentle daughter, and they don't seem to have any problem with me. In fact, I think they approve of me, Lilykins!"

"Tantrums?! I never throw tantrums, Potter!" Lily exclaimed. She hated when someone said she threw tantrums. She didn't. Though she would throw something at you for saying it. James didn't seem to pay any attention to the warning signals.

"Really? Then what would you call this? A fit? A scene? A show?" James asked innocently.

"I call it being pissed off!"

"Interesting. Do you do anything else? Perhaps scenes were you actually smiled instead of glaring? That would be nice to see. Or even better, a romance scene where you fall deeply in love with me and finally agree to go out with me as you really long to do?"

"No but I do a terrific murder scene. Would you liked to see?" she asked in an innocent voice that really said "One more word and I will really kill you, buddy".

", I think I'll pass. But you know, Evans, you really should give my idea a shot, broaden your horizons, let loose! So, what do you say you don't break your dear lovely mother's heart, and go out with me?" he asked, his eyes shining hopefully. Lily's eyes didn't shine though. They flashed, as though lightning had passed through them. James gulped.

"Oh damn! I'm in trouble!" he thought.

"GET OUT OF HERE, POTTER, BEFORE I HEX YOU!" screamed Lily; he had pushed her too far. "GET OUT RIGHT NOW!"

"Lilykins, you wouldn't do that! Not only do you truly wish never to hurt me, but school is out and, since you're not seventeen yet, you can't use magic!" James said triumphantly, knowing very well that she could still use magic, but figuring he couldn't make her any angrier. How very wrong that stupid boy was!

Before anyone had time to react, Lily and Amberle were on their feet, wands out and sent all four boys crashing out of the compartment. They lay there in a heap on the floor on top of one another, Lily and Amberle glaring down at them.

"You're right, Potter; I don't get the slightest trace of pleasure seeing you like that," Lily said sarcastically with a smirk. James tried to get up but winched, Sirius had landed heavily on his leg and Sirius was no light weight!

"Good to hear it, Evans!" he said, trying to muster even a shred of dignity. There wasn't any.

"Did I 'let loose' enough for you? Or would you like to try again?" she asked sweetly.

", you're ok, Evans. I think it was fine. But maybe lighten up on the force and hostility next time."

"Next time, I'd stay out!" Amberle said. "If you want to be able to have children in the future that is." The guys took up looks of shock while the girls exchanged wicked grins and closed their door.

"Those girls are evil, Prongs! Bloody crazy! They've completely lost their senses! Why do we even bother?" Sirius exclaimed as they tried to get up with some style; a difficult feat since they were all winching in pain, not to mention the laughter coming from the surrounding compartments.

The whole train had tuned in for another entertaining display between their leaders. And they hadn't been disappointed!


"Lily dear, could you come down here please?" called Lily's mother. Lily was home again after finally escaping Potter and his friends and saying goodbye Amberle and Gabriella. Though, judging by the cold looks she'd received from her sister Petunia when she got home, she wasn't sure which would be worse; a summer at home with her sister who wouldn't talk to her because she was a witch, or being back within the grasp of the Marauders.

"Coming!" Lily called, finishing her unpacking and racing down the stairs to the kitchen. Her mother was sitting at the table, two mugs of tea in front of her. Lily got her addiction to tea from her mother. According to Mrs. Evans, tea could solve any problem and Lily went with that theory one hundred percent!

"Petunia is getting married," her mother stated simply when Lily sat down, "next February, to Vernon Dursley. You met him, didn't you?"

Of course Lily had met him, and never wanted to again. He and Petunia had been dating for nearly two years but with Lily being away most of the year in Hogwarts, she didn't have to deal with him much for which she was very grateful. He was a horrible man in Lily's opinion. He had to give his opinion on everything and thought anything that didn't agree with him was wrong. He was very proud of his uncle’s drill factory, Grunnings, and never missed an opportunity to tell how he would be taking over soon. He hated anything that wasn't 'normal' by his standards. Lily didn't fit that category. He didn't know about her being a witch but she knew Petunia would have to tell him before the wedding. But even so he had taken an instant dislike to her, it didn't bother her though because it was mutual. Lily couldn't see how her sister could marry such a man! The only thing they had in common was their great dislike for anything that wasn't as it was supposed to be, and you weren't supposed to be a witch.

"Well, we have been invited to his parents’ home in Surrey for the summer," her mother continued. Lily looked disgusted. No way was she spending her summer confined to a house with her sister and her new fiancé!

"They'll have to tie me up and drag me! They-" Lily thought but her mother kept going.

"That is to say; your father, myself and Petunia have been invited. They believe you will be away all summer, as Petunia told them. And frankly dear, I don't think you’d enjoy it too much. Lots of wedding plans and such."

"Not to mention the guy is a pig!" Lily thought viciously. She would have been more upset about her sister lying so she couldn't meet her new in-laws if she wasn't so relieved that she didn't have to. But then her bubble burst.

"I was talking with Pauline Frost on the platform, you know Gabriella's mother? Anyway, she said she'd be delighted to have you for the summer! She even said you could ask Amberle and have a girl’s summer! Isn't that wonderful?" her mother exclaimed.

Sure, a summer with her two best friends? It would be great! If it wasn't for one tiny little problem. Or rather, four of them.

Gabrielle lived right down the road from, you guessed it; James Potter.

There was a reason that whenever the girls visited each other during their summers they stayed out of Gabriella's house as much as possible. And that reason was because Potter always brought the other Marauders back for most of the summer.

"Great! Just bloody great!" Lily though savagely as she retreated back to her room. "This was just what I needed! A whole summer, the only time I'm actually free, surrounded by Potter and his stupid friends that I just got away from! Just bloody brilliant!"

Hopefully no blood would be shed over the summer…

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