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The Dangers of Mistletoe by CCC
Chapter 9 : Chapter 9
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Chapter 9

Ginny was eating dinner in the Great Hall and reflecting on what an odd day it had been. She had been caught under the mistletoe twice, and one time Draco had not been around. Since she didn’t want to be late to class, she had kissed a Ravenclaw boy that she didn’t know. Even though she and Draco had discussed the mistletoe situation, she had been left feeling like she had done something wrong. Unless Draco wanted to walk her to all of her classes for the next three days, this was going to continue to be a problem.

Ginny looked at Hermione. “What do you do if you are caught under the mistletoe and Ron isn’t around?”

Ron answered, “That’s not a problem, because we have all of our classes together.”

Hermione looked at Ginny. “Did you and Draco talk about not seeing other people?”

“We did. He said if I had to go through a doorway with mistletoe, then I could kiss anyone but Seamus.”

Seamus looked up from his spot a few feet down the table. “I guess I really did make him jealous that day.”

Ginny smiled as she said, “You’re just too sexy for your own good.”

Seamus laughed, and went back to eating. Hermione leaned over and whispered to Ginny, “I need to talk to you about something after dinner.”

“All right. I am supposed to meet Draco to study later, but I have time.”

Once they were done eating, Ginny followed Hermione back up to her room. Hermione locked the door and pulled a magazine out of her trunk. Ginny looked at the title and asked, “Who is Victoria, and what is her secret?”

Hermione explained, “It’s a Muggle lingerie store. I sent off for the catalog, because all I have are the plain, white knickers that my mum has bought me for years. It never occurred to me to care, but now I think Ron might be seeing my knickers, at some point in the future, and I want something pretty. I thought you could help me pick something out. I have no idea what boys think is sexy, or what just looks slutty.”

Ginny laughed. “I am not the knickers expert, but I guess I can look and see. Please do not mention the part about my brother again, because that is just creepy. As far as I’m concerned, you’re just looking to extend your wardrobe.”

Hermione nodded. “I can live with that.” Opening the catalog, she leafed through to a page with the corner turned down. “I think those are cute; what do you think?”

Ginny frowned. “They look too big. You don’t want knickers that come up to your waist, you want a bikini style, or a thong.”

Hermione snorted. “I don’t understand deliberately buying knickers that go up your bum. Mine end up there occasionally by accident, and it is never a comfortable experience.”

Ginny flipped a few pages and saw a model holding her hands in front of her chest. “Why is she doing that? Oh my god, that bra has no front. What does that caption say? It’s called shelf bra; why would you want to wear that?”

Hermione frowned. “I have no idea. If we could get back to the pages with the normal underthings, please?”

Ginny flipped back a few pages. “Oh, look at the red set with the fake fur trim for Christmas. That is really sexy and cute.”

Hermione bit her lip. “I don’t know that I’ll have a reason to need Christmas knickers, but I suppose it couldn’t hurt to be prepared.” Hermione flipped back a few more pages. “There, those are normal satin knickers. What do you think?”

Ginny frowned. “I think that the women in this catalog are making me feel short and small chested. Have you noticed they are all at least six feet tall and have breasts as big as their heads?”

Hermione sighed. “Yes, I noticed that. I tell myself that those women are utterly stupid, and that they have no personality. It helps me sleep at night.”

Ginny laughed. “Whatever works for you, Hermione. Listen, when you order what you want, add a set of those red ones with fur for me, will you?”

Hermione nodded. “Write your sizes down on this piece of parchment, and I’ll send an order by post tomorrow.”

“Great, well I better get going to the library. I’d hate for Draco to think I’d abandoned him.”

“Right, because his ego is just that fragile.”

Ginny smiled as she walked to the library. She couldn’t wait to see the look on Draco’s face when she wore her new Christmas knickers. When she reached the library, Draco was already working on his homework. She pulled out a chair and sat down next to him. He looked up at her and asked, “Where have you been?”

“Hermione needed to talk to me about something.”

“Really? It must have been about dating your brother. She knows the answers to everything else.”

Ginny smiled and unpacked her parchment and quill. She needed to get to work on her essay for Snape. There was a disturbance a few moments later. Ginny looked up to see Pansy kissing Neville. She appeared to be excited about a pot with an orchid in it.

Draco looked at Ginny. “I thought the idea was to give a girl roses or some such rot.”

Ginny frowned. “I think it’s sweet. Neville and Pansy have that weird Herbology connection.”

Draco shook his head and went back to work. Ginny started writing again. When the tip of her quill broke off, she said, “Darn it.”

Draco looked up. “What?”

“That was my last good quill.”

Draco looked at the scraggly writing instrument she was holding. “That was never a good quill.”

Ginny was about to make a snarky comment, when he reached into his bag and handed her one of his quills. It was much nicer than any she had ever owned. “Here, I will never give you flowers in the library, but at least I can give you something decent to write with.”

Ginny smiled at him. “Thank you.” She went back to writing her essay, and she was amazed at how much better her handwriting looked. “My writing looks so much better with this quill, Professor Snape will probably accuse me of turning in someone else’s work.”

Ginny wrote for about twenty more minutes, and then she sighed. “My brain is done for now. I think I’m going to go walk through the stacks and see if there are any new magazines.”

Draco didn’t comment. He waited for Ginny to walk away, and then he picked up her old quill and studied it. He didn’t know how anyone could write with such a shoddy device. Placing the quill back where it was, he stood up and went in search of Ginny.

Ginny was perusing a stack of magazines at eye level, when she felt someone’s arm go around her waist. She smiled as she felt Draco lean in and kiss her on the neck. She slowly turned around so she was facing him, and she soon found herself lost in a heated kiss.

The sound of someone clearing his or her throat, made Ginny jump away from Draco. She looked up to see Lavender standing there with an amused expression on her face. “I see you two are getting along quite nicely.”

Ginny blushed and muttered, “Yes, we are.” Draco pulled her by the hand to a more deserted section of the library and resumed kissing her. Ginny felt like she was caught up in a wave of hormones and, she was destined to drown.

When Draco pulled away from her, he just stared at her for a moment before he said, “Come back to my room with me.”

Ginny felt a sense of satisfaction in the intense way he was looking at her. “I’m sorry. I still have homework to do.”

“Come back with me now, and I’ll help you with your homework afterwards.”

“Alright.” Draco pulled Ginny back towards the table where there things were. They packed quietly, and left the library at a sedate pace so that no one would notice.

Ginny felt a little conspicuous walking down to the Dungeons, but she knew that Neville went there with Pansy, so it wasn’t unheard of for a Gryffindor to enter into the Slytherin Common Room. Although she was pretty sure, since she was going there in Draco’s company, that everyone would know what they were up to. She was glad the Common Room was deserted, so that no one saw her go into Draco’s room.


Draco watched as Ginny set her bag down. He had no idea why he was so attracted to her. She was pretty, but she wasn’t beautiful. Her body was toned from Quidditch, but she didn’t have the figure of some of the other girls he’d been with. There was just something about her that made him want her more. He had considered breaking things off with her after that first night, and completely ignoring his promise, but when he’d seen her the next morning he’d wanted her all over again.

Whatever the reason was, he planned on going with the tide for now. He figured eventually he would get tired of her, and they would drift apart. For now, he enjoyed the way she turned and looked at him expectantly. Walking over, he reached out and slid his hand behind her neck to cup her head. Then, savoring the anticipation in her eyes, he leaned down and kissed her. Setting a slow pace, he ran his other hand up and down her back, before he pulled her flush against his body.


Ginny wondered if Draco was trying to drive her crazy. He had done nothing but kiss her for the last fifteen minutes. The impulse to start unbuttoning his shirt was strong, but she didn’t know what he would think if she took the lead. After five more minutes of him nibbling on her neck, she decided she didn’t give a damn. She directed her attention to his buttons, and getting them undone as quickly as possible. When she had his shirt pushed off of his shoulders, she maneuvered him backwards towards his bed.

When his knees hit the bed, he stopped moving, and Ginny smiled up at him as she put her hands on his chest and pushed him backwards. He responded by grabbing her around the waist and pulling her down on top of him. She laughed at the expression of disbelief on his face and explained, “You were taking too long.”

Draco rolled over and top of her and replied, “I’ll have to see if I can do something about that.”

From that point on, everything was a blur of friction and heat. Ginny wrapped her arms around his neck, and her legs around his back, and held on for dear life. Her body seemed accustomed to his ministrations now, and it felt like vibrations kept flowing through her body. When Draco collapsed on top of her, she smiled and mumbled something about a nap.

Draco chuckled and set his alarm clock for half an hour. He started to get up to continue his homework, but Ginny quickly draped her body across his and promptly fell asleep. Deciding that his homework would have to wait, Draco threaded his hand through her hair, and drifted off to sleep.

Ginny pouted when the alarm clock went off. “It can’t be morning,” she complained.

Draco stretched and sighed. “It’s still the same night, and we have homework to do.”

Ginny’s pout grew more exaggerated, and Draco found himself thinking that she looked adorable. “Ginny, what homework do you have to do?”

“None, I’ve given up homework for the holidays. I’m sure Snape will understand.”

Draco snorted. “I think he gives extra homework this time of year just to torture us. Come on. Get up. I’m not going to do your homework for you.”

Ginny sat up and frowned. Draco looked at her sheet clad form, and he realized if she didn’t get dressed soon, neither one of them would be doing their homework. “Get dressed, Ginny. We have work to do.”

Ginny muttered a few choice cuss words under her breath as she reached for her shirt. Once she had it on, she realized it was Draco’s shirt. Deciding that she liked wearing his shirt, she buttoned it up, and went in search of the rest of her clothes.

Draco had his pants on, but he couldn’t find his shirt. When he looked over at Ginny, he saw she was happily wearing his shirt while she dug her books out of her bag. “That’s my shirt.”

Ginny smiled at him and replied, “Yes, it is.”

Confused, Draco pointed out. “Your shirt is over there.”

“I’m aware of that,” Ginny replied as she lay down on his bed to read her homework.

“What am I supposed to wear?”

Ginny spoke without looking up from her book. “I assume you have an entire closet of shirts. Why don’t you pick one of those?”

Draco had no idea why Ginny wanted to wear his shirt, but she obviously wasn’t planning on giving it up any time soon. Deciding to listen to her advice, he walked over to his closet and pulled out a shirt and put it on. Then he sat down at his desk to write his essay.

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