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The Bond that Intertwines Us by Padfoot Girl
Chapter 6 : The Bond is Threatened
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Sirius sat at the kitchen table, a cup of coffee in one hand, looking at the Daily Prophet. Harry sat next to him, pushing his scrambled eggs around on his plate, making small fortresses. Sirius had run out of flapjack batter, thus making Sirius to try to make something new, for once. The eggs were burnt and hard, but Harry told his godfather that he didn't mind. Harry found a piece of egg that wasn't burnt and plopped it in his mouth, crunching down on it.

"I don't mind, you know. I can get you something else." Sirius looked over at the small boy.

"No! It's great." Harry eagerly stuffed some more in his mouth.

Sirius got up from his chair and went over to the cupboard, opening it up and grabbing two muffins out of a box. He went over towards the table and sat one in front of Harry and took one himself. They were both chocolate chip muffins, which were soft and looked absolutely delicious.

"Eat that. It has to be better then those eggs." Sirius took out his wand and floated the plate over to the sink.

"Really, Padfoot, I didn't mind." Harry picked at his muffin, chocolate smearing onto his hands.

"Sure." Sirius turned back to his issue of the Daily Prophet and began to read again.

"Can I learn how to play Quidditch yet?" Harry asked, popping a piece of muffin into his mouth.

It had been three days since Sirius taught Harry how to ride a broomstick, his brand new Bianca 6000. Each day, Sirius let Harry go higher and higher in the air, Sirius still by his side to make sure he didn't fall off. Sirius had said he would teach Harry how to play Quidditch as soon as he was convinced Harry could fly on his own without falling off.

"Maybe. I'm not sending any bludgers after you though. We can practice with the quaffles if you like. Play the chaser position." Sirius smiled softly as he turned the page in the paper, a headline catching his eye.

'The First Ever Azkaban Breakout
Special Correspondent Rita Skeeter'

What? People were breaking out of Azkaban now? Was that even humanly possible? Sirius looked at the picture. There stood his cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange, with her husband, Rodolphus, and her brother-in-law, Rabastan. Behind them stood three other Death Eaters. They all looked pale and dead, much like Sirius did when he finally got out of Azkaban.

"Padfoot? You okay?" Harry noticed Sirius's dark expression.

"I'm fine." Sirius picked up the paper, folding it back, and started to read.

'Yesterday afternoon, six Death Eaters broke out of Azkaban Fortress; Rodolphus and Bellatrix Lestrange, Rabastan Lestrange, Olympus Flint, Scarlet Candace, and Rupert Hurst. Many think that this breakout had something to do with You-Know-Who's supporters. Many think that Sirius Black, convicted murderer, played a major part with the breakout. Bellatrix Lestrange, formally Bellatrix Black, is indeed Black's cousin.

"Personally, I don't know what they were thinking giving Black custody of Harry Potter. Is the Ministry mad?" Alexandra Giles told the Daily Prophet.

Sirius Black is now residing in an undisclosed place with his godson, The-Boy-Who-Lived, Harry Potter. Is the Wizarding World really safe when Black is on the lose, bailing out fellow Death Eaters-'

Sirius threw the paper onto the floor; he had enough of all that balderdash. Yeah, right, like he broke his cousin, who he despised, out of Azkaban. He hated everyone in his family, except is cousin Andromeda Tonks, the only decent Black in his mind.

"Padfoot, what's wrong?" Harry asked his godfather.

"Nothing, Harry. What do you want to do today?" Sirius offered the boy a reassuring smile.

"You could teach me how to play Quidditch!" Harry smiled back at Sirius.

"You know all the rules and what it's all about, it's just a matter of actually learning."

"Okay, then I want to learn!" Harry got up and grabbed Sirius's arm, pulling him towards the back door.

"I'm coming. I'm coming." Sirius stood up and allowed himself to be pulled outside, in the warm summer morning.


"We strike tonight." Bellatrix Lestrange stated firmly.

Bellatrix had a hollowed, pale face, her cheeks concaving inward slightly. She had hard, cold, brown eyes. Her black hair fell loosely around her face, reaching the small of her back. Bellatrix grabbed a knife and started to cut her hair off at the shoulder.

"Tonight? We don't even know what kind of wards he's put up." Narcissa Malfoy hissed back at her sister.

"Narcissa's right. We don't know what Black did to protect that house." Lucius Malfoy told Bellatrix, as he hair fell down onto the ground in a pile.

"Oh, Lucius, 'Cissa and I basically grew up in that house. Like our father or mother ever cared. It was Aunt Cassi who took us in, took us in with that ungrateful, Mudblood loving sister of ours." Bellatrix replied, grabbing a brush off of the table and brushing her hair straight.

"So, you know your way around. Who cares? There are still wards up. As soon as they go off, we have Albus Dumbledore on our arses." Lucius hissed.

"Leave her alone, Malfoy." Rodolphus stood up, standing next to his wife.

Rodolphus was deathly pale, like his wife. He had cold, lackluster gray eyes that could burn a hole through you. He was thin, and his bones stuck out on the stretched skin that could have passed for leather. His brown hair was now thick and messy; it hung down to his elbows.

"Listen, Lestrange, I'm not putting my life on the line for some useless little, spoiled brat. We form a plan or you're on your own." Lucius stood his ground.

"We can get in and out of that house without even being detected." Rabastan walked towards the group, joining in on the conversation.

Rabastan looked like the mirror image of his older brother. Although, Rabastan's cold, gray eyes got a gleam to them. They were shining brightly; as if he was the happiest he's been in years. Rabastan's pale lips curled up into a grin.

"Do tell us your bloody ingenious plan!" Lucius said sarcastically. "Seen you haven't lost your touch, even thought you've been in Azkaban for the past five years. Was it really worth it?"

"Shut up." Rabastan grabbed Lucius by the collar of his robes and rammed him into a wall. "I don't take orders from useless gits like you."

"Rabastan, enough." Bellatrix called him off as Rabastan let go of Lucius.

"Tell us your plan to get the Potter boy." Rodolphus crossed his arms over his chest, waiting for an answer.

"It's so simple, it's brilliant, Dear Brother." Rabastan twisted his lips into a grin.


"Moony!" Harry ran up to Remus Lupin as he stepped out of the fireplace.

"Why hello there, Harry." Remus picked up the small boy into his arms.

Over the past couple of weeks, Harry had warmed up to Remus, after much persuasion from his godfather. Harry was still only completely comfortable with his godfather, there bond rain deep. Sirius got up from his spot on the couch and greeted his best friend.

"How goes it, Moony?" Sirius held out a hand as Remus shook it.

"Can't complain." Remus replied, a smile playing on his lips.

"Come to make us dinner?" Sirius asked as he took Harry from Remus.

"If I must." Remus sighed.

"Padfoot tried to make eggs this morning, but he burned them really bad! They were all hard." Harry made a face of distaste as Remus chuckled softly.

"You said you didn't mind." Sirius lowered his head, his hair obscuring his vision, to look at his godson.

"I didn't want to upset you." Harry replied, resting his head on Sirius's chest.

"Sirius! You didn't make him eat that did you?" Remus exclaimed in shock.

"No! We had muffins. A great breakfast, if I may so add." Sirius smiled widely.

"What do you want for dinner? I'll make it." Remus shook his head slightly.

"Harry, what do you want?" Sirius asked him.

"Err.. I don't know." Harry replied honestly.

"How about we have a feast? Like a Hogwarts feast!" Sirius grinned mischievously.

"You can make that on your own, Padfoot." Remus replied as the three made their way to the kitchen.

"How about pizza? I never had any." Harry suggested.

"Pizza?" Sirius asked in confusion.

"It's a muggle food, Sirius." Remus explained.

"Oh, tasty?"


"You know, Harry, that pizza wasn't so bad." Sirius said as he carried Harry towards his bedroom, Harry merely making soft sound of agreement.

It was now ten o'clock at night, and Harry was falling slowly to sleep. After eating dinner with Remus, the two adults played Wizarding Chess as Harry watched in amazement. Seeing that Harry was slowly falling asleep while watching, Sirius decided to call it a night. Remus went back to his home and now the two in Marauder Mansion would go to sleep.

Sirius pushed the door opened to Harry's bedroom and sat him down on the ground. He made Harry change into his pajamas and then he walked him towards the bed. He laid Harry on top of the squashy, soft covers and then pulled them over him. Sirius slipped off his glasses and sat them on the nightstand. Sirius bent down and kissed Harry lightly on the forehead.

"Goodnight, Harry." Sirius ruffled Harry's hair affectionately.

"Night, Daddy." Harry mumbled as he snuggled down into the covers.

Sirius froze in his place. Why did Harry just call him that? What would James think? Sirius never wanted Harry to call him that, that name was reserved for James, his best friend. Then again, James was dead. Sirius shook his head, he was half asleep, and he made a mistake. Nothing to get too worked up over.

Sirius walked towards the door and closed it, leaving it ajar like usual. Sirius walked towards his room across the hall. Might as well go to bed, there was nothing for him to do. Sirius changed quickly and plopped down onto the bed. He closed his eyes and immediately fell asleep; it wasn't easy getting up early in the morning.


"One small move and it's all over. Don't mess up. Any of you." Rodolphus, who now had shorter hair and looked somewhat healthier, told the small group.

"Just remember the plan and we have that Potter boy in our possession." Rabastan growled, who still looked the same since his breakout.

"What if this doesn't work, Rabastan?" Narcissa asked, unsure of herself. "My family put their lives on the line to break you guys out of Azkaban, what if we fail?"

"Dumbledore's all about love. He put Potter with those muggles because he would be with blood relatives, relatives who loved him. Now that he lives with Black, he doesn't have that blood connection, but the love is still there. We go into the house, not wanting to harm anyone and we can get him out. Our intentions have to be good and pure. If our intentions are just to take the boy out of there, then the wards shouldn't go off. Just don't hurt him and we should be fine." Rabastan told them as he made his way towards the door.

"What if the wards are up with anybody who has a Dark Mark? What if it goes off when we are around?" Bellatrix asked, rubbing her arm out of habit.

"It will work. Our Marks aren't activated. We're not going to be called. Our Lord is powerless and alone, we need him back." Rabastan paused for a second before continuing. "Are you in or out?"

"In." Bellatrix said firmly, stepping forward.

"In." Rodolphus and Narcissa agreed.

"What about you, Malfoy?" Rabastan stepped closer to Lucius.

"If anything goes wrong, this is on your head." Lucius replied. "I'm in."

"Good. Let's go." Rabastan turned around and walked towards the door.

"What about Draco? Are we just going to leave him here alone?" Narcissa asked.

"He's sleeping. It won't take us more then an hour." Rabastan explained.

"Can we get a move on then?" Bellatrix asked, slightly annoyed.


Harry slept not so peacefully in his bed. He was having the nightmare he had for the past four nights, the one he couldn't remember when he woke up the next morning. He turned to his side and pulled the covers close to him, snuggling with them. The small boy was unaware of the door opening and two shadowy figures stepping into his bedroom. One of the figures stepped closer to him, brushed a piece of hair on his forehead to make sure he had the famous lightning bolt scar.

"No, leave him alone. It's me you want." Harry mumbled as he turned in his sleep again.

"It is you we want." Bellatrix Lestrange whispered in the boy's ear.

"Sirius?" the boy mumbled as he opened his eyes, squinting.

"Don't you wish, Baby Potter?" Bellatrix covered the boy's mouth as his eyes shot straight open, his emerald eyes wide with fear.

"Shhh, it's okay. We're not going to hurt you." Narcissa Malfoy stepped closer to him. "We just want you to come with us. We're not going to hurt you."

Bellatrix wrapped her free hand around the boy's stomach, jerking him off of the comfy bed. Harry made a sound of protest, but it was muffled out by Bellatrix's hand. She placed the frail boy under her arm, carrying him roughly out of the room. Harry tried to struggle, but the woman was much stronger then he was. They made their way downstairs, where Harry saw three men waiting for them.

"Don't hurt him. The wards will go off." Rabastan hissed to his sister-in- law.

"I'm not hurting him, Rabastan." Bellatrix hissed back.

Harry didn't want to go with them. He wanted to stay here with Padfoot! He didn't want to leave! Why were they doing this to him? Were they going to take him back to the Dursleys? A shiver went through Harry's whole body as the thought filled his mind. He vowed that he would never think about them ever again.

Harry panicked, he didn't want to leave, but what could he do? Padfoot was so nice to him. He hadn't felt loved in his whole life, and Padfoot did everything to make him happy. Why were they ripping him away from the one person he loved? Harry opened his mouth and bit down as hard as he could on the woman's hand. Bellatrix dropped Harry and he landed on the floor.

"PADFOOT!" Harry yelled as he tried to crawl away, his arm aching from the fall. "PAD-"

Harry's cries were muffled from another hand covering his mouth. It was a man's hand; it was rough against Harry's smooth skin. He looked angry, his long hair hanging around his face. Rabastan jerked Harry into his arms.

"Cover yourselves." The man hissed.

They obeyed and flung the black hoods over their heads, so that they wouldn't be identified. There were frantic footsteps running across the wooden floor upstairs. The Death Eaters made their way to the front door, trying to leave before Sirius would see them.

"HARRY!" Sirius's voice rang through the house as he started to come down the stairs, two at a time.

"Let's go!" Lucius hissed as they went out into the crisp, night air.

"STOP!" Sirius shouted at them, his wand pointed at the kidnappers.

"Crucio!" Rodolphus pointed his wand at Sirius.

Sirius fell to the ground, pain shooting through his every limp. It felt like white, hot knives were stabbing him every inch that they could find. Sirius bit his bottom lip, keeping himself from shouting out in pain. He didn't want to give him that much pleasure.

The pain stopped as there were loud popping sounds coming from outside. Sirius tried to count them, but he couldn't. He was in too much pain. Sirius turned onto his stomach and tried to crawl after his godson, he had to save him. There were more popping noises and people were shouting things, Sirius couldn't comprehend them.

"Sirius! Harry!" a man's voice yelled as he came through the door. "Sirius!"

Remus Lupin ran towards his best friend, knelling down beside him. Sirius pushed away when Remus tried to make sure he was all right. He didn't care about himself. He only cared about Harry.

"Harry." Sirius tried to get up, but Remus pushed him down.

"What happened?" Remus asked as several other people came into the house, including Albus Dumbledore.

"They took him." Sirius gritted his teeth.

"Who?" Dumbledore asked as he knelt beside the two.

"Death Eaters. They were here." Sirius told him, fighting to break Remus's restraints.

"How did they get in?" Remus turned his attention to Dumbledore. "Why didn't the wards go off as soon as they walked in the house?"

"Because, the wards up are wards that will only allow people in who don't want to hurt anybody. The people who came in here didn't want to hurt Harry, but they must have hurt him. That would explain why the wards just went off." Dumbledore looked grave.

"What? You just let anybody come into this house?" Sirius asked in disbelief. "I trusted you!"

"Sirius, we will get Harry back." Dumbledore tried to calm Sirius down. "You have to stay calm."

"You let me down!" Sirius yelled as he broke free of Remus's restraints and grabbed Dumbledore's robes. "You let Harry down!"

"Sirius, stop it." Remus grabbed Sirius's arms to try and pull him back.

"If Harry dies, its your fault!" Sirius broke free of Remus's restraints, once again, and stormed up the stairs.

"I never wanted this to happen." Dumbledore got up and brushed himself off.

"I know you didn't. Sirius is just upset right now. He didn't mean all those things he said. It's not your fault, you thought you had great wards up." Remus tried to comfort the older wizard, but had no luck.

"I want every Auror on this case! I want Harry Potter found and I want him found soon!" Dumbledore turned to an Auror, who had came with several others to see why the wards went down.

"Yes, Professor Dumbledore." The Auror left.

"He'll be found." Remus told himself.

"He will, Remus, he will."


It was a dark, cold room. There was only one window, a barred window, and that was at the very top of the room. It was stuffy and damp. The floors and the walls were made out of cement. Harry was thrown in there against his will and then left all by himself. Harry immediately went to the corner of the room and curled up into a protective ball, rocking back and forth. It was so cold and Harry couldn't see anything. He didn't have his glasses. He just wished he had his glasses.


The name made Harry's heart ache, he longed for his godfather. He longed to be in one of Sirius's warm embraces, to smell the smell of his aftershave on him, to bury his head into his godfather's robes. He longed to be on his broom with Sirius right next to him, watching to make sure he didn't fall off. He longed for some of his godfather's flapjacks or even those hard, nasty eggs.

Harry wiped away the tears that were forming in his eyes. He sniffed and looked around the small room, squinting to take in all the features. The room was bare and Harry had nothing. It felt like being in the cupboard at the Dursleys. He felt so unloved. Was Sirius mad at him? Is that why he didn't help? A voice in the back of his head told him, but Harry immediately felt guilty. Of course, Sirius wasn't mad at him. He told them to stop, but they wouldn't listen.


The one person in his life that made him feel completely safe. He never thought anything bad would happen to him when he was with Padfoot, but now he wasn't with his godfather. He was with people who wanted to hurt him, the same people in black hoods that were always in his dreams. The people who wanted to hurt his godfather and kill him.


There was a knock on the door, but Sirius had no intention in opening it. He sat in Harry's room, on his godson's bed. The covers untucked and his glasses, he didn't have his glasses. Sirius held the glasses in his hands, the small glasses that should be on his godson's face right now. He must be so scared and on top of that, he can't see. The knock sounded again, but Sirius paid no intention.

"Sirius?" the door opened and Remus stepped in, closing the door behind him. "Can we talk."

"He's only six years old." Sirius's voice was full of emotion.

"He is." Remus replied, making his way towards the bed.

"He doesn't deserve this. I-I want him back." Tears burned Sirius's eyes.

His godson, his pride and joy, was gone. He failed Harry and he failed James. Everything that Sirius had formed had been destroyed in less then five minutes. The trust, the bond that he formed with Harry was gone. He would never trust him again. He lost that right by not protecting him.

"It's not your fault. It's no one's fault." Remus told him.

"It is. It's mine. I should have put my own wards up on the house, but I was too damned busy trying to play the cool godfather." Sirius got up and sat the glasses down onto the nightstand. "He's a little boy, Remus! He doesn't understand what's going on!"

"Harry got the short end of the straw. You came and finally made his life better, but now Harry got the short end again. He will be found, Sirius. He's going to come home, to where he belongs." Remus tried to comfort him.

"It was probably my dear ole' cousin who took him. Her and her good-for- nothing-husband." Sirius started to pace the room.

"Narcissa? The Malfoys?" Remus asked in confusion.

"No, Bellatrix. The Lestranges." Sirius said with a wave of a hand.

"Sirius, they're in Azkaban."

"No, they broke out. Didn't you see the paper this morning?" Sirius asked.

"No, I didn't. How did they brake out?"

"I don't know. Probably the Malfoys doing." Sirius shook his head.

"What if they have Harry?"

"We have no proof. The Malfoy Mansion has so many hidden rooms, we'd never find him." Sirius hand a tired hand over his face.

"We'll get him back. We will." Remus tried to reassure his friend.

"I hope so."

End of Chapter 6

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