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Death is the way by demongurl
Chapter 7 : The Imperius curse
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Of course as soon as the Marauders set foot in the school the next day their adoring fans surrounded them. As Lily had done they had travelled a few grates too far and they had all ended up in Gryffindor Tower. Lily and April also ended up there and were swallowed up by the crowd of Gryffindors. None of them were very good at travelling by Floo powder. April felt slightly annoyed that Lily and herself weren’t getting any attention but she noticed plenty of strange glances and whispers coming their way.

“Ok,” April said over the top of the Gryffindors. “I think we should get to Dumbledore.!” Sirius nodded and pulled his two friends with him. Peter was working again that night and so it was only James, Remus and Sirius. The only Marauders people remembered.

“I miss school” Sirius said,

“Feels just like old times.” April said as they managed to get out of Gryffindor tower looking half way respectable.

“Potters, Lupin, Black and Marsden.” Drawled a cold voice behind them. “Oh please don’t tell me they’ve returned?” the group turned to see their old defence against the dark arts teacher, Professor Grout, behind them.

“We’re actually here to see Dumbleore, we’re having dinner with him.” James said coldly, now that they weren’t students anymore they could be as horrid as they wanted.

“In that case you will want to go to the room just off the great hall.” Grout said, “As much as I do not like any of you, particularly you,” Grout looked at Lily, “I think I should warn you that Peeves has planned to pour ink over the first few people to pass so I suggest going through the great hall.” Grout gave them a smirk and walked off.

“I hate him.” Lily muttered under her breath.

“We all do.” James said taking her hand.
Going through the great hall turned out to be a bad thing. The students were still having dinner and almost every student who wasn’t in Slytherin or in the first year came up to try and talk to them. Lily and April managed to get through before the boys and instantly felt slightly relieved that they weren’t as remembered as the boys.

“Lily.” Said a girl in a group of Hufflepuff students. “Is it true you’re pregnant?” Lily looked at April.

“How did they find out?” April asked Lily.

“Well I told Lee yesterday.” Lily said. She turned to the students and nodded, “Yes it’s true.” The Students walked of whispering quickly and looking at James a few times. James pushed his way through, his hair was sticking at all angles and he gave Lily a dishevelled smile.

“Got through.” He said proudly. Remus and Sirius soon joined him and the five carried on through a door to a room with a large table in the middle.

“Whoa.” Sirius said stumbling in. He was still slightly dazed at being mobbed. April put a hand on his back and gave him a reassuring smiled.

“At least you’re remembered.” April said. Sirius gave her a smile.

“Ah, the infamous Marauders.” Dumbledore said coming in wearing midnight blue robes. The five straightened and looked at Dumbledore. Dumbledore gave them all a smile and then turned to Lily.

“How are you coping?” He asked. Lily frowned. She hadn’t spoken to anyone about what she had been told, not even James.

“Not that good.” Lily said. The others looked at her and Dumbledore inclined his head.

“Now, let us enjoy the dinner.” Dumbledore said smiling.

* * * *

James stood at the roadside and looked across at Sirius. He was watching some girls walk past. James hit his arm and he went back to attention.

“What exactly are we looking for?” Sirius moaned. “It’s April’s day off and I’m stuck doing this.”

“There’s a shop somewhere along here that is a secret meeting place for deatheaters.” James said. A few girls passing them gave James a suggestive look but James ignored them.

“So we have to stay here for like the whole day?” Sirius asked.

“No, not here but we have to wander the streets.” James said. “I was also hoping that Padfoot could go a little innocent exploring.” James looked at Sirius. His face lit up at the suggestion of turning into Padfoot.

“Ok, so we wait here then.” Sirius said.

“Actually, I think we should move nearer the shop.” James said. Sirius nodded and they walked around the street.

Peter hid in a narrow alleyway with his new master. He could feel his dark mark on his arm burning but he was pleasing his master and that was all Peter needed to know.

“They will be checking out that shop there. I gave Dumbledore some false leads so that James is sent to the shop.” Peter said. “They took the bait and Lily is currently at work but once James is gone she’ll be quite vulnerable.” His master sneered and put a thin hand on Peter’s shoulder.

“You’re doing very well, Pettigrew.” Voldemort said. “I’ll be sure to raise your rank if this goes to plan. I must kill the Potters and the Longbottoms before July.” Peter looked at Voldemort.

“Why?” Peter asked.

“Do not ask me questions Pettigrew. You have done well as my spy. Go and continue to split Marsden and Black. We need to get rid of Marsden, she is a hazard to my deatheaters”

“But she’s just a trainee auror” Peter said confused.

“Next time you go on a raid no doubt she will be there. She may be a trainee but she is almost as dangerous as the Potters and Moody. Go Pettigrew before I kill you.” Voldemort ordered. Peter nodded quickly and disapparated. Voldemort took a deep breath and gave a quiet chuckle. His plans were going well, he just needed to kill a few more people and he would be able to conquer the world. He knew that the great progress he had made was due to Peter’s spying. If Peter wasn’t prepared to spy then Voldemort’s plans would have been hindered.

Sirius sat on a bench and sighed. He munched his way through a disgustingly greasy Muggle food called a Bigmac. The sky was starting to grow an inky blue and Sirius was getting very cold, it was early November so the whether was cold, it had rained a bit during the day and it was very windy.

“I’m bored James.” He complained to James. James had been paying attention all day and Sirius really had no idea how he did it.

“Sh!” James said. James had just spotted a shadowy figure walking towards the shop. “I just spotted someone.” Sirius wolfed down the bigmac and stood up.

“What are we waiting for then?” Sirius asked. He felt his stomach protest against the food he had just eaten. “Lets go.” Sirius said. The two headed towards the shop. James knew he was being foolish but something in him drove him to do it. The figure went down a small smelly alley way that led to a small quad filled with rubbish and a large wheely bin overflowed with rubbish. Sirius wrinkled up his nose at the smell. James looked around there was no one there. What if it was a trap? James started to leave suddenly feeling that he was going to be in big trouble when a figure stepped in front of the exit.

“Mr. Potter” the person hissed. James got his wand out and held it tightly in his fist. “It is finally nice to see you in person.” The person lowered his hood and revealed a pale snake like face. His eyes were red and glowed with evil.

“Voldemort!” James hissed. Sirius turned and got his wand out.

“You are brave to say my name boy, it will be the end of you though.” Voldemort raised his own wand.

“Impedimenta” Sirius said. A jet of light hit Voldemort on the chest and he stumbled into the alley.

“Stupefy.” James said. The spell missed and hit the wall. A few shards of brick came off the wall and James cursed to himself as he prepared to apparate.

“Locomotor Mortis” Voldemort said pointing his wand at Sirius. Sirius’ legs snapped shut and he fell to the floor unable to walk. James took a step back when Voldemort gazed at him. James felt like Voldemort was boring into his mind. Voldemort hit James with a powerful spell that sent James across the small quad and he hit a wall and landed on Sirius who grunted.

“Beautiful woman that mudblood of yours.” Voldemort said, “It’s a pity that I couldn’t kill her but you can. Imperio.” James raised his wand but he was too late.

* * * *

Lily sighed as she got home. Someone had complained about her work today and she had spent the whole day in Fredrick Izadora’s office being interviewed on her meeting with the muggle Prime minister. They wouldn’t tell her who had complained but Lily knew that it was Benjimin Krankwood. Lily went straight to the bedroom and started getting changed into her more comfortable muggle clothes. A simple vest top and pyjama trousers. Again her stomach felt slightly unsettled and she had to fight to keep her food in her stomach. This stupid baby was insistent on making her ill!!

“You are going to be in so much trouble when you’re born.” Lily muttered to her stomach. As if in protest her stomach gave a jolt and Lily had to put a hand to her mouth to stop it from opening. She had also gone to St. Mungos to have a check up and they had confirmed that she was pregnant and could be expecting mid-July. Lily looked in the mirror and pulled the band in her hair, letting her long red hair fall over her shoulders. As she looked for her brush a figure apparated into her room. Lily bolted upright and turned to see James standing in the doorway. She smiled and started to him.

“James, I thought you were-” Lily didn’t finish.

“Silencio” James said dangerously. Lily stared in surprise and felt panic rising in her body. “Stupid Mudblood.” He said. Lily’s eyes widened and she quickly went to the bedside table where her wand lay. “Accio.” The wand flew to James’ hand and he pointed her wand at her as well. Lily pressed herself against the wall, what was wrong with James. He looked like he wanted to kill her. Lily swallowed a lump that had developed in her throat and tried to make herself small.

“He wants you dead and you will die.” James said. He raised his wand but didn’t say anything. Lily stared into his eyes. She could see conflict in them. James closed his eyes and shook his head. “They’re my orders. Crucio.” A jet of light shot out of James’ wand and struck Lily. She felt her body screaming in pain. She let out a silent scream as she slid down the wall and fell to the floor. The pain stopped almost immediately. She fell to her elbows and she could no longer fight the urge to be sick. James suddenly put his hands to his head.

“No! Get out of my head!” He shouted. He blinked a few times and when he saw Lily on the floor he ran to her side. “Lily, I’m so sorry, I couldn’t stop myself. He put the imperio curse on me. Lily.” He reversed the silencing charm on Lily and handed her wand back. Lily was breathing deeply and slowly.

“Get out” she said quietly. James looked at her confused as she turned to look at him. “Get out of my room!” she screamed as she propped herself against the wall. James looked at Lily hurt.

“Lily I was under a curse.” James said pleadingly. Lily’s eyes were filled with tears.

“Get out!” Lily said. She couldn’t shout at him anymore. James tried to lean in to kiss her but she pushed him away and turned away. James got up sadly and apparated out of the room. Lily wiped her eyes with the palm of her hand and cried.

A/N:-VOldemort and Peter are EVIL!!!!!!

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Death is the way: The Imperius curse


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