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Setting It All Up by luckistars
Chapter 11 : Determination
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"Wake up Lilly!"

"What?" Lilly asked drowsily. Her eyes opened slowly to the sight of a dressed Angelina.

"We have practice!" she exclaimed loudly, walking to Lilly’s closet, and thrusting it open. It was near empty, only with black pants, sweaters, and her quidditch robes. Angelina's eyes scanned the wardrobe, and as her eyes fell upon the robes, she snatched them quickly, and tossed them at Lilly.

Lilly caught the robes, but not before her eyes looked at the clock on her nightstand. The nightstand was rather simple, but many names and relationships carved into it. Lilly would often stick pencils and marbles into the grooves so they would not roll away. The most intricate one that Lilly used often was one with the words, 'Hargreaves & Black Forever' with an actual design that Lilly used to roll marbles in when she could not sleep.

"Stop staring at your nightstand, its 6:30." Angelina scolded Lilly. Her mouth opened in a gape.

Her eyes open in disbelief, "6:30?!?" she exclaimed.

"Yeah." she told her, "Oliver was being nice, and let you and Katie sleep in an extra thirty minutes. Practice starts in 5 minutes! Chop chop!"

"You have got to be kidding me." Lilly told Angelina, yet she still rolled out of bed, and began to change, even though Angelina was still in the room. "He was letting me sleep in? He didn't even tell me about stupid practice!"

Angelina rolled her eyes. "No. He didn't. I tried to last night, but you were in the stupid shower for hours!"

"Bath." she corrected.


"And what about classes?" she continued to ask. Lilly knew the routine, after all her dorm-mates were on the team for the last two years, yet she still decided to ask.

Angelina answered exasperatedly, "You know that we finish by 8, then we shower, go eat breakfast, and head to class. Smart one." Her voice was dripping in heavy sarcasm that even a sleepy Lilly caught onto but she decided not to say more.


"Yeah." Lilly stated, adjusting her robes one last time.

Angelina rolled her eyes, and pulled out a comb for Lilly’s hair. “We can’t have your hair flying into your eyes. And it’s a major hassle later on to try to fix it before class.”

“I know that.” Lilly told her with exasperation in her voice. Angelina was treating her like a child, but that was what Angelina did. Babied her.

In a moment, Angelina was done, and they began to walk down the hallway. To break the silence, Lilly stated one fact. “Oh, quidditch is love.”

Practice lasted just like the routine. Lilly felt completely rejuvenated after that quidditch scrimmage they had. She felt the exhilaration of the air, the feeling of a chase, everything that had made her fall in love with that game.

She walked in a trance like state, trying to pull back the memory of the Snitch in between her fingers as she heard someone running behind her. She ignored it for the moment, as the feeling of success started to come back to her.

It came back. For a moment, Lilly felt like she was back on her broomstick. The snitch was in her hands. And for a strange reason, a crowd was there, applauding for her. The team rushed and hugged her.


And then, Lilly’s daydream was broken. Rolling her eyes she began to pound away, now with a purpose to get away from the person who had ruined her lovely wish.

"Oy!" someone called again. Lilly spun around, and the person running towards her, stopped. Too her dismay, it was Alex. "Wotchers!" She turned around without saying a word towards him, and began to walk away, rolling her eyes. "Hey!"

"What?" she said exasperatedly, pushing her bangs from her face, looking at him with a new found spite.

"Don't think I'm discouraged." he stated.

She made a squeak before regaining her composure. "Discouraged from what?" She turned once more to walk, except this time expecting Penn to walk with her. "If you don't mind my walking, I'm nearly late for Potions."

"I take that class too." Alex pointed to his Potions book on top of the stack of books he was carrying. "So I guess I can walk with you."

Damn, that boy doesn't give up! Lilly thought to herself, turning her head so she could make a disgusted look without his seeing. As she turned her head, she said "Oh, that’s great!” feigning excitement.

"You don't want me too?" he asked, perceiving past her obvious discomfort.

"No!" she assured. "It's fine!" He smiled pleased, this time, not taking the time to see the obvious lie that spewed from her mouth. She looked amongst the hallways to see if she could run somewhere, escaping him. She saw so many opportunities, but she kept in mind that he had the same class as her, and knew that she did, so she continued walking.

And then she saw her escape. In the form of Oliver Wood.

"Oliver!" she called happily, waving her hands in excitement. Several portraits shushed her, but she did not care. Oliver looked up from his book, which she could see as 'Quidditch through the Ages' and saw her waving. She knew that he has Potions as well, but he often roamed the hallways, and then going to class, always arriving perfectly on time.

Alex whispered, "I thought you didn't like him."

"He's quidditch captain. I need to talk to him about our next match. Go on ahead of me."

"Isn't the next match against the Raven-"

"Yes, yes!" she hissed hastily, pushing him. She then nearly skipped towards Oliver.

"Wanted to get away?" Oliver asked. She nodded. "Pressuring you about that rejection you gave him?" He then covered his mouth, knowing that he was walking into forbidden territory.

“Oliver…” Lilly said in warning. But she didn’t push it any further. After all, he was a boy. That was a girl's world.

Oliver made a noise, but kept it in. “Any who, is Alex bugging you?”

Lilly's mouth fell open, obviously not wanting to speak. "No..." she said slowly. She then shook her head, and returned to her normal snappy routine. "What's it to you, anyways?"

"Nothing." he replied, clamming up.

"Anyways, our next match is when again?" she asked. Her hasty change in subject was a feeling of relief for the both of them.

“Next week… Saturday.”

Lilly pulled out a pad of paper, and wrote the date down. “Time?”

“9:30.” He told her. She returned to looking at her pad of paper, and wrote the time down as well. “Oh shoot! We have practice!” he nearly shouted.

In a whirlwind, Lilly managed to shove her paper into her pocket, and before they knew it, the two were running down the hallways together.

Hours later, yet once more, Oliver found himself sitting in the common room with Angelina, Alicia, Fred and George.

“Why are you guys always here?” he asked in amazement, the gang in their proper place. “But where’s Eliza?”

“Date.” Angelina told him.

Oliver nodded his head. “We’ve got a game on Saturday.”

“You told us already.” Fred said in a bored tone, not looking up from the magazine that he was reading.

“Aren’t you guys going to ask about Lilly?” Oliver stated, still trying to get over his initial shock of their permanence in the common room, as well as their non-existant curiousness in his love life.

“You want us too?” George replied.

“No…” he answered slowly.

Alicia burst into laughter. “You so know you do.”

“Okay, sure, I do.”

“How’s Lilly doing?” the four asked in unison. Oliver smiled, and nodded his head in approval.

“She’s doing great.”

“But not with you.” Fred pointed out.

“And you guys aren’t going to give me any wacky ideas to work on this problem?”

George sighed. “We sorta gave up.”

“No you didn’t.” Oliver said in an all-knowing voice.

Angelina decided that she should speak. Getting up from her slouched up position, she told Oliver, “Oliver… Alex is going to make his move. You know he will. So you need to too! It’s so annoying, how oblivious Lilly is! You know she has a non-existent love life! Quite similar to yours!”

“Shut up.” Oliver retorted weakily.

“Just stating the facts.”

“Fine. But how am I going to make my move?”

They looked at each and smiled. “That’s where we come in.”


A/N: OMG. I’m so sorry that I haven’t updated in centuries it seemed! I feel so lame, as I am really trying to defeat writers block, but it’s really just jumping in my way! But hey, the story is progressing! I’ve gotten really caught up in TDA and Photoshop, but now since it’s Winter Vacation, I’ll have time to continue writing! Isn’t that wonderful? Yes, indeed it is!

Thank you all for your support, and those who leave me reviews and read! I love it! I’m really sorry again, as I kept promising faster updates, but I will try now! I have some high school application tests to take some time soon, but I don’t think that will get in the way as much.

As always, Mwah, I love yall.

---Tiff aka Iriki

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