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The Spiraled Staircase of Truth by HeavenEyes58
Chapter 1 : Ginny's Leave
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Disclaimer: I donít own anything except for new characters and plots. J.K. Rowling has given me this opportunity by starting this great story. And I am only making up my own. Though itíll never be compared to hers as even good! *sob sob*

"Ginny you don't have to go! Mom and dad are fine! We've been like this for years and we're still alive," roared Ron as Ginny told him what she was planning to do for the summer.

"You don't get it Ron! I promised I'd go! And what's so bad about wanting to earn a couple of bucks," Ginny reasoned.

Fred and George strode over to where Ginny and Ron were arguing for the umpteenth time that day.

"You guys never give it a rest do you?" George asked them.

"Of course not! Ron still thinks I'm a 5 year old!" Ginny exclaimed.

At that moment Harry and Hermione arrived out of nowhere.

"Hey Ginny! Hey Ron! What's up? Are you two arguing again?" Harry questioned.

"Of course not, Harry. They're just having a civilized conversation like they always do,Ē Fred replied. Hermione looked over at Ginny questioningly.

"Ginny, why does it look as if you're leaving soon?Ē asked Hermione

"Because she is! She's going to work for those stupid Malfoys!" Ron stormed.

"WHAT!" Hermione and Harry screamed in unison.

"Yep," replied Ginny coolly,Ē Iím going to work at the Malfoys over the summer. Well actually just Malfoy Jr. His father and mother are going away to Holland for the summer for "private business" and I got the pleasure of taking care of Draco."

Harry and Hermione stared at her dumbfounded by her response. Work at the Malfoys? Harry never knew they had been that poor!

"Gin, you sure you want to do that? I mean his father's a death eater and his mom's who knows what! Malfoy is probably just the same as his dad! You could be risking your life!" replied Hermione in a know-it-all tone.

There goes Hermione, always stating the obvious. It wasn't as if Ginny didn't know Draco. She had just completed her first year at Hogwarts and it wasn't something she was going to forget easily. The Chamber of Secrets had left her quite tired out over the last two weeks. But she had promised to go and she wouldn't break the promise, even if it was to the Malfoys.

"Well, while you guys stay here and debate my future, I've got to go! Oh my god, I'm going to be late! Oh great!" groaned Ginny.

She picked up her luggage and streamed out of the garden, inside the house, and into the kitchen.

"Mom! Dad! I've got to go!" Ginny said.

Her mom and dad dashed into the kitchen. Her mom gave her a tight squeeze and a kiss in her forehead while her dad briefed her on the importance of staying out of trouble.

She took floo powder and got into the fireplace. "Malfoy Mansion," she screamed, as the feeling took over and she disappeared out of the fireplace.

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The Spiraled Staircase of Truth: Ginny's Leave


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