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There's A Darker Side to Everyone: The Continuation by kissedbyavampire
Chapter 2 : In Which: Truths are Revealed and Powers Formed
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There’s a Darker Side to Everyone
Chapter 2; In Which: Truths are Revealed and Powers Formed 

Harry felt shocked, sick, and his head started swimming with feelings that he hadn’t felt so strongly since the War against Voldemort, which the Muggles had appropriately named World War III. Grief and revulsion seemed to seep through to his very core when Malfoy had said, so candidly, that he and Hermione were vampires, not caring how deeply that it cut him through the core or his heart.

Involuntarily, he shuddered, though he knew this action would hurt Hermione. He tried to suppress it as much as he could when he spoke.

“How long has it been?” Harry inwardly grimaced at the callousness of his own voice, but he kept his face straight. He asked again, “How long have you two been…vampires?”

“I’ve been for almost a month now, Potter,” Malfoy said coldly, his arms still crossed over his chest. Oh, how Harry wanted to sock him to put him in his place after all these years. “Granger here for less than that; she turned about two weeks ago.”

“The most horrid two weeks of my life,” she whispered from behind Malfoy, her voice quiet and hurt. Harry’s gaze softened; here was a girl who had lived through a lot with him right along side of him. But now, she only had this ferret.

She must have known that he would take it badly, and she probably didn’t relish the moment when Ron came back to England from his honeymoon in Cancun. Harry realized; that the last ‘normal’ thing that Hermione had done was attend her best friend’s wedding as Maid of Honor. Ron and his bride had met at work in Quidditch, she being a physical trainer, Lucia. Apparently, she had been in Hogwarts as a Ravenclaw, but they had never met until the World Cup when Ron had dislocated his shoulder. Like a corny romantic comedy they had fallen deeply in love at first sight.

Harry simply wanted to go over and hug Hermione. To hold her, comfort her and not let her go. He hated seeing his best friend like this; putting up this façade of insurmountable strength, but beneath it all, her soft frailness hid. She had always been this way, but the stronger side shone through before. But now, her frailty was showing itself.

“I’m sorry,” Harry whispered, not knowing what else to say to her, not knowing whether he should just launch at her and hug her senseless or not, but chose the latter.

“Why don’t we talk somewhere private?” said Malfoy. He looked uncomfortable as he looked around in the air, apparently looking at the sky, but for what reason Harry didn’t know. He looked to Hermione again, and saw that she too was looking up at the horizon nervously.

“Follow me,” he said, picking up his invisibility cloak from the ground where Malfoy’s charm had flung it. Folding it up, Harry twirled his wand around it and with a faint pop it was charmed up to his dormitories. And with that, he led them up to the castle.

As they made their way up to the castle and through it, Draco seethed to himself.

Potter can be such a numbskull sometimes, he thought to himself. I’m so sick of people acting the way they do when they find out that Granger and I are vampires; and this dolt tops them all. It is so unnerving and frustrating!

Draco looked over at Granger as she fell into step with him following Harry. He saw the crease in her forehead, knew that she was troubled, and not just because in a few short hours that the sky would begin to lighten, but from her best friend’s reaction. But, in truth, Draco couldn’t blame him for being so disgusted; it was hard being a human, hard to understand things you couldn’t explain. He almost pitied him for his mortality…. almost, but not quite.

It was hell adjusting to this new way of life. The whole idea of having to kill others to survive was disgusting to his mind. The knowledge that most of the people he knew would grow old and die right before his eyes was even worse. It did not matter that he was not that close to his family or that he had any close friends, but still it bugged him to no end. Now he knew he had at least one person who could empathize, and he didn’t want to lose that. Despite what he had originally thought, he supposed that this whole change thing from evil to good was going to be harder than he thought. At least he had the two most goody-two-shoes people in the whole of England to help him.


As Malfoy’s thoughts turned over his worries, Hermione was doing the same thing.

I can’t believe that we made it here to Hogwarts generally unscathed, she thought. It had been much easier to persuade Malfoy than she thought it would be. For once in his life he listened to reason and consented to ask the only one who could help them and give them advice. She knew that Harry was the one person who could help right away, knowing what to do, but his name was a touchy subject around Draco, since he had once been ordered to kill him.

Hermione sighed, pondering the last few weeks that she had spent in the company of a murderer, one of the only thoughts turning up being, he can be such a stuck up pratt. I can’t believe that he rescued me in that side alley at Knockturn Alley. It just didn’t seem real, like I could have pinched myself and woken up.

But she brushed that thought aside like a dirty cobweb, knowing that she would have much rather had Draco Malfoy come to find her than someone like Borgin, or someone similar. She shuddered to think of it. Though she knew that she still couldn’t fully trust him, for reasons best left unsaid.

And to think, if he hadn’t already been turned, who knows what he might’ve done? It was a worrying thought. She was also just realizing how much he had risked by coming to the Order during the War with Voldemort, defying both the Dark Lord and his father.

Shaking her head solemnly, she was struck by the feeling of being quite old, after four years of never once setting eyes upon her home, the castle, but she knew that it was nothing compared to how old she’d feel in a few hundred years. But this was assuming that she and Draco wouldn’t kill each other before then, since they’d had their fair share of disputes. It had taken the last two weeks to fully stand each other, since they were almost forced to. But it hadn’t been so easy at first.

Thinking back to two Weeks Previous…
“Draco? Are you ignoring me again?”

Draco Malfoy came far enough out of his reverie to realize that he had been spoken to, but not enough to fully comprehend what was said.

“Did you say something, Granger?” he said, not really concentrating on anything other than what they were about to do, which was taking She let out an exasperated sigh. “Honestly, numbskull! I was just asking where we’re going. Hogsmeade is closed up at night, all except for the Three Broomsticks and the inns.”

“We aren’t going to either.”

“What do you mean?”

I realized that she had stopped in the middle of the street when her footsteps died away. Sighing with exasperation, I turned around to face her, her arms crossed across her chest. Even with her clothes bloodstained and tattered by walking through the forest and not being able to change her clothes since her attack.

“We’re going to the Hogs Head.”

“We’re going where?”

I smiled. “Honestly, numbskull!” I loved throwing her words right back in her face and she knew it. “You just asked where we were going, Hogsmeade being closed at night and all.”

Her cheeks were turning pink, which meant that I had done my job of infuriating her. I loved doing that. She was so funny when she was flustered, but I had yet to squeeze vulgarity out of her.

“Malfoy, you’re a…you’re a…” she said, stuttering with her words.

“Would you like to finish that sentence?”

“Argh!” she groaned, flinging her hands up into the air. “Will you just tell me why we’re going there of all places?”

“There’s someone I need to see,” I answered plainly, continuing on, leaving her behind to catch up, which she did and grabbed my arm. I temporarily forgot that she…that is she and I were much faster and stronger than we used to be. I don’t think she knew how hard she was squeezing my arm.

Raising a questioning eyebrow at her, I flexed my arm. I didn’t want to seem weak and pull away, or ask her to let go. I wanted to intimidate her with my new strength, not that I was a weakling before, but she didn’t know that.

But, to my surprise, she held on tighter, nearly cutting off the circulation in my fingers.

“What the hell do you think you are doing Granger?”

She looked at me intently.

“Who are we meeting there, Malfoy?”

There was genuine fear in her eyes as she stared into my own, making me uncomfortable. It was the same fear and pain that had been in her eyes the night that I had found her in the Alley.

I knew what she was thinking and sighed again, shaking my head at her and chuckling under my breath. I couldn’t help it, I laughed out loud, and hysterically at that. Hermione backed away from me, shaking her head in disbelief and backing away. Suddenly she turned and began to run away, back into the forest.

“Oh, no you don’t,” I growled, my laughing stopped altogether.

I sprinted towards her, but she sped up, her light and petite form making it easier for her to flit in and out of the trees. For the first time in my memory, I cursed being tall.

“Come back here, Granger!” I yelled after her.

“Not on your life!” she shouted back, jumping up on a rock then into a tree. I could hear her, jumping catlike from limb to limb.

“In case you had forgotten,” I shouted, jumping passed the boulder she had gone onto, “I NO LONGER LIVE!!”

Turning sharply, I leaned down and swung my arms like a long-jumper, and then leaped into the tree, where we almost collided. She screamed as she saw me leap catlike onto the limb she had been just about to go on. Instead, she surprised me and leapt higher into the gigantic tree. Groaning with frustration, I tried to follow with my ears, but could hear nothing. She had stopped. I smiled, climbing up the tree, looking about for any sign of her, my nose picking up nothing but a few rustled leaves from the wind and animals, not her bloody but raspberry smelling musk.

I climbed until I could climb no more, my head sticking out of the canopy of the trees. I saw no rustling that would indicate human, well technically, vampire life forms. I was frustrated out of my mind and bellowed all of my frustration, scaring a good amount of birds from their roosts.

“Catch me if you can!”

I turned so sharply that I nearly fell out of the tree. There was Granger, floating in mid-air, ten feet in front of me, her smile made only to vex me.

And, oh, did it ever.

Thanks again to lizalya for the beta-ing and to all of you who have reviewed. It means so much to me!

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There's A Darker Side to Everyone: The Continuation: In Which: Truths are Revealed and Powers Formed


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