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It's Not About The Money by ProngsPadfoot_Lover
Chapter 7 : Am I Nothing?
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Author’s Note: So sorry it took me soooo long. I’m a little bit embarrassed about my excessively slow time it took to update. Thanks to all of you that are reading this and being patient for me. I have no excuses and I only hope that I will be able to update more frequently in the future.

It had been a week and a half since Lily had been accepted into healing school; the wedding was to be tomorrow and the bachelor and bachelorette parties tonight. Although the parties were tonight, unfortunately for Lily the rehearsal dinner was in ten minutes. Lily swore as she awoke due to her owl’s pestering with her head in her book. “Oh PISS!” Lily opened the letter and it was of course the “where are you?” from Amanda. Lily crumpled it and ran to the bathroom. Lily looked into the mirror and sighed, this past week had definitely taken its toll. She was exhausted from school, work, and her current job. Well it’s another late night tonight, Lily told herself. Lily took her wand and started to make over at an alarming rate. Lily ran to her closet and started rummaging. She pulled out a dry cleaning sack from the back of the closet. Perfect. Lily ran around the house for two more minutes until she had acquired some jewelry, finished her hair, and grabbed the paperwork. Lily ran over to the mirror and took one last look. She was wearing a deep satin blue dress that hugged her in all the right places and some simple diamond studs in her ears. Lily ran her hands down her sides, her high matching strappy pumps gave her legs for days. Lily had her down in elegant curls but had teased the top so it had more body. She looked like a model. Lily grabbed her little wrap and paperwork and apparated to the church.


Lily arrived and was glad to see that her absence had gone unnoticed by everyone except for Amanda. Everyone was helping his or her selves to the catered food. Of course, Lily shouldn’t have panicked. It’s the rehearsal dinner for a reason. Lily walked in casually and went up to alter and set her paperwork down on the podium. Lily saw some heads turn as she walked down the aisle. Amanda ran up to meet her. “You look fantastic!” Lily smiled in response and cleared her throat in order to get everyone’s attention.


“Hello. I’m Lily Evans and this is my co-worker Amanda Rosemerta. We are the wedding planners and we couldn’t be more excited for the happy couple. Today, we’re going to do a quick run through of the wedding ceremony. So first I need the flower girl, then the ring bearer, and now I need the groomsmen and bridesmaids. I seem to have everyone except for Mr. James Potter. Does anyone know where he is?”


“No, but I can assure he will be here tomorrow Ms. Evans,” Lily turned and was shocked to find herself facing Mr. Edward Potter.


Mr. Potter winked at her as Lily smiled. “Thank you Mr. Potter. I’m sure I can just fill him in tomorrow before the ceremony.” The run through was flawless and made all of Lily’s doubt and worries disappear.


Lily walked over to Amanda. “I have to go home and change and get prepare the bar ready. Do you mind if I leave early?”


“Not at all, everything’s under control here. You go to the bachelor party and I’ll go to the bachelorette party.”


“So basically you go to a free spa treatment while I handle a bunch of drunk males?”


Amanda laughed. “You won’t have to handle them, that’s what the stripper’s for.”


Lily shook her head, “You’re so twisted. Accio wrap.” Lily summoned her wrap by the front door into her open palm. “Well I’ll catch you lat-“


“Ms. Evans, I see that you’re doing well on your own. Of course I don’t know if I’d call arranging parties a career but...”


Lily smirked. “Uh-huh and what is it exactly that you do Mrs. Potter? Never mind, well I have to go back to my house before I go to my other job and then I have to do some studying for healer’s school but I’m sure you understand, what with all your responsibilities,” Lily apparated before she could receive any response from Mrs. Potter.


Lily ran to the front door and tapped the hand with her wand and muttered “bumble” before throwing the door open. She quickly selected some capri sweatpants and a tight white tank top to replace her stylish yet painful shoes and dress. She hurriedly ran into her office to see if she could finish some homework before she had to leave. Lily had gotten through one assignment when she looked down at her watch and swore. She ran over and gladly took the coat her coat rack was holding out for her and threw it over her tank top.

The Three Broomsticks was only a few blocks away so Lily made it there in quick time. She unlocked the door and immediately headed back to the kitchen and started to work. In Lily’s childhood Petunia had always been the one to cook, but Lily figured that with magic her cooking would suffice. An hour had passed and Lily knew that she had about half an hour before the party began. She was a little behind but she was sure most of the men would show up late. Lily was thanking Merlin over and over again for the blessing of magic. She was sure that without it all that would be left of the Three Broomsticks was a pile of ashes. As that thought ran through Lily’s head she heard the door open, apparently she was mistaken.

“Hello Lily.”


“Potter! You’re early. Can I help you?”


Lily was about to snap no but after really looking at James she couldn’t help it. He looked worn. He had bags under his eyes, stubble, and he looked like he had aged three years since Lily had last seen him. “Not a problem at all Mr. Potter. Hold on one second.”

James accepted the tea as if it were the highlight of his day. “Thanks.”


Lily decided to wipe down the table she had already wiped down twice again, only this time the muggle way. She scraped at a nick in the counter with her nail until she couldn’t take it anymore; she had to break the uncomfortable silence. “So where were you today, not that I mind or anything…just out of curiosity.”


James looked up and made eye contact with her. “I was at work and then went to school, I’m sorry I wasn’t there.”

Lily snorted. "You at school and work, since when?"

“Since you yelled some sense into me. Look Lily. I thought about what you said and you were right. I needed to break away and work on my own. I was a prat and you were right.” Lily just stared at him in disbelief. “I know that you’re upset with me Lils, but I want you to know that I meant it when I gave you that ring. I will always love you, regardless of whether you move on or not.”

Lily just looked away and blushed. She wanted to kiss him and hold him. She wanted to forget the past two months and just go on as though nothing happened but she couldn’t. Lily’s eyes started to water and she couldn’t stare into those deep hazel eyes anymore. “Please, don’t do this now.”


James stood up and ran to the other side of the bar. He ran and held Lily in his arms but Lily didn’t let him hug her long. “Oh great, now I’m all blotchy.”

James kissed her on the forehead. “You look perfect…” Lily broke away and started to fix her appearance.

“Well I need to go to the kitchen and finish setting up,” Lily wiped her hands on her apron and started to exit to the kitchen.


James caught her arm and turned her to look at him. His eyes were full with a look of pleading, pain and the start of anger. “Is that all you can say. I don’t know what else I can tell you. I’ve never been more sorry in my entire life. What else can I do, what else can I say?”

Lily averted his eyes. “I want things to be the way they were James, but I don’t want to get hurt. What happened…I could never do that again.”


James took her chin in his hand and led it up to meet his face. “I will never hurt you again, if I could take it back I would. Please! Just give me another chance!”

“Alright, I’ll give you another chance. But let’s start off slow. I don’t want to do anything that we’ll regret. ”James looked down at her with pure joy. Then slowly Lily and James met and shared a sweet innocent kiss.


He would take whatever he could get. “Well Ms. Evans may I be so bold as to ask to escort you to the wedding tomorrow?”

Lily looked up at him with a look of guilt. “I would be delighted…but I already have a date.” Lily started to walk back to the kitchen; she really had to get to work now.


James ran after her “So does this mean you’re not my girlfriend?” Lily stopped in her tracks. Lily was sure she had stressed that she wanted to take it slow.


“James I said I wanted to take it slow. If you want to be exclusive you have to earn it, as I will earn the right from you. Right now all we have is a date, we aren’t a couple…at least not yet anyways. I’m sorry but I also like Kyle a lot and I’m not going to just drop him down.”


“Oh so we can see other people?”

“Of course! What part of not exclusive don’t you get?” Lily was done crying over James, she was tougher now and she was pissed. Lily stormed into the kitchen and finished cooking while slamming pots and pans around to alleviate some of her anger. She was in the kitchen for what felt like an eternity before she heard men entering ready to party. Lily brought out the bachelor party necessities of Buffalo wings and barbecue chicken with a simple levitating charm and went behind the bar and started to mix drinks. When it appeared as if everyone was content and somewhat under control Lily stood on the bar to make her announcement. “Thank you everyone for coming. I’m Lily Evans the wedding planner and I just want to warn you that we have a mechanic swinging by later so eat as much as you want and drink as much liquor!”

The boys cheered. Zach O’Harris ran over to meet her. “Lily the place looks excellent!”

Lily smiled a modest smile “Oh thanks, what can I get you to drink?”

Light conversation went on for the next fifteen minutes until there was a woman at the door. “Oh excuse me, it’s the mechanic.” Lily ran and opened the door. The mechanic walked in wearing a uniform with the top buttons undone to display her cleavage.


“Oh sorry to interrupt the party boys. Do you mind if I have something to drink before I get started?” She ran back behind the bar and poured a glass of water down her body. Then in one swift movement she jumped on the bar and tore off her uniform. Lily took that as the cue and tapped her wand on the nearby speaker. The boys started whooping and cheering, the stripper had arrived. Lily laughed and went back into the kitchen. She immediately started scrubbing the dishes.


“The muggle way? Now Ms. Evans I’m disappointed.”


“Kyle!” Lily ran and jumped in his arms. “Where have you been? You’ve owled me once! And that was because you needed a date…” He silenced her with a kiss. Lily just continued anyways. “…Honestly, I don’t know why I’m even throwing such a fit considering were not exclusive or anything but…”


Kyle interrupted her “Considering we’re not exclusive can I please go and see the stripper?”


Lily laughed and tugged him by the shirt and brought him close enough to kiss in a teasing manner. “Knock yourself out.”


Kyle ran out to the party and Lily continued cleaning. Lily went out to gather the dirty dishes and refill drinks she simply walked around the room flicking her wand here and there. Lily was behind the bar mixing up another pitcher of firewhiskeys when Zach came over. “Mr. O’Harris, do you need anything? More to drink?”


“No, I just thought I’d come and see if you were okay.” Zach took a seat at the bar and started to chat with Lily. She never knew what a great guy he was. Lily had just told Zach a story about her experience with Mrs. Potter and they were both rolling out of their chairs and clutching their ribs when James walked over to the bar.

“Bye Lily, I’m going to head out.”


“Bye James,” she barely paid him any attention “So after that she gave this whole speech in front of everyone, and I mean everyone…” Minutes seemed to fade into hours until Lily noticed that everyone had lft and she was still sitting and talking with Zach and ever so slowly Lily started to doze off as did Zach.


The next morning Lily woke up in the arms of Zach O’Harris. Nothing happened of course, and no they weren’t drunk. They had just stayed up later than belief and Lily leaned on Zach and then they fell asleep. Lily yawned and stretched. She looked at Zach and couldn’t suppress a giggle. Lily shook him awake. “Hey Zach, pssssst! Zach, wake up.”

Zach stretched “What time is it?”


“10:00 am. You’re weddding is in four hours. Excited?”


Zach smiled “Well I must go and get ready. Goodbye Lily, thank you for everything. I wouldn’t be getting married today if it weren’t for you. Bye.”

“Bye Zach.”


Lily put up the “closed” sign locked the doors and then walked back to the house. Believe it or not with only four hours left she had quite a bit to do. She wanted to get at the church at least an hour early in case there were any last minute problems and she wanted to owl the Potters to make sure they were set. Lily ran over to her closet and started flipping through her rack. Nothing. She, Lily Evans, and forgotten to purchase a dress. She couldn’t believe it. She had to look fabulous. This was her chance to finally say “In your face Mrs. Potter!” Shit. She’d just have to run to a store really quick. She had enough money. This wedding would pay for way more then any dress. She apparated to the nearest dress shop and looked around. She looked around, none of this would do. She’d have to go to the muggle shops. With a quick “pop” Lily apparated into an alley and quickly ran to the front of the shop. Lily flipped through the racks at a record speed. No, she couldn’t wear white! Then she saw an orange dress. ‘Who wears an orange dress?’ Lily looked at the back wall and saw it. It was perfect, a light sparkly silver that went all the way to the floor. She knew that she had the perfect white satin pumps at home to match. Lily took it off the rack and examined it closer. It looked too glamorous. The back laced up and the front came loose and low to the front, and it had a 20 centimeter train. It was too glamorous and she had to have it.


Lily apparated back in her house with her new purchase in her arms, she threw it on her bed and started accessorizing. Lily threw a black full-length coat over to make sure she didn’t get her dress dirty. Lily apparated to the church and ran to a backroom to throw her things. The last two weeks were finally coming together in a flawless finale! Lily stood in front of the church admiring her quality work and turned when she felt someone behind her.


“Wow, you look…” Lily flushed. She had removed her coat and had to admit, it was the best she had ever looked in her entire life. Her fiery red curls were pulled to the side by a single clip with a silver and white pearl lily on it that James had given her only a few long months ago.


“Thank you, you clean up pretty well yourself.” Brian was wearing a black tuxedo that really showed off his tall and lean body. After seeing some of the people walking in Lily was glad she hadn’t decided to go more casual. She fit right in. Brian weaved his fingers in with Lily’s.

“Shall we get seated?” Lily just smiled up at him. They started walking into the chapel. It was like a scene from a cliché romance movie. Two good looking people hand in hand walking together and stopping every few minutes to share a kiss. It would have been perfect, that is if a James Potter wasn’t watching with complete rage.

The ceremony was gorgeous; then again Lily Evans had put it together, of course it was gorgeous. It didn’t seem possible, could this really have been her this summer? It seemed too weird, she felt so different. The gorgeous couple shred their “I do’s” and a breathtaking kiss that declared them officially wife and husband. The wedding was just was any muggle wedding but with perks of rose petals falling from the ceiling over the couple, everything seemed to glow more and nothing was dull or less elegant than a swan.

Lily stood at the end; it was time to go celebrate at the Potter’s. Portkeys in the shape of white roses started to be passed to families ready to travel. Everyone had arrived and wined and dined and speeches had been made, nothing could be improved except for a dance of course. Lily went to the stage to announce the first dance. “For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Lily Evans the wedding planner and now friend of Zach O’ Harris. I would now like to announce the first dance, which is dedicated to the new married couple, Zach and Kristen will you please come out and start us off?”

Zach and Kristen moved out the dance floor, never taking their eyes off each other, and joined hands. Slowly couples started to move out onto the floor to join in the dance. Kyle whisked Lily away to the dance floor. It had barley been one song when Lily felt a tap on her shoulder. Lily turned to face a cleaned up, except for the messy mop of hair, smiling James Potter. “May I cut in?”

“Sorry, we just got here. Perhaps later?” Lily continued with Kyle as though nothing happened.


“You and James seem better.”


Lily looked up to see Kyle. “We are…in fact we have a date on Friday.”


“Really?” Kyle raised an eyebrow.


Lily averted his eyes “Well it’s not like we’re exclusive or anything.”


“No, I suppose we’re not. Of course usually non-exclusive couples get some benefits do they not?”


Lily tried to keep a straight face. “Yes I suppose that’s true and while we’re on that subject where are mine?”


Kyle put Lily into a dip “Did you know that nobody likes a tease?” Kyle pulled Lily out of the dip. She grabbed his hand and started dragging him to one of the many hallways. She pushed him against the wall and started to kiss him. Kyle didn’t hesitate for one second and started to deepen the kiss. Lily was shocked by her actions, never in a million years did she see herself at the Potter’s kissing frantically in a hidden hallway, at least not with James’ cousin, during a wedding ceremony. Just the thought was utterly crazy and ridiculous but the actions were certainly refreshing. It had been a mere five minutes of snogging when Lily pulled away.


“I think we’d better go to the party now.” Kyle started to laugh at her. “What?”


“Turn around.” Kyle tied her dress back up “And you might want to fix your hair.”


Lily pulled out her wand and fixed her hair and then did Kyle’s for him. Lily kissed him again while she fastened his coat buttons and fixed his tie. “Well, how about now?”


“Beautiful,” Kyle took Lily’s hand and pulled her back to the ballroom.

The ballroom looked just as they had left it. Lily saw James walk towards her the moment she entered the room. “Excuse me, Lily can we talk?”

Lily flashed her million-dollar smile. “Sure, I’ll be right back Kyle.”


James started to lead her to the master staircase. “James where are we going?”


“I need to talk to you,” James led Lily to his bedroom and motioned for her to sit on the foot of the bed. “Listen Lily…

“James why are we in your bedroom?” Lily was scarred. Here she was trapped in a bedroom with an angry strong man who was pacing. She had been in this situation once before and she had vowed to herself to never let it happen again. She looked at the door; maybe she could make a break for it. It was no use James would be too fast and too strong.


“Lily, I don’t understand how you can move on so fast. We were going to get married and you’re already snogging with other boys in hallways. I know I’ve made mistakes but certainly I regret them, and you haven’t failed to criticize them. I just feel that had you of felt or feel the way I feel about you then you wouldn't be able to move on so fast. Don’t you understand? You’re it for me.”


Lily looked up at him. She was frightened, tears started to well in her eyes. “James please just…”


“Do those words mean NOTHING?”


“It’s not that James it’s just…”


James took a step towards her and he saw Lily flinch. He felt so guilty as tears streamed her face. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to frighten you. I just don’t what to think…”

Lily decided this had gone on long enough. She sprinted towards the door and made it to the edge of the staircase when James caught her around the waist. “Please James, don’t hurt me. Just let me go.” The tears were streaming down her face so hard and her voice was almost impossible to understand with her sobs. James let go of her with so much pain in his eyes; it looked as if he’d aged ten years. James squatted down to where she was sobbing on the marble floor clutching the stair railing.


James’ voice trembled with silent anger. “Lily please look at me,” Lily turned her tear stained face up at James. “I would never ever make a woman do anything she didn’t want to or harm one in anyway, and if you think I’m that man then we’ve been wasting our time for the past year. Let me help you up.” James offered her a hand and pulled her up. “Here, take my handkerchief.” Lily took it and wiped her face. She could see tears in James’ eyes. “Kyle will be waiting.” Lily watched as James stalked away, slumped and ragged like he had lost everything.


Well what do you think? Because I’m totally stuck. Spill it out in a review.

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It's Not About The Money: Am I Nothing?


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