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A Missing Weasley 2: On With Life by HollyH
Chapter 4 : Telling the Families
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“Ugh.” Annie gave a nervous smile. “There are butterflies in my stomach.”

“Don’t worry, they are just my parents.” Neville bit his lip.

“I haven’t met them before, though.” Annie said. “Do you think they’ll like me?” They opened the doors to get into St. Mungo’s.

“I can’t say. I’m not sure they know who I am anymore, but I feel like I should be doing this. I mean, it’s been two years since I last visited.”

The nurses smiled at Neville as they passed and said a few greetings. They went through the elevator and then got off on their floor.

“Ah, Neville, I’m so glad to see you again. We’ve missed you.” An older lady smiled, holding a parchment in her hand.

“How have you been, Lucy?” Neville smiled politely.

“Pretty much the same, who is this?” She smiled at Annie.

“My Fiancée.” Neville smiled at Annie as she was encased into a hug.

“Welcome to the family, my girl!” She smiled. “So you’re Annie Weasley. The one in the papers, and Nevvie’s crush.” Neville turned scarlet.

“Well nice to see you again.” Neville quickly blurted out. “I should really see my parents though.” Neville began to guide Annie down the hall.

“Why, Neville, haven’t you heard?” She called. “They’ve been moved to a different department.”

“Pardon?” Neville asked confused.

“Frank and Alice Longbottom have moved to the recovery departments.” She stared, shocked. “We sent you letters…”

“But, I never got them.” Neville looked at Annie, who shrugged.

“Well I’ll show you too their room. Mind, they have a few seizures, but nothing serious. It comes with the medication.” Lucy led them down the opposite hallway. There was a light brown door with the name ‘Longbottom’ on it.

“There you go, Neville. I bid you congratulations.” Lucy smiled, unlocked the door and quickly went to tend to the patients. Neville squeezed Annie’s hand lightly before opening the door.

“Mum? Dad?” Neville said. A shorter, plump lady with her hair in a very loose bun got up and put her arms around Neville as soon as he entered. Annie could hardly even explain what his face expressed. It looked like a lot of weight has been taken from his shoulders.
“My Neville.” The woman said, holding a small picture of a young child. “This is my Neville.” She patted Neville’s hair while clutching the picture, as if showing Annie. She couldn’t help but smile. Another short man was sleeping on one of the two beds. “My Neville grown big.” She placed a package of bubblegum in his palm.

“Mum, this is Annie Weasley.” Neville smiled.

“Weasley girl. Many Weasley babies.” Alice explained. “Alice likes Molly.”

“Annie is My Fiancée.” Neville said.

“My Annie Longbottom.” Alice gave her a pat on her hand. Annie gave a small grin.


“We should really see if we can get them to come to the wedding.” Annie held his hand as they left.

“So you like them?” Neville asked.

“They are wonderful.” Annie gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Just like you.”

“Thanks.” Neville blushed. They apperated to the burrow’s kitchen. Molly had just been preparing some food and she was surprised by Annie’s appearance next to her, Stirring some of the food.

“I hadn’t expected you so early.” Molly laughed and gave her a hug. Neville stirred some of the pasta.

“Well we just got back from visiting Alice and Frank in St. Mungo’s.” Annie explained. Molly suddenly looked gloomy.

“How are they doing, Dear?” She asked Neville, pity filling her voice.

“They are doing great, actually.” Neville beamed. “They know who I am, and they are in recovery right now.”

“Really? That’s great news!” Molly looked relieved.

“They are wonderful and nice.” Annie smiled. There was a small burst of green fire, and a flaming red-headed girl appeared.

“Ginny, you’re here early!” Molly said. “Why is everyone early?”

“I think dad’s been tampering with the clocks again.” Annie grinned. Another blast and Harry had appeared.

“Ginny, are you okay?” Harry breathed.

“Harry, I’m fine.” Ginny insisted. “I swear, every time we floo he asks that.”

“Well, I ended up in Knockturn Alley once, it might have happened to you; not to mention you’re pregnant.” Harry meekly said. Ginny rolled her eyes and went strait to set the table, but Harry took that over for her. Ginny put her hands on her hips, but some pressuring from Harry; she went to sit down in the Living room. After a while, Annie really got nervous when the last person arrived, which happened to be Percy and his wife Penelope. Annie never really got to know Penelope, and was very uncomfortable being around her. Soon everyone sat down to eat.

“Wait. Who’s pregnant then?” George asked. “Last time we sat together Ginny told us she was pregnant.”

“I think it’s Kelly!” Charlie laughed, indicating Bill’s wife.

“No, not for a while.” Bill laughed along with Kelly.

“It’s not Percy is it?” George asked. Percy shook has head.

“Annie isn’t married yet… so…” Ron was deep in thought. “Fred, who did you-“

“Ron!” Molly gasped.

“This isn’t exactly how I wanted to announce it-“ Annie folded her arms.

“Annie!” Ron accused. Annie’s mouth opened and she glared.

“I am not having a baby, Ron.” Annie said. “I’m going to get married.” There was a huge uproar among the table.

“Ha!” Fred jumped up out of his seat. “Ron, you owe me 10 galleons!”

“I knew it! That’s why you had asked for a get together!” Arthur smiled.

“I do not, Fred!” Ron grumpily said.

“I’m so proud of you!” Molly ran up and hugged her.

“Yes you do, Ron!” Fred grinned.

“I’m sure you will both be happy together.” Percy said.

“I don’t even have 10 galleons.” Ron glared at him.

“Poor, Poor Neville.” Charlie laughed jokingly. “Now you’ll have to put up with the Weasley rages forever.” Annie blushed.

“Pay up, Ronald!” Fred held out a hand. Molly enveloped Neville in a hug.

“It seems only yesterday that you were pounding desks in the ministry.” Bill said in a jokingly dreamy state. Annie had to laugh at that.

“I don’t have to!” Ron sneered.

“Ron, you have to. That’s what happens when you lose a bet.” Ginny said.

“What are you betting on?” Annie asked.

“When Neville would finally propose.” George said. “I lost two years ago.”

“I lost last year.” Ginny admitted.

“Why doesn’t Ginny and George have to pay?” Ron glared.

“Because. They already paid us both, remember?” Fred asked. “George paid all three of us and Ginny paid you and me.”

“And now you owe me!” Fred laughed. Ron glared.

“I’ll go to Gringotts tomorrow.” Ron huffed.

“You all bet on us?” Neville asked, slightly annoyed.

“Well we all knew you would eventually.” George shrugged. “We all bet at Percy’s wedding three years ago.”

“That long?” Neville’s eyes widened. “I’m a little slow, aren’t I?”

“No, I think it’s great that you waited.” Percy said. “I also waited 7 years.”

“Exactly.” Ron laughed. “You’re slow, too.”

“Ron, quit being a git.” Ginny glared.

“He can’t help it, Ginny. He was born that way.” Annie laughed.

“Well you were born on the same day I did. That makes you one too.” Ron folded his arms. Annie stared.

“First of all, that makes no sense at all because we are completely different in all ways possible, except being born on the same day; Second, you even admitted to being one.” Annie explained.

“You are too.” Ron challenged.

“Enough.” Percy glared.

“We are twins; of course we are the same.” Ron stared.

“You are a boy, I am a girl. You were born at 5:34; I was born at 5:30. You hate Draco and I do not. You weren’t kidnapped by the Malfoy’s whereas I have. You aren’t with anybody, while I am. I was a responsible prefect while you were not.” Annie glared. “We aren’t like Fred and George.”

“Well we are both in Gryffindor.” Ron said. “And we both like Mashed Potatoes.”

“You like yours with gravy.” Annie stated.

“Oh, Harsh.” Ginny laughed at him.

“And I didn’t want to be a Slytherin like the hat had originally wanted to place me in.” Annie glared, pushed her chair back and stomped up the stairs to hers and Ginny’s old bedroom. She can’t believe she had said that. She had forgotten that until the argument. The door opened so see her soon-to-be husband.

“Yeah, that’s right. I was supposed to be a Slytherin.” Annie stared out the window.

“I don’t care if that’s what house you were in.” Neville whispered and sat on Ginny’s bed, just across from hers and held her hands. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Annie looked down. “I just can’t stand Ron, I never really could. All he ever does is nag people.”

“Well if it helps, Ron is being yelled at right this moment.” Neville said. Annie gave a little laugh. “And I would never have been able to see you as a Slytherin. I think you’re a true Gryffindor.”

“Really?” Annie looked at him.

“Really.” Neville smiled and Annie sat on his lap and kissed him passionately.

“You really know how to make me happy.” Annie smiled and rested her head on his shoulder. “Listen, I really don’t want to stay any longer. Could you quickly go get my cloak? I don’t want to go near him.”

“Of course.” Neville kissed her cheek and walked down the creaky, yet homely stairs of the burrow. Annie waited and when he came back, he gave her back her cloak and they appeared back at their house in Sallsbury.


A week went passed and she, Ginny and of course, Neville, began to write down Ideas for the wedding while eating popcorn and watching a movie.

“We are really going to have an uneven amount of groomsmen and bridesmaids.” Annie laughed. “Two girls, and lets see… 6 guys.”

“Harry isn’t counted as your brother?” Ginny asked.

“Of course he is.” Annie said. “I counted him.”

“Annie, we have 6 brothers and Harry.” Ginny said in a flat voice.

“You might.” Annie muttered, hotly.

“Annie, Ron’s a git. You said it yourself, he can’t help it.” Ginny raised her eyebrows.

“Don’t say that name in front of me.” Annie’s eyes narrowed. “I would rather have Draco stand up than him.”

“I can’t say any of your brothers would like that.” Neville said.

“Annie, why not have Ron in?” Ginny asked. “It would prove you are a better person, being able to forgive him.”

“I can’t forgive him ever. I never forgave him from the beginning.” Annie sighed. “Even though he was half right then.”

“Shouldn’t we think of a Day first?” Neville asked. “What season did you want it?”

“Winter.” Annie smiled dreamily. “Have you ever seen the kinds of Wedding dresses they sell in that season? Beautiful white velvet cloaks! They have to be the most glorious I have ever seen.”

“You can borrow the one I used for my wedding.” Ginny offered.

“Really? Oh, I loved that one. But you were married in June.” Annie stared.

“Yeah, but then you aren’t too over heated with two winter attires.” Ginny smiled. “Believe me, Kelly wasn’t very comfortable. She hated her dress.”

“Okay, well I’ll see if that fits, I mean it’s been 4 years.” Annie smiled.

“It probably will. If not you could go get It modified.” Ginny shrugged. Annie nodded.

“I could ask Dylan to be the ring bearer.” Annie said. “And for the flower girl? Gee, I don’t know anybody young enough.”

“There is Lisa’s niece.” Neville suggested.

“She’s a muggle…” Annie though about it. “Does she know about magic?”

“I don’t think so.” Ginny frowned. “You are having it next year, right?”

“Oh yeah, we still need a day.” Annie slumped forward. “But did you see mum? She was starting to plan things already. She wouldn’t be able to wait a whole year.”

“Then we have only four and a half months to plan.” Neville bit his lip. Annie let her head hit the floor with a thump in distress.


Weee! I got it up! Please review with ways to improve my writing! I really need advice!!!

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