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After we've said goodbye by almost_witch
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4
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Author: This is the last chapter of this short story; I hoped you liked it because I really love this story. I will be editing and fixing things soon. Please review, I hope you like it. :)

Thank you to Silv3r_Ic3!

“Hermione?” The motherly voice broke Hermione’s absent thoughts.

Hermione snapped her face up to see her mother-in-law, Molly holding onto the car door, looking down on her, indicating for Hermione to get out of the car.

“Sorry,” Hermione mumbled, slipping out of her seat in the comfort of the muggle car and standing up to her full height.

“Are you sure your alright, dear?” Molly said as they began to walk from the car.

“Yes, I’m fine,” Hermione lied, playing with the ring on her finger.

Mrs Weasley frowned. “The rest of the boys are just about there, Bill is a little behind with Harry.”

Hermione looked down the main street of Hogesmaede. “Where’s Fred?”

“Just here,” the voice appeared from behind the dying tree.

Fred walked out with his hands hidden in his cloak pocket and he walked towards to two women and linked his arm with Hermione’s, supporting her to walk further.

“Come one,” his warm voice said, “we don’t want to be late.”

They walked all the way to Hogwarts. Memories flooded Hermione. All the times they came to Hogesmaede through their school life flashed in her mind like someone had taken pictures of each memory.

The grounds of Hogwarts were beautiful once more, the grass was green and all the trees were like they were never destroyed from the war.

A small group of people were standing in a mass by the lake, not far from where Dumbledore’s funeral took place.

There were a few rows of chairs that people were starting to sit at. And as Hermione, Fred and Molly drew closer people started to look at them, some whispering words of sympathy behind their hands.

It was just a small ceremony. No need for press or people pretending to mourn the loss of someone when they really don’t. It was mainly people from the Order, some old school friends and a small selection of family.

“There’s a few seats up the front,” Fred pointed out, grabbing hold of his mothers hand as her eyes started to well with tears.

Fred led to two women to the front where they saw other close friends sit. Remus stood up and walked to them and placed a hand onto Hermione’s shoulder.

“You look great, Hermione,” he said, placing a smile over his thin face.

Hermione tried to smile, but it was just a pathetic stretch of her mouth.

Hermione sat at the seat closest to the isle, Fred sat in-between her and his twin, George, while Molly went and found herself the comfort of her husband.

The ceremony began, there was no music, but everyone turned there heads to see 4 men walking towards them.

Harry was at the front, holding a long, thin wooden box on his shoulder. Bill, Charlie and Neville were the other faces that didn’t dare to look at the mass of people, but instead their stony eyes stared at their destination, at the end of the isle.

As they got close, Harry’s eyes flicked towards Hermione, he couldn’t stand the pain of looking at her, and he looked forwards again, focusing on where he lad to place the long box.

The perfectly polished coffin levitated a meter off the ground; it hovered silently when a tall man got up the front with a white cloak on.

“I was asked not to say much today,” his deep voice said to his crowd.

Good, Hermione thought. It was pain enough just be to be here.

“We all know that Ronald Bilius Weasley left us a hero. He fought for the entire wizarding population, and his efforts will not go unforgotten.” The man’s voice continued.

He said words of praise about Ronald Weasley, but the truth was he never knew the red haired boy that entered Hogwarts, full of stories that his brothers told him. He didn’t know the Ronald Weasley that was stubborn and rude and forgot to care for others, but at the same time was a strong and true best friend. He didn’t know the Ronald Weasley that would cower away at the sign of a spider but would stand up to those who tried to tear his family down.

He didn’t know that Ronald Weasley, and never will.

Hermione stared blankly at the coffin, tuning out completely on the words that were being spoken.

It frightened her when she heard a voice next to her call out, “Wait!” The loud voice broke everyone's memories of the man they were leaving their thoughts to.

She snapped back into reality and looked next to her, to see Fred standing up while everyone else was still sitting in their seats, looking at him with watery eyes and very confused expressions.

The man at the front paused and turned away from the coffin he was starting to place old magic onto.

“Let her say goodbye,” Fred said to the man.

The man in the white cloak looked from Fred, to Hermione and bowed his head down, accepting what Fred had said.

Fred slipped his arm underneath Hermione’s armpit and pulled her up from the chair and walked her over to the coffin.

“Fred, no,” she said stubbornly. What was he thinking?

“I’m not trying to hurt you, Hermione. You need to say goodbye,”

She looked at the wedding ring on her finger and then glanced out into the crowd who all had their eyes on her.

“Oi! Find something else to look at or I’ll hex the lot of you!” Fred said waving his hands in the air, trying to get people to stop looking at Hermione.

People nervously got up from their seats and began to form little groups of their own, most of them started to walk away.

Fred’s hands lifted the coffin lid off, revealing a sweet smelling inside.

And there was Ron. There was no mud, dirt or even blood on his perfectly clean body. His face was horribly white and his hair was neatly brushed – nothing like it used to be.

His eyes weren’t even closed. The blueness of them were almost as cold as ice, and the way they looked up into the clouds above them was like they weren’t really his eyes afterall.

“Ron,” she whispered pathetically, her hands trembling, she glanced around to see no one was near her anymore, she caught Fred’s eyes and he nodded at her encouragingly.

“The baby’s due soon,” she said, looking at the stiffness of his body.

“Oh this is pathetic,” she said, tears rolling angrily down her cheek.

“You can’t even hear me. But I want you to hear me! I want you to be here! I want you to be here when our baby comes into the world! I wanted you there, but you left, and left and didn’t take me with you.” She clutched onto the side of the coffin.

“I want you here,” she whimpered, bowing her head down, her heart breaking as she started to cry again. “I want you here now, I want you here tomorrow. Why aren’t you!?”

She sniffend and looked at his entire body, soaking in every last detail of him, from the freckles across his long nose, to his blue eyes, to his long and lanky bone structure.

“I’ll miss you, Ron, I’ll miss you everyday. We all will.” She kissed her shaking fingers and placed them onto his fore head. She shivered because of how cold he was.

“G-“ she couldn’t say the words she was here to say in the first place.

And then it hit her. It was like a tone of bricks, smashing her heart and soul into tiny pieces. Ron isn’t coming back. He isn’t ever going to be there, because he is dead. All her hopes of this just being a dream left her, and she knew it was true. She knew that Ron will never come back to her, instead he will be enclosed into a box while she has to live through life without him.

He’s gone.

“I don’t want to say goodbye.” Her voice was weak and shaky.

“Don’t say goodbye,” Harry was by her side, looking at Ron’s body was pain in his eyes, “because it’s not.”

Harry had barely spoken since he came home that night. But his voice was strong and true.

Hermione looked from her best friend to her husband and ran her hands over her round stomach before reaching out for Harry’s hand which was dangling by his side and she gave it a soft squeeze.

She couldn’t say anything to Harry because there wasn’t any words that she could find that could help him in the slightest. But the warm and comforting squeeze of the hand can say things words can’t.

She felt hot tears roll down her cheek. An arm appeared around her waist.

“Hermione, you should go now.” Fred said.

She nodded silently and stole one more glance at her lover. It would be the last time she would ever see him; her world will never be the same it used to be.

If it wasn’t for Fred she would have collapsed to the ground many times on their journey back to Hogesmaede where the car was parked. Tears fell gently down her cheeks but she didn’t sob like she had only day’s ago.

She said goodbye to her husband before he left, but the time after was taken one step at a time.

Fred helped her into the car and sat closely next to her. He was her comfort. He wouldn’t speak or tell her what to do, he was just there. He was the closest thing she could find to her Ron and she hoped she would never have to say goodbye to him too.

Her eye’s stung madly when she looked out into the bright country side. She couldn’t blame anyone for what happened to Ron apart from the one that killed them.

Seeing him lying in the coffin made he realise it was all real. He wasn’t going to come back and rub his hands over her stomach, he wasn’t going to fight with her anymore and he wasn’t going to snore loudly when she tried to sleep. But his memories will always be there, and when he said goodbye, that thought will stick with her. Forever.

Author: I hope you liked it, please review so I know how you all feel about it! Thank you.

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