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Thoughts of you by Teardrop
Chapter 1 : Thoughts of You
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Alexis glanced around her small apartment, everything was in place. She had just moved into her new place only about two weeks ago and it already felt like home. Alexis sat down on the little couch and sighed deeply. 

A sound coming from her window made her look up. A grey owl was knocking on the window. She got up and let it in. There was a scrolled tied to its leg and she untied it, and then watched the owl fly off. Alexis settled down into the couch again and opened the letter.

Hello, it's me Hagrid. I'm just writing to tell ya that Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts. It's 'is first year here and i think it would be best for him to have something to remember his parents, Lily and James by. Please send me any pictures that you may have of them.

Alexis read the letter over and sighed again. Lily and James Potter had been dead for eleven years but it was still to soon to think about them. They had been best friends during and after Hogwarts, until Sirius had told Voldemort. Aleixs had loved Sirius Black but he was the reason that Lily and James were dead.

So their son Harry was at school now. She smiled and remembered back to when Harry was born.


"Its going to be ok, Lily, its going to be ok." Alexis said to Lily as she got ready to be taken into the birth room. Lily tried to smile but it was to hard. James was standing next to her holding her hand. Alexis smiled at them both and watched as they headed into the room. She moved into the waiting area and took a seat next to Sirius, who looked worried. 

"What did they say?" Alexis looked up to Remus Lupin who was standing up and walking around the room.

"The Healer said it shouldn't take long and we should know if its a boy or a girl anytime now." Alexis smiled at him.

She knew it must be hard since his old girlfriend had moved to America. Cassie had left saying that she would be back soon. She did come back but not as anyone had thought she would. She wanted to move over there to be with her new boyfriend. It had been hard for Remus for the past year as he watched his ex-girlfriend get married to her new boyfriend and now was the happy mother of twins. Remus smiled back at her, but it was a pained smile.

"Oh, Come on Moony this is a happy day. Remember when James used to say that one day he would marry Lily and have a son, Well today's that day!"Sirius said. He still looked worried but he didn't let it get in his way.

"Thats my Sirius!" Alexis said and kissed him. Sirius smiled at her and glanced at the door. Remus and Alexis turned just in time to see the Healer walk in.

"Well.....?" Remus asked

"Well I am happy to say that Mrs.Potter and the baby are going to be fine you can come in anytime now and see them." The Healer answered he was smiling at them, but not answering the question they wanted answered.

"Well is it a boy or girl!" Sirius finally asked. Alexis took hold of his arm to calm him down. The Healer smiled.

"It's a boy." He said simply and watched as Sirius kissed Alexis and Remus beamed at the Healer."Now if you will just follow me I will take you in so you can go and see them." He said and turned around, Sirius, Alexis, and Remus followed close by.

The Healer lead them into a white room with a single bed in the center. Sitting next to the bed was none other then James Potter, holding a bundle covered in a blue blanket. When he saw them enter the room he jumped out of the chair and walked quickly over to them. 

"Hey!" He said "Its a boy! I told you it would be a boy!" James smiled over at Alexis, Sirius and Remus, then turned and smiled at Lily who was laying in the bed. Alexis smiled back at him.

"Can I hold him?"Alexis asked James handed the baby to her and Sirius looked over her shoulder at the baby. Alexis smiled down at the bundle and saw that even though he was not a day old, he had crazy and messy jet-black hair just like James. The baby opened its eyes for a second and Alexis saw that it had Lily's bright green eyes.

"He looks just like you Prongs, but with Lily's eyes." Sirius said looking up from the baby boy.

"Thats why we are going to call him James Jr." James said beaming at Sirius who laughed

"We are not!" Lily called from the bed James turned to her,

"And what are we going to call him?" James asked "I like James Jr. very much!" Lily smiled at him, James could be so full of himself.

"His name is Harry." Lily said and she knew that in the end she would get her way. Alexis watched them with a growing feeling of happiness, she had everything she wanted in her great friends.

"James Jr!!" James said loudly. The baby in Alexis's arms shifted and she handed it to Lily.

"How about his middle name is James. Ok, Harry James Potter. I like it." Lily smiled up and James who was helpless to her glowing smile.

"Ok....I love you Harry." James said and kissed baby Harry on the head. Alexis smiled, her best friends where happy and everything seemed right.

*End FlashBack*

Alexis got up and headed into her room she was sure that she had some pictures of Lily and James somewhere in her room. She began to look through her stuff. Just when she had given up hope and sat down she jumped back up and remembered Lily's box. 

She found it under some other boxes and placed it on the bed then sat down next to it. She opened it and inside found four pictures of Lily and James. She looked at the first one. It was of Lily and James's wedding day. In the picture Lily was standing in the middle of James and Sirius, who had been the best man. Alexis remembered this picture well, she had taken it. She watched Lily, James, and Sirius wave out at her and remembered that day as if it were yesterday.


Alexis smoothed down her silky light blue dress. Today was Lily and James's wedding day something alot of people had been waiting a long time for. She checked to make sure everything was in place and headed out of the room to go check on Lily. Alexis was the Maid of Honor on this great day. Soon, she thought, James's dream of being a father would come true.

When Alexis got to Lily's dressing room she saw that Lily was very nervous.

"Hey, Lily you ready yet?" Lily looked up as Alexis asked her question and shook her head "Let me help you." Alexis said and helped Lily pull on her dress and tie the straps in the back. 

"Alexis....Do you think i'm doing the right thing,You know marrying James?" Alexis took her time answering

"Lily you look great, James loves you, what can you be thinking to even have second thoughts. He's rich, nice, sure he can have a big head at times but he doesn't mean it." Lily looked at Alexis and seemed deep in thought.

"Your right, and I love him and thats not about to change!" Lily stood up straight and finish putting on her dress.

Alexis helped Lily get ready until it was time. The wedding went as planned and Lily had no more thoughts of changing her mind. At the after party Cassie came up to Alexis.

"Hey," She said Alexis looked up Cassie had been invited but no one thought what she had done to Remus was right. Cassie put a hand on her round belly "Me and Josh found out that its going to be twins." Cassie said Alexis looked up at her and smiled as best she could. "Thats great Cassie, but are you still going to move to America. Josh is a American wizard and your a British Witch, are you sure you get along?" Cassie nodded and Alexis turned to see what Remus was doing. He was talking to Lily and James but she couldn't help but see that his eyes turned to glance at Cassie once or twice. Cassie's husband Josh Wyers came up behind her and put his hands on her belly, and lead her away to dance. Remus was looking very down.

Sirius walked up behind Alexis but she knew he was there.

"Hey Sirius." she said before he could even make himself heard. He looked shocked.

"How did you know it was me?" He asked kissing her softly on the lips.

"Because I'm a girl and thats what we do best." She took his hand and lead him to a lonely corner of the room. "So having fun." He smiled at her softly.

"I am now." Sirius pressed his lips to hers in a slow, sweet kiss. Alexis smiled against his lips. Lily looked up and saw them. She took the camera from a friend and headed over to Alexis.

When they heard her coming Alexis and Sirius broke apart. James followed close behind Lily.

"How about a picture, to remember right now." James said grinning at his new wife. Lily smiled at him

"Could you take the picture, Alexis?" Lily asked handing her the camera. Alexis smiled

"Sure but come outside it will come out better that way." Alexis lead them outside into the cool evening air. "Get close together now." Alexis said she put Lily in the middle of Sirius and James. " Say Quidditch!" Then Alexis snapped the picture of her best friends and her boyfriend.

*End FlashBack*

Alexis felt tears burn her eyes and turned to the next picture. It was of Lily and James sitting by the old tree, waving, in there seventh year at Hogwarts. It must not have been long since they got together because Lily was still alittle shy around James. Alexis remembered the day welll. Cassie and Remus had still been going out and she had Sirius had been together for about a month.

Alexis thought back to that day when Lily and James shared there first kiss by that tree a short time after that picture had been taken.


"Please Lily just go and meet him!" Alexis begged Lily to go see James by the tree today after class.

"Fine but you and Cassie are coming with me!" Lily said Alexis agreed anything to see Sirius again it was hard to believe that she had ever hated the kind, funny, boy he was.

"Just make sure Remus, and Sirius are coming!" Cassie yelled across the room. Lily smiled and nodded. Ever since there first date Lily had been better with James then in all her years at Hogwarts.

Lily, Cassie and Alexis headed out of the castle after the last bell. They saw that the three boys were already sitting under the tree. Alexis ran the last few feet and gave Sirius a hug and a quick kiss. Lily walked slowly and said hi to James. Cassie waved at Remus to follow her and they both left the area. 

James and Lily sat under the three, but Alexis and Sirius were still standing. They walked hand in hand alittle away from Lily and James.

"This is a picture moment." Sirius said pointing at James and Lily who were sitting under the tree talking. They couldnt here what was said but it looked cute anyway.They were holding hands and talking very close to each others faces. Sirius waved his wand to that a camera appeared and he gave it to Alexis.

"I'm not very good with picture taking." He said and Alexis smiled at him. She turned the camera and heard the click and the picture was taken. She handed the Camera back to Sirius and turned to look at James and Lily again.She looked just in time, she saw James lean to Lily and place his lips on hers. Without taking her eyes off them she poked Sirius, who was looking at the camera, so that he looked to. He was shocked his mouth was hanging open and Alexis smiled. She took her eyes off Lily and James who were still kissing. 

"I can't believe that a girl who once hated James Potter could be down there right now snogging the life out of him." Alexis said to Sirius who nodded still staring at James who was running his hand through Lily's hair.

"Oh, stop staring, and come on!" She pulled Sirius by the arm away from Lily and James who were still kissing under the tree. "Lets leave them alone and give them some peace."

*End FlashBack*

Alexis remembered moments like this and closed her eyes. She would send these to pictures to Hagrid so Harry could have some pictures of Lily and James's best moments. Alexis let her tears fall and sniffed. She couldn't help it she was all alone. What happened to the dreams her and Sirius had, of having there own house. Having kids to send off to Hogwarts each year. Where had her life gone.

It was all becuase of Voldmort if it weren't for him she wouldn't be a lonely witch in a cheap apartment. She placed the second picture next to the first and looked down at the other two. One was of just Lily and the other was of just James. She remembered when these pictures had been taken. It was on there last day of Hogwarts. Just before they had to leave and go out into the adult world.


Alexis looked around the room. This was her last day to see it, her last day of seventh year.

"Lily hurry up the train is coming soon!!" Cassie said and Alexis turned to her

"Ya, I'm all done and Sirius said he wants to spend sometime in the Common Room until we have to go down and meet the train."Alexis added

"Well go I'm not going anywhere just yet i'm almost done anyway."Lily said from her side of the room."Just go I'll be right there!" She said and Alexis and Cassie turned and left Lily by herself. The others in there room had already left to mee the train. 

When Alexis and Cassie got down into the common room, there was only a few people in it. Remus was waiting for Cassie and Sirius was waiting for Alexis. James was standing looking around the room as he waited for Lily. Alexis gave Sirius a quick kiss and looked around.

"This is the last time we will see this place." Alexis said Sirius looked around too and smiled.

"I wont miss it." Alexis looked shocked

"Why?" She asked

"Because I'll be with you and you will bring back all the happy memories of this year." Sirius said as if it were no big deal. Alexis smiled and was just about to say something back when Lily appeared.

"Hey!" She said and took James's hand."I'm going to miss this place." Lily said sadly.

"Then how about a picture to remember it." Cassie said and everyone smiled it was a good idea. Sirius used his want to get a camera and gave it to Cassie.

Cassie took it and told everyone one by one to sit on the chair by the fire to have there picture taken. Then Alexis took Cassie's picture. They heard a loud shout and knew it was time to go. Cassie and Remus left then Alexis a Sirius followed. They got onto the train and waved goodbye to the castle.

"Goodbye Hogwarts." Alexis said and she heard Lily and James say just the same thing.

*End FlashBack*

Alexis wiped her eyes and picked up all the photos and used her wand to make copies. She found some parchment and wrote a quick note to Hagrid then placed the pictures in the letter folded it, then tied it around her owls leg. She watched her owl fly off and walked into her room. Lily and James had changed her life when they had died. But at least she still had thoughts about them and pictues to remember, her two greatest friends, and the best witch and wizard of their time.

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