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You Just Have to Believe by wicKeDwitch1316
Chapter 1 : And It Starts Again
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You Just Have to Believe


Chapter 1: And It Starts Again


Disclaimer: Ok, so I’m obviously not J.K. Rowling because you don’t see a mansion, fancy awards, or pure genius. I only own Lily’s friends (except Alice) and the plot.


A/N: This is my first fanfic, so please review. I would really appreciate any constructive criticism you have. Please be honest, I have tough skin --- I can take it, I promise.



Lily Evans walked calmly into the chaos of King’s Cross Station. She was trying her best to keep her composure even though every emotion imaginable was filtering through her. She was happy, sad, scared, thrilled to be going back to Hogwarts for her seventh, and final year. She remembered the goodbyes to her parents….


“Oh, sweetie, are you sure you’re gonna be ok?” her mother asked pulling her in for yet another hug.


“Yes, mum, I can board a train by myself,” she answered patiently. This is how it always was. She loved her parents to death, but they could be a bit over protective.


“Well, have a good term pumpkin, and make sure you write. We’re going to miss you around here,” her father added, hugging her and giving her a kiss on the top of her head.


Lily smiled, “Bye, daddy!” She kissed both her parents before venturing one last look at the car. Her older sister, Petunia was glaring at her from the backseat. Lily sighed. The animosity between the two sisters had reached an all-time high this summer, what with Lily getting Head Girl and all. Her parents had been thrilled and Petunia had, once again, been pushed into the background. Ever since Lily had gotten her Hogwarts letter, Petunia had clung to the idea that the “freak” was turning their parents against her. “Bye Petunia,” Lily whispered quietly, more to herself than anything. She received a suspicious and angry glare in return.


Quickly, before any Muggles could notice, Lily slid through the barrier onto Platform 9 and 3/4. She smiled at the multitudes of students and their parents. Before she could really look around properly, she heard a scream in her ear and two pairs of arms threw themselves around her.


“Oh my god, how are you?” one voice shrieked, “We haven’t seen you all summer!” Lily smiled, this was one of her best friends, Liz Carroll. Lily turned around and examined her best friend. Her chestnut brown hair had grown out this summer and now fell to her lower back. Lily smiled, she could never figure out how Liz dealt with all that hair. Lily’s own vibrantly red curls fell a little past her shoulders. She couldn’t deal with it being any longer. Liz’s startlingly blue eyes were twinkling with happiness.


“It’s good to see you’ve grown out of your straight phase,” added another one of her best friends, Alice Bones, grinning. Alice was referring to the time during 5th and 6th year, when Lily insisted on straightening her hair everyday. Lily had given that up this summer and decided to embrace her natural curls.


“Honestly, the way you two jump around, you’d think we were first years,” drawled a slow, melodic voice. This was coming from Viviana Prewett. She was Lily’s absolute best friend. She was gorgeous, with her blonde hair that did almost anything, tall, skinny body, and hazel eyes that entranced you. Lily went over and hugged Viv. “Missed you, bunches,” she said. Viv always teased the rest of them for being immature, but it was all in good fun. Viv had her days too.


Lily broke away and looked at her three friends. They didn’t know it (ok, maybe Viv did) but they were the most attractive girls in the school. Each of them had their own distinct look. Lily with her red curls, vibrant eyes, and pale skin, was the bright one. She always stood out in a crowd and just drew your attention. She was about 5’4” and had a normal body. She was skinny, but was curved nicely in the right places, nothing too extravagant. Viv, was the epitome of beauty. She looked like she had just walked off the cover of a beauty magazine. She had her perfect blonde hair and tall lanky body. The main feature was her legs, she was a glamour jock. She always had on the perfect make-up and clothes, but she looked good in everything. And she showed it off, too. Out of their group, she was Little Miss Party. Standing at 5’7” she towered over the rest of them.


Liz had luxurious locks of chestnut hair, that matched the warm color of her eyes. She was the littlest of the group at 5’2”, but she was also the quietest, around company anyway. With them, she was exuberant and funny. Her petite, yet curvy body made her look quite cute. Alice was also quiet. She had dirty blonde hair that went a little past her shoulders, and a kind, plump face. She was pretty in the “girl-next-door” kind of way and was 5’4” as well.


“So nice job on the badge,” said Viv nodding to Lily’s Head Girl badge that Lily had pinned onto her Muggle clothes. Lily grinned, her being a prefect had irked Viv to no end, because Viv didn’t exactly follow most rules. Now being Head Girl, was even more of an obstacle to Viv’s antics.


“Yeah, I really don’t want to walk in on another broom closet episode, so either become sneakier or do the business in private,” chastised Lily. This was in reference to the numerous times in the past two years that Lily had walked in on Viv “having relations” with her boy-of-the-week, during Lily’s rounds.


“Or you could just not do it at all, and save us all from going blind,” added Liz, ducking as Viv went to hit her. “Seriously, are their any guys left at Hogwarts that you haven’t snogged?” Viv chose to retain her dignity and ignore that comment. She stuck her nose in the air and crossed her arms in exaggeration.


“C’mon you guys, let’s get on the train before Liz scolds Viv into chastity,” said
Alice giggling. Viv’s escapades were often their topic of conversation, because she was the only one who partied heavily and did anything worth gossiping about. Sure, they all dated, but it was cute and clean, unlike any of Viv’s relationships. Viv’s relationships were all physical, she always insisted that if she found a guy who was worthy, she would have an emotional relationship, but why wait?


The girls gathered their luggage (along with Viv and Alice’s owls) and headed towards the train. They had just reached it and were trying to hoist their heavy trunks onto the train, when a voice interrupted them. A voice Lily really did not need to hear, “Hey girls…”



A/N: Like I said earlier, this is my first fanfic, so please review and I would really appreciate any constructive criticism you have. I’m really excited about this story. Don’t worry the Marauders are coming in the next chapter. I think I’m gonna rotate POV’s between Lily, James, Sirius, Remus, and another character. This might change, though. I’m gonna try to update every few days, but we’ll see how it goes.


I know this chapter is boring…it gets better!!!

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