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Summer Rain by Tara
Chapter 3 : Home Sweet Home
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"Lily, no matter how much you dislike James, I still want you to be nice to him while you’re at his house.”

“I will if he will.” mumbled Lily, then she raised her voice. “But if he tries to kiss me or touch me in a way that I am uncomfortable with, I will slap him.”

“I don’t think he would do that.”

Lily scoffed. “Yes, he would. One time he fell on top of me.”

“I’m sure he didn’t mean to fall on you.”

“He didn’t, but then he wouldn’t get off.”

“Well, I still want you to be nice while you’re there.”

“I don’t see why I can’t just stay home. I’m going to be seventeen next month and you know you can trust me.”

“I know that, but I would feel better knowing you were safe. You'll be safer in a house full of people."

“How do you know that I really am safe with these people? What if they’re like serial killers or something? I could spend the summer tied up in a dark, cold dungeon, forced to be James' sex slave.”

Her mother raised her eyebrows.

"What?" Lily asked. "It could happen."

“I think I'll take my chances.”

“What if I get lost?”


"Yeah, you said they have a big house. I could sleep walk and end up in a part of the house that I'm not familiar with and no one would know where I was."

"But you don't sleep walk"

"I could start. There have been cases where people don't sleepwalk their whole life and then they suddenly start. And studies show that sleepwalking can be caused by stress, and let's face it, this whole situation can be very stressful for me."

"Well, then have Jane draw you a map of the house in case you suddenly start sleepwalking."

“What if-”

“Lily, you’re going, end of discussion.”

“Fine!” Lily said, crossing her arms.

Neither of them spoke for a few minutes. Mrs. Evans broke the silence.

"It’s not going to kill you to stay at the Potter’s. Jane is a very nice lady and I think you'll like her. And who knows, you may even become friends with James.”

“Yeah, and dad’s going to come back to life.” Lily said sarcastically. Her father had died a few years ago in a car accident.

Her mum didn’t know how to respond to Lily’s comment. So, she didn’t say anything. The rest of the car ride was silent; Lily stared out the window while her mum drove.

When, they pulled up in the driveway, Lily saw her sister, Petunia, storm out of the house. By the time Lily stepped out of the car, Petunia was two feet in front of her.

“Lily, you better go upstairs and shut that stupid bird of yours up!” Petunia screeched. "It' driving me insane!"

“Yeah, it’s nice to see you, too, Petunia.” Lily muttered sarcastically as she walked past her. “Oh, and the trip was wonderful, thanks for asking.”

Lily walked inside and to a flight of stairs. Halfway up the steps, she could hear her owl hooting. She went into her room and on the dresser, in a cage, was a grey owl, which Lily walked over to. “Hey there, Jasp.” The owl hooted and pecked at the cage. Lily giggled. “I missed you, Jasper.”

Lily always left Jasper at home when she was away at Hogwarts, so that her mother could contact her if she needed to. Lily opened the cage and stroked Jasper on the head. He hooted appreciatively, spreading his wings.

“I’ll let you out tonight, Jasp,” Lily promised.

Lily closed the cage and left the room. Downstairs, Lily saw her trunk by the door. Her mom walked into the room.

“I can see why you had James carry your trunk to the car.” said Mrs. Evans. “That thing’s heavy.”

“I didn’t want him to carry it,” Lily mumbled under her breath, as she walked into the kitchen.

She glanced over at the calendar on the wall and noticed it said 'Go to Tina's' three days from today's date.

"We're leaving in three days?"

"Yeah," answered her mom.

"Where is Petunia going?"

"She's staying at Vernon's."

"This is so unfair," complained Lily. "I have to spend the summer with Potter, and Petunia gets to stay with her 200 pound boyfriend.”

“At least I can get a man,” Petunia retorted, walking into the room.

“Vernon’s not a man, he’s an elephant!”


“She started it.”

“I don’t care who started it, I’m finishing it. You two can’t be together for five minutes with out biting each others heads off. You're only going to see each other for a few days. Now, do you think you could try to get along? If you can’t, then don’t talk to each other, because I’m not going to put with you two bickering for three days.”

“Not talking to her sounds like a good idea to me,” Lily said, storming out of the room.

Lily walked up to her room and over to the dresser where she kept spare ink, quills, and parchment. She took them over to her desk and sat down. She wrote:

Hey, Cassie,

You will never believe this, but I have to stay the summer at Potter’s. That’s just my luck, huh? I’ve been home for like 15 minutes and Petunia’s already being a total snob, like always. You’re probably wondering why I have to stay at the Potter’s, it’s because my aunt is sick and my mom’s going to go take care of her. This is going to be the worst summer ever. And to make matters even worse, my mom thinks Potter is a ‘very nice boy’. Potter was acting all proper around my mom. AND my mom thinks I have a crush on him! Can you believe it?! And she wants me to be nice to him while I’m at his house. As if! When I get to the Potter’s I’ll give you his address so that we can write to each other. Writing to you and Emma may be the only thing that keeps me sane this summer. Well, I’ll talk to you later.

Love always,


Lily sealed the letter and walked over to Jasper. “Here, Jasper, take this to Cassie, okay?”

Jasper gave a quick nod of the head to indicate that he understood. Lily tied the letter to his leg. Jasper hopped on her arm. She walked over to the window and opened. Jasper flew out. Lily went downstairs.

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Summer Rain: Home Sweet Home


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