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Remember by almost_witch
Chapter 1 : Remember
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“God dammit, just open up!” She pounded her fist on his front door.

A tall, handsome man with dark hair which fell lazily into his grey eyes sung his own apartment door open. “Lily?” He questioned hoarsly looking at the woman standing before him.

She was average height; her dripping red hair held a particular grace about them and her eyes… oh, everyone loved those eyes, were a beautiful almond shape with a startling shade of green. She was a classic beauty in every sense.

“Remember, remember that night...” she started, panting heavily, cutting to the chase.

“Did you walk here? In the rain?” He asked, dodging her statement, surveying her soaking wet body; her work shirt clinging to her milky skin.

“Yes. I wanted to talk to you.” She replied quickly, dismissing the question, wiping some water off her face and letting it drip onto the corridors dirty carpet.

“Ok, come in.” Sirius opened the door wider and waved her in welcomely as always.

“No!” She cried out, a harassed look cross her rain covered face.

He looked rather taken back in return.

“Remember in our 7th year… after I started dating James. Remember when we would sneak into the Astronomy Tower? Remember how it all started?”


Footsteps echoed through the stone walls and a tall man with his black hair hanging perfectly in front of his handsome face appeared with an faded t-shirt and a cloak draped lazily over his shoulders.

“Do you ever stop working?” He said cheekily to the girl sitting at the table with a lamp in front of many rolls of parchment scattered in front of her.

She looked up and smiled, “too much to do,” she answered simply, “why are you up?”

“Don’t sleep much,” he replied, colapsing in the chair next to her.

“How come?” She asked, rolling up a piece of parchment with her slender fingers.

“Never have,” He said placing his feet onto the table, kicking rolls of parchment out of the way as he did so.

She raised an eyebrow and turned away from him, pulling a long red ribbon from her pocket and tying it neatly around a thick roll of parchment.

“What’s that letter for?” Sirius asked staring at what she held in her hands.

“Nothing,” she stared out the window, looking at the starry night.

“Oh c’mon…” Sirius ran his tongue across his dry lips.

She turned and smiled lightly at him, “just to my mother, she likes my letters.”


“James told me about your family.” She said looking at him, pity in her eyes.

“Great.” Sirius said through a clenched jaw.
Nice one Prongs, he thought sharply.

“I’m sorry, they sound horrible.”

“You have no idea.” He tried to grin, but it just made him look like someone was stretching his mouth harshly.

She kept on looking at him with her startling green eyes.

“I don’t need you to feel sorry for me, Lily.” He stood up and threw himself into the couch in front of the warm and blazing fire. A slight thump next to him meant that Lily had followed him.

“My sister thinks I’m a freak.” She stared into the fire blankly.

“Why? Because you’re the only witch in the family?”

Lily nodded, “she has the most horrible boyfriend too. They are such a pair.” She smiled to herself.

“Wonder what she thinks about James…” Sirius said laughing at the thought.

Lily rolled her almond shaped eyes. “You’re a cool guy Sirius,” she was looking at him once again.

He didn’t know how to respond to his, but she placed head onto his shoulder, and within a small moment he heard a small sob.

“Ah… Lily…” Sirius said, trying to get a glance at her face. She hid it from him.

He pulled his long arms around her and scooped her close to him, holding her close to his toned chest.

He didn’t ask her why she was crying, he just held her for what felt like an hour, running his hand through her thick hair, trying to comfort her. For the whole time he thought of different reasons why she could be crying, he hoped to Merlin it wasn’t because of him.

Then, finally, her head rose.

“I-I think I better go to bed,” she stumbled getting herself up from his warm, but numb, arms.

“That’s a good idea,” Sirius said still looking puzzled.

“Thank you,” She said, her perfect, tear stained face.

“Ah… for what?” He asked, feeling even more confused than moment before.

She smiled weakly at him. “Just thank you,” and she turned for the stairs.

Sirius stared at the back of Lily as she walked up the first few steps, watching her long red hair swishing behind her as she walked.

“I’ll… ahh… see you tomorrow then?” He said nervously like he only just discovered girls. How could Sirius, the most attractive boy in school not know what to say to a girl?

“You’ll see me tomorrow then,” she replied, turning around and giving him a big, watery grin.


Sirius nodded stiffly. Of course he remembered that night.

“We both came back the next night, do you remember that? It was only just the start.” She said, her eyes buldging, fishing out more and more memories.


“You’re up again,” Lily said with a grin, not even looking up from the book she was reading.

“Sure am,” Sirius replied, smiling and placing himself next to her on the couch.

They sat in silence for a long time; the candles were starting to burn out, one by one.

“I better go to bed,” Lily broke the silence, looking at her ticking watch.

“Oh, ok.” Sirius said, getting up with her.

They both faced each other as they stood up, their bodies only a ruler length apart, looking at each other awkwardly, not even daring the other to move away.

“I like not being alone at night,” Lily said quietly, her eyes darting to different features of his attactive face.

“Same,” he whispered, he could feel her heavy breathing tickle his face, it felt gentle, warm and inviting.

It was like it was Sirius’s first kiss, the way he paused only an inch away from her lips, as though unsure on what to do and how to do it. It was like they both forgot about James, just for those moments. And as they kissed they forgot they were even alive, they were just so lost in each other, so lost in the world.

Sirius pulled away, “I’m sorry…” he whispered, not daring to look in her charming eyes, his lips were still moist from her lips.

“Don’t be,” she whispered back, brushing her lips onto his cheek before walking up the stairs to her Dormitory.


“What if I had broken up with James after that? What if I had after all those nights we would sneak out? Would it be you I would be marrying tomorrow?” She stared at him with her captivating eyes, demanding answers.

“We didn’t have what you and James had, what you have.” Sirius said.

She shook her head with disbelief, “then how come we always snuck out? James and I never did that. I wouldn’t do that for James, would I?”

She pounded her small fist into the door frame, showing she was stronger than he thought she was and she wasn’t going to back down. Her jaw tightened stubbornly.

Sirius shook the images from his head. “We shouldn’t have done that.”

“But we did. I would spend nights with you, Sirius. Not James, you. What does that tell you?”

“It was lust. Not love, not like you and James.”

“What makes you think that?” She replied, her eyes filling with tears.

“Because you chose James.”


Sirius sat patiently in the Room of Requirement, waiting for Lily.

She entered the room with such grace and walked over to him, her long sheet of wavey hair trailing after her. The door closed behind her with a flick of her wrist as her eyes filled with tears.

“Lily?” Sirius panicked, standing up shakily.

She ignored his worries and pressed her lips onto his, putting all her weight onto him, she forced him onto the heavily stuffed bed behind him. Without anymore words she pulled off his robes. They made love.

Sirius forgot about her tears until they were lying with her head on his chest. She began to sob, tears dripping onto his bare chest. Sitting up stiffly, with a sheet wrapped tightly against her shapely body, leaving Sirius cold and naked, Lily moved away from him.

“Lily?” Sirius asked, scrambling up next to her.

She lent over to him and kissed hard on his cheek. He felt tears run from her onto his cheek, and then she spoke three shaky words that would change everything.

“I choose James.”

Sirius sat stunned, he didn’t move as she pulled on her clothes, tears dropping into a puddle on the stone cold ground.

Last time they met, Sirius sat her down in the same room. He told her that she had to choose. Sooner or later they were going to be caught. He couldn’t stand betraying James any longer; they were doing something very, very wrong to someone so close to him.

He was sure that when she walked into the room and made love with him; it meant she chose him.

But it didn’t.

She didn’t spare him one last glance as she picked up her feet and ran out of the room, tears still flowing.


“What if I chose wrong?”

“You didn’t.” Sirius refused to think so.

Tears leaked gently down her pale face. “Tomorrow, you will marry James. You’ll live in a big house and have a happy family.” Sirius tried to smile. “I’m going to go, you need to get home.”

“Why Sirius?” She croaked.

“Because James will be waiting.”

“No, why do you still act like everything is fine, why do you act like nothing ever happened?”

“You chose James,” He said, looking at her with his gentle eyes, “and so do I.”

He closed the door on the soaking lover that was soon to become a married woman.

He knew he did the right thing, he knew that she had come to do the same thing she has done the night she left James, but he wouldn’t. Not to James. Not again.

Author: Ok, this is my first try at a Sirius/Lily, I hope you like it and please review and tell me what you thought about it, I would love to know what I need to fix.

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Remember: Remember


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