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Rumor Has It... by mm24
Chapter 3 : Surprize!
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Hermione’s PoV

I took a deep breath. I can’t believe that I agreed to this! I will never work! How can I trust him! I can’t! He probably set me up! He is going to make it look like I am a complete idiot! Stupid, stupid Hermione! Like yesterday was not enough humiliation. Let’s set us up and make an even bigger fool of our self! Great plan!

Pansy’s PoV

I was sitting at the Slitherin table during breakfast. Blaise was on my left and on my right was an empty seat for my Drakie! As I was about to take a bite of my scrambled eggs the doors of the Great Hall swung open and in walked Draco. Except he was holding hands with that damn mudblood whore! I would have broken into hysterics if I didn’t know that there had to be a logical reason of why my Drakie was even near that bitch. When Draco and that slutty mudblood made their way in front of me I asked,” Drakie what the hell is the mudblood bitch doing over here?”

Then all of a sudden Draco grabbed my chin, really hard, so I was looking directly into his eyes and he said through clenched teeth, ”Don’t you ever call my Hermione that horrid word ever again! Now get out of that seat Mi’s sitting there.” Then all of a sudden I was on the floor with a sore hip. Then when I stood up I couldn’t believe what I saw. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”


Ron’s PoV


I looked up from my breakfast of French toast, normal toast, bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs, and a blue berry muffin when the doors to the Great Hall burst open. In walked the ferret king himself, Draco Malfoy.

Why the hell does he every morning need to make a grand entrance? Everyone already knows he is a self-centered ass. He doesn’t need to remind us every single day! Except to day something was different. He came in holding hands with some random chick.

But wait. That’s…that’s Hermione! What the bloody hell does he think he is doing with my ‘Mione. And what the fuck! He is taking her to the Slytherin table!

Then all of a sudden Pansy Parkinson goes flying and Blaise Zabini’s nose starts gushing blood!

My attention then went back to what Hermione was doing. She and Malfoy sat down, his arm now around her waist. Both completely ignoring the volcano of blood that is currently Blaise’s nose.

Then Malfoy whispered something to Hermione and two seconds later the arms were tightly around his neck and they were snogging each other’s faces off.

“Fucking Malfoy!” I mumbled, and I got up from my seat and went over to them.

‘C’mon ‘Mione, I’ll take you to the infirmary.”

“Why the hell do I need to go the infirmary? I am perfectly comfortable right here!”

“She has to make shore nothing is too wrong, that you just have a minor concoction or something. That is the only logical reason you would be over here.

“What are you talking about? Why in the world do you think something is wrong with me?”

“Well, I don’t know? Let me see. It might have something to do with the fact that you are at the Slytherin table snogging Malfoy!”

“Oh shut up Ronald! Just yesterday you were saying how I am so ugly and could never get a boyfriend! And now when I it comes out that I have one, and for quite some time, and that I am happy, all of a sudden you decided to start acting like you own me! Well you don’t! You had you chances and you screwed it up. But that is you problem Ron. Not mine! Life sucks! Get over it!” Hermione yelled at me. Then she turned towards Malfoy, through her arms around his neck and began to cry on his shoulder! What the bloody hell! I try to help her and she yells at me and then cries on the ferrets shoulder. She hates the ferret!

Blaise’s PoV

Draco walked into the Great Hall, hand holding with Ganger. Interesting. I didn’t know that he was interested in her. But it isn’t too surprising. She is pretty hot. But not slutty like Pansy. And speaking of Pansy, once Draco was standing next to her she starts complaining about Ganger. When will she shut up? Doesn’t Pansy get that no one actually likes her. She is so obnoxious. Do you know what she was telling me earlier? How her mother owled her last night saying that she thinks Draco should be proposing to her by Valentine’s Day this year! Draco hates her! Everyone hates her! Draco has said, on more that one occasion, that he would rather kill himself before he would marry Pansy!

I looked over and saw that Draco was basically crushing Pansy’s jaw and saying, “Don’t you ever call my Hermione that horrid word ever again!” Wow can you say po-ssess-ive! “Now get out of that seat Mi’s sitting there.” How cute he has a nickname for her.

What the fuck!" I put my hands up to my nose to find it a volcano of fricking blood.

Then two seconds later Miss. Pugfaced Parkinson over there starts screaming bloody murder for god only knows why! "Thank you Pansy! You just helped me complete my life goal, having my eardrums fricking explode!
''What an odd goal," Pansy mumbled in reply. Idiot I tell you. Complete idiot.

Ginny’s PoV

Hermione, hand in hand with Malfoy, walked into the Great Hall and over to the Slytherin table. Okay, I’ll stop right there. Whoa. That is all I have to say. Whoa! Well actually I lied. That is so not all I have to say.

“Harry, Harry, Harry, Harry, Harry, Harry!” I said repeatedly while poking him in the arm.

“ Ow! What Ginny. And stop poking me, it is annoying,” Harry said.

“Look!” I said pointing over to Hermione. “Isn’t it great!”

“What do you mean ‘great’?”

“That Hermione has Malfoy!” I said stating the very obvious!

“I get that! But again, how the hell is that great? It should be horrible. She, our best friend, is with Malfoy, our enemy! That would be like Robin getting together with Penguin. It just shouldn’t happen.”


“Okay, maybe not exactly like that. But whatever. Why is it great that Hermione is with Malfoy?”

“Hermione seems to be happy! That is good! So in tern, as her friends we should be happy for her. So that is great. Because we are all happy. Happy great. Great happy. Were all happy! Hence the great!”

“Okay, what ever.”

Just then Harry’s attention and mine was turn over to the Slytherin table when we heard a blood-curtailing scream. Looking at the table you could see blood gushing out of Blaise Zabini’s nose like a volcano and standing above him was the one and only Pansy Parkinson screaming her little brain out over Hermione and Draco snogging like there was no tomorrow. That was where I lost it!

I began to laugh my head off. It was just too funny! It was just like a seen from a book. And apparently I was not the only person who lost it then. Because just then Harry was kind enough to lean over to inform me that Ron was making his was over to Hermione. I stopped laughing for about two second to see Ron my dear, dear older brother with a very serious, and red, face making his way over to the Slytherin table. Then tears filled my eyes. Not from sadness for my very dear, but also very stupid brother. No I was crying from laughing so hard. I was also extremely honored to be a witness of something so wonderful. Dear Ronald make a fool of him self.

"Harry," I said once I calmed down. "We're going over there. Come on."

"No way am I, going over there."
            “Oh yes you are!” I said pulling Harry by the arm and making my way towards the Slytherin table.

(A/N)- Hi! So sorry for the long update! I feel so bad! I got stuck on Ginny's PoV and didn't write for like, a month! I still don't like it. But what ever! I was planing to have Hermione's and Draco's PoV's in this chapter too, but then I probley woulden't have updated untill January and nobody would want that. I probley won't update this story for a while. I plan on posting my other stories first. I have two that me and a friend hve been woking on since the spring. And one I came up with in Febuary! So I want to post thoughs. Thanx for reading and PLEASE reveiw! I love to get them and I always answer them. Thanx.

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