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The Grass Is Much Greener on the Other Side by private_ryan
Chapter 8 : Trick or Treat, Not that Your Opinion Matters
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Chapter 8: its Halloween and Instead of Asking Your Permission on Whether I can Play Trick or Treat, I’ll Just skip to the Trick Part and Hope That You Mind.

Disclaimer: It’s a great thing really, realizing you own nothing and telling the public.


What comes to mind when I say the word Halloween?

Do images of ghosts, ghouls, cats, and witches come into your brain? Or does toilet papering someone’s house or stealing three pieces of candy instead of two come into your mind?

No, I’m not a stalker intent of finding out everything about you before stalking you until your wither and die.

It was just a question.

None of those inane things come to my mind. Instead I see myself dumping a crap load of red dye into the bathtub that was filled with water so my younger brother, Regulus, could take a bath.

Mind you when he went in the bathroom he screamed for five minutes straight before having enough common sense to tell someone. Then using my common sense I drained the water so mother couldn’t frame me for this prank.

Or I see myself going into Bellatrix’s spare bedroom; she’s a cousin, and ripping holes in all her jeans. She didn’t mind however which made me frown, my pranks are meant to embarrass. Although she could’ve been embarrassed; there were holes in the butt area.

The point I’m trying to make is that Halloween is my holiday. I like to think Halloween was design for me so I could pull pranks and get away with it.

But the problem is: which side shall I take in this meaningless war? Teely or James: both potentially evil and genius. I took both sides because if you haven’t figured out I like to wreak havoc. I’m like that paper you swore you didn’t write about the teacher. I live to cause other’s distress.

The thing is I’ve never felt guilty about being a backstabber before. My previous victims were cold and heartless so it made sense to teach them a lesson. But these two victims: not so much the person who would expect to be wanted on account for plotting mass takeover of the world.

If I side with Teely, I’ll be alone in my dormitory and I’ve have to put up with cooties. But Teely does have good prank ideas and always has something to talk about.

If I side with James, I’ll have a reputation that means I ‘cheat’ on girls and never have a girlfriend. But James overall beats Teely in the prank department and I feel I could cause more distress with him.

I can’t side with both anymore.

I think its official, I, Sirius Black, am confused on what to do.

I think I need advice.


“Lily, Lily, Lily, I looked for you for ages and you’re in the library?” I shouted flabbergasted.

“I like books, it’s like another world.” She said dreamily putting her quill in a textbook and looking up at me.

“Like you, you have something different about you everyday.” I muttered under my breath and she snorted.

“Makes me far more entertaining my love,” she smirked and got up.

Hold the up. My love?

Sorry honey, but with me I’m a straight line with no desire to curve like a baseball anytime soon.

“You’re disturbing me; If you’re not going to talk then leave. Besides you're taking up all the good library air. ” Lily sighed; her eyes longing to read the words in the textbook.

Library air? Please. What's the difference? Well I suppose if you're outside a bathroom stall when someone takes a crapload. But then one might ponder why in the world were you sniffing the air when someone was taking a crapload?

Apparently I’m dealing with a smart Lily today. She’s of no use when she’s “nerdy.” I need an evil genius who can make me a plan on how to strike James Potter next.

“Okay….okay…I’ll go.” I mumbled my thoughts intent on finding Sirius until out of nowhere:

I trip.

Over what you may ask? The library air: it must not like me because of what i compared it too. Yes, Teely Ryan tripped…on the air that got revenge on me.

“Oh my gosh, I’m sorry!” I heard a voice exclaimed and turned to face a girl with purple, pink, and green highlights are thrown askew in her light brown hair.

My mind must have been wiped out after that fall because all I said to that girl was, “What?”

She gave me a quizzical look before responding, “Didn’t I trip you?”

“Really?” I ask mentally making note to slap myself for being so stupid. Of course she tripped me, what kind of person falls on air? What was I thinking?

Library air? I'm so funny. Ha. Ha

She smirked, “Well besides the permanent brain damage, I say you’re shaping up okay.” She turned to walk away, and before I knew it I blurted out, “your hair reminds me of the time I barked on my aunt’s dog.”

Oh crap.

That didn’t mean to escape my lips. You know what they say: Loose lips sink ships. I’m pretty much at the bottom of the ocean with Titanic and Leonardo because she stops and turns around.

The prospect of getting beat up in a library would’ve amused me if this wasn’t really happening, on Halloween too.

But instead of socking me with her fists which had checkered nail polish on them she grinned, “You should’ve seen it last week when I tried dying it orange for Halloween, my forehead turned orange too and my hair turned pink…imagine!”

“Last week?” I mumbled, what is up with me and one liner today?

“I change it every week, I can’t seem to agree on anything.” She smiled and then really turned and left.

Can we say awkward? Awkward. 

Thank you captian obvious.


Do you ever have on of those days where you know you’re on fire? Not literally like stop, drop, and roll, but you know you’re hot. Your body is one thing to stop and gawk at. What wonders lay under that shirt?

Because that my friend, is how I feel everyday. I know everyone wants a piece of me, but I wouldn’t dare let them have me. It’s like a never ending game of cat and mouse. Except I’m one muscular mouse that won’t let a inane cat get near me.

One might say I’m conceited, I just say I’m sexy because well…for an eleven year old and everything; I am.

“Something just struck me!” Mark exclaims walking through my open dormitory door.

“Do you want some ice?” I ask sarcastically which gives me a bruise on my precious head. I should really insure it, I don’t want my lovely locks to be worth nothing now do I? “What’s your plan?” I say, fitting myself into my business façade. I usually just pull the pranks that come to my head but with surfer boy Mark it always has to be planned, planned, and planned!

“It’s Halloween correct?” he mutters without waiting for my response. It’s okay though I didn’t want to waste my sexy voice on him anyway. “If we bewitch let’s say a bat-“

I cut him off, “No, stupid. They’ll expect that.”

“I was trying to coordinate some holiday spirit into it though, stop being a grinch.” He mutters.

“If we’re going to do anything at all it’s has to be the one thing all girls fear.” I smirked my facing becoming red just thinking about it. When Mark still doesn’t understand I say, “exposed their under garments.”

The thing about waiting until 6pm on Halloween on the sixth minute and hopefully the sixth second is that if you combine them you get the number six hundred sixty- six. Clever, I know I’m glad I thought of it. Just the little things I do that made my appeal score a few more points or it drops my appeal by a few points because if you think about it what loser thinks of that kind of stuff?

Teely, Sirius, and Lily come into view. I give the thumbs up to a suit of armor, which is really Mark in disguise. He looks better in a suit, that way his annoying seashell necklace isn’t seen.

“When I was little, me and my sister would I correspond our Halloween costumes,” I heard Lily tell the other two.

“Really now, what were you guys last year?” Sirius says looking not interested at all.

“She was a cavity and I was a filling.” Lily answered.

Okay, weird, freakish, stupid much? That

Then out of no where, well actually I knew where no where was but for the sake’s of the other three we’ll just say no where, the suit of armor pops out and starts doing some stupid fancy moves with his sword.

This is really stupid from where I’m standing, for goodness sake’s not one of the three look alarmed.


Oh, wow. This is incredibly stupid. There’s a bewitched suit of armor I imagine, showing us sword tricks? This isn’t a trick and this certainly doesn’t fall under the treat category either.

Sirius is laughing though and Lily looks at him with a puzzled look on her face. “This isn’t funny.” She states giving her a disapproving glance.

Sirius manages to say between laughs, “That’s why it’s funny.”


I turned around to face the opposite direction and call out to no one, “This is such the prank.”

That was my first mistake because after I say that I hear a rip, coming from my pants.

“Oh wow…” I hear Sirius mutter.

“My undies are showing right?” I whispered and he nodded, blushing.

“Well don’t look!” I snapped.

“At least they’re umm….pretty?” Lily tries to make a stab at the light side of things. But it isn’t working because now people are gawking at me like I’m some penguin that can makes scrambled eggs.

A/N: wasn’t this a fast update? :] I have loads of spare time now so except faster updates which will mean you’ll have to review faster. Um….that doesn’t make sense does it? Review because this time I’m giving out puppies. Awww.

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The Grass Is Much Greener on the Other Side: Trick or Treat, Not that Your Opinion Matters


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