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How To Save A Life by goodbyetoyou
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3: Fantastic Tongue Games
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Chapter 3: Fantastic Tongue Games

A.N.: Wonderful chapter banner by overdose x3!!!

“Professor,” Jamie shouted handing Rory to Tyler and hugging the old man.

“Ah, Jamie, welcome back,” He said wrapping his arms around the girl like a fragile doll. Although Albus Dumbledore would never show such inappropriate motions to his students, what this girl had gone through had simply amazed him. To come back here and still go on? He knew he couldn’t have done it, not after what those boys had done. To be honest with himself, he did hold some anger towards James Potter and Sirius Black. Didn’t let them off as easy. Their jokes no longer brought the twinkle to his eyes. He knew it was because he loved Jamie Smith like a daughter, “Ah and the lovely Rory welcome! May I?”

Tyler handed the little bundle to Jamie who handed it to Albus, “Great looks, like her mother.” Jamie blushed at the teacher’s compliment.

“Thank you. She missed you,” Jamie said. Dumbledor would often visit her during the school year. He was her godfather, she was going to make it Tyler but he didn’t want to be. ‘As great as an honor it would be Jamie, if anything ever happened to you I wouldn’t be able to look at her,’ He said. Just then the other carriages began to arrive.

“Ah better go let Madam Shaft take care of Rory,” Albus said, “I’ll see you all at the feast!”

Lily, Jamie, and Tyler walked up five flights of stairs to the nurse’s office. “Hello,” The nurse, Madam Shaft greeted. People, like James and Sirius, often made fun of her last name and would say things like, ‘Shaft, is that the male part?’ Thinking they were clever. She was rather old and had white hair. “Good you’re here. Ok, through here,” She said not wasting a moment while pointing to a painting of a little girl, “You lift it up,” She demonstrated, “And it’s a slide to your room. There is also one behind Miss. Evans bed in the Gryffindor tower. Tyler there is one behind your bed in the Gryffindor. All you have to do is pretend to go up, and then go down the slide. There in your common room are three pictures, one of a nurse, to me, one of a girl lion, to Lily, and one of a boy lion, to Tyler’s room. There are also some to hall ways outside you classrooms, you can go look later, and now let me see the baby.”

It all happened so fast that Tyler had to shove Jamie forward to make her give the baby to Madam Shaft. She told them that she would take good care of her and to come get her when they get to their private common room. They were walking back to the great hall and everyone was filling in.

“Ready,” Lily asked Jamie and Tyler. Tyler nodded and Jamie shrugged. She wasn’t sure. They walked in and sat alone at the Gryffindor table, Jamie just prayed that James wouldn’t sit with them; luckily he kept his distance, “Have you heard that new song, Come on Bring It?” Lily asked Jamie right before it quiet down.

“Oh, yeah,” Jamie shout, “Oh I’m ready for it comes on bring. Kiss me goodbye, Honey I’m gonna make it out alive.” She began to sing and didn’t notice it quieted down.

“Well, since she is drawing attention to herself, may we all welcome back Jamie Smith,” Professor Dumbledore called. Jamie knew she had two options here, blush and stop, or be out going.

“Hi, Professor,” She shouted and continued to hum. She wanted to show everyone that she didn’t care about them anymore. Dumbledore’s eyes shook with mirth.

“And her brother, Tyler,” He continued, “Everyone in third year and up will probably remember them; they took last year off to visit Africa.” By this time Jamie had stopped singing noticing that whispers broke out throughout the hall. She sighed to her self, ‘This is going to be a long year,’ she thought.


“She’s a lot uh, louder?” Remus said trying to make Sirius feel better. They all knew Sirius still had a thing for Jamie Smith, but what were they suppose to do? Give the guy fake hope that some day she will forgive him and they’ll happily ever after? She hated him they all knew that. James did, Remus did, and even Peter the dense one did. Sirius knew they all knew, but no one ever spoke of it. That would bring up fights and flaws that no one wanted to deal with.

“I guess, but it’s good, she was too quiet,” Sirius mumbled. The Marauders knew it was better to just leave it alone. The feast went on like normal, everyone trying to cheer Sirius up, but it seemed like a lost cause.

“I’m going to go sit with Lily for a couple of minutes,” James said before standing up, “Wish me luck.”

“James, I don’t think that’s a very,” Remus started, but it was too late, he was gone, “Good idea.”

James began walking towards them, and Lily saw him, but Jamie and Tyler did not. Lily tried to wave him off doing rather large hand motions but he didn’t see.

“Hey, guys,” He said squeezing in between Lily and Tyler. Now James Potter was not an idiot, he knew they didn’t want him there, but he was dating Lily. He wanted Lily’s best friend, Jamie, to like him.

“What the hell do you want, Potter,” Tyler spat like venom.

“Oh go play with someone, Smith,” James said turning to Tyler.

“I thought that was your job, Potter,” Tyler bit back.

“Oh please,” James snarled, “You probably have four kids by now.”

“Excuse me!” Jamie said. Both Lily and Tyler could see that James struck a nerve. Now people were getting up to go to their common rooms, “Don’t ever talk about my brother like that again.” James looked flabbergasted like he couldn’t believe the words that came out of his mouth. Tyler and Lily were looking at Jamie cautiously as if she were to explode, “Come on, Tyler.” Jamie and Tyler jumped up and began to walk out. As they passed Peter, Remus, and Sirius, Jamie waved and said hello to Remus without even looking at the other two.

“Lily, I did not mean to say that, it slipped,” James begged his girlfriend to believe him.
“James, I just really want you guys to get along, don’t you get it?” Lily asked. She stood up and walked towards the doors, “Hello Remus.”

“Aw, Lily, I don’t get a hello,” Sirius said trying to grin, Lily’s face turned pale,

“Oh please, if I talked to you Jamie would never forgive me.”

“Does she really hate me that much,” Sirius asked wincing.

“I hate to say it but, yes, Sirius, she does.”


“So why are we going to the Gryffindor common room, again,” Jamie asked Tyler. Lily was with them now as the Marauders went ahead.

“I want to see Colin,” Tyler said, “And Lily has to go this way too.”

“Can I ask you a question Tyler? Why did you pick Africa, I swear if I hear, ‘How was Africa,’ one more time I’ll scream,” Jamie said.

“The monkeys!” Tyler screamed, as if it was obvious. Jamie sighed, knowing she shouldn’t have expected anything else and opened the Fat Lady with the password ‘Consorted’.

“I heard that their parents died and they had to go away because no one wanted them,” A voice whispered. Jamie’s jaw dropped as she looked at Tyler, they were talking about them!

“Well I heard that they robbed Gringotts and they had to hide for a year,” Said another voice, they obviously didn’t realize they were there yet.

“I heard they can fly and control weather,” That was James sarcastically.

“Well I heard,” Jamie shouted, and some gasps were heard, Jamie threw out her arms and put on a smile, “That while Jamie was away she learned how to do fantastic things with her tongue. But, of course, these are just silly rumors. I have no idea if they’re true. So if any of you guys out there find out, I would love to know!” Everyone began to yell things, like, ‘Why did you leave?’ ‘Can I see your tongue games?’

“Fantastic tongue games,” Tyler whispered into her ear. She smiled and shrugged. She ignored the whistle and shouts, and walked up the stairs to the girl’s dorm.

“So this is it?” Jamie asked peeking behind Lily’s bed, there was another curtain that if you moved it was a black whole.

“I guess so, you want to go first,” Lily asked. Jamie nodded and went into the dark hole. Jamie stood up in a kitchen that looked just like her own. It was a huge apartment with a kitchen and seven rooms attached. Two bathrooms, one a room for Tyler, one for Jamie, and one for Rory, a guest room, and a play room.

“Wow,” Lily gasped coming behind Jamie. There was a bunch of paintings one just saying subjects, one of a nurse, one of a girl lion, one of a boy, and one of Dumbledore, “Secret passages, I would guess.” Behind both of them there was a great thud and there was Tyler, on the ground.

“Couldn’t sick the landing,” Jamie laughed, “Hey Tyler will you go get Rory, I want to talk to Dumbledore for a moment.” Tyler nodded, and Lily went with him. Jamie sighed tired, before opening the painting of Albus. She was immediately looking through the eyes of another painting.

“Wow,” She whispered before knocking. The portrait swung open to reveal Dumbledore’s office. There sitting at his desk, was Dumbledore.

“Hello Professor,” Jamie smiled at the old man before sitting down.

“Hello, Ms. Smith, how was your first day back,” When he smiled his eyes twinkled.

“OK, its odd being back here,” Jamie said, “But I have a favor to ask. Well I wanted to know if there was any way to make it so Rory and our secret passages and stuff, don’t show up on maps.”

“Maps,” Dumbledore laughed raising an eyebrow.

“The Marauders, they have this map that shows everything in the castle. I don’t want you to take it away, because it’s not dangerous, I just don’t want Rory to come up on it.” It was true; Jamie knew about the map, how many times did Sirius find her on it?

“Don’t worry, Jamie,” Albus whispered, “I did.” Jamie smiled at nodded. There was an odd silence before Fawkes the Phoenix made a small noise, a cry. Something about this pushed Jamie over the edge and she began to cry. Immediately she pushed the tears away angrily.

“I can’t do it, Albus,” She cried hugging the old man, “I can’t see them every day.”

“Jamie,” He whispered hoarsely, “You are strong. You can get through this year, you’ll make it. I know you can.”

“How can you be so sure,” Jamie sobbed.

“Because, I know you, Jamie.” 

A/N: Well another chapter, and happy holidays everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful one, I may post before Christmas, but if I don't I will definitly post after. ! YAY.  AMAZING CHAPTER BANNER MADE BY OVERDOSE X3!!!!! alright heres next chapter preview:

“Your daughter, Smith, are you death?”

“How do you know,” She whispered angrily leaning forward.

“Easter break, I saw you with her at the park," 


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