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The Changes in Waiting by almost_witch
Chapter 8 : A New End
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It's a new world, It's a new start

It's alive with the beating of young hearts

It's a new day, It's a new plan

I've been waiting for you

Here I am

-Here I Am - Bryan Adams

“Mr Weasley?” A short, stocky woman appeared around the door.

Ron glanced up from the box he was rummaging through.

“Do you know where anymore of the dancing Minister of Magic’s are?” She said with a thick Irish accent.

“Ahh…” He looked around the room that was filled with boxes. “Yeah, one sec,” He grabbed one that was only meters away and followed the woman into the shop.

The room was bright and colourful as always, there were things that made thr room sound horrible and others that made it smell sweet, cracking noises were made from different objects and other things walked on their own accord. Ron now worked at the shop his two Twin brothers owned in Diagon Alley while Fred and George worked in their shop at Hogesmaede. Their business was bringing in bucket loads of money.

“How much?” Said the pimply boy that must be at least 18. He eyed the figures.

“1 for two galleons, 2 for three.” Susie Johanston said, pulling out the dancing figurines from the box.

“2, thanks,” the boy said, pulling out his money bag from his jeans pocket.

Ron looked around the shop; it wasn’t very full seeing it was a middle of a school week but there was always at least someone in there, Diagon Alley got most of the money from the orders school students would send in at any hours of the day.

He heard a loud chirp that meant that there must be a new owl.

“I’ll go back to the orders then,” he said to Susie who brushed her hand absently as she placed the galleons into the till.

“Remember were locking up in 5, I want to get home on time tonight,” she shot glanced to the two girls that were giggling by the love potions.

Ron grunted and walked back to the back room.

The owl sat at the window, lazily holding its leg out with an order hanging off the end. Ron took it and added it to the growing pile of parchment.

5 minutes went by and Susie walked back in.

“It was a good day,” she said as she grabbed her coat, “I’ll be in by 9 tomorrow.” She walked back out and there was the click of the store door which meant he was once again, alone.

Sighing, he lifted himself up from the very uncomfortable chair and walked up the stairs to the small apartment that was on top of the shop his older brothers owned.

He collapsed onto his bed, his legs aching after another day of work. He decided he was too lazy to make any dinner, so he rolled onto his back and drifted to sleep.

He was woken up by a loud noise from the shop door several hours later.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” he mumbled and threw his cloak over his shoulders and stumbled down the very creaky old stairs.

He could hear rain drizzling outside; the store window’s were fogged over.

The door continued to bang from the outside.

“Okay! Okay! Shut up!” He growled and unlocked the door.

“Do you know what time it is? It’s the middle of the bloody night!” He yelled as he threw the door open.

He froze as he saw the women standing in the rain.

“Ron,” Hermione said weakly.

“What do you want?” He said, surveying her soaking body. Her dark hair clung to her pale cheeks and her travelling cloak wasn’t surviving well under the weather.

“I won’t be long; I just wanted to speak to you. One thing, that’s all and then I can leave you,”

Ron narrowed his blue eyes and looked at her darkly, though waited her to speak. He wasn’t polite enough to ask her inside, away from the rain. He stood in the comfort of the doorway, while the rain drizzled outside.

“I want to ask you one question; you have to give me a proper answer,” Hermione paused and took a moment to think out the words she wanted to say.

“I love you, and I have since our second year. I made the mistake if leaving you four years ago, but I can’t change that now. But I am sorry and I always will be. You need to know that.”

Hermione took a deep breath before continuing.

“Victor has asked me to live with him again. He loves me, Ron. The only reason why I would stay here would be for you. So I’m giving you the choice now because I give up. Decide if you really want me out of your life, because if you do I promise never to come back and never see you again. Just tell me that it’s what you really want, it’s all I want to hear before I go.”

It was like her words were rehearsed. Ron stared at her blankly.

“Hermione, it’s late-“

“I know it’s late, just tell me that it’s what you want and I’ll leave your life forever, I will never come back to you, I will never wake you up in the middle of the night again if you just tell me that you will never want me in your life again,” she cried out, it was obvious how much she wanted to know this answer.

He stood stiffly for a moment, still holding onto the door handle tightly.

“I don’t remember our last kiss,” he said through gritted teeth. Over the years he thought about it often. It was one of those things he wanted to remember but no matter how much he thought about it the memory could never come back to him.

Her eyes looked at him fairly confused.

“It was 3 weeks before I left. You came home from something and you had dust on your nose, I wiped it off and we kissed like a married couple would have after years of marriage. It was like there would be many more, but there wasn’t, was there?”

She remembered the vision like it was happening in front of her. Ron soaked in all of her words.

“I can’t forgive you,” he said numbly, “go back to Vicky.” He said the last word sharply.

She bowed her dripping head down, “bye Ronald,” she said, only loud enough for him to just hear it.

He closed the door while she still stood in the rain in front of him.

Hermione kept to her word. Days went by and she never came back, there was no letters or even a message, none at all.

It was after midnight one night when Ron was lying in bed. He couldn’t sleep. The truth was that he was thinking of Hermione. He tried to force the images of her out of his head but then he started arguing with himself.

‘You miss her,’

‘I do not!’

‘You regret letting her leave you again,’

‘No, I’m glad,’

‘Then how come you keep on expecting her to come back?’

‘I do not, I’m waiting for Harry,’

‘You can’t lie to me, Ron. I am you.’

Ron groaned and rolled onto his side. He let her go. I wanted her to leave, he told himself. This is good, not bad.

‘Then how come you keep on thinking about her?’

The voice in his head said smartly.

But I can’t like her… she left and came back years later… I hate her I can’t lo-

The though came through his head. He could get her back. He could go to her and tell her he changed his mind. He sat up so fast his head became dizzy.

‘She’s with Victor now,’

The mean voice said as though pleased that Ron was driving himself insane.

Ron sank back down into his pillows. He really lost his chance this time.

He heard a loud knock at the front door. Hermione! He thought and threw himself off the bed and bounded down the stairs like a puppy.

He got to the shop door faster than he could have ever imagined and threw it open. “Hermione-“ He started, he stopped half way through and he felt his heart drop like a stone.

It wasn’t Hermione. A tall, hooded man stood there, a wand being pointed directly at Ron’s chest. Ron could feel the wooden tip through his Pyjama top.

Ron thought back to how far his wand was… by his bed… oh, how he longed to see Hermione’s face at this moment.

“Avada Kedavra,” the Death Eater said a sneer appearing across his cruel face. There wasn’t even a warning. No cruel torture. Just the deadly curse.

The curse his him directly in the heart, he was blasted off his feet and fell in the center of his brothers shop. His body lying perfectly on the ground, lifeless and limp.

The unknown Death Eater left the door open and apparated on the spot. His job was done.

Author- Ohh... dramatic ending. Only about one chapter left. Probebly going to be quite angst. Sorry that it took so long.

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