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Bugs In My Tummy by siriusly_whos_tara
Chapter 1 : Maybe not so normal
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Read, Enjoy and Review. This is my first fanfiction so and constructive criticism, hints and ideas are welcome.

By follow_the_butterflies

My names Tara Maree Nixie Drake and I’m 16 years old. I'm just your average girl, attractive but not jaw-droppingly beautiful… I have mid-back length blonde hair with streaks that change colours according to my mood. Let’s just say it was a potion gone wrong. I have ocean blue eyes and a golden-tanned body. I'm not skinny but I’m not fat either, and I have some muscles from playing sports which is just fine with me.

My personality can be confusing some times… I have a sharp tongue which often gets me into trouble, I’m impatient, see things in black and white, and I seem to attract trouble, which leads me to exhibit my infamous bad temper and my willingness to fight, whether Muggle fighting or dueling.

I have average grades in Herbology, Transfiguration and History of Magic. I have below average grades in Charms mainly because I never have time to practice, and Potions… which is entirely my fault, I’ll admit to that. You see I have problems following rules and instructions, so I quite frequently add ingredients or forget to add them, the results can be perfect or horrendous… more horrendous than perfect, usually, as my marks show. And last but certainly not least I’m above average in Care of Magical Creatures and Defense Against the Dark Arts. Now because I have two above and two below they cancel each other out, therefore making me an average academic student.

I never have many friends like the popular groups but I have more then the Larry’s. But then again I’ve never stayed in one school for more than half a year. There's been Durmstrang, Salem’s, St Wort’s, Casselberry, Jenkins and some others whose names elude me at the moment. I’m currently at Beauxbatons Academy but transferring to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

My family life, however, is anything but average. I mean, sure I’ve got a mum and dad, but my parents have separated. Mum is now married to her girlfriend… yes, that’s right girlfriend while my dad is a Dark Wizard, now known as a Death Eater. Dad is best friends with Abraxas Malfoy and Walburga Black. Need I say more? Mum is a Quidditch coach, only minor league, but still fun. Her wife, who I call Matches because of her flaming red hair and stick thin body, is a model.

I guess that most important thing left to say is I’m cursed, not the Sleeping Beauty or Thumbelina kind of cursed but the real life kind… the worst kind of cursed… This summer, I’ll spend the first half with my loving father and then if I survive, and I mean if, I’ll go to Matches’ house while mum’s away in some Tournament. Oh, she’ll try to do the usual, make-Tara-lose-what-little-fat-she-has-thing, curse my hair and face while I sleep, and if I’m really lucky she might, just might leave my clothes unaltered. Once all that’s over, I’ll be free! Well, free enough until September 1st when I’ll be joining my favorite cousin at Hogwarts!

I can’t wait to see Peter again! OMG! Did I mention that his dad changed their last name from Drake to Pettigrew?!? Crazy, I know, but I bet they like it better. It does suit Peter better, anyway. 

Enjoy and dont forget to review!

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Bugs In My Tummy: Maybe not so normal


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