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There's A Darker Side to Everyone: The Continuation by kissedbyavampire
Chapter 1 : Dark Decisions
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There’s a Darker Side to Everyone
Chapter One; Dark Decisions

The bells in the clock tower at Hogwarts tolled midnight high above the grounds, echoing slightly as the sound reverberated off the trees of the forbidden forest. The sound hid the two figures landing on the gravel drive up to the castle.

They cut striking figures as they walked with an abnormal and ghostlike elegance, seeming like dementors with their graceful promenade. The image was coupled by the fact that their cloaks billowed behind them in a nonexistent wind. Their hoods were pulled low about their faces and all that could be seen were their purple eyes shining in the dark. Both wore black to blend in with the night they thrived in.

Each wore a pendant at their throats, this being the clasps that held their cloaks about their shoulders, glimmering faintly when the moonlit beams hit them, giving the effect that there was much more to them than what met the eye. Hardly any sound was heard as they walked up the drive, their stride purposeful yet unhurried.

Flying candles could be seen thru the windows making tiny pinpricks of light that gave the illusion that the castle had become the roost for a storm of fireflies. The term was coming to a close, meaning end of the year exams for the students and keeping them up late studying; some more than others. But there were always those who were just goofing off as always.

Of the two entities, only the shorter one was gazing up at the castle they were walking to; the other determinedly was looking in any direction but at it keeping watch to make sure they were not being followed. The one who’s dark and curly hair was showing out from their hood was transfixed, a strain on their heart that they had never felt before in their short life.

Their reverie was broken rudely as the taller of the two, the blonde one with small wisps of hair showing said, “Remind me again why we’ve come here.” His tone cold and unfeeling, still resolutely looking away from Hogwarts. The second one didn’t even flinch, used to his callous tone by now.

“To speak to Harry, you dolt,” she snapped, walking even faster now that her stare had been broken. The first had to speed up to keep up. “Maybe he can help us.”

“Of course, Scarhead the Wonderboy,” replied the first, the callousness out of their voice, a sardonic sneer replacing it. “He’ll solve all our problems, except for one teensy tiny detail. He hates me.”

“Stop being such a wuss, Malfoy,” Hermione snapped again. “Just because he hates you doesn’t mean he won’t help you. Besides, you took out a few of his enemies, so maybe he’s softened up since than, don’t you think?”

“No,” Malfoy said shortly. “Frankly, I’m not sure what to think anymore. With what has happened these last few days? Try explaining that.”

“You know as well as I do that there really isn’t any way to explain that stuff,” the second snapped waspishly, her eyes shooting daggers at the other, showing how much pain he was putting her through, making him back off ever so slightly. “That’s another reason why we’re here. I may be a bookworm and all, but I haven’t read them all; especially the ones on Dark Magic and such.”


Harry Potter woke with a start. Panting heavily, he grabbed his glasses off the nightstand beside him and jammed them onto his face. Scrambling out of the bedclothes, he almost ran to the window, tapping his glasses once with his wand to make them into magnifying glasses.

He squinted as he looked out onto the castle grounds from the Head’s window. He was substituting for the Headmistress while she was away for the summer on business, otherwise known as being at the Ministry for Hearings, peace meetings between wizarding countries and the like. On his first night, he had gone around the castle grounds and had set “booby traps” for invaders. Whenever someone new came onto the castle grounds, they would alert him of the entrance of human life. A few owls going to and from the Owlery had startled him out of bed on the first night and he had modified the spells so that wouldn’t happen again.

Pushing his wire-rimmed spectacles higher up on the bridge of his nose, he peered closer at the gravel drive below him, where the moonlight had just revealed two newcomers that he was sure weren’t entirely welcomed. Cursing, he threw on his muggle clothing from the day before that lay in a heap next to his bed, a dark robe from his dresser and, for good measure, his invisibility cloak tucked under his arm.

“Bloody Hogsmeade teenagers think that they can do whatever they want,” he muttered to himself as he strode across the room and went into the study that used to belong to Dumbledore. He stopped himself and smiled, reminding himself that he had been a reckless teenager only two years ago.

Fawkes cooed a farewell to him as he went out of the bedroom, going back to sleep under his wing snoring softly on its perch near the windowsill.

Jogging to the door, he went down the revolving steps and threw on the invisibility cloak just before he reaching the last step. Silently, he made his way out a window near the entrance hall. He had found it his last year at school, which he had only attended a week of, as he had found out that the Headmistress McGonagall was planning on keeping him here as long as possible, to keep him alive. He knew the entrance doors were enchanted, so he went out the window near to them.

Unseen by the two intruders he thought but still sticking to what shadows he could, he crept up next to them, intending to listen in on what they were planning on doing and making up a punishment and stopped cold when he heard his name.

“To speak to Harry, you dolt,” the shorter one of the two snapped, presumably a female, walking even faster. The first had to speed up to keep up. “Maybe he can help us.”

“Of course, Scarhead the Wonderboy,” the first and much taller one sneered. “He’ll solve all our problems, except for one teensy tiny detail. He hates me.”

“Stop being such a wuss, Malfoy,” the second snapped again.

Harry was positive that whom he heard was Hermione Granger, the friend he hadn’t seen in over a year, and who hadn’t owled in over two weeks, which was unnatural. He wanted to go and hug her to death but stopped dead when he saw who was with her, someone he hadn’t wanted to see ever again. The clouds around the moon moved again and covered their faces, and he was hoping that it covered the grass that his shoes were pressing down.

By now he realized that they had stopped talking, or moving whatsoever. He cringed when he saw Malfoy take another step, but closer to where he stood, which was about fifteen feet away from them.

“Do you hear that, Granger?” Malfoy said. Hermione simply ignored him, and turned to look at the castle once more. Even when she didn’t answer, he continued as if she had. “I do. It’s a heartbeat; and a fast one at that.”

“Stop being sick,” said Hermione, though she couldn’t deny that she had heard it too.

Harry immediately started to slow down his breathing to calm down his heart rate, which had sped to full tilt when Malfoy, the rotter, had mentioned him in such a way.

He’s even weirder and sicker than normal. This can’t be good.
“And I don’t just hear them,” Malfoy said, taking another stride. The clouds moved away and they were once again bathed in light. “I can see them.” 

Hermione’s head turned so fast, her hood came off and her hair went flying out like a skirt, the dark curls almost blonde in the pale moonlight. She looked like a living corpse to Harry, compared to what she used to be, alive and vibrant. Her eyes shone eerily, a deep purple color that made her face look unnatural , widening as she gazed in Harry’s direction. Turning slowly to peer at Malfoy, he saw that the blonde boy’s eyes were the same instead of their steely blue.

“Welcome, Potter,” he whispered, raising his hand in the direction of Harry. The invisibility cloak flew off and he felt naked to them, not being hidden anymore.

He straightened up to his full height of just less than six feet, almost matching Draco, who still stood slightly taller than he.

“Malfoy,” he said coldly, barely acknowledging his old enemy.

“Harry, what are you doing out here?” asked Hermione quietly.

She looked stronger and thinner than when he saw her last; like a house cat that had changed to a wildcat. She seemed to radiate an aura of power, and though it impressed him, he didn’t let it show on his face.

“I had spells around the grounds that you tripped when you came onto the grounds,” he said plainly.

Hermione nodded, looking aimlessly around her, her eyes settling on the lake, upon which the moon reflected. “I should’ve expected that.”

None of them speaking right away, Harry cut in.

“I heard you saying that you needed to talk to me. Why?”

“We need your advice on something Harry. We just need you to promise not to freak and run off, because you won’t get far before we catch up.”

Harry frowned, showing his concern. “What’s wrong, Hermione?”

Hermione took in a shuddering breath and looked out over the lake. Malfoy glanced at her quickly then looked back at Harry again.

“You see, Potter. Granger and I, we’re vampires.”

Thanks to my beta, lizalya, for a great clean up job that was well needed. This story is going to be revamped, pardon the pun, over the next month, thanks to lizalya.

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There's A Darker Side to Everyone: The Continuation: Dark Decisions


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