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Death is the way by demongurl
Chapter 3 : Mrs. Prime minister
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“Lily.” James whispered into her ear. “Wake up.” He put a hand on her sleeping body and shook her lightly. She started awake and looked at James.

“What time is it?” She asked.

“Six.” James told her. “You asked me to wake you up about half an hour ago but you looked so tired.” Lily turned over and pressed her hands against her forehead. She felt slightly ill today, why did she have to go and see the stupid Muggle Prime minister?

“Thanks.” Lily said tiredly. James smiled and bent over and kissed her. He was still in bed himself and wasn’t wearing a shirt or anything on top. Lily suddenly felt like missing work but she urged herself to think of something other than James.

“What are you doing today then?” James asked.

“Seeing the Muggle Prime minister.” Lily said sitting up. She looked at their clock, she still hat three hours before she had to meet him.

“Isn’t that Fredrick’s job?” James asked frowning.

“I know but he assigned it to me.” Lily said. “At least he got Manny back in his place, god that man is annoying.”

“Manny? Why do I recognise that name?” James asked frowning.

“He asked me out in our fourth year. He still really fancies me now.” Lily said. She looked at James. His frown had deepened. She smiled and put her arms around him and lay on him slightly, forcing him to lie down. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to stray.” She said. James smiled slightly.

“That’s good.” He said as Lily gave him a kiss. “But I don’t like it if he’s flirting with you.” He put a hand on Lily’s back and pulled her closer.

“Well, you could always ‘sort him out’” She said in a voice that sounded like James, “But I don’t think our bosses will like it.”

“I’ll get Prongs to sort him out then.” James said grinning. Lily rolled her eyes and rested her head on his strong chest. She could hear the windows being battered with rain and the wind howled outside.

“I really don’t want to go to work today.” Lily said. Laying in James arms was comforting, warm and caused her to feel a nice warm tingling sensation.

“I’ll go with you to London if you want.” James said.

“No, I think April’s in London today. You go and sort out the Full moon business with Remus and the others.” Lily said.

“Are you sure?” James asked looking at Lily. Lily lifted her head up slightly.

“It’s an order.” She said grinning.

* * * *

Lily held the files in a muggle bag at her side and wore a proper Muggle suit. Her parents had left her quite a bit of money when they had died and as Lily rarely needed the muggle money she had quite a lot. She had been able to buy a smart looking suit at the last minute so that she looked respectable. Unfortunately she couldn’t say the same for the Ministry member that was accompanying her. She was with the deputy Minister of magic, Benjimin Krankwood, who wore a weird combination of skirts and long shirts. Lily felt slightly embarrassed travelling to Downing street on the underground with him.

“How do you know so much about Muggle clothing?” he asked her. Lily gave him a smirk.

“My parents were Muggles.” She told him. He looked at her surprised.

“Really? I thought you were a pure blood, I must have made a mistake.” He said. Lily looked slightly put-off by this. Pure Blood? Was the deputy minister really so arrogant? Lily didn’t talk to him for the rest of the journey. He followed her closely as she got out of the Ministry cars and told the guards of Downing street who they were. They let them through and Lily was soon in ten Downing street. The door opened and the Prime minister came in. Lily was slightly surprised to see that the Prime minister was a woman. Margaret Thatcher.

“Welcome.” She said shaking hands with Lily as Lily stood up. “You must be the Deputy Minister of Magic.” Lily blushed slightly.

“No ma’am, I’m Lily Potter I work for non-magic people Relations.” She said. Mrs. Thatcher looked at Benjimin Krankwood.

“My name is Benjimin Krankwood. Deputy Minister of Magic.” He said shaking her hand. The Prime minister looked slightly hesitant and gave him a forced smile. They all sat down and Lily took a cup of tea that she was offered.

“Now, my people generally don’t tend to acknowledge your people but I’m sure you are aware that it is starting to become difficult to ignore the many mysterious deaths. According to the last Prime minister your people told him that there was a dangerous…” the Prime minister looked as though she couldn’t the word out.

“Wizard?” Lily said helpfully.

“Yes, a wizard.” Lily felt slightly annoyed that Margaret Thatcher thought the word was like dirt, like Petunia, Lily’s sister. “Well, I would like to know exactly what we’re dealing with and to see if there is anything I can tell the public because quite frankly all these mysterious deaths is starting to get the Public agitated, there is no particular patterns and nothing distinguishing about it other then everyone seems to die of Shock. I know that your people are behind it somehow and I would like to know exactly what it is.” The Prime minister said. Lily looked at Benjimin.

“You’re part of Muggle relations.” He said to her. Lily nodded and looked at the Prime minister.

“It is true, there is a very dark wizard who is currently killing many people and is slowly destroying our way of life. His name is Lord Voldemort” Benjimin shuddered slightly, “And he kills anyone with non-magic family. These mysterious deaths probably have one common factor, at least one or two of their children are either a witch or a wizard. Voldemort believes in pure blood wizardry so he is trying to kill anyone who doesn’t fill that category, people like me.” Lily said. The Prime minister looked at her.

“What do you mean people like you?” she asked.

“My parents and my sister are non-magic.” Lily said, she dropped her eyes to her cup of tea. “Voldemort, the dark wizard, killed my parents Christmas day last year.” The Prime minister looked very slightly sympathetic, “But we are working as hard as we can to stop him. Just tell the public that there is a disease outbreak or say an excuse like that. You cannot reveal the Wizarding world at any cost.” Lily said. “Please.” The Prime minister looked at Lily.

“How old are you?” she asked. Lily pointed at herself. The Prime minister nodded.

“Eighteen.” Lily said.

“And you have lost your parents to this wizard?” Lily was asked.

“My parents and one of my best friends during school.” Lily said. The Prime minister looked at her for a few moments then her gaze went slowly to the deputy minister of Magic.

“Do you have anything to add to what Miss. Potter has said?”

“Um, Mrs. Potter.” Lily corrected politely.

“Mrs. Potter.” The Prime minister said frowning slightly.

“No, she has told you everything you need to know for now.” Benjimin said trying to copy Lily’s composure. The effect wasn’t quite as serious.

“And have you lost anyone to this…wizard?”

“No, I am a pure blooded Wizard.” Benjimin said. The Prime minister nodded and looked at Lily.

“Thank you, I will be informing the public of an influenza outbreak or something better if my advisors can come up with anything better. I am sorry for your losses. I promise, as Prime Minister that I will not expose your world.” She said. Lily smiled as they shook hands.

* * * *

“Mrs. Potter” April said tugging on Mrs. Potter’s arm. April had just spotted a figure aparating into Downing street. April, James’ Parents and Moody were posing as tourists. Mrs. Potter looked to where April was pointing and sure enough a tall thin figure was hiding in the shadows opposite number ten downing street.

The four Aurors crossed the road and stood near the gates. April saw a ministry of Magic car parked opposite the house and wondered why it was there. Soon her question was answered as the door opened and a policeman escorted two people out of the house. The first one out was a tall but slightly chubby man wearing fairly casual clothes. April knew he was the Deputy Minister of Magic. She didn’t really like him very much.

“The deputy Minister” Moody growled. By Moody’s tone April could tell that he didn’t really think much of the Deputy Minister. A second figure came out as well wither head bowed slightly. April’s eyes widened as she saw Lily flip her hair behind her shoulder. Lily turned and spoke to another red haired woman in the doorway of number ten Downing Street.

“Lily” April gasped. She glanced at the Potters and saw them tense slightly as they saw their daughter-in-law smile and talk politely to the Prime minister. The figure stepped out of the shadows and raised his wand slowly. The Deputy Minister was in his car and wasn’t paying much attention. April looked at her mentors and they frowned.

“Matthew, go and inform the Ministry, Alistor, April and I will sort this out.” Mrs. Potter said. Mr. Potter nodded and walked off slightly before disappearing.

“It is a pleasure talking to you.” Lily said to the Prime minister.

“I hope you the best in your recent Marriage.” The Prime minister said smiling. Lily had found her quite easy to talk to, they discussed a few other issues after Voldemort and Lily had let out that she had just recently married. Lily felt her stomach do a slight flip and it felt unsettled, as it had all day.

“Thank you Prime Minister.” Lily said. A jet of Red light smashed into the wall next to her and Lily ducked and pulled the Prime minister with her. She urged the Prime minister into the house and slammed the door shut. She turned and got her wand out. A figure in a long black cloak had their wand pointed at her. Lily stood up and pointed her wand out at the figure.

“Crucio!” the figure shouted. Lily moved just as the spell struck the door of number ten.

“Stupefy.” Lily shouted. A jet of red light shot towards the figure.

“Protego.” He said. Lily could tell by his voice that the figure was male. The red light rebounded and struck Lily in the chest. She fell backwards into door with a crash and then fell to the floor.

“Avada Kedavra” Moody growled as he apparated past the gates. The figure turned and disapparated just in time. The green jet of light just missed the figure. April and Mrs. Potter Apparated into Downing street as well. Apirl went straight up to Lily. The door of number ten opened and the Prime minister looked for Lily and noticed her on the floor. April ran up the stairs and took Lily’s hand.

“Lily!” April said.

“Who are you?” the Prime minister asked April impatiently.

“Ministry of Magic, trainee Auror.” April said quickly. April picked up Lily’s wand which had rolled away slightly. “Ennervate.” April said pointing her wand at Lily. Lily opened her eyes and squinted them against the sun.

“April?” Lily asked confused.

“Marsden, get down here.” Moody said. April helped Lily to her feet and picked up the bag that April had been carrying.

“In a minute sir.” April said. Lily looked slightly dazed and followed April shakily down the street. A squad of Ministry members apparated to the scene. Mr. Potter was with them and Mrs. Potter was quickly informing them of what had happened. Moody ushered April and Lily into the Car and closed the door. Mrs. Potter soon joined them and the car started.

“How are you feeling?” She asked Lily. Lily was still slightly dazed. She could feel her food rising up her throat.

“I feel sick.” Lily said. “Mrs. Potter?” Mrs. Potter smiled.

“Call me Andrea.” She said. Benjimin looked at them curiously.

“What happened out there?” he asked.

“We believe the dark lord himself attacked.” Mrs. Potter said.

“Voldemort?” April asked surprised.

“Yes, you were very lucky Lily. No doubt my son will be doting over you for a while.” Mrs. Potter said with a relieved smile. Lily would have said something but at that moment her breakfast came up all over the car floor

A/N:- so that's the first 3 chapters, tell me what you think

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