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Death is the way by demongurl
Chapter 2 : Work....again
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Lily sat in her small office in the Ministry of magic. She sorted through some paper work that had started to accumulate over the past two months that she had been away. Lily sighed as she read a report that a heard of Hippogriffs had gotten loose and someone had to go and sort it out as soon as possible.

Obviously the Department of Magical creatures would take care of the Hippogriffs but the department needed someone to go and talk to the Muggles before their memories were wiped.

“Don’t worry, Stanton is on it.” Said a male from the door. Lily looked up to see a young attractive male standing in the doorway. Lily knew him from Hogwarts, he was a few years older then she was and had more experience with Muggle Relations. He was also an American boy who had grown up in England so he was a bit cocky and had a strange mixture of English and American accents.

“Hello Manny” Lily said with a smile. She vaguely remembered him asking her out when she was in fourth year. “How are you?” Lily went back to her paper work.

“I’m great. So you’re Mrs. Lily Potter now.” Manny asked. He flicked his jacket slightly to try and cool down. The office was actually quite stuffy, Lily had disposed of her coat earlier, it was currently lying over the back of a chair in the corner.

“Yes, and you’re still single.” Lily said with a fake smile.

“Well, I was waiting for that special someone” He strutted over to her desk and put his hand on her work, causing her to look up. “But as that special someone has gotten married perhaps you’ll do me the honour of having a drink in Diagon Alley?” Lily pretended to think for a moment.

“I’m sorry. I need to get some work done then I’m meeting James after work to go out for a meal with our friends.” Lily said.

“Cancel that appointment Evans.” Said Lily’s boss coming into her office, he still couldn’t quite get it into his head that she was a Potter now. He looked at Manny, “Get back to work Manfred, I don’t pay you to chat up the ladies.” He said.

“Manny.” Manny mumbled before leaving Lily’s office. Lily looked up at her boss, Fredrick Izadora.

“Whatever,” Fredrick muttered, He turned to Lily and smiled, “How was your honeymoon?”

“Very good Fred.” She said smiling. She liked her boss. He had always treated her nicely, well nicer then half the people who worked for Muggle Relations but then Lily was one of the only women who worked in the department.

“I got a new job for you. The Muggle Prime minister wants to talk to us about the current goings on in the Wizarding world. He can’t keep hiding it so the Minister has sent you this file to sort through, you’ll be working late and you’re going to be seeing the prime minister tomorrow for lunch in some fancy Muggle restaurant.” Fredrick Izadora said. Lily frowned.

“But I have to go out with-”

“Put your social life on hold Evans, you have a job now, you’re not at school.” Fredrick Izadora slammed the file on Lily’s desk with a thud. Lily had just managed to move a photo frame and her quill from under it in time. Lily coughed as a few bits of dust rose into the air. “Do me proud.” Fredrick Izadora said as he left the room. Lily let out a small moan and got out a small bit of parchment and wrote a note to James in the magical Games department.

James and Sirius threw a quaffle at each other and then passed it to a passing worker.

“We should really be getting on with some work.” James said.

“There’s nothing to work on. Corrupt quidditch players who are waiting to be questioned, Match fixing and the usual. Nothing suspicious.” Sirius said. James shrugged.

“There must be something.” He said. He looked through the pile of parchment on the desk. He pulled out a piece of paper that looked interesting. “Quidditch world cup qualifiers?” he said. He read the list. “What! England isn’t on here!” he shouted.

“Look at the bottom.” Sirius said. Right at the bottom was England written in small letters. “China ate the current favourites. Got Chang on their team.” Sirius said.

“He is one good flier. I let his daughter play with my snitch for a while. I think she’s going to make Seeker one day.” James said proudly.

“You took your snitch with you on your honeymoon?” Sirius asked amused.

“Yeah, I had to do something while Lily went shopping.” James said shrugging.

“Oi, Potter.” Shouted an office worker. James looked at him and the office worker threw him a note. “Stupid owl went to the wrong office.” The worker grumbled.

“Thanks.” James said. He looked at the note and instantly recognised the handwriting. He smiled as opened the letter.

James, I’m really sorry but I can’t go out later, Izadora has set me an assignment and I have to work really late. I’m so sorry. Forever yours Lily.

“Stupid Izadora” James said.

“What’s up?” Sirius asked.

“Lily can’t come out tonight.” James said. “She’s got an assignment.” Sirius looked at James like it hadn’t sunk in but after a few minutes he replied.

“Yeah, April sent me something this morning saying she wasn’t sure if she could make it either. Her mentor has her studying like crazy and she’s out on raids. I’m getting quite scared.” Sirius said frowning.

“Poor Padfoot is scared.” James said pouting slightly. Sirius bared his teeth and growled.

“Full moon soon.” Sirius said, “Padfoot and Prongs going to run free?” James shrugged.

“I don’t know. Lily’s really got this whole be home every night thing going on.” James said smiling.

“You or her? Because it sounds very much like something you would say.” Sirius said.

“Oh, no. It was her idea.” James said sincerely. He picked up his wand and a few bits of parchment. “I’ll see you in a bit. I’ve got to go and give this note to an…Arthur Weasley.” James said reading something off the parchment.

“For Lily?” Sirius asked. James nodded and headed out.

* * * *

April stood next to her mentor in the shadows of the alleyway. Their long dark cloaks hid their faces and made them blend in with their surroundings. April had tied her hair back to make herself less obvious, an Auror with blond hair was a bit of a hazard.

“There.” Her mentor growled. He pointed his wand in the direction of where two hooded figures had just apparated to a doorstep. April looked up at her mentor for her instructions. Part of his nose was gone and he looked quite serious at the door. “Just keep watching.” He said. April nodded and turned to watch. As the two hooded figured went in two more followed. April knew that they weren’t deatheaters but Aurors because of a small silver wand that was sown into the chest of their cloaks.

April knew these were fully trained Aurors. Her own cloak had a gold wand sown into the fabric. One of the Aurors held up their wand and Moody indicated for April to follow him. The four aurors went into the house and searched the house. April stayed close to Moody as she had been instructed. This would be her last week of practical experience before she went into the classroom to learn about useful potions and learn more protection spells. She was required to do two months of fieldwork with her mentor so that she knew what she was getting into and then she would start the classroom work for six months and then go back out into the field.

“How many?” one of the other Aurors asked. April recognise her voice.

“Two, there may be a third but Matthew was covering the back.” Moody said. The figure turned to the other Auror behind her. That Auror nodded his head. April heard a creaking upstairs as the other three discussed quietly. April heard another creak directly above her. She went to the stairs and silently started up them, her wand out. They had been tracking this deatheater since a month into her training. They suspected him to be a part of Voldemort’s inner circle. April got to the landing at the top of the stairs and looked around.

Two figures were just opening a door and another had disapparated before April got a chance to see who it could be.

“Stupefy.” April whispered. A jet of red light shot out of the end of her wand and hit the deatheater that was opening the door. He fell to the floor with a thud. The other deatheater turned and looked at April. He was quite short and April thought he looked a bit chubby. He suddenly disapperated as her Mentor and the other two aurors hurried up the stairs. April started for the stunned figure when she felt a hand on her back. She turned to see familiar brown eyes staring at her.

“What do you think you’re doing?” asked the Auror.

“It’s one of the deatheaters.” Said her Mentor. He went to the deatheater and picked him up roughly. The other Auror took the deatheater’s wand and threw it to April. She caught it and held it tightly in her hand.

“Ennervate.” He said. The deatheater was revived and he seemed slightly shocked that he had been caught. “Ah,” April’s mentor said recognising him. The Deatheater lashed his leg out and caught April’s mentor in the stomach. He doubled over but didn’t let go.

A silent fight soon ensued on the landing. April was kept back by the female Auror and she watched as her mentor stunned the deatheater again.

“Stupid git.” Said the other mentor wiping his mouth. His hood had fallen back in the fight and April recognised him as Mr. Potter, James’ dad.

“Language” the woman scolded him. Mr. Potter merely shrugged and he helped April’s mentor pick up the unconscious deatheater.

“Lets get him to the ministry before he comes round.” He grumbled. Mr. Potter disappeared and the Female Auror indicated for April to Apparate back to the Ministry. April looked at her mentor who nodded and she apparated back to the Ministry of Magic.

“That was a stupid thing for you to do, Marsden.” Scolded her mentor, the Auror known as Alistor Moody. April looked at her feet. “Going up against three Deatheaters”

“There were only two when I went up and I managed to stun one of them.” April said.

“It was still dangerous.” Moody said. “How many times have I told you to not go doing things without askin’ me first? I have a mind to get you thrown out of the Auror training.”

“Now it wasn’t her fault Alistor.” Said the female. April turned to see Mrs. Potter, James’ mum, looking quite serious. “It could have been any of us. If you are so against her being in the training I’ll take her on board. She was given to our unit.”

“You’re too close to the girl,” Moody said, “It’s better if I look after her.” Moody looked at April “From now on you do as I say of you’ll be stuck doing the boring work. Understand?” April nodded seriously. “Good, you can go for the night but be back early, we’ve got to go undercover tomorrow.”

“Why?” April asked.

“Questioned the Deatheater you stunned and said that there might be an attack in Muggle London tomorrow. Most Aurors in the area are on alert.” Moody said. “Now get home and get some rest. You’ll be needing it.” April nodded and left the Auror Headquarters. She had just left when she saw Lily walking up the corridor, she was reading some parchments and obviously wasn’t looking where she was going.

“Lily.” April said happily.

“Huh?” Lily said slightly confused, she saw April and smiled. “Hi.”

“I thought you were going for a meal.”

“Busy.” Lily said holding up the parchment. “What about you?”

“I was on a raid again.” April and Lily headed towards the elevator. “Got told off for going after a deatheater on my own.” Lily smirked.

“I know we defeated a few in the past year but you really must restrain yourself.” Lily said. April grinned,

“Anyway, I’m hoping Sirius is home, I’ve been told to get some rest.”

“You two live together? Since when?” Lily asked. They got into the elevator.

“No, Sirius said he’d come over tonight.” April said. “You heading home?”

“No. I have to go through a file this thick.” Lily put her hands about a foot apart and April winced.

“Ouch. Good luck.” She said.

“Thanks, I’ll really need it.” Lily said. “I have to go into Muggle London tomorrow.”

“Muggle Relations.” Said a female voice in the Elevator as it stopped. There were more departments on the floor but Lily only paid attention to Muggle Relations.

“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow maybe.” April said. Lily nodded tiredly and left the Elevator.

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