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Love can be so Blind by Kaydee
Chapter 1 : Love can be so Blind
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This story is by Hina and me (Kaydee). We Role played this over Msn and we decided that we were going to post it and see if you like it… here it goes….

Love is so Blind

Chapter.1. A Flash Back in time, to the Reality of almost Death

The sun shone brightly over the grounds of Hogwarts. Many students just sat around the lake or took long strolls. Sirius, James, Remus and Peter weren't one of them, however. They were too busy clowning around, while Lily, being her normal self hood herself inside the Library doors. All caught up in her books. You see Lily didn't have many friends, it seemed she didn't want any. Lily heard laughing from afar and found it annoying, for she was trying to get her work done. She had a Potions essay do. As Lily made her way to the window she saw who were making the noise, the famous Marauders.
"Do you ever get the feeling we're being watched?" Sirius asked, looking around with his narrowed eyes."
“Of course I do, what with 'my' good looks, I have to live with it" James said. Sirius nudged him very hard and pointed to a window above them.
"Well, if it isn't Lily Red Riding Hood!" Sirius said staring at her.
Lily heard this comment and went back to her book, thinking. 'That James Potter and Sirius Black think their both just the best looking men in Hogwarts. Well I do have to hand it to them they are pretty nice.' Lily put her book back down and replied, "So people are trying to work, Black. So keep your noise down. Oh and Potter, your not as good looking as you may think." As Lily saw his face turn a deep red she laughed and made her way back to her work.
James' face quickly snapped back to it's usual pale color. Sirius should his head furiously and marched indoors. The rest of the marauders tagged behind him.
"I hate that Lily" Sirius spat. He finally stepped inside the library, ignoring a shocked Madam Pince. He cornered Lily and grabbed her by the collar.
"Hey, Sirius, what's came over you?" James questioned. Sirius quickly let go of Lily, looking dazed.
"Watch were you put your hands Black, you may not see them again." Lily heard a voice say from the front of the Library. It was Madam Pince.
"Yes, Madam Pince." Sirius said without turning his head.
"Let’s go Sirius." Remus spoke up. "Leave Lily alone she didn't do anything to you Sirius, remember. Lily said it to James. Let’s go." Remus turned to Lily, "Sorry 'bout that, try not to get on his bad side. It won't turn out so pretty next time." Remus turned and walked out of the library, waiting for the others to follow.
Just then Filch entered into view.
"Follow me" he croaked and began leading them out. He made them walk several floors all the way to his office. "Sit" he said.
Lily made her way toward Filch's office, wondering what was going on. Remus looked at the scared look on her face.
"Don't worry." he begun to whisper.
"We won't be in that much trouble, I hope." Remus gulped as the two of them went into Filch's office. Lily never being in trouble before was shocked by the look of his office. It wasn't that big, and stuffy too.
Sirius and James sat down cautiously on a moth-eaten chair. Filch began searching his draws for a quill but he didn't manage to find one. "Wait there" he said as he stepped out of his office. After a few minutes of uneasy silence, Sirius and James looked at each other and grinned. They leapt off their chair and began searching in draws.
As Lily looked at the two boy's curiously wondering what they were doing. Remus just smiled at his friend’s actions knowing very well what they were up to. Peter on the other hand was watching the door, just incase Filch showed up.
"Good on you Peter" Sirius said, not even giving him a fleeting look. James pulled a random object out of a drawer. It was a painting.
"Put that back" Sirius said. But the painting gave James a watch before it could be put away.
Lily still watching the boys was still clueless on what they were doing.
James kept dragging his gaze to Lily
silently while Sirius was free to search through Filch's
draws since he was not present.
Lily noticed James kept staring at him. She
tried to keep her eyes off him. They kept going from him to
what Sirius was doing. She had no idea how she got herself
landed in Filch's office with the marauders. As she stared
back at James this time she winked.
James's eyes widened slightly showing his
amazement at Lily's behavior, however, he raked his fingers
through his ebony hair once more and winked back.
"What are you doing?" hissed Remus Lupin, a mahogany haired
"Relax," Sirius answered coolly while he pulled out a
miniature hour glass from one of the draws.
Lily blushed as James winked back. She felt
so shy at that moment and she couldn't remember why she had
winked at him in the first place. She listened to Sirius
and Remus, still not know what he was looking for. Lily
moved over closer to James to see what Sirius was doing.
When she sat beside James she asked.
"Do you have any idea what Black is doing?" Lily sat there waiting for an answer.
She guessed James had not heard her. She opened her mouth
to ask again, but she heard a noise.
"What was that?" asked Peter Pettigrew, a
plum yet cute boy.
"Probably Filch - Sirius you better put that back," Remus
Sirius gave a cool look to Remus and began fiddling with
the small hourglass. But none of the group expected what
happened next... a bright blur of color rushed passed them
and then, not even a minute later, they landed in the
middle of the Quidditch pitch. James groaned as the sun
blinked at him behind a clump of towering trees.
Lily was jolted out of her seat in Filch's
office after Sirius had found some hourglass. She looked
around. The Quidditch pitched looked different. Wasn't
someone practicing on it a second ago before I went to
Filch’s office? She couldn't remember. She looked arrogant
the guys who where there also. She turned to Sirius.
"What did you do Black?" Her voice was filled with anger.
" I thought a team was out hear practicing before we went to Filch's office?" Lily looked around waiting for and answer from any of the boys.
"Relax Evans," Sirius said coolly, " you know how we got here?"
Peter answered with a shrug while Remus scanned the pitch
"Nope," James said unhelpfully.
"At least we escaped Filch. Come on, let's get our brooms."
With much insisting from Remus, the group finally arrived
in front of a canvas of a Fat Lady enveloped in soft pink.
"Moonshine," James said. The painting did not swing open as
the group expected it to.
"We are waiting here - we did give the password you know,"
Sirius said rather tartly.
As if she had been listening to the whole conversation, The
Lady unfroze in her position and muttered,
"That's the incorrect password, can only submit students who know the
Password - hey... you boys look familiar."
"What do you mean... what's happening?" Remus enquired
Lily was scared she didn't know what to do.
The Fat Lady wasn't listening to the password. Lily looked
at Sirius with so much hate.
" Excuse me." She said to the Fat Lady. "I'm a Prefect; Lily Evans is my name, the gits
behind me are the marauders. Can you tell me what's wrong,
because I don't understand why our password isn't working?
Is it not the year of 1977?" Lily looked at the Fat Lady
waiting for an answer when she heard a voice behind her.
"What are you doing here?" A voice filled with hatred said.
Lily turned.
"Snape?" Lily asked. "Is that you?" He looked
at the younger versions of Lily and the marauders.
"Potter? Black? Your little gang? What the...?"
The Fat Lady stared at Lily's coral hair
with wide eyes. Then suddenly, tears trickled down from
"It's not funny to be joking about a deceased person like
that," she said between sobs.
"Snape?" James yelled, "You are so tall - man your huge!
But your the same as ever!"
The marauder's burst into fits of giggles.
Lily was looking at the Fat Lady not even
noticing the Marauders who were laugh at Snape and James'
"Deceased?" Lily whispered to the Fat Lady. What
did she mean the deceased? Who was dead they were only in
there sixth year, they weren't going to die that young were
they. All of a sudden The hourglass in Sirius' hand went
bright again as they were pulled back into Filch's office
with, Mrs. Norris walking is Filch not far behind.
"Deceased?" Lily whispered as she realized she was sitting
on something that was moving.
"What the!" Sirius yelped.
"Aw, all the fun is over!" James added.
"Fun, what fun?" Remus said, his mahogany hair flapping
over his large eyes full of fear, "we went back in time,
don't you understand. We could have changed time and we
could have been trapped. That's what you call fun?"
"Take a chill-pill Remus," James and Sirius said in unison.
A layer of silence fell upon the five students as Filch
entered the room.
Lily was still looking into space. She had
tears in her eyes. Who died? It was really getting to her
not knowing. They went into the future that was for sure.
Filch sat there staring at use. Lily just looked at the
floor waiting for Filch to talk to him.
"Well, well, well..." Filch began at a slow
"Well what?" Sirius said, his grip on the miniature
hourglass firm but trying to hide it from Filch's view.
"Don't be so disrespectful," Filch muttered menancingly as
he dropped his fist on his desk, causing Peter to jump.
Lily looked at Sirius seeing if the
hourglass was hidden well enough. She doesn't want to get
in anymore trouble then she was already in. Lily sat there
waiting for Filch to talk when Hina walked into the room.
"You wanted to see me Filch?" Hina looked at Lily her best
friend. Lily eyes were saying 'What are you inn here for?"
Hina eyes answered. 'I have no Idea,' A chair appeared and
Hina sat down waiting for Filch to talk.
"Yeah..." Filch said confused.
"And you wanted to see Laighla," James said, trying to
confuse him even more.
"Did I?"
"Yeah!" Sirius replied, nudging James with his pointy
Filch shook his head and pierced each of the students' eyes
with his own, "... you can all go actually."
Lily looked at Filch. "All of us can go?"
"Yes," Filch muttered nastily as his
fingers slid down Mrs. Norris' silky fur.
"Wicked!" Sirius said, exiting out of the room before Filch
changed his mind.
Lily walked out the door her arms hooked
with Hina. They started to walk back to the common room
when Some grabbed her arm. "Hey Evans how about me, you and
your friend here go into and empty classroom?" Lily and
Hina tried to pull away from Malfoy, but it was no use.
"GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!" Lily screamed, Hina had fainted.
"Hina." Lily screamed trying to get to her friend, but she
was being dragged away.
"HELP!” Lily screamed as Malfoy
tried to undress her. “Get your hands off me." lily said
scared." Malfoy smiled. "Your little boyfriend Potty and his
gang can't stop me now." Lily watched his evil smile and
Not knowing Lily's current situation, the
Marauders headed to the Common Room, this time going inside
it using the correct password.
"Hey, where's Lily, I thought she would be here reading and
doing here -homework-!" Sirius pointed out.
"You think she's at the library?" Remus asked.
Hina woke up and looked around.
She could see Lily. She got up and ran back to the Common
room tears running down her face. "Help!" She screamed as
she ran into the common room. "Help!" She screamed again.
Hina noticed the marauders. "James, you have to help me,
it's Lily." Hina sat down to take a breath. "Malfoy took
her, he's going to...too..." Hina couldn't finish she had
fainted again.
"What?" Sirius questioned the
lifeless-looking Hina, "Some use that was-"
"But she's been taken by Malfoy, she's
probably somewhere near Filch's office," James said
The boys ran our of the Common Room and into a room near
Filch's office. Noticing a glint of gold through a small
window, they immediately tugged at a door which they new
Lily was being tortured.
Lily heard a door crack open. Malfoy had
left her there lifeless. She was laying there her clothes
all torn. Her skin was exposed all over. She looked at the
light coming from the door. Lily got enough strength to
whisper. "Help." As she saw the door open, hopefully it
wasn't Malfoy again she could take anymore torture.
[James came bounding into the room, closely
followed by the rest of the Marauders. Remus gasped at the
sight before him and rushed to Lily to pull on what was
left of her robes.
"Lily... what happened?" James asked,
Lily looked up at James. She shivered.
"He...he.." Lily tried to say but she fell into James'
chest crying her heart out. "It was Malfoy." she whispered.
"He dragged me in her and he.. he..." Lily couldn't bring
herself to say it , but she knew she had to be strong
in front of James. "He rapped me." Lily whispered so only
James heard. As her lips where close to his ear.
Lily looked at James with her teary eyes.
"I'm sorry." She whispered.
The boys gasped. A cup full of pumpkin juice
that Peter was holding came pelting to the ground, juice
creeping onto every corner of the floor.
"He can't do this to you..." James whispered.
"He already did James" Lily whispered. Why
was she seeing hate and pain in James' eyes. "I'm so sorry
James." Lily got up. She was so embarrassed. She had to
"I - I'll get some robes for you Lily..."
Remus stuttered.
Lily looked at Remus. "No Remus, I'm fine."
Lily lied between her teeth. She was barely dressed. Her
skin was exposed everywhere. She couldn't walk through the
halls like that. Lily tried to live, but she was still
embraced by James.
"No, I'll get them." Remus hurried out of
the room before Lily could say another word.
"Should we tell on Malfoy?" Peter asked.
Lily looked at Peter. "No, don't do
anything." Remus if you move another step you'll regret
it. I'm okay I promise." She smiled as she went to step out
of James' embrace. She fell, her ankle was broken.
James bent down to help Lily.
"Poor thing," Peter said sympathetically. Just then Remus
raced into the room, clutching some elegant navy robes. He
hurried towards her put the robes onto her, noticing the
many fresh scratches she now had.
"He's almost killed you," Remus commented.
Lily Was looking at her ankle, which she
knew it was broken. Lily pulled the robes over herself to
hid e the burses and scratches. "Thank-you Remus. And
James, it's okay I can walk." Lily said not wanting to look
weak in there eyes.
Sirius raised his eyebrows and said a
simple, "Ok."
"Come on, let's plot some revenge!" Peter said.
Lily looked at Peter as she was hopping on
her foot. "No revenge Peter. I'm fine. Sirius, don't be
sarcastic with me." Lily was hopping out the door and to
the common room, but the boys were in her way stopping
"Come on Lily, a little revenge can't hurt,"
Peter persisted.
Sirius looked at Peter and moved out of Lily's way to
converse with Peter about the plot against Malfoy.
James and Remus didn't move they were
standing in Lily's way. "Why aren't you boys moving?" Lily
looked at Remus and James.

*Please read and review Hina and I would really love it. If it's confusing at times it's because it's a role play and Hina and I both played different characters.So please review if you like it, we'll have the next chapter up as soon as we talk again....

Kaydee & Hina

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