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Lost by jesi lily
Chapter 11 : Everything Is Falling Into Place
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“Lily wake up!” Someone screamed.

Lily was not happy, what time was it? She didn’t know, but it was too early. She grabbed her duvet and pulled it over her head.

“Go away!” She mumbled from under the covers.

But no the annoying person who was yelling wasn’t having it. Oh no they had to jump on her bed! It should be a crime!

“Lily we have Hogwarts today!” The person yelled. Well that woke Lily up. She sat bolt up throwing the person of the bed with a yelp, she clambered off her bed and into the bathroom. Five minutes later she walked back into her room to find Sirius sitting on her bedroom floor sulking.

“What up with you?” lily asked chuckling at the immature sixteen year old.

“You didn’t say sorry.’ Sirius said grumpily.

“So it was you who was jumping on my bed.” Lily said raising an eyebrow at the boy.

“Well yeah.” Sirius said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Then im not sorry.” Lily said and walked over to her closet and picked up her black and navy striped tank top, she also picked up a pair of black combat trousers.

She turned to Sirius.

“Out Sirius” She said.

He scrambled out knowing that Lily would hurt him if he didn’t.

Ten minutes later Lily was sitting in the kitchen, free of make-up wearing her chosen clothes and her red hair into a messy ponytail, she couldn’t be bothered.

She was eating a cinnamon swirl when James came down stairs, since the night of the ball they had become really close, but still weren’t dating.

“Hey Lil’s.” James said getting a cup and a beaker of pumpkin juice.

“Morning, hey James be a star and get me a glass of pumpkin juice as well please.” Lily said smiling at James.

James grinned.

“Why should I?” He said teasingly.

“Because I said please, with a cherry on top, oh and chocolate sprinkles.” Lily replied grinning.

“Oh Lil’s you know I can’t resist chocolate sprinkles.” James said grinning back as he handed Lily a glass of pumpkin juice.

As Lily put down her cinnamon swirl to take drink her pumpkin juice James picked it up and too a huge bite, Lily nearly spat all her juice over the boy.

“Oh my god, you did not just do that!” Lily exclaimed as James put on his ‘I’m a little angel face.’

“Pfft. Yeah and the sun shine out of your arse to.” Lily snapped, but fell about in a fit of giggles, James also burst out laughing. All the while Sirius sat and watched the interaction with great amusement.

“Morning kids.” Bridget said walking into the kitchen but she stopped when she found both Lily and James on the floor laughing their hearts out.

“Sirius what did you do to them.” She asked amused.

“I didn’t do anything, they just kind of went weird.” Sirius said.

Bridget chuckled and poured a glass of water which she then went on to throw over the two laughing sixteen year olds who stopped laughing immediately.

“Hey no fair!” James yelled, but Bridget only smiled.

“You’re going to be late and I’m sure little miss prefect doesn’t want to be late.” Bridget said teasingly. In truth Bridget and Harold saw Lily as their own daughter, and they were very proud that she was still prefect.

Five teenagers were sitting on a train easting sweets and laughing. One of the five was a girl, she looked so happy.

One of the boys didn’t look as happy as the others; he looked jumpy and was certainly holding something back.

On of the other boys kept shooting glances at the pretty red head, he looked happy but he wanted more.

On of the others boys looked like he was happy but had a haunting past, however his smile made you realise he wouldn’t leave his friends.

The last boy was just as happy as the two previous only this on was tired; however he still managed to laugh with his friends.

“So Wormtail, what did you get up to this summer:” Remus asked Peter.

Peter looked up to meet Remus’ eye for only a second before mumbling something about helping his mother.

“Remus what did you do?” Lily asked.

“Well there was the full moon, but it was okay otherwise.” Remus said shrugging his shoulders. “I still can’t believe you managed to survive a whole summer with these two.” Remus laughed while indicating towards Sirius and James who protested that they weren’t that bad. Lily laughed but didn’t answer instead she popped an every flavour bean into her mouth.

Not minutes later Alice and Frank came wandering into the compartment.

“Hey guys!” Frank said and then grinned at Lily. “And girl.” He said. Alice hit him playfully.

Lily jumped up and hugged Alice, it was a bit of a surprise as Lily wasn’t generally known for being the huggy type. However Alice embraced Lily, and it was set, they would be great friends, how easy was that!

Lily and Alice sat down and chatted about what they had done over the summer and completely blocked the boys out.

“Erm, what are they doing?” Frank asked looking at his girlfriend weirdly. “I only came because she promised she only wanted to say hi.” He admitted. Sirius, James and Remus burst out laughing while Peter barely managed a weak chuckle.

“So how was your summer?” Lily asked Alice.

“Well its Franks last year here so we decided to make this one the best, his eighteenth is coming up in December only it’s during the holiday.” Alice said sadly.

“Look don’t worry about, how about we throw him a huge surprise birthday party.” Lily whispered to Alice.

“Oh Lily that’s a brilliant idea!” Alice exclaimed quietly.

“Well that’s sorted then.” Lily said grinning.

“Hey Alice, I would like to go find the guys I’m sure Marlene will be there.” Frank called to Alice. Alice nodded and then hugged Lily.

“OI! Alice tell Marlene I say hi!” Lily shouted after Alice who nodded.

Far away in a small Village.

“They shouldn’t be getting close.” A cold voice snapped angrily.

“Sir I’m afraid it may be too late.” Another fear filled voice said quietly.

“TOO LATE!” Bellowed the cold voice.

“Sir they are very close. I fear that the only way to separate them is to kill one.” The frightened voice replied shakily.

“You fool! We can’t kill either. If we do then the other won’t join our ranks.” The cold voice snapped. The owner of the voice looked around the room filled with cloaked people. There was a gentle dripping coming from the far side of the room.

In the far corner of the room a young child was locked up to the wall, about three feet off the ground, she was bleeding heavily. Her brown hair was soaked through with blood; her brown eyes watched the room emptily. She was staring at the man who had just spoken. She hated the way he looked, his skin was grey and sickly, his eyes were blood red and his nose had flattened into snake like nostrils.

It was the young girl’s blood that was causing the gentle dripping.

The man watched the child for a few minutes before getting up and walking swiftly towards her.

“You know why you’re here.” He stated.

“Yes.” The girl replied shakily.

“Then give us the information we’ve been seeking.” The man said so softly it was horrific. She knew what was to come and this man would be anything but kind to her.

“No.” The girl said.

The man’s eyes flashed with pure loathing, he whipped out his wand and pointed it at the young girl. “Avada Kedavra.” He screamed.

The girl fell into darkness; she was lost to the world.

Her body was port keyed to her parents house, where they were waiting fearfully for Aurors to find their youngest child.


It was Friday. Fridays rock in Lily’s opinion but she hadn’t had to face the world yet.

They had arrived at Hogwarts yesterday.

Lily got up and changed into her uniform and washed, she then wandered down stairs to find Marlene, Alice and Dumbledore in the common room.

Marlene was sobbing as Alice tried to calm her down, Dumbledore looked weary.

Lily ran to Marlene’s side.

“Marlene honey. What’s wrong? Has something happened?” Lily asked worriedly, she rubbed Marlene's back comfortingly and made soothing sounds.

“Th-they kil-kill-kil-killed her.” Marlene managed before a new wave of sobs over took her.

“Who? Who are they and who did they kill?” Lily asked quietly.

“Megan. You-Know-Who.” Marlene sobbed, her makeup was running in black smudges down her face and her hair looked like she had been tugging at it for the last few days.

“Oh Marlene.” Lily whispered tears filled Lily’s eyes; she had met Megan over the summer in Diagon alley.

“I will have to inform the school as Megan was in second year, and very popular, I request that you three girls accompany me.” Dumbledore said gravely. “Marlene if you want you can say something’s.” Dumbledore said and patted the seventeen year old brunette on the back.

The three wandered down to the great hall where everyone was sat. some were staring horrified at the daily Prophet and looked at Marlene pity evident in their eyes, others stared at Marlene’s appearance and wandered what had happened.

Dumbledore went to the teachers table and waved his wand the usual school coloured banners had been changed to black banners.

“Today we have once again lost to Lord Voldemort.” Dumbledore's voice echoed around the room, many if not all shivered at the sound of Voldemort name, all but Lily, James, Sirius, and Remus. “He has gone above evil and stolen from us a young child. This fully grown man attacked and killed a twelve year old girl.” The second years all looked around their tables, then it clicked there was only one second year missing. “We today celebrate the life of Megan McKinnon.”

The day went by in a blur of tears; everyone seemed affected by the death of Megan. See although Voldemort had before killed people it was the first time that he had gone after someone so young, the first person he had gone after who was younger then twenty, as that was previously his youngest killing.

Most of the teacher didn’t care to teach their lessons that day, instead they allowed their students to mourn the death of such a lovely child, most teachers themselves sobbed throughout their lessons.

That night Lily sat in front of the fire in the Gryffindor Common room, when Remus sat beside her.

“It’s not right.” Lily said quietly.

“When is murder ever right?” Remus said just as quietly. Most people were in their respective dorms, for they had tired themselves out crying.

“I hate him.” Lily said

“A lot of people do.” Remus replied.

“Then why is he still powerful enough to run around! He should be caught! But no people still follow him.” Lily said frustrated.

“Yes but some people think that he has the right ideas. Hating muggles and Killing anyone who stands in his way.” Remus said.

“I want to be an Auror or a healer.” Lily stated.

“Is there a reason for that.” Remus asked.

“Yes because I either want to be out there trying to stop him or helping those he has got to.” Lily said determinedly. Remus nodded but said no more, he got up and walked away from Lily. She probably needed to be alone now. But she wasn’t alone because in the shadows stood James. He crept out once Remus was gone.

“You can’t be an Auror.’ James said from behind Lily, she didn’t jump she had known he was there, she could almost feel his presence.

“Why not!?” Lily challenged.

James sat down next to her swiftly, he placed both his hand on her cheeks and turned her face so she was looking directly at him.

“Because Aurors have a low life expectancy and you can’t die.” James said quietly but meaningfully.

“I don’t care, I want to help.” Lily argued, staring into James’ Hazel eyes.

“Then be a healer, you said you wanted to be one. But you can’t be an Auror.” James said.

“Why not.” Lily said angrily.

“Because I can’t risk losing you. Not now, I know you too well, if I lost you…” James said desperately. Lily looked at him, there were so many things running through his eyes.

James stared right back into Lily’s eyes, there was confusion anger and other emotions, but he didn’t want to see them, he couldn’t but he knew his eyes reflected something similar.

“You can’t tell me what I can and can’t do James.” Lily said softly.

“Lily please just don’t.” James said desperately, his thumb was rubbing her cheek, there was something building between the two but what was it.

“If I can’t, neither can you.” Lily said softly, almost a whisper.

“Lily please I will you won’t be able to stop me. But you, Lily you can’t do that. If you went on to be an Auror and you died …I would die, I’d break to pieces.” James said.

Lily looked at him once more, they were close, his face was only inches from hers. Lily tried to sort out her feelings, she was mad at James for telling her she couldn’t be and Auror, she loved the fact he was so worried about her, she liked his closeness. This wasn’t right.

But before she could control herself she kissed him, her soft lips touched his.

Dumbledore was stood in the shadows of the Gryffindor common room and watched interested as Lily kissed James, then he was amazed as a golden glow surround the pair.

“Everything is falling into place.” He said to himself quietly before leaving.

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