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The Twelve Pains of Christmas by theatrechick
Chapter 2 : The Second Pain of Christmas is...
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“Deck the Halls with boughs of holly, falalalala, lalalala!” Harry sang loudly rummaging through boxes in the attic, “Tis the season to be jolly, falalalala, lalalala!”

He picked up three boxes and handed them to his brother, Adrian, “Come on Adrian sing!”

Adrian looked at Harry, disbelief showing in his hazel eyes he sadly shock his head of auburn hair, “Dude, you have way to much Christmas spirit!”

Harry just smiled and jumped down from the attic. Laughing he linked arms with his younger brother and headed off from the living room where Jenna and the twins were, still sing at the top of his lungs, “Don we now out gay apparel, falalalala, lalalala!”

Adrian pointed his wand at the boxes of decorations and charmed them to follow his crazy brother and him. “Harry, what is so spectacular about Christmas?” Adrian questioned.

Harry stopped abruptly causing the boxes to ram into the brothers, “Why is Christmas so important? Because it is the time of year that everyone can be happy and families can get together, and,” he paused and looked around as if there were spies everywhere, “I get to show up Ron with my superior decorating skills!”

Adrian groaned inwardly. Every year for the past six years, Harry turned the outside of his house into a winter wonderland. There were lights everywhere and he charmed the area around his house to be covered in snow and there was always a light snowfall falling from the sky. Harry was obsessed with Christmas, especially the lights.

In the living room Jenna was decorating one of the ten trees that she and Harry put up every year, “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” was playing from stereo that had been bewitched to work in the magical atmosphere. Each of the rooms that housed a tree had a theme and this one was classical colors. The tree had old-fashioned Christmas lights strung on it and old glass balls in red, green, blue, silver, and gold placed on it. Jenna had just placed the angel on top of the tree and was climbing down a stepladder.

“Hey babe,” Harry called as the passed, “Adrian and I are off to start the lights. Call us in for lunch!”


Harry and Adrian headed out into the crisp morning air. Adrian shivered, “Harry, can we just do something simple this year? Please!”

Harry looked shocked, “Adrian! How dare you! If you want to live under my roof, you will celebrate Christmas and help with the decorations!”

Harry set the ladder up against the house and started climbing. “Umm, Harry?” Adrian started.

“What Adrian?”

“Why don’t we use magic?”

Harry glared at the younger version of him, “Well, that’s because we have Muggle neighbors!” he hissed and continued climbing.

He finally reached the top of the three-story house and called down to Adrian, “Hey Adrian, toss up the first box of lights and the extension cord!”

“And how am I supposed to do that?” was the reply.

“With magic you moron!” came from the wise Harry.

We have muggle neighbors” Adrian mimicked Harry under his breath as he levitated the box up to Harry.

Harry opened the box and took out the first strand of light. They were clear, white lights, a classic look that never went out of style. He hung them on the edge of the roof straight across, not slack anywhere in the strand. “Hey Harry!” Adrian yelled from the ground, “Shouldn’t you make sure the lights work before you hang them up?”

“No Adrian, that would just be a waste of time!”

“Fine, don’t listen to me,” Adrian mutter sitting on the front steps.

“Hey there neighbor!”

Adrian looked up to see Ron Weasley standing by the gate. “Hi Ron, nice of you to stop by. Are you trying to see what Harry’s up to?”

Ron shook his head, “Nope, he does the same thing every year. I just wanted to see how long I have to finish getting mine up.”

An awkward silence fell between the two, “So, how are you and Lavender doing?”

“Great,” Ron answered, “She’s at my parents house with the kids. We are expecting again.”

“Congratulations!” Adrian exclaimed, “How many will this make?”

“It will be four. Christy, the twins Jake and Jordan, and now this one,”

“That’s nice.”

“Well I better get going.”

“See you later Ron!” Adrian watched as Ron walked away. He was kind of strange. Adrian turned his attention back to watching Harry struggle with the lights. He thought about asking Harry if he needed help, but so far all that had gotten him was more bitter remarks from his older brother.

“Hey, Adrian,” Jenna called from the kitchen window, “It’s time for lunch.”

“Thanks!” Adrian turned toward Harry, “HARRY! Time to eat!”

Harry, Jenna, and Adrian sat down to lunch, the twins Seattle and Austin were in their bouncy seats. Jenna placed the steaming hot bowls of chicken noodle soup in front of Harry and Adrian, “Here we go!” she said with a smile.

“Did you make it?” Adrian asked.

Jenna nodded happily. “Oh, good,” Adrian muttered under his breath.

Jenna, ignoring Adrian’s comment, turned to Harry, “So, how are the lights coming?”

“They are GREAT! I think this will be the best year EVER! I’ve got lights up on EVERY story, there is garland and lights around every window, and I’m not putting up Santa this year!”

Adrian dropped his spoon in shock, “No Santa!”

Jenna looked confused, “But Harry, we always put up Santa.”

“I’ve decided to go bigger and better this year,” Harry explained, “This year, I’m going to put out lawn ornaments!”

“Harry do you remember what happened last time you did that?” Jenna asked nervously.


Harry stepped back to admire his hard work. He had been working for days, trying to make his and Jenna’s house look extra special for their first Christmas as a family. He had gone to every Christmas store in England and a few hundred in the United States. The house looked magnificent! There were candles in every window, snowmen dancing in the front yard, icicles hanging from the roof causing the thousands of lights to sparkle against the dark night sky, and his favorite part, lawn ornaments that looked like professional quidditch players.

Unfortunately, the bewitched-quidditch-playing lawn ornaments didn’t like to stand outside in the snow and hurl insults at one another and holiday greetings at passers-by. The lawn ornaments had revolted and locked him and Jenna out of their house…


“Yes, but this time I’m going to use a warming spell to keep them warm while they’re outside!”

“What are you using for decorations?” Adrian asked cautiously.


“Are you crazy?” Adrian questioned.

“Nope,” Harry said with a manic look in his eyes, “and accompanying the Headmaster is the rest of the Hogwarts staff! Cool isn’t it?”

Jenna shook her head sadly, “Just don’t do anything stupid.”

Later that night…

“It’s all finished!” Harry announced, “Come outside to see the grand unveiling!”

Jenna bundled up the twins and herself and they headed outside behind Harry and Adrian. Once they had arrived at the spot for official Lighting Ceremony, Harry was bouncing around like a little kid, “Everybody ready?”

“Let just get this over with!” Adrian grumbled.

“Behold, the One and Only… Potter House at Christmastime!” Harry yelled, flipping the switch to turn the lights on, but nothing happened.

“WHAT!!!” Harry yelled in frustration, “Where are the lights, and snowmen and my singing Hogwarts staff???”

Harry frantically started to flip the switch on and off hoping that the light would miraculously turn on, “NO!!!” he cried falling on his knees in the snow, “Kill me now!!!”

Adrian grabbed Harry and pulled him up, “Dude, chill out, it’s just some Christmas lights!”

“No it’s not!!!” Harry bellowed at the top of his lungs, “And first thing tomorrow, we will figure this out!!!”

With that Harry turned on his heel and stormed off to his house.

“What about that one?” Draco asked pointing to yet another tree.

“It’s too tall,” Addison explained.

He, Addison and Alex were still looking at trees. They had passed fat ones, skinny ones, tall ones, short ones, big ones, small ones, brown trees, green trees, and even a green and silver tree, but Addison couldn’t find her tree. Draco yawned thinking of his warm bed, a good book and a mug of steaming hot tea.

“Draco! Keep up!” Addison snapped.

“Coming, dear,” Draco called following his wife’s voice.


Percy appears out of nowhere. “Ahem,” he cleared his throat.

“Oh!” the little announcer boy jumped in surprise, and then read from a piece of parchment, “We would now like to welcome, Percy Weasley. He will be singing a song for us, by order of theatrechick!”

Percy stepped into the spotlight, “The first thing at Christmas that’s such a pain to me is finding a Christmas tree!”

“Poor Draco!” a random fan girl yelled from the crowd.

Percy glared at her, and then continued, “The second thing at Christmas that’s such a pain to me, is hanging up the lights and finding a Christmas tree!”

The audience waited patiently for the next verse. Percy laughed at them, “You don’t expect me to ruin the story, do you?”

The crowd booed and threw tomatoes at poor Percy.

a/n: okay, not my best, but Harry really likes Christmas, hence the younger brother who was miserable the whole time… The next chapter will be much better, and will have… FRED AND GEORGE!!! YAY!!! Please leave me a review… It will make my day! It might be a few days before my next update, because I’ve got finals this week, but I’ll be back!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter… or the songs found in this fic… The Twelve pains of Christmas belongs to Bob Rivers…

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The Twelve Pains of Christmas: The Second Pain of Christmas is...


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