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Wishing for a Miracle by Tara
Chapter 1 : Chapter One
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, any characters you notice aren't mine, ones you don't notice are mine.

Chapter 1

Lily Evans climbed the steps to the boys' dorm. Reaching the seventh year dorms, she walked to the third door on her right, on which she knocked lightly. A boy with dark hair that fell into his eyes with elegance opened the door.

"Hello, Ms. Evans. How may I help you?" he asked, putting on a smile that would make most girls melt.

"Hi, Black," Lily replied, not returning any of the enthusiasm to see him. "Is Potter around?"

"Yeah, he's here. Come in," the boy said, standing aside.

Lily stepped into the room.

It was overt that the dorm belonged to boys: Clothes littered the floor, along with books and other items; only one of the five beds was made; and Quidditch posters covered the otherwise blank walls. Two other boys were also in the room: A sandy haired, pale looking boy was putting his books in his bag, while a chubby, mousy haired boy frantically tried to finish his homework.

"Hi, Lily," said the sandy haired boy.

"Hi, Remus," Lily replied.

"I'll get James for you," said Black, walking over to a door. "Prongs, Lily's here to see you."

"Okay, I'll be right out," replied a voice on the other side.

"Sirius, how many times have I asked you not to leave your pants lying on the floor?"

"Sorry, Moony."

Lily had always wondered what was with their nicknames. When she asked Remus about it one year while they were Prefects together, he only told her it was something they just came up with. "We're the Marauders, we figured we needed nicknames," he had said. However, Lily got the feeling there was something more to it, but she never pressed the issue. Lily was unable to ponder more about this for the bathroom door opened. A boy wearing trousers but no shirt came out, running a towel through his jet-black hair. The boy was built from playing Quidditch and glasses framed his hazel eyes.

"Hey, Lily."

Lily did not return the greeting. "I just came by to tell you that we have to be at a Prefects' meeting after breakfast," she said before turning to leave the room.

"Thanks, Lily, I-" James began, but she was already gone. "-really appreciate it," he finished to himself, sulking over to his bed. "I don't understand her," he sighed. "I mean, breakfast is in two minutes, yet she comes up here to tell me about the meeting. She doesn't even speak to me in public. Even at the meetings, she only talks to me to discuss ideas, and she leaves right after it's over, so I can't talk to her then. I changed over the summer, but how am I supposed to show her that when she won't even give me the time of day?"

Remus stepped forward.

"James, you have changed a lot, and eventually, Lily will see that; you just have to give her time and keep up with your responsibilities. We've only been back at Hogwarts for three weeks, and she's probably still in shock that you made Head Boy. She'll come around; it just might take a while. You can't really blame her though; you two haven't exactly had the best history."

"That's an understatement," James snorted. He stood from the bed, sighing. "Well, we better get down to breakfast."


Lily walked back to her own dorm to gather her books. Immediately upon entering the room, she was greeted with a question from her best friend, Faith Mendel.

"Lily, have you seen my blue hair scrunchie?" Faith asked, rummaging through her trunk frantically.

Lily looked over at Faith and noticed a baby blue scrunchie on her wrist.

"Uh, Fay," she said, using her friends' nickname, causing her to look up.

Lily glanced back over to the hair tie. Faith followed her gaze and laughed.

"I hate when I do that," she said, pulling her dishwater blond hair into a ponytail.

Lily and Faith heard someone snicker and looked over to discover that two of their roommates had seen the whole thing.

"Any dumber and she'd be a doorknob," one of them sneered.

"Being a blond must really get to her," the other chimed as they walked to the door.

"Then what's your excuse, Johnson?" asked a voice.

All four girls looked over to see their fifth roommate, a black haired girl, walking out of the bathroom.

The girl's response was a huff as she left with her friend.

"I hate those two."

"Me too, Carmen, me too," Lily agreed before turning to her friend. "Don't let them get you down, Fay."

"Don't worry," Faith said. "I know I'm a klutz; I'd loose my head if it wasn't attached," she laughed, grabbing her bag. "Well, let's get down to breakfast. I'm starving."

Lily and Carmen gathered their things, and the three girls walked out of the dorm. When they reached the Common Room, they quickly noticed a small group of people gathered around the couch. Many were cheering and some gave out catcalls.

"I wonder what's going on," said Faith.

The three girls looked over at the couch. One of their roommates was straddling a boy, and they were engaged in some pretty heavy snogging.

"Gross, ever heard of a room?" Faith asked as Lily walked over to the couch.

"Hem, hem." Her cough caused the couple to look up. "I'm sure you two wouldn't mind continuing this somewhere else, like say in detention. Tonight."

"Excuse me?" asked the girl, flipping her dark brown hair.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Robyn, maybe I should clarify myself so your simple mind can understand: You two have detention tonight as seven o'clock for inappropriate display of affection, A.K.A snogging in public and causing a scene."

Robyn got off the couch, grabbing her boyfriend by the hand, scowling at Lily as she brushed past.

"She's such a bitch." Lily heard Robyn say on the way to the portrait.

"You just earned yourself another detention, Smith," Lily called to her.

She turned back to the group of people who were standing around. "Okay, show's over."

As everyone walked away, Lily went back over to Faith. Carmen had already left the Common Room.

"Have I ever told you how happy I am you're Head Girl?" asked Faith.

Lily laughed as she turned to leave the room with her friend.

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Wishing for a Miracle: Chapter One


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