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The Unrequited Love Triangle by Sammi
Chapter 1 : The Unrequited Love Triangle
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Ok guys this is my first fanfict well I haven't really wrote many stories before to be honest so I'm going to write the first chapter and then you can let me know what you think. Please be honest!!!

The Unrequited Love Triangle.

Chapter 1

Harry looked down the Hogwarts corridor. He saw Cho. He wasn't sure these days whether he felt more happy or sad when he saw her. She looked very sad. She looked like this a lot lately. Ever since the Triwizard cup when Voldermort had killed Cedric Diggory with the 'Avada Kedavra' curse. Harry had to admit that he was finding it hard to get along himself but he wasn't as bad as Cho Chang and, well he had been there when it happened.
Harry knew looking at cho turn round the corridor corner he had no chance with her now. She was too hung up over Cedric.

Harry decided too skip dinner and take a walk around the grounds. He wasn't that hungry anyway. By the time he headed back to Gryffindor common room it was already getting dark. He gave the Fat Lady the password (Bogart) and climbed through the portrait hole.

The common room was full of the usual evening noise and chatter, Harry looked for his best friends Ron and Hermione but he couldn't find them anywhere. He spotted Ginny, Ron's little sister sitting in an armchair beside the fire and decided to ask if she'd seen them. He plopped down in the vacant armchair next to Ginny.
'Hey Ginny have you seen Ron or Hermione?'
'Well Ron has gone to bed with a headache and Hermione is in the library'
'Why didn't Ron just go to the hospital wing and get a potion for his headache?'
'Well I asked the same thing and he said he didn't want to look like a wimp.
Harry laughed in spite of his miserable mood that was a typical Ron thing to do.
'Oh well never mind'
'Harry what's wrong?'
'Oh nothing really I just wanted someone to talk to that's all'
'Well you can talk to me you know' Ginny said looking a little defensive.

Harry had never really thought about sharing his feelings with Ginny before. Even though she was his best friends little sister he didn't really talk to her that much. What harm could it do though Harry thought? Ginny seems like an understanding person, she even went with Neville to the Yule Ball when Hermione turned Neville down. She may even be able to help him.

So just let me know what you think Good, Bad and changes you think I should make. I look forward to reviews. Please, Please review! Thanks!

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The Unrequited Love Triangle: The Unrequited Love Triangle


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